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Showtime: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Request: Can you write a Lin x reader or a Alex x reader where the reader has a massive tangle in their hair and the only person they trust to remove it is Lin or Alex? (You choose :) ) thank you!

Requestor: Anon!

Word Count: 418

A/N: It’s just a little drabble with some fluff. Have fun reading!

“10 minutes to showtime!” The stage manager called over the loudspeaker. Her words rang through the theater and most begna to make their way to their places, but you were stuck in your dressing room in a panic.

You stared at yourself in the mirror as you practically tried to rip your hair out of your head. Fifteen minutes earlier, a fellow cast member had brought their kid in to meet you. She was super cute, but when she left, you turned around to find a lolipop in your hair on the back of your head.

Furiously, you tried to yank it out but it was pretty stuck in there. You cried out in frustration, “Goddamit!”

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Okay, @coldcherrycola placed the wonderful idea of older!burlesque!Peter into my head and I have an idea of how this could go. 

(Peter would be in his twenties here!)

Peter has been doing burlesque shows for quite a while now and he’s really good at them. He’s known to be the main event (the one that most people come for) and wows the crowd every single time. The reason he got into burlesquing is because at the place he works at, the pay is good which helps pay the rent and also Aunt May. No one knows his true identity as he wears half a mask during his performances and finds it quite hilarious when people walk up to the manager of the joint, asking for his name and where to find him, never succeeding. 

Wade is still a mercenary and he’s been hired to take out an important businessman by his competition. He’s been told that said target like to frequent a burlesque club (which so happens to be where Peter works) and that’s where he goes to make the hit. 

Only, he doesn’t plan on getting distracted by Peter when he walks on stage, all dressed up and seductive, moving beautifully and completely stunning the audience. 

Wade makes the hit but suddenly wants to know about the man who managed to get his attention. 

Peter has no idea what’s heading his way.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of trans men who are drag queens or trans women who are drag kings?

I think they’re really cool.

I feel that people really misunderstand my stance on drag performance. I have zero problem with anyone who participates in drag as a way to explore their gender or to express themselves. I have no problem with cisgender gay men, even, who use drag as a way to unpack and subvert homophobia. Drag is a powerful medium that’s very important to a whole lot of queer people.

100% behind that.

What I have a huge freaking problem with is when people come into the drag scene and use the scene to express misogyny. Getting on stage in a dress and acting like a fool to mock and degrade women and womanhood isn’t subversive and isn’t okay. Same goes to people in the scene who disrespect transgender people.

Unfortunately, given how pervasive and accepted misogyny and transphobia is among cis gay men this kind of rot is everywhere to the point where people have learned that this is what is normal and expected of the scene. It literally steals the scene away from trans people who can no longer feel safe participating in a scene that we know is likely going to mock us.

… and the problem snowballs on itself because with every person who is made to feel unsafe and pushed out of the scene you get one less voice that’s going to speak out and stand up to this kind of abuse.

I also feel really gross with the exoticism that’s attached to drag and then played up by cis people who participate in the scene.

Please, though… More trans/questioning people participating in drag is something I’d really, really like to see.


Tyler Joseph x Reader

Request: tyler imagine where the reader is good friends with Tyler and hasn’t seen him in ages. Then, the reader surprises him after years of not talking and Tyler cries a little in disbelief but they catch up on the past and how their lives have been going and it gets a little romantic after?

It had been over a year since you had seen Tyler.  When the band started to get big, you had a hunch that you would probably start to lose contact at some point. You just wished that it didn’t happen so fast. You tried to go to every show they had at home in Ohio.  And you wished more than anything that you could’ve gone to all their shows, but you had a life too, and unfortunately, it always seemed to get in the way.

Luckily for you, after all these years, Tyler and Josh were coming back to Ohio to play a few shows as the last part of their tour. So, you decided to go, then maybe surprise Ty after the show.  All of the crew members knew who you were, so it wasn’t going to be hard to get backstage and surprise him on stage.

You two would always sing duets together, it was one of you and his favorite past times. His angelic voice always had a way of soothing you, and yours soothed him in his anxious times. As the boys were about to head on stage, you started to get ready.  You wore a black, tank dress, accessorized with red socks and black Vans.  You even tacked on the red beanie that you had stolen from Tyler. You smiled in the mirror and played with the necklace he gave you the last time you saw each other.

