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Elizabeth was yours and Shawn’s first child. She was a sweet, yet sassy young girl with brown bouncings curls. She had just turned three and Shawn was going to bring her on tour, so she could not only see what he did for a living but so she could hear him sing also. She has always wanted to see her dad perform live, but she’s never seen him on stage, in person at the same time.

It was around four am when Shawn got up to go to the gym, making it a point not to wake you while he got ready. You already had to get up a five to get Liza ready to leave for tour and he didn’t want to take away any more rest time from you than he already had to.

When Shawn returned, you were in the bathroom brushing your hair.

“Hey, pretty girl” He smiled, walking in and placing a kiss on your forehead.

“Hey, how was the gym?” You asked him, smiling at him through the mirror.

“Shit, today’s leg day so I wasn’t loving it at all” He shook his head before grabbing a towel out from the cupboard.

“Ah, unlucky” You said playfully, putting your hairbrush away in a draw, “Okay, I'm going to get Liza and get her ready and dressed and then,” You paused thinking over your morning, “We’ll eat something and then we will get going” You walked out and down the hall to your daughters room.

The small copper fairy lights hung from her window, leaving a calm effect on the room. You crouched down next to Elizabeth’s toddler bed, gently rubbing your hand across her forehead. She stirred from her peaceful rest at your light actions, it didn’t surprise you that she awoke so early, she is a very light sleeper after all.

“Hi, baby-girl” You cooed, continuing your small motion. Liza groaned slightly at her early awakening. You helped her sit up as she motioned her hands towards you meaning she wanted cuddles. You brought her into your arms, holding her for a good couple of minutes before, standing up and going over to her cupboard, picking out some warmer clothes appropriate for the cool weather outside.

“Hows my little girl this morning?” Shawn’s voice appeared. You looked over and he had gotten changed into some black jeans and a light blue hoodie, a colour you think he should wear more often.

“Very tired,” You glanced down at the dozing toddler on your shoulder.

“No, I’m not” Liza argued with you. Shawn chuckled as he took her from you and bringing her into his own arms.

“Is that so?” He smiled at her.

“Yeah, I’m not tired, I’m excited to go to stages,” She said while impressively, but visibly fighting off a small yawn. Liza called Shawn’s shows stages because she associated the stage with his performances

“Okay, well if you get dressed for mommy and daddy we can get there quicker” Shawn bargained with her. Elizabeth got dressed just like Shawn asked, she woke up more as she ate her pancakes with her strawberries, slightly bopping her head along to the soft sounds of A Team by Allday. Shawn smiling when he looked up from his phone to look at his small daughter.

Shawn pulled up out in front of the bus and got Elizabeth out of the car, she had fallen asleep on the way here so Shawn tired his best not to wake her up as the three of them entered the bus. Andrew smiled as he saw the small three-year-old dozing on Shawn’s shoulder. Andrew was one of Elizabeth’s biggest fans and everyone knew that this small girl had her dads manager wrapped around her finger since day one.

“How are the Mendes’?” Matt -Shawn’s friend from back home- asked came into the lounge part of the bus. Liza’s eyes fluttered open from hearing Matt’s loud voice.

“Ah, nice one man” Shawn said playfully as his daughter rubbed her eyes.

“Uncle Matty” Elizabeth gave Matt a small sleepy smile. Matt came over and took her from Shawn’s arms and Elizabeth gave Matt a tight hug with her small arms around his neck.

“What about me?” Andrew whined. Elizabeth looked up from her position and a wide smile broke out on her face when she saw Andrew.

“Gerty!” She laughed. Matt carefully threw Elizabeth down onto the couch Andrew was still sitting on and she gave him a hug just like she did Matt.

“You excited for tomorrow?” Matt asked him, bringing him into that man-hug that guys do.

“Yeah, I mean nervous but mostly excited,” Shawn laughed.

“Y/n, how you doing?” Matt smiled giving you a hug too.

“Tired, but that’s okay” You laughed slightly.

“Well, we’re all tired y/n, stop your whining,” A voice said from the entryway of the bus. It was Geoff.

“Uncle Geoff!” Elizabeth squealed, looking over as Geoff.

“Hey munchkin, what’s going on?” He picked her up from the plush couch.

“Not much,” She laid her head onto Geoff’s shoulder. She let out a small yawn making every erupt in faint ‘awes’.

“I think somebody’s tired” Shawn smiled at his daughter. He noticed that her breathing had evened out and her face had lost all expression. She had fallen asleep.

“Naptime?” You asked. Everyone fainty laughed at your remark. Shawn grabbed Elizabeth from Geoff , picking up his daughters small suitcase you had brought in and took her down into the bunk section of the bus. He laid her on the bunk that had Shawn’s name over the top of it and unzipped his daughters bag, grabbing out her favourite light yellow blanket.

