stages of breathing yoga


I’m a yoga girl – I’ve always got my yoga mat rolled up in my suitcase. When you’re doing long haul flights back and forth across the Atlantic, it’s good to stretch out. At drama school here, they get yoga in your routine very early because it helps with respiratory control. When you’re a stage actor your breathing, projection, and voice are a big concern. Yoga keeps my mind and body centered, limber, and flexible. Being an actor is more physical than people realize it is. When you go on stage eight times a week to do a show, that’s a real cardiovascular workout. You need to be fit. If you get up at 5 in the morning and go pretty much all day until 7, you need to fit otherwise you’re not going to survive very long.

Q: Do you find sport and exercise can help you prepare for your performances on stage? 

A: Yoga is great because it helps with your breathing. If you’re breathing properly and in control of your breath you’re less likely to sound nervous. It gives you great core strength, which is great for performing. 

Q: Your style mixes sportswear with fashion. What do you like about brining those two styles together? 

A: I just like mixing really feminine things with sportswear. I would probably never wear a dress with heels but I love a dress with trainers and occasionally heels with jeans. For me it’s a lot about comfort. I can’t wear anything uncomfortable!