stages of rent

Doing theatre is stressful, but theatre stress is a different kind of stress. Theatre stress is stress that I want; it’s stress that I crave. I thrive off of it. Theatre stress is good stress, because theatre is my passion.

Well I heard TRB NYC was a royal mess welp

1. BTS didn’t get to perform THREE songs including Dope, Rise of Bangtan, and Fun Boys 
2. They didn’t even get to say good bye and just had to leave the stage all confused
3. SubKulture only rented the venue till 10pm so yeah :/
4. Tech malfunctioned like a screen didn’t work, etc
5. Death threats???? A chick brought a gun wut??? to threaten Rap Monster wut??? something about killing him???? Hence no encore ._.
6. They said NO RECORDINGS yet so many people were taking pics and live streaming the concert via IG/Snapchat that they shut the concert down resulting in 1 and 2



Again this is what I heard so far so there may be some things that are incorrect :/