When you were all ready, you headed out the door, dialing Michael to tell him you were on your way.  

“I’m headed out. Make sure that they’re already on stage by the time I get there. I don’t want Ty to see me yet.”

“Got it, (Y/N), he’ll be happy to see you, that’s for sure.”

“Thanks, Michael. I’ll be there soon.”

You hung up the phone and got in the cab you called to get to the venue. Your heart was thumping in your chest as you got closer to the arena. You couldn’t believe that you were actually about to see Tyler after all this time. It gave your stomach butterflies. You had just missed him so much. And you pretty confident that you were going to cry on stage when you got out there.

The fans loved you, and they missed seeing your posts about Tyler and how the band was doing. Even Josh missed you. You hoped they wouldn’t be mad that you would be interrupting them as they sang My Heart Will Go On.

Your driver pulled into the venue, parked in the back and drove off after seeing you walk to the backstage doors. Mike let you in and quickly got you to a private room with a TV that allowed you watch from the wings. You smiled and teared up a little bit as you saw them come on stage, with the crowd cheering at the top of their lungs for them.

You anxiously sat in the back waiting for the medley to come up, and as it did, the sound crew gave you your microphone and you slowly walked out on stage.

The crowd screamed harder, which you didn’t think was possible, and you started to harmonize with Tyler to the song. His hands instantly fall from the strings of the bass and he looks over his shoulder.

He knew with just one note that it was you. It was a voice that he wasn’t ever going to forget. It was a voice that he longed to hear again. He turns to you and covers his mouth in disbelief that you were actually there.

“Oh my god….” is all you could hear him say.

He got a little weak in the knees, so you ran to him and held him up. You smiled up at him and kept singing.

Tyler just smiles back and continues to play for the crowd. After the medley ended, he puts his bass down and gives you a gigantic hug. One that you didn’t want to end, but you knew he had to finish this show.

Before he lets you go, he whispers something that only you could hear.

“I’ve missed you so much.”

You simply smile and kiss him on the cheek before walking back to the wings. You couldn’t wait for him to be finished so you could catch up with him.

It was no lie. You definitely liked him since the first day you met him. You never knew if he felt the same way. You always thought that he just wanted to be friends with you. So being able to see that reaction from him was really sweet for you.

After the concert was over, Tyler immediately ran backstage and hugged you. He picked you up and spun you around and you laughed.

“Hey Ty.” you said, burying your face into his shoulder.

He puts you down and smiles at you.

“Hey, (Y/N). I can’t believe you’re here… it’s been so long. I’ve missed you so so much..” he says trying to hold back the tears.

“Hey,” you say quietly, using your thumb to wipe away the rogue tear that escaped. “Don’t cry. Then I’ll cry.”

He just laughs and held you closer, taking everything in. It seemed like in this moment, things were absolutely perfect.

“(Y/N), I cannot even begin to tell you…” he started.

Your heart started to pound as you made a split second decision.  One you may or may not regret.  At least then you would know if he liked you back.

Your lips crashed into his, and at first you were worried. However, he kissed you back passionately. The lack of affection you both had made this moment even more special.

As you pull back you bit your lip. You always imagined this moment, but now that it actually happened, you couldn’t believe it.

“Wow…” Tyler stated. “You definitely read my mind.” he smiles and runs his hand through his hair.

You smile and kiss him one more time.

Tyler laughs and wraps his arms around you, pulling you close to his body.

“I think this has been long overdue.” you say.

Tyler nods in agreement.

“Well I guess we need to make this official… right?” he asks nervously.

You nod and took his hand.

“Come on. We’ve got a lot to talk about.”

A little while later, the both of you had gotten ice cream and you walked around the city together. You talked about what you both had been doing for the past few years. He was touring but you could see the love in his eyes whenever he talked about some of his favorite shows. He would talk about all the amazing things fans would send in the mail, and his smile would light up the whole entire world. You loved that about him.

