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1.       He managed to befriend his idol

2.       He travelled alone to meet someone 4.5 years older than him, who he had only spoken to online

3.       He’s #relatable

4.       He walked around in public with an actual gimp

5.       He dressed up in bubble wrap and jumped out of a tree (rip captain stress relief)

6.       His hair is always perfect but he still messes with it all the time

7.       The Internet Support Group

8.       He understands the torture of spoilers

9.       #NicerInternet

10.   “You are an independent mind in this universe that can do everything and anything you have ever dreamed of.” – Dan Howell

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DATA from #TomDumoulin’s victory on #Oropa⚡️#VelonCC analysis of speed + power numbers from 3 key segments of #stage14📈

Highlights from AndyBLACK / 23 May 2016



1. He rubbed his face with a towel since he was drenching in sweat, and then threw it to the crowd.

2. At one point he had to pause the show because there was a fight going on in the crowd and apparenTLY IT WAS ABOUT THE TOWEL HE THREW AND WHO ACTUALLY GOT TO HOLD IT FIRST.

3. “It’s okay guys you don’t need to fight over a small towel there are many towels I have like that one, everyone can get one! :D”

4. He didn’t understand that it was because that towel had his precious salt molecules of his sweAT

5. He threw some water too

6. “I’m so sorry you all had to spend so much money for coming to see a guy throwing and splashing water around”

7. One of his band member is a clown robot

8. Someone shouted at him to pull his dck out and he joked about it

9. “It would be normal for me to do that in a BVB show where all I do is scream ‘MOTHERFUCKER!’ ”

10. “Yeah like” Andy pretends to zip down his pants “there u go”

11. He asked us several times if we were having a good time or not.

12. He was so excited since that day was his first day of the USA leg 

13. After the opening band was done playing, a few moments later, they slowly started playing the tune of WDHTD, that’s how he got on stage

14. He talked a little about anxiety, and how adults like him still get that, sometimes when he’s about to play a show. We all sent him love and good vibes❤️

15. He sang Beautiful Pain and Savior in memory of two of his closest friends who passed away [R.i.p.]

16. He was overall magical 

Third Eye Blind Announce New Album, Stream New Song

Third Eye Blind have just announced that they will be putting out a new album this summer, their first in six years. The LP, entitled Dopamine, will be released on June 16th. Check out a new song called “Everything is Easy” from the upcoming record below, as well as their tour dates!

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