by the way I am definitely still working on the sugardaddy au but I am at the stagr where it all sounds like this: 

The more Victor looks at Yuri, the better he likes looking at him. It’s opening a nesting doll to find more and more elaborate dolls inside, with smaller and more fascinating details in each. He looks at Victor not quite sideways, like he doesn’t want to be caught staring.

Victor likes it. He likes the slight, serious downturn of Yuri’s mouth. He likes the sharp bone of Yuri’s wrist creeping out from under his suit. He wants to know how Yuri managed to get a suit that fit that badly. He especially likes how Yuri’s eyelashes look when he steals a look at Victor.  He likes it so much that he tries again and again to charm him into doing it again.

It’s hard to pull Yuri out of his shell, but Victor tries his hardest. Skating only gets a short comment on Victor’s free skate. Russia in general is a bust, as is Katsuki’s family and hotels.  The only thing that makes Yuri not answer in short mumbles is when Victor, out of desperation, brings up his dog. Everybody likes dogs, right?

It works, which surprises Victor.

and I keep giving it the squinty eye, so we’ll see. 

I’m catching the tail end of the Edinburgh International Film Festival and watching Bloom’s new indie,  ‘Romans’,  and I’m literally buzzing like what even.  Am I getting a flight,  leaving the country,  and paying way too much purely so I can see a film’s premiere?  Yes.  Is it worth it?  Always.  Anyway,  I’m not going to be taking my laptop or anything,  my focus is gonna be on a good old city break,  but i’ll set up a little queue so Brian’s never not irritating you all,  don’t panic.

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A photoset of the finished costumes from the Czech non-replica production: 

1. Tereza Vágnerová in the Degas costume 
2. Josef Stagr as one of the managers 
3. Tereza Vágnerová (Meg) and Vandou Šípovou (Madame Giry) 
4. Michaela Gemrotová in (what I assume is) the blue Wishing gown
5. Radim Schwab in an almost finished Phantom costume
6. Monika Sommerová in (what I assume is) the wedding dress
7. Michaela Gemrotová (Christine) and Bohus Matus (Raoul) 
8. Monika Sommerová (Christine) and Bohus Matus (Raoul)