He laid it over the top of her and gave her a soft kiss on the forehead, leaving his sleeping daughter to rest up before the show.

Does anyone want sort of a part two at the show?? 

pay up.

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Member: Min Yoongi

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 1019

Author’s Note: ahahah this is what procrastination from writing other stories feels like, enjoyyyyy!

“God dammit, he’s going to do it again!” the director shouts from backstage. Your head immediately snaps up to the screen broadcasting BTS’ new comeback show. You wait and watch as the Suga lets his mic fall to the floor, creating a thump that sounded throughout the concert arena. You hang your head and await for the onslaught of lectures from your superior. The sound director’s steely eyes narrow to you and he growls, “This is coming out from your paycheck.” You had no choice but to nod feebly and accept your fate.  

It had been a few weeks since BTS dropped their new music video, and perfect performances were at the top of the to-do list.The other managers and assistants were busy hustling around trying to find the next set of outfit for the boys, and unless someone ripped their clothes, they couldn’t care less what they did on stage. However, you were in charge of the sound and microphone auditory system, as well as touching up the makeup for the members on the occasion.. 

You winced from the cold glare and quickly bow a few times in respect to your superior before rushing off from to catch Yoongi before the clothing team stole the members away first.

This wasn’t the first time Yoongi dropped the microphone after the new rap song ‘Mic Drop,’ and it didn’t seem like it would end despite this being their fifth time performing the song on stage.

The damage to the mics were no joke, and being Yoongi’s girlfriend didn’t make the situation any better. As sound assistant, you were in charge of making sure no more auditory equipment suffered the wrath of “Suga the Rap God,” but more importantly, you were suppose to be the perfect person to convince him to stop. You forget how many times you to tried to tell him that the song already had great lyrics and dance moves, and definitely didn’t need to include damage to company property.

But, no, he said. “A great performance needs a special ending to seal the deal,” you quote him. So here you were again, weaving through the rushing stream of managers and directors to get to stage A, exit number 2.

“Yoongi!” you hiss from the side of the stair case, “Get over here!” You were pissed to say more or less, and seeing the toothy grin on his face from the performance high made your anger spike up a notch or two.

“How many times did I tell you not to drop the mic?” you asked him through whispered threats. 

“Y/N, this time, I had to do a mic drop! Did you see how hyped the crowd was! I would be disappointing them if I didn’t!” he reasons. You could see the clothing managers head bobbing in the background within the crowd, and the urgency assistants had on their faces to get Yoongi to change into the next outfit set.

“That’s what you say every time! And every single time you promise me not to do it again!” you finally whined, returning your attention on Yoongi. You could almost imagine the number of deductions coming from your paychecks for this month.

“Plus, you know your managers, my ass is on the line if you do this again,” you tell him, trying to emphasize the seriousness of this situation.

He smirks, grabbing your wrists and pulls you close. “Well, I can certainly imagine better places for you and your ass to be on. More specifically, me,” he responds slyly. He rolls his hips parallel against your body, palms travelling down your hips and close to his favorite part of your body.

Exasperated, but with a chill travelling down your spine, you push Yoongi away and glare at him, almost giving him the mirrored look of anger that you received from the sound director. However, this is Min Yoongi we’re talking about. He always knew how to get out of any situation, and this time, with his gentle caress of his thumb on the back of your palm, innocent look now painted on his face, and the growing urgency to get Yoongi on stage, you drop this lecture you’re enforcing on him.

“Just get dressed, and hurry on stage. I don’t want another team of people to get mad at me too,” you sigh, relenting this fight once again.

He chuckles and pulls you in a blink of an eye. Your lips make contact, and he steps forward to press you against the metal beams supporting the stage, devouring you in a fit of hungry passion. A cloud fills your head, and you can feel the heavy breathing from his dancing, and the tight muscles underneath his sinful excuse of a T-shirt. What seems like an eternity ends in a few seconds, and he pulls away looking even more coy than before.

He apologizes before you can protest, “Sorry, still got that performance high.” Giving you one last smirk, he rushes away to the fitting room and you’re let grabbing onto the beams for support. 

When he emerges from the rooms and joins his members on the rising stage lift, you blow him a quick kiss and he quickly winks at you in return as the lift starts to rise.

Heading back to the fitting room to clean up the various clothes strewn across the floor from the members hasty change, you find a microphone lying on one of the make up desks. 

A written note from Yoongi was stuck onto the dented and deformed mic.