He was always so caring and loving of all the fans, and he genuinely adores them. You knew he deserved all the adoring fans and fame. You told him about how you almost moved to pursue your dream career, but you didn’t. You told him how there was always something holding you back here in Ohio, and how you had a feeling that it was all the memories you made with him here.

After a long while, Tyler walked you back to your house. You smile at him and hugged him.

“Thank you, for everything Ty. You have no idea what that means to me.”

“Of course, (Y/N). I’m not gonna lie, you’ve been keeping me sane all these years, with all the growing fame… I kept the recordings we did a few years back of us singing. And I would listen to it every night before a show… to give me luck…” he laughed. “Is that pathetic?”

You giggle and shook your head.

“Not at all, Ty. That’s really sweet. I would look at all our old photos when I was feeling down, and that’s not pathetic.” you respond.

“You are amazing, (Y/N). I should probably head home to see my family though… unless you want to come with me. I’m sure they miss seeing you too.”

You instantly nod and took his hand, walking to his house that was only a few streets away.

Before you both entered he stopped you and took your hands.

“Would you actually want to stay the night with me…?” he asks shyly.

“Of course,Ty. I would love to.”

And with that you entered the house where you were warmly welcomed, and you knew that your life was going to change for the better.

whoviannerd  asked:

do u ever just.. get distracted by something in the middle of getting dressed/undressed so you just sit there doing nothing for like who knows how long with ur shirt half off

yes except i don’t even get to the getting dressed stage and i sit on my bed watching vine complications for two hours in just a towel.

askwhathasthiscometo  asked:

I associate you with dark lipstick, perfect hair, Pansy, that theatre stage feeling, staying home getting cozy instead of going out, summer dresses, ravenclaw, friends, coffee, creativity, colours, travel, sun shine, smiles 💃🏼

((OOC: you know that feeling where your like heart feels like it’s growing and you might cry a little because you just feel like REALLY known? Yeah, I’m feeling that right now))

choppedobjectnightmare  asked:

Can you do a josh dun x reader smut where your a fan and you get to go back stage to josh's dressing room but when you get there things happen. Also can there be a daddy kink. Dont have to if you dont want to its just a thought.😀

i’ll start working on it now :)


Thank god I learned how to put on makeup, and for the fact that I’m not thirteen anymore 🙌🏻

Switch (Hamilcast x Reader) Platonic

Word Count: 864

A/N: Look at me being productive at 4 in the morning :D

You were getting ready for the night’s show, just waiting for your costume to make it’s way into your shared dressing room with some other ensemble members. A techie came in with the rack of dresses and started handing them out, but instead of your normal dress you were handed Angelica’s costume for the opening number.

“I don’t think this is right,” you questioned. The techie shrugged.

“That’s just what I was told. Tommy mentioned something about you switching in tonight, go talk to him,” he said. You nodded slowly, leaving the dressing room and walking towards the stage, where you knew the director would be.

“Hi (y/n), what’s up?” he asked kindly.

“When did I get switched to play Angelica? I thought I was just in the ensemble tonight,” you said nervously.

“Oh yeah, I meant to pass that along. Renee had an emergency at home and can’t come in, so you have to play Angelica tonight. Don’t worry, you’ll be great,” he said, patting you on the shoulder before walking off with Jason, the stage manager.

You went back to your dressing room quietly and started getting dressed, running over the songs you’d have to perform tonight. You knew the show backwards and forwards, one of the perks of being an ensemble member was the fact that you were onstage for most of the show. It wouldn’t be remembering lyrics that would be the hardest part of the show. No, the hardest part of the show would be remembering that you were the center of attention during ‘Satisfied’, instead of dancing backwards with the rest of the cast. The hardest part would be remembering to sing Renee’s part during ‘Non-Stop’ instead of the ensemble’s “Wait for it”.

You felt your cheeks get hot and tears threaten to spill from your eyes as your brain turned over on itself with all of the overwhelming things you’d have to remember and had little time to practice. You pulled your skirt up into your hands and dashed out of your dressing room, heading to a secluded corner of the theater and sliding down onto the tiled floor. You heard the ‘fifteen minutes to places’ call, but you ignored it, just closing your eyes and trying to get your emotions and your breathing under control.

