This is my first follow forever! yaaaay! Since 2014 is nearly over I wanted to thank all of you guys for making my dashboard look always beautiful with your posts! You’re all amazing people and I love every single one of you! I hope you’re enjoying your holidays and of course, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 



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so like i love a lot of you so so so much and i just thought i’d let you know (also thanks so much zaynmortal for making this banner above)

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you don’t realize how much i love each and every one of you, even if we never talked and you didn’t even know i was following you. i admire from afar. i’m so so sorry if i forgot anyone, i didn’t mean to and i still love you loads. x

handslows  asked:

what do you mean spring 2012 was weird? wasnt that the best part before it got worse?

All of that wild, obvious behavior as the band was breaking America and starting to make it big? Of course it was weird. It shouldn’t have happened. They should have been worried about breaking America and making it big, that was the time when they should have been MOST closested, not least. And total silence from the press and then the first few shows of the American leg of UAN they were practically coming out on stage and everybody was screaming that they were about to come out, and then at the very end of May the suits flew in and laid the smack down and this is how we are where we are today.

When they went to the Men In Black premiere and Harry made the interviewer go into visible shock when he answered the question ‘What do you like about American girls’ with 'They are very polite’, and then he was too slow to answer the question about being single and everyone freaked out and Louis ended the interview early…. That was the moment when I said there was some serious fucking shit going down with this band.

Hiiiii. So, this is my follow forever. The order doesn’t matter, I love you all. Happy holidays, hope you have lots of fun. (I hope I didn’t forget anyone *last christmas plays in the background* but if I follow and you’re not here I’m so sorry)

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