Sorry, babe. I love you. Don’t worry, I’ll cover the cost of the mics. In return, you have to pay me back. Preferably an exchange where you are on the bed screaming my name. ;)

Blushing, you grab the post-it and look around to make sure no one was in the room. Ripping the paper, you throw the makeshift confetti into the nearest trash bin and head backstage to the sound booth. 

This was going to be a long night.



Pairing: OptionalBias/Reader

It didn’t take him long to realize what happened.

He knew even before his manager rushed up to the side of the stage, phone pressed against their ear, a face of regret.

The crowd that was full of color only moments before faded into all shades of black, white, and gray. Everything became dull in the matter of seconds, no sound entered his ears. His thoughts muddled. Giving any reason that all color would vanish so quickly.  

It couldn’t be real, it had to be a dream. A mistake. Anything.

The others on stage stood oblivious to the mans trouble, interacting with each other with joyful smiles as they laughed, interacting with the crowd. They soon became aware as he rushed across the stage, trying to get past all of the people backstage and in his dressing room. Passing his manager in the process, who only proved that his worst nightmare was indeed happening.

This uncommon thing, it happened everyday to many people. But he couldn’t believe it happened to him, or really, his soulmate.

He scrambled for his phone, avoiding all of the missed calls and messages from anyone who would tell him what he already knew. He was pleading with any god that would listen, ‘please pick up’ He was determined for your voice to come out as cheerful as it always was when he would call when on tour. The way you always were able to make him unwind and be able to be himself for the few minutes. The way you laughed when his members shouted incoherently in the background. The scolding voice you had when you told him he needed to look after his health.

“Hey, it’s Y/N! I’m probably busy so if it’s important, leave a message!”

‘She’s busy, yeah that’s it’ He told himself, terrified at the flood of messages that popped up on his screen.

I’m so sorry.

I can’t imagine the pain you’re feeling right night.

Please talk to us soon.

The phone soon soon stoped vibrating as it hit with the farthest wall, the screen shattering as it made contact with the ground. The quiet room left him with only his memories.

The first time the two of you met.

The explosion of colors that he could finally understand.

Your first date.

When you met his parents.

When he met yours.

Your late night talks about marriage.

Him buying a ring.

He didn’t finish the concert. Or the tour. He locked himself in his apartment, staring at the pictures of the once vibrant part of his life

And it wasn’t the colors.

Oh My, My, My - XIV


SUMMARY: A love story from start to finish.

WARNINGS: language maybe?

AUTHOR’S NOTE: this is pretty much a filler, next chapter will probably be the wedding and reception! anyway, we have some sort of character development in this part soooooo yeah. i think that’s about it!


Of course Steve and Sam were planning on an outrageous bachelor party for Bucky while you and the rest of the girls looked crazily for dress. You walked into a small boutique one morning, showing up earlier than the rest. You stopped dead in your tracks once you saw the person greeting you.

“Dot,” you breathed out. It was like seeing a ghost. Your eyebrows furrowed together and a flash of anger coursed through your body.

“Oh my god,” she chuckled. “(Y/N); it’s you.”

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Percabeth Smut? Love your stories x

here is a story from @greenconverses that i found from her ao3 account.

WARNING SMUT!! I am copying and pasting in from her ao3 account! i do not own this. if you want to see the story in the ao3 site, click here and for ch 2, click here.

so bad but he does it so well CHAPTER 1 fantasy

The blonde in the second row is wearing a blue dress today.

Annabeth’s her name, if he remembers right. Annabeth Chase with gold curls, the ever changing, meticulous wardrobe, and the thick framed glasses she slips on when she’s taking notes during the lecture. Annabeth, always with her hand in the air and with an answer for the professor, and shooting him what she thinks are sly, appraising looks when she thinks he isn’t paying attention. Annabeth, who he’s talked to maybe five times and can’t possibly stop thinking about.

Stylish bookworms are not usually Percy’s type; have never been his type, actually, not until Annabeth had breezed into the lecture hall that first day of class, all but impeccable in white sun dress covered in cherries and bold red heels. That day, Percy couldn’t stop staring at her — at the elegant line of her neck, the curve of her waist, those long, long legs under her skirt — and he hadn’t been able to look away ever since.

Percy has learned relatively little in his history class in the last month, aside from the many different ways he wants to undress Annabeth Chase.

He wants her pinned against the wall of his apartment, high waisted shorts crumpled around her knees as she keens for him, his hand busy sliding up between her thighs.

He wants to hear her sighs when he undoes each of the white buttons on the back of her retro purple dress, trailing kisses down each new inch of skin he unveils. Wants to feel her tremble as he rolls those pattern thigh highs down her legs, to know what her best set of lace panties feels like under a swipe of his tongue.