“What are you doing down here?” You opened your eyes and saw Lin towering over you, his shiny black shoes a centimeter away from your toes.

“I just needed a minute,” you choked out.

“A minute for what?” He looked up and down your costume, realization hitting him.

“Oh right, you’re Angelica tonight. First time playing her?” he asked. You nodded.

“Does anyone know where (y/n) is? We want to run some Schuyler Sisters vocal warm ups,” you heard Jas say from the top of the staircase.

“She just left here and headed down the stairs I think,” you heard one of the girls say. You heard Pippa and Jas’ feet patter down the stairs as quickly as their plenitude of skirts would allow.

“(y/n)? Oh hi Lin,” Pippa said as she and Jasmine crammed into the corner as well. There was barely enough space for one or two people, but when you had three girls in large skirts all in the small corner it was a surprise Lin didn’t get lost under all the fabric.

“(y/n)’s a little nervous about playing Angelica tonight. Any advice ladies?” Lin prompted them.

“Have fun,” Pippa smiled.

“Yeah, it makes it a million times better when you’re enjoying yourself,” Jasmine added.

“I enjoy myself every night,” you reminded them quietly.

“Really get into character. Every movement you make should be Angelica moving, every note you sing should be Angelica singing,” Jasmine suggested. Lin nodded approvingly.

“That helps with remembering the choreography too. It would make sense based on the story where Angelica should go. Just use your brain and don’t worry about making mistakes,” Pippa said.

“And if you forget the words to Satisfied, Lin will sing it,” Jasmine joked. Lin looked at you desperately.

“Don’t forget the words please,” he pleaded, causing you to laugh. Pippa and Jas each held out a hand, helping you to your feet. They brought you up the stairs and into a dressing room, where they started doing the Schuyler sister’s vocal warm up, something you had heard a million times before.

As you sang with them in the quiet of the room, you started to feel more comfortable.

“Do you want to run the beginning of ‘Schuyler Sisters’?” Pippa asked. You nodded.

“Dibs on Leslie!!!” Jasmine yelled. The three of you heard Anthony yell “Hey!!” from out in the hallway as he passed the door, causing you to collapse in a fit of giggles. Jazzy did her best impression of Leslie until you made your entrance. You felt strong and confident with your response.

“Places, Places” someone called over the intercom. This time, you made your way towards the stage with your Schuyler sisters at your side. Right before you stepped onstage, they each grabbed your hand and squeezed it tightly, reassuring the last of your nerves before the show started.

Jonghyun | Back-stage

Pairing: Jonghyun + Lex

Genre: Smut

Summary: Jonghyun just gets off stage, he’s wants to (cough) FUCK IN THE DRESSING ROOM. 

Dedicated to Lex.  ;^)

Involves: Daddy kink, spanking, hair pulling, it’s smut tf did you expect?

