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Can I ask why october-2015? Would that mean that the beginning of the OTRA tour would be managed in collaboration? I agree that if anything it started recently.

I personally suspect the changeover started August 1, and end of October would be 90 days (give or take) later which seems to be, from the various contract experts on tumblr, the agreed-upon standard for contractual changeover periods.

The reason I also posit the beginning of 2015 is because Azoff Music Management currently has a non-compete in place which disallows them from taking on new high profile clients until it expires new years day 2015 (barring certain circumstances that we have no access to information about).

As for OTRA, the old team would get a cut of anything they organized, but the new team would be the ones actively supervising the tour. IE, some Azoff or Azoff employee would be on tour with them, not Modest representatives. 

Be clear, One Direction will have ties with Modest as long as they exist as a band (if not longer). Modest owns a large portion of the publishing rights on their songs, especially from the first two records, not to mention the boys joint investment in 5SOS with Griffiths, McGee and Bloomfield. If they leave, they have to leave on decent terms lest they fuck themselves out of future earnings.

They cannot burn bridges and Modest wouldn’t want to anyway because they don’t want Irving Azoff as an enemy in the event they want to break any other acts they have into the US market - seriously, go read about him, the man in incredibly powerful. Gain his ire and YOU ARE FUCKED.

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what do you mean spring 2012 was weird? wasnt that the best part before it got worse?

All of that wild, obvious behavior as the band was breaking America and starting to make it big? Of course it was weird. It shouldn’t have happened. They should have been worried about breaking America and making it big, that was the time when they should have been MOST closested, not least. And total silence from the press and then the first few shows of the American leg of UAN they were practically coming out on stage and everybody was screaming that they were about to come out, and then at the very end of May the suits flew in and laid the smack down and this is how we are where we are today.

When they went to the Men In Black premiere and Harry made the interviewer go into visible shock when he answered the question ‘What do you like about American girls’ with 'They are very polite’, and then he was too slow to answer the question about being single and everyone freaked out and Louis ended the interview early…. That was the moment when I said there was some serious fucking shit going down with this band.

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i thought you were on board with the idea of the boys signing with azoff in the next months and now you say their contract with modest is ending next year? im confused

To be fair, I’m a bit confused too. I have a whole terrible and long post written about this, maybe I really should finish it.

Long story short, though, what I think we’re seeing is both a Big Gay War and the beginning of a management shift from Modest to the Azoffs. Clearly Modest isn’t going to stop its homophobic marketing, nor stop the PR relationships and bearding. Then again, Harry’s excessively public connections to the Azoffs definitely look like “shots fired” from the boys back at Modest.

I think the contract with Modest ends in the final months of 2015. My best guess is that we’ll see one of two things:

  1. Irving Azoff buys out One Direction’s contract, and we get a team shift when that happens (possible date - early 2015 after his non-compete expires); OR
  2. The Azoffs continue to advise the boys on how to toe the line, perhaps exert some influence over the press (in which case we will continue to see divergent headlines/articles as we are seeing now), and exert behind-the-scenes pressure on Modest to cooperate with a rebranding; but we don’t get an official team shift until the end of 2015.

I think I may have gotten a little overly optimistic when so much good stuff was happening, which seemed to include 1DHQ to some extent (i.e. the inclusion of the Oops jumper, Dare shirt, and Rainbow shirt in the Look Book). Now I’m thinking that while we might be in the early stages of a team change, such that behind the scenes negotiations are going on, it’s pretty clear that the boys and the Azoffs don’t yet have enough leverage to put an end to stunts that are clearly making them miserable.

stagtattoo replied to your post “If the Record deal contract is true they also just get a pay out after the next album together, if zayn leaves no one gets money :D I don’t think they want that situation happening. Who knows what he has, you’re not allowed to fly with fiever etc…”

no one would let their client miss US promo week for being “sick”

Exactly. It is something else, but I have no idea what. He is literally missing album release, this is a HUGE deal.