He wants to brush aside her golden curls and pull down a strap of one of her many sundresses and kiss her shoulder, wants to make her scream with his mouth on her clit, her skirts bunched up around her hips and legs over his shoulders, heels still on her feet. Wants her under him, over him, curled next to him with nothing but a satisfied smile lighting up her face.

Each day of class brings a new outfit and a new fantasy — she’s yet to repeat an outfit, and Percy’s imagination is ever so willing to keep up her seemingly endless wardrobe, especially whenever her gray eyes turn his way.

Sometimes, it’s just to sneer at the state of his ripped jeans and ironic T-shirt collection, but other days… he’s sure she’s doing some mental undressing of her own, pushing his leather jacket off his shoulders, ripping his shirt over his head, or getting her hand down the front of his best pair of skinny jeans.

God, wouldn’t that be something. But if Annabeth Chase isn’t his usual type, then punkass Percy Jackson definitely isn’t hers. She and her blue dress and blonde curls are nothing more than a wishful fantasy, his Tuesday and Thursday diversion, and he would be better served by focusing his thoughts on the lecture and not on how that dress would look on the floor next to his bed.

(Though, for the record, her dress would look excellent there.)

CHAPTER 2 reality

If he tears her dress, she’s going to kill him.

It’s not the most generous thought to have when a boy’s hands are smoothing up her curves and hoisting her up on to counter in his dingy dressing room, but Annabeth has her priorities and protecting her vintage sheath dress from Percy Jackson’s undoubtedly destructive hands is one of them.

He has the look of dress ripper about him – and it’s not just the holes in his jeans and the ratty sleeves of his T-shirt that give him away. He’s spent all night looking at her from the stage like he’s imagined a hundred different ways to get her dress off; she’s positive just undoing the zipper and letting it slip down did not feature prominently in any of those scenarios. His touches are impatient, never lingering, as if he can’t get enough of any one part of her, and turning rougher as the heat between them grows which each kiss, each lustful sigh and needy groan.

Make no mistake, Annabeth wants her dress off too – god, does she ever want to feel his calloused palms on her skin and, oh, that mouth of his, yes, please – but it absolutely needs to come off in one piece. Hopefully it’ll also get hung on the back of the chair, not on the floor, which apparently hasn’t been cleaned since the bar was built, but she highly doubts it.

“How’d you even get this thing on?” Percy growls, nipping at the shell of her ear as his fingers fumble with the zipper. He slides it down just enough to loosen the top of her dress, so he can pull down the sweetheart neckline and her lacy bra all in one go. Annabeth gasps as her breasts are exposed, nipples tightening the tepid air. “Magic?”

“M-my roommate had to zip me up,” she admits, voice trembling as Percy palms one of her breasts, rolling a thumb over her nipple. “But it’s clearly done it’s jo – oooh!”

Her nails dig into his shoulder and the nape of his neck as Percy dips his head to take her other nipple in his mouth. He is not gentle. He is demanding, pinching her with his fingers, pulling at her with his mouth, grazing her with his teeth, and Annabeth’s body arches into him, rubbing against the thick press of his thigh between her legs until she’s whimpering and trembling, on the edge of something great and wonderful.

She’s spent more time fantasizing about Percy Jackson than she’s willing to admit, her mind often wandering to him during the history class they share together. She’s beyond thrilled that he’s living up to those fantasies in all the best ways.

“Take it off,” she demands, gulping for air. “Please.”

He ignores her plea, intently focused on her breasts and making sure she feels every second of his mouth on her. Annabeth appreciates this, she does, but her skin is crawling with heat and she has to get this dress off before she combusts. Unsteadily, she reaches back to finish unzipping her dress, but Percy’s hand darts out to stop her.

“No way, princess,” he says huskily, kissing his way up her chest to the curve of her neck. She can’t even be mad at him for the ridiculous nickname, his mouth feels so good. “The dress is staying on.”


It’s not her most eloquent moment, with her breasts out, cheeks and chest flushed with arousal, and legs wrapped around an irredeemable punk of a man. It draws a chuckle out of him, and he cups her face in his hands before kissing her quite thoroughly.

“You have no idea,” Percy murmurs into her mouth, “just how many times I’ve wanted my head under all those skirts of yours, between your thighs, getting you off with my lips and tongue. Not missing my one chance tonight.”

Fuck,” Annabeth moans, closing her eyes, overwhelmed by the sharp pulse of want that blazes through her at the image he presents. He would be a talk dirty. She presses her curves into him and kisses him frantically, feeling his awful smirk spread across her lips.

“You ever have someone do that to you, Annabeth?” he replies when they break apart, his hands already sliding under the hem of her dress, pushing it up the length of her thighs. The ache between her legs pulses mightily each time a new inch of flesh is exposed. “Eat you out with one of your gorgeous dresses bunched up around your hips? Pull that skirt back down and leave you dripping down your thighs for the rest of the day?”