Jonghyun had just gotten off of stage from preforming Crazy, (Guilty Pleasure), his shirt completely ripped off and sweat was heaving down his chest, and the sight of it made you flustered and shy. You had seen him shirtless, but never sweaty and to be blunt, it was fucking hot. His smile and state of being shirtless while sweating made many stylists stare, and it made you angry. He came up to you while grinning from ear to ear, and suddenly hugged you, sweat now covering your clothes. “Ew, Jjong!” You exclaimed, face scowling and he chuckled, gripping you by your waist and suddenly kissing you. You pulled back quickly after, a blush rising to your cheeks. “Not here Jjong.” You whispered, stuffing your face into his chest from the fear of people staring. He put his head into the crook of your neck, and placed a small playful bite on it, mumbling. “Yes, but daddy needs you.” Daddy was a word you had used multiple times in intimate moments, and the sudden use of it from him made you realized, he was aroused. A blush had risen to your cheeks again, and he forcefully dragged to a room, locking and shutting the door and used both arms to trap you in the corner of the wall, a lustful glint in his eyes. “You do realize that princess, right? Do as daddy says.” You bit your lip, his deep voice sending pleasurable waves down to your core, and you both had kissed passionately, desperate for some sort of touch. His hand trailed down and slapped your ass, and the sudden contact made you jump. “Mm, so responsive for daddy.” He growled, gripping your waist and pulling you closer, even when it seemed impossible. Your face was flushed and hot, as he kissed you harder and licked your bottom lip with his fleshy tongue, and you opened up your mouth, and his wet muscle entered your cavern. The feeling of his tongue in your mouth made you wetter by the second. He pulled back, and gripped your waist, bringing you with him as he sat down onto the couch, and pulled you onto his lap. “Shirt and bra, now.” He bluntly said.  You slipped off your shirt, your lacy black bra now completely exposed to Jonghyun. The sight of you shirtless made him groan loudly, and the sound made you suddenly squeeze your thighs together, unclasping your bra now. The sudden contact of his mouth and wet tongue on your hard buds had made you moan loudly, grabbing his hair and forcefully pulling it. “J-Jjong.” You whimpered, and he gave the same treatment to the other bud, and slowly pulled your waist closer and grinding on his crotch. Your head fell into his chest, it made you weak to the bone and he smirked into your neck. “Daddy, please. Touch me.” He tilted his head, raising an eyebrow and smirked. “Beg.” Your hands ran all over his chest, sweat dripping down your cleavage line, whining. “Please, please daddy, I need you.” He turned your body around so your back was facing his chest, his hand trailing down your chest and down into your pants, slipping a hand into your underwear and suddenly pushed a finger into you. You had gasped, not expecting him to go so fast and cried out, gripping his forearms. His second finger slipped in, going hard and fast. A third one slipped in, and you were close to your climax, oh so close. “Is someone close?” He asked you into your ear, kissing it lovingly. You frantically nodded, breath hitching as he brought another finger to roughly rub your sensitive nub. “Come on, come on princess. Cum for daddy. Cum on daddy’s fingers now.” The dirty talk that came out of his mouth had made you cry out, moaning as loud as you could and you cummed onto Jonghyun’s fingers. The act made him smile, licking all of it off of his fingers and turned you around, pecking your cheek. “You did so well, princess..” He whispered. Your chest was heaving and your were so tired. You closed your eyes, and felt Jonghyun lift you up and turn you around, pushing you onto all fours. “Up, princess. Daddy’s needs to be inside you now.” You clutched the couch cushions as he roughly pulled your pants and lacy white underwear down, your wetness dripping down your legs. His erection poked through his black sweatpants, pushing against your ass. You had tried to touch yourself for the slightest bit of attention, but he quickly slapped your right cheek as hard as he could. “No.” He snarled, and you pouted, whimpering. You turned your head to try to see what he was doing. His black sweatpants had been pulled down, as well as his boxers, and he gripped his cock in his hands, pushing up and down and slipped into your core hard, chest up to your back. The quick action made you gasp, and he started to push out and in, growls falling out of his mouth and kissed your neck as he did so. “Fuck princess, you’ve always been so fucking tight.” He grabbed your pony tail and yanked it back, crawling his nails down your neck and you moaned more, his fingers running now across your back. “Beg for daddy. Beg for daddy to let you cum.” He bit your neck, creating large hickeys. That would needed to be covered up the next day. “Daddy, daddy please. Let me cum!” You fussed, his hand pulling you hair back more as he fucked you harder, slapping your ass multiple times. He yanked your ponytail back and let your hair cascade down, now pulling it and wrapping tightly around your fist, pulling your hair back and kissed you sloppily, slapping your breasts and growled. “Beg more slut, beg for it. You little fucking whore, beg.” He grumbled, and you screamed as loud as you could. “Daddy please, please! Let me cum like the good little whore I am!” He brought a hand down and rubbed your clit rapidly, and made two more quick thrusts, and moaned loudly, cumming inside you. The sudden contact of his warm cum inside you made you cum after quickly, mouth wide open and made a lewd sound. He thrusted a bit more, before pulling out. “That’s a good girl..” You fell onto the couch from the lack of strength, chest heaving up and down and sweat dripping from your chest. He pulled you into your chest and kissed your forehead lovingly, sighing. “You did so well, Lex..” You smiled, and he kissed you lightly. It wasn’t like before, hot and passionate, this time it was soft and loving, like a light feather being brushed across your lips. “I love you, princess.” You nuzzled your nose into his chest. “I love you too, daddy.” 

