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Random Magnus Chase shitpost

I can imagine Alex killing Magnus in battle (again) and once Magnus is back at Floor 19 they can’t help but to sing “Irresistible” by Fall Out Boy, but changing the lyrics to match what happened



“Guys, sto–”



And Alex is just there like “I’m a boy today stupids”

why is jess the only boyfriend of rory’s that didn’t get a fully formed relationship with her onscreen. why did dean and logan get episodes upon episodes of kissing and flirting and hanging out when jess only got pining and drama. why was dean on for five seasons when jess only got a few episodes here and there and was mainly used as a plot device for rory and dean’s relationship. why did tristan get about as much screentime and agency as jess did when he was only a passing crush and jess was her boyfriend for months. why did lorelai hate every boyfriend of rory’s except for dean, arguably the worst boyfriend of them all. why did

Alex is our ambassador.She kinda has led the way for us in these last five years,or since the last World Cup,propelling women’s soccer and propelling women’s sports in general. She’s been a great role model,she’s been a great teammate and she’s super professional. She’s not only getting it done off the field,where she’s a rockstar, but she’s killing it on the field too so obviously it’s tremendous and she’s a great representation of the team.
—  Tobin Heath on Alex Morgan (x)