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Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party #228

(Dialogue from “Happy New Year” from Rent.) (Happy new year! :3)

The stupendous Mcelroy brothers in all of their glory.

(A WIP, don’t worry, Griffin is in place-holder stage for now. I just rented a tablet for the first time and I’m slowly learning digital stuff, so I thought I’d doodle~)

Seriously though, these guys are amazing. I want to be friends with them, they make me laugh so incredibly hard and simultaneously wish that I could laugh and talk with my own siblings more. I hope that they keep on being happy and wonderful in the future! (Sorry again, Griffin, promise I’ll finish you soon, haha)

have a good one~

i knew it was gonna happen someday but long story short i’m kind of obsessed with theater atm and it’s great and i’ve never had so much new music to listen to at once

gremlin-rayne  asked:

What are your top 5 dreams?

like for my future? because I never remember actual dreams. except the one where trump was making sausage rolls out of one of my friends, so we stole them, put him back together and then his girlfriend turned into an alien ala my favourite martian and ate trump ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

so for the non-weird dreams:

  1. to open my own theatre company/caberet place that does shows like rocky horror and repo! and little shop of horrors and while we’re rehearsing new shows the stage is rented out to local bands and comedians.
  2. to be a published author
  3. to have enough money to actually live comfortably and not have to worry everyday about making rent and bills (wild I know)
  4. to direct/write for film or tv
  5. to have my own house and a golden retriever and a personal library

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Looking to follow theatre blogs

Hi! I’m super back into my theatre love, so I’m looking to follow more musical theatre blogs!

Please reblog if you post any of the following and I’ll check yr blog out! (Bonus points if you follow me/introduce yrself, because I love new mutuals n friends!)

  1. Phantom of the Opera (especially the current US tour, bonus points for some love for Eric Ruiz!!)
  2. Heathers (musical, not movie)
  3. In The Heights/Hamilton/Bring It On/ Lin-Manuel Miranda stuff in general
  4. Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder
  5. Finding Neverland (especially w/ JJordan as JM Barrie!)
  6. Catch Me If You Can
  7. Book of Mormon (especially current national tour!)
  8. Rent (stage or screen, idc)
  9. Pippin (both versions)
  10. Fun Home
  11. Les Mis (any version)

Super extra bonus points if you critically engage with media!!

Well I heard TRB NYC was a royal mess welp

1. BTS didn’t get to perform THREE songs including Dope, Rise of Bangtan, and Fun Boys 
2. They didn’t even get to say good bye and just had to leave the stage all confused
3. SubKulture only rented the venue till 10pm so yeah :/
4. Tech malfunctioned like a screen didn’t work, etc
5. Death threats???? A chick brought a gun wut??? to threaten Rap Monster wut??? something about killing him???? Hence no encore ._.
6. They said NO RECORDINGS yet so many people were taking pics and live streaming the concert via IG/Snapchat that they shut the concert down resulting in 1 and 2



Again this is what I heard so far so there may be some things that are incorrect :/

Eren knows he might be pushing his luck a little with this one, but he keeps the smile firmly planted on his face in spite of Levi’s glowering stare.

“Who goes ice-skating in the summer?”

It’s a shame Levi can’t appreciate the icy delivery of his own question, given their current circumstance. Eren decides not to comment on it, for now.

“Don’t worry about that, we’re not ice-skating,” Eren says calmly, waving his hand. Levi’s eyebrow twitches, and he elaborates, “I tried once when I was a kid, and it ended… badly.” He shakes his head of the memory. “Anyway, I just like to come here and watch other people skate.”

If he’d thought this would make Levi less annoyed, the way he massages his temple lays that hope to rest. Really, Eren can’t help but feel he’s overreacting.

“Who in the hell goes to an ice-skating rink to watch other people skate?” he asks slowly, as if speaking to a child. Eren is tempted to reply just as slowly, but he’s trying to get Levi to work with him here.

“Me, obviously,” he says, plastered-on smile beginning to wobble just a bit. Levi rolls his eyes and casts a look around the place. There are only a few people skating, some cheery pop music playing over the speakers. He can’t help but think Levi looks quite out of place.

As the silence drags on, Levi still surveying their surroundings with a critical eye, Eren attempts to explain himself further. “I don’t know, it’s just… kinda soothing, somehow, to come here.” He pauses, heat prickling in his ears. Suddenly, this whole idea seems entirely stupid. “I mean, we can lea–”

“Shut up,” Levi interrupts, striding past him.