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Percabeth Smut? Love your stories x

here is a story from @greenconverses that i found from her ao3 account.

WARNING SMUT!! I am copying and pasting in from her ao3 account! i do not own this. if you want to see the story in the ao3 site, click here and for ch 2, click here.

so bad but he does it so well CHAPTER 1 fantasy

The blonde in the second row is wearing a blue dress today.

Annabeth’s her name, if he remembers right. Annabeth Chase with gold curls, the ever changing, meticulous wardrobe, and the thick framed glasses she slips on when she’s taking notes during the lecture. Annabeth, always with her hand in the air and with an answer for the professor, and shooting him what she thinks are sly, appraising looks when she thinks he isn’t paying attention. Annabeth, who he’s talked to maybe five times and can’t possibly stop thinking about.

Stylish bookworms are not usually Percy’s type; have never been his type, actually, not until Annabeth had breezed into the lecture hall that first day of class, all but impeccable in white sun dress covered in cherries and bold red heels. That day, Percy couldn’t stop staring at her — at the elegant line of her neck, the curve of her waist, those long, long legs under her skirt — and he hadn’t been able to look away ever since.

Percy has learned relatively little in his history class in the last month, aside from the many different ways he wants to undress Annabeth Chase.

He wants her pinned against the wall of his apartment, high waisted shorts crumpled around her knees as she keens for him, his hand busy sliding up between her thighs.

He wants to hear her sighs when he undoes each of the white buttons on the back of her retro purple dress, trailing kisses down each new inch of skin he unveils. Wants to feel her tremble as he rolls those pattern thigh highs down her legs, to know what her best set of lace panties feels like under a swipe of his tongue.

He wants to brush aside her golden curls and pull down a strap of one of her many sundresses and kiss her shoulder, wants to make her scream with his mouth on her clit, her skirts bunched up around her hips and legs over his shoulders, heels still on her feet. Wants her under him, over him, curled next to him with nothing but a satisfied smile lighting up her face.

Each day of class brings a new outfit and a new fantasy — she’s yet to repeat an outfit, and Percy’s imagination is ever so willing to keep up her seemingly endless wardrobe, especially whenever her gray eyes turn his way.

Sometimes, it’s just to sneer at the state of his ripped jeans and ironic T-shirt collection, but other days… he’s sure she’s doing some mental undressing of her own, pushing his leather jacket off his shoulders, ripping his shirt over his head, or getting her hand down the front of his best pair of skinny jeans.

God, wouldn’t that be something. But if Annabeth Chase isn’t his usual type, then punkass Percy Jackson definitely isn’t hers. She and her blue dress and blonde curls are nothing more than a wishful fantasy, his Tuesday and Thursday diversion, and he would be better served by focusing his thoughts on the lecture and not on how that dress would look on the floor next to his bed.

(Though, for the record, her dress would look excellent there.)

CHAPTER 2 reality

If he tears her dress, she’s going to kill him.

It’s not the most generous thought to have when a boy’s hands are smoothing up her curves and hoisting her up on to counter in his dingy dressing room, but Annabeth has her priorities and protecting her vintage sheath dress from Percy Jackson’s undoubtedly destructive hands is one of them.

He has the look of dress ripper about him – and it’s not just the holes in his jeans and the ratty sleeves of his T-shirt that give him away. He’s spent all night looking at her from the stage like he’s imagined a hundred different ways to get her dress off; she’s positive just undoing the zipper and letting it slip down did not feature prominently in any of those scenarios. His touches are impatient, never lingering, as if he can’t get enough of any one part of her, and turning rougher as the heat between them grows which each kiss, each lustful sigh and needy groan.

Make no mistake, Annabeth wants her dress off too – god, does she ever want to feel his calloused palms on her skin and, oh, that mouth of his, yes, please – but it absolutely needs to come off in one piece. Hopefully it’ll also get hung on the back of the chair, not on the floor, which apparently hasn’t been cleaned since the bar was built, but she highly doubts it.

“How’d you even get this thing on?” Percy growls, nipping at the shell of her ear as his fingers fumble with the zipper. He slides it down just enough to loosen the top of her dress, so he can pull down the sweetheart neckline and her lacy bra all in one go. Annabeth gasps as her breasts are exposed, nipples tightening the tepid air. “Magic?”