His thumbs dig into the edges of her panties and Annabeth lifts her hips so he can drag them down her legs. She doesn’t think his eyes can get any darker, his expression any more needier, until she shakes her head and says, “No. You’d be the first.”

She barely gets the words out before he’s on his knees in front of her, shoving her back on the counter and spreading her wide. His hands dig into her clothed hips and, distantly, Annabeth thinks she should warn him about his grip on the material and -


Oh, holy god.


and those are the smuts!!! well, the first two chapters of the 6 chappies of this story. go to the links earlier to read the rest bye!

Kidge Band AU

  • All of voltron is in a music club at school that takes kids who can play instruments and puts them in bands
  • Keith, Shiro, Lance, and Hunk are in a band called GoLion!
  • Keith plays guitar and vocals, Lance is second guitar and sometimes bass, Hunk plays bass, and Shiro is on drums
  • They play a lot of punk rock music thanks to Keith
  • Coran is the advisor
  • GoLion practices in the afternoon after school
  • Pidge, Allura, and Shay have a band called Plasma
  • Pidge is on guitar and vocals, Allura does bass, and Shay plays the drums
  • They get zero recognition since they only have 3 members and #everydaysexism
  • Plasma practices in the morning before school starts
  • They sing a lot of pop rock
  • GoLion doesn’t know that Plasma exists but they know about GoLion
  • Cue the school wanting a live band for homecoming
  • Keith being upset it wasn’t automatically handed to them bc he doesn’t know Plasma exists
  • Cue mini battle of the bands
  • GoLion loses because Keith can’t keep his shit together cause Pidge is high key adorable and he can’t handle her watching him sing
  • She also looks so happy when she’s performing how did he not notice her before now??
  • Jump forwards to homecoming and Pidge looks so cute on stage in her dress that’s unfair
  • Keith is hardcore crushing
  • He starts getting up eariler to go to see Plasma before school
  • He gives them tips and sometimes plays with them
  • Allura and Shay insist he has a crush on her
  • Which Pidge denys bc she too is crushing hard on him
  • This goes on for almost a year
  • GoLion gets selected to play at prom
  • Keith dedicates a song to Pidge and leaves her a mess of emotion
  • It’s super cheesy
  • They start dating that night
  • What moves away for family reasons
  • GoLion and plasma combine into one band
  • Allura switches to manager, Lance switches to bass, Pidge and Keith do guitar and vocals
  • They dub themselves Voltron
  • Shiro tries to ask out Allura after the two bands combine and she reveals she’s been dating Shay in secret this whole time

Lol I might write this I just wanted to get it down somewhere so I didn’t forget it

Sam the Sunflower

Bringing this oldie but goodie back. I wrote it more than four years ago and I think it was one of the first fic(let)s that I ever wrote. Short but oh so sweet. Enjoy!

read it on ao3

Sam was going to kill Dean. He was used to going undercover, they did it all the time. Cops, FBI, pest control, antiquers, whatever it took to get the job done. But this…this was so much worse. And this was all Dean’s fault.

Sam stood backstage, looking at the outfit that the costume designer had just handed him. Dean strolled over, paintbrush in hand and a sick smile on his face.

“Heya Sammy, whatcha got there?” he asked innocently, but his eyes betrayed him.

“I’m going to kill you, Dean,” Sam answered, throwing his best bitchface at his brother. “Why do you get to be on set design and I have to be a fucking…” he trailed off, looking at his costume again.

“Cheer up, Sam. We ganked the ghost that was killing off all those actors. Now we just have to put on a spectacular play tonight and then we can leave.”

“Why can’t we leave before the play?” Sam pouted.

“Now now, Sam, you made a commitment. You can’t just disappear. They need your expert acting skills or this whole play is a bust!” Dean said, every word dripping with amusement and sarcasm.

“I swear to god, you better watch your back,” Sam hissed. Dean just grinned at him.

“You better go change, you know, curtain rises in 30 minutes,” Dean said, slapping Sam on the butt as he walked away. Sam gritted his teeth. He knew he was never going to live this one down.

He found a tiny dressing room, just a counter and mirror and chair, and stripped off his clothes, pulling on the hideous costume. After wriggling into it (and it took a lot of wriggling) he looked himself over in the mirror.

The so-called costume consisted of a bright green body suit that left practically nothing to the imagination, and a ridiculous headpiece, with great big yellow sunflower leaves surrounding his face. He was in a podunk town taking part in some low-budget play where he had to stand around for an hour dressed like a fucking sunflower. He felt ridiculous. He looked ridiculous.