“M-my roommate had to zip me up,” she admits, voice trembling as Percy palms one of her breasts, rolling a thumb over her nipple. “But it’s clearly done it’s jo – oooh!”

Her nails dig into his shoulder and the nape of his neck as Percy dips his head to take her other nipple in his mouth. He is not gentle. He is demanding, pinching her with his fingers, pulling at her with his mouth, grazing her with his teeth, and Annabeth’s body arches into him, rubbing against the thick press of his thigh between her legs until she’s whimpering and trembling, on the edge of something great and wonderful.

She’s spent more time fantasizing about Percy Jackson than she’s willing to admit, her mind often wandering to him during the history class they share together. She’s beyond thrilled that he’s living up to those fantasies in all the best ways.

“Take it off,” she demands, gulping for air. “Please.”

He ignores her plea, intently focused on her breasts and making sure she feels every second of his mouth on her. Annabeth appreciates this, she does, but her skin is crawling with heat and she has to get this dress off before she combusts. Unsteadily, she reaches back to finish unzipping her dress, but Percy’s hand darts out to stop her.

“No way, princess,” he says huskily, kissing his way up her chest to the curve of her neck. She can’t even be mad at him for the ridiculous nickname, his mouth feels so good. “The dress is staying on.”


It’s not her most eloquent moment, with her breasts out, cheeks and chest flushed with arousal, and legs wrapped around an irredeemable punk of a man. It draws a chuckle out of him, and he cups her face in his hands before kissing her quite thoroughly.

“You have no idea,” Percy murmurs into her mouth, “just how many times I’ve wanted my head under all those skirts of yours, between your thighs, getting you off with my lips and tongue. Not missing my one chance tonight.”

Fuck,” Annabeth moans, closing her eyes, overwhelmed by the sharp pulse of want that blazes through her at the image he presents. He would be a talk dirty. She presses her curves into him and kisses him frantically, feeling his awful smirk spread across her lips.

“You ever have someone do that to you, Annabeth?” he replies when they break apart, his hands already sliding under the hem of her dress, pushing it up the length of her thighs. The ache between her legs pulses mightily each time a new inch of flesh is exposed. “Eat you out with one of your gorgeous dresses bunched up around your hips? Pull that skirt back down and leave you dripping down your thighs for the rest of the day?”

His thumbs dig into the edges of her panties and Annabeth lifts her hips so he can drag them down her legs. She doesn’t think his eyes can get any darker, his expression any more needier, until she shakes her head and says, “No. You’d be the first.”

She barely gets the words out before he’s on his knees in front of her, shoving her back on the counter and spreading her wide. His hands dig into her clothed hips and, distantly, Annabeth thinks she should warn him about his grip on the material and -


Oh, holy god.


and those are the smuts!!! well, the first two chapters of the 6 chappies of this story. go to the links earlier to read the rest bye!

You have a sexy concept for your comeback (B1A4)

Jinyoung: -Sandeul mentioned your outfit that he got a sneak peak of your sexy outfit for comeback stage because all members of your groups were wearing different but very attractive outfits. Jinyoung was just now hearing about the ‘new look’- “what are you talking about? Why did MY girlfriend show you and not me?”

Sandeul: -as soon as he saw your outfit he sat up in his seat to look at it better. It was tight and attractive and he was getting jealous about other’s getting to see you in it- “baby are you sure you have to wear that? I kinda like it but I don’t like the way you’re getting looked at by other boys”

CNU: -he joked with you everytime he was around the boys and when you guys were alone it was a different story. So when you came into the room in one of his sweaters and short shorts for your performance he looked at you with a naughty smile- “excuse us boys well be needing the room. Leave now”

Baro: -he was having a hard time acting normal about how good you looked. So when you were actually getting ready for your Comeback stage he saw the dress you were going to be wearing and he had to look away- “baby why do you have to dress like that? That body is too much for me sometimes”

Gongchan: -your whole group’s concept was incredibly sexy and all the boys agreed with it so watching your performance he was sitting there quietly taking in all the lovely things he had planed for later- *gif*