He took a deep breath, readying himself for the onslaught of teasing he was sure to get from Dean, and opened the dressing room door. And of course Dean was standing right outside, just as Sam knew he’d be, already doubled over in laughter.

“Oh, Sam, that’s just…well that’s just awesome!” gasped Dean, dragging his phone out of his pocket and snapping a picture before Sam even realized what Dean was up to.

“Oh, screw you,” snapped Sam, and stalked off.

The play went as smooth as a crappy play with crappy actors could go, and when the final curtain fell, Sam hightailed it off the stage towards the tiny dressing room, anxious to get out of that costume as fast as possible. He snuck into the room, and closed the door, but a hand stopped it before he could get it all the way shut. Dean was there, pushing the door open so he could scoot inside with Sam. Dean shut the door and locked it with a click.

He was grinning again, but this grin was different. There was something in his eyes, and it wasn’t amusement. His eyes had turned dark green and he looked…hungry. Sam swallowed audibly.

“Dean, what’re you…” before he could even finish the question, Dean was on him, lips smashed together, all teeth and tongue and rough and damn, it felt good. Dean was groping Sam’s arms, back, waist, ass. Sam gasped.

“Dean, what the fuck—“

“Shut up,” Dean said, and started pulling the bodysuit off of Sam. The thing came off a lot faster than it had taken Sam to put it on. Dean started stripping off his own clothes, and Sam reached up to take off the sunflower headpiece.

“No!” Dean growled, stopping Sam’s hands. There was a fire burning in Dean’s eyes, an evil smirk playing at his lips, and his voice was low and gruff. “Leave it on.”


Thank god I learned how to put on makeup, and for the fact that I’m not thirteen anymore 🙌🏻

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Can I tell you something I love about Niall? He shows how important it is to just be yourself. Make the music you love no matter what anyone says. Love what you love, dress how you want. Get on stage alone even if it scares you at first. Start a business even if it’s a new thing. Don’t worry about what seems cool. Tbh, no one in my life told me that and it’s affected how I look at everything. I really admire him for that.

he’s very smart and very humble. he really is such a good person and i hope others can learn from that!

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Don't u think that it would be really cool if the club did a thing with the dances where they could each choose an audience member or another staff member (who isn't a dancer) and they would get to dress up and perform on stage? I wonder who they would each pick and what they would wear😏😏?

Lol it’s already there, I just didn’t have the chance to draw it out. Like most of the things I HC’d, they are already there, just not on paper yet.


These weren’t intending to be a Halloween-esque aesthetic, and it wasn’t staged or anything, I just wanted SS, Hancock and Curie to get dressed up really weird to go kill a Courser, but a combination of mods (including Darker Nights, a storm from Vivid Weathers and Unlimited Companion Framework to name a few) just made the two of them look so stunning that whole photo set emerged


Tyler Joseph x Reader

Request: tyler imagine where the reader is good friends with Tyler and hasn’t seen him in ages. Then, the reader surprises him after years of not talking and Tyler cries a little in disbelief but they catch up on the past and how their lives have been going and it gets a little romantic after?

It had been over a year since you had seen Tyler.  When the band started to get big, you had a hunch that you would probably start to lose contact at some point. You just wished that it didn’t happen so fast. You tried to go to every show they had at home in Ohio.  And you wished more than anything that you could’ve gone to all their shows, but you had a life too, and unfortunately, it always seemed to get in the way.

Luckily for you, after all these years, Tyler and Josh were coming back to Ohio to play a few shows as the last part of their tour. So, you decided to go, then maybe surprise Ty after the show.  All of the crew members knew who you were, so it wasn’t going to be hard to get backstage and surprise him on stage.

You two would always sing duets together, it was one of you and his favorite past times. His angelic voice always had a way of soothing you, and yours soothed him in his anxious times. As the boys were about to head on stage, you started to get ready.  You wore a black, tank dress, accessorized with red socks and black Vans.  You even tacked on the red beanie that you had stolen from Tyler. You smiled in the mirror and played with the necklace he gave you the last time you saw each other.

When you were all ready, you headed out the door, dialing Michael to tell him you were on your way.  

“I’m headed out. Make sure that they’re already on stage by the time I get there. I don’t want Ty to see me yet.”

“Got it, (Y/N), he’ll be happy to see you, that’s for sure.”

“Thanks, Michael. I’ll be there soon.”

You hung up the phone and got in the cab you called to get to the venue. Your heart was thumping in your chest as you got closer to the arena. You couldn’t believe that you were actually about to see Tyler after all this time. It gave your stomach butterflies. You had just missed him so much. And you pretty confident that you were going to cry on stage when you got out there.

The fans loved you, and they missed seeing your posts about Tyler and how the band was doing. Even Josh missed you. You hoped they wouldn’t be mad that you would be interrupting them as they sang My Heart Will Go On.

Your driver pulled into the venue, parked in the back and drove off after seeing you walk to the backstage doors. Mike let you in and quickly got you to a private room with a TV that allowed you watch from the wings. You smiled and teared up a little bit as you saw them come on stage, with the crowd cheering at the top of their lungs for them.

You anxiously sat in the back waiting for the medley to come up, and as it did, the sound crew gave you your microphone and you slowly walked out on stage.

The crowd screamed harder, which you didn’t think was possible, and you started to harmonize with Tyler to the song. His hands instantly fall from the strings of the bass and he looks over his shoulder.

He knew with just one note that it was you. It was a voice that he wasn’t ever going to forget. It was a voice that he longed to hear again. He turns to you and covers his mouth in disbelief that you were actually there.

“Oh my god….” is all you could hear him say.

He got a little weak in the knees, so you ran to him and held him up. You smiled up at him and kept singing.

Tyler just smiles back and continues to play for the crowd. After the medley ended, he puts his bass down and gives you a gigantic hug. One that you didn’t want to end, but you knew he had to finish this show.

Before he lets you go, he whispers something that only you could hear.

“I’ve missed you so much.”

You simply smile and kiss him on the cheek before walking back to the wings. You couldn’t wait for him to be finished so you could catch up with him.

It was no lie. You definitely liked him since the first day you met him. You never knew if he felt the same way. You always thought that he just wanted to be friends with you. So being able to see that reaction from him was really sweet for you.

After the concert was over, Tyler immediately ran backstage and hugged you. He picked you up and spun you around and you laughed.

“Hey Ty.” you said, burying your face into his shoulder.

He puts you down and smiles at you.

“Hey, (Y/N). I can’t believe you’re here… it’s been so long. I’ve missed you so so much..” he says trying to hold back the tears.

“Hey,” you say quietly, using your thumb to wipe away the rogue tear that escaped. “Don’t cry. Then I’ll cry.”

He just laughs and held you closer, taking everything in. It seemed like in this moment, things were absolutely perfect.

“(Y/N), I cannot even begin to tell you…” he started.

Your heart started to pound as you made a split second decision.  One you may or may not regret.  At least then you would know if he liked you back.

Your lips crashed into his, and at first you were worried. However, he kissed you back passionately. The lack of affection you both had made this moment even more special.

As you pull back you bit your lip. You always imagined this moment, but now that it actually happened, you couldn’t believe it.

“Wow…” Tyler stated. “You definitely read my mind.” he smiles and runs his hand through his hair.

You smile and kiss him one more time.

Tyler laughs and wraps his arms around you, pulling you close to his body.

“I think this has been long overdue.” you say.

Tyler nods in agreement.

“Well I guess we need to make this official… right?” he asks nervously.

You nod and took his hand.

“Come on. We’ve got a lot to talk about.”

A little while later, the both of you had gotten ice cream and you walked around the city together. You talked about what you both had been doing for the past few years. He was touring but you could see the love in his eyes whenever he talked about some of his favorite shows. He would talk about all the amazing things fans would send in the mail, and his smile would light up the whole entire world. You loved that about him.

He was always so caring and loving of all the fans, and he genuinely adores them. You knew he deserved all the adoring fans and fame. You told him about how you almost moved to pursue your dream career, but you didn’t. You told him how there was always something holding you back here in Ohio, and how you had a feeling that it was all the memories you made with him here.

After a long while, Tyler walked you back to your house. You smile at him and hugged him.

“Thank you, for everything Ty. You have no idea what that means to me.”

“Of course, (Y/N). I’m not gonna lie, you’ve been keeping me sane all these years, with all the growing fame… I kept the recordings we did a few years back of us singing. And I would listen to it every night before a show… to give me luck…” he laughed. “Is that pathetic?”

You giggle and shook your head.

“Not at all, Ty. That’s really sweet. I would look at all our old photos when I was feeling down, and that’s not pathetic.” you respond.

“You are amazing, (Y/N). I should probably head home to see my family though… unless you want to come with me. I’m sure they miss seeing you too.”

You instantly nod and took his hand, walking to his house that was only a few streets away.

Before you both entered he stopped you and took your hands.

“Would you actually want to stay the night with me…?” he asks shyly.

“Of course,Ty. I would love to.”

And with that you entered the house where you were warmly welcomed, and you knew that your life was going to change for the better.

L&C Theater Kid AU

Lockwood is clearly the star of the show with the dazzling smile and charisma and tons of talent. He makes everyone fall in love with him and his character, and he causes chaos backstage because he’s always getting dressed and running on stage at the last possible moment.

Lucy is an ensemble member who works her butt off for the littlest bit of recognition. She builds an incredible character that adds to the picture of the whole show and helps carry the vocal ensemble, but she only gets one or two lines each show and is desperately trying to get a bigger part and impress everyone - but especially Lockwood.

Holly is the leading lady, and Lucy is incredibly jealous of her. Holly is gorgeous and always does her stage makeup perfectly, she has incredible presence and grace onstage, but she’s super shy backstage and can’t accept a compliment. Lucy thinks she’s just being stuck up, but everyone else loves her.

George is an exasperated tech who is constantly stressed out by all the stupid things the actors do. He’s honestly more mic tape than person at this point, but he’s good at his job and is even better at whisper-screaming over the com to tell the actors to SHUT UP BACKSTAGE PLEASE!!

Flo is the dance captain and co-choreographer. She’s really weird but has an incredible sense of rhythm and can dance like no one else - literally. Her dancing is…something else, and she always tries to work in her own unique style into whatever show they’re doing.

Kipps is the supporting actor who’s really butthurt about not being cast as the lead. He is passive-aggressive to everyone, and skips rehearsal almost too many times. He’s this close to being fired by the director, but when all is said and done he’s too good of an actor to be cut.

Jessica is stage manager. She’s got a cool head and has impeccable timing when calling cues, and strikes fear into the hearts of wayward actors. Everyone loves and respects her - they need to, because every little bit of gossip will get back to her.

Barnes is the director. He’s too old for this, and doesn’t know why he keeps doing it, especially with these crazy kids this year. But he always picks good shows, and has surprisingly good ideas for blocking and choreography.

Winkman is the athletics director at the school and sucks all the funding away from the drama program.

Fittes is the costuming director, designing everyone’s perfect outfit. She’s kind of unsettling, and no one can remember a time when she wasn’t costume director… but the clothes look amazing onstage, so no one worries too much.

Rotwell is the band director. He’s grumpy and always gets in trouble with Barnes because his band kids didn’t get the music until a week before the show opens! He always manages to pull it together, but never makes himself look good - which isn’t good for him, especially with Fittes always advocating for getting someone else for his job.

The Skull is the Drama Ghost. Not everyone believes he exists, but it’s rumored he haunts prop storage and the costume loft and the light booth, and punishes actors with bad luck if they don’t do their scriptwork.

Chronic Fatigue and my life

Hi everyone 💕

I’m just checking in to say hi.

I hope you are all doing as well as can be. This is going to be a mixed blog with just a general catch up on my life as a chronic illness patient.

Bad news:

I’m recently crippled with fatigue. It has become so unmanageable.

I’ve done everything the doctor has told me. I’ve rested more. I’ve exercised daily for months. I’m taking multivitamins prescribed by my dietitian. I’m on probiotics. Nothing is working.

I’m just so sick of waking up exhausted and dragging myself from bed to start my day.

Today was Father’s Day and I done my best for my Dad as he has been amazing to me this past year. I was
Homeless, after my partner left me when I got out of hospital and on a feeding tube, he took me in and looks after me everyday.

I cooked him a steak dinner and bought him some really thoughtful gifts. But now the day is over and I’m literally crying from being so exhausted. This isn’t normal for a 20 something year old woman.

I feel so alone in this and my doctor has said he’s doing everything he can and he is but I’m not doing well at all.

I can’t relate to anyone unless they are sick and I don’t have that many friends in general. I feel very isolated.

Good news:

I also forgot to mention a MAJOR achievement in my life I completed my undergraduate degree and got a first. I’m DELIGHTED as this degree has not only kept me going but also has been very difficult. I think IBD and my other chronic illnesses has pushed me to be a better person. I only achieved this degree after 7 years part time study with may years off due to hospital stays.

But I should be so proud of myself for even trying to study. As many in my position can’t.

So my graduation is in July and I’m so excited. I finally get to stand on stage and get my degree. My dress is beautiful and I hope my Dad is proud of me.

I have also been accepted to do my postgraduate masters in clinical anatomy. I’m so happy and it gives me something to get up for in the mornings. I should (if I’m fit) be able to get a job teaching Antomy at my university when I’m finished.

So although this blog was a little bit of a ramble I guess it has ended positively!

So thank you all for your continued support. I couldn’t do it without you.

Oh and if anyone has tips on fatigue let me know.

Thank you

Crohns girl in pain


#left one#dani’s wedding dress with felix#fight me bitch#verner (via @wonderrbat)

first off, yes just yes on the dress choice.

second off, holy shit how did we get to the stage of shipping that we are already picking dresses????

@timisaliar, gonna be honest with you, made some other friends ship it and we kinda just got there

we also decided that felix would wear a ridiculously flashy suit cause….like….felix