Let's talk about Metroid stages.

'Hoy there, folks! It's Wander again, for one more Stage Select article.

So here’s the thing. Here are some of the stages Smash has had to represent Metroid:

Notice any trends? Yeah, acid/lava seems to be a big thing with Metroid stages. Even when the lava doesn’t actually interact with the players (like in Pyrosphere), you know it’s there. To be fair, there have been Metroid stages based around things other than lava:

…specifically, spinning the stage around. Preferably with some large monster in the background (and even one of these still has lava in it!). You know, Metroid is famous for its atmosphere; for its distinct alien worlds and memorable locales. We’re sure that it could lend some fantastic stages to Smash that are a bit different from what we’ve seen before. That’s why we’ve made a list! Yep, this time it’s a…

Metroid Stages!

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Top Ten Stages: Honorable Mentions

To make our Top Ten Stages countdown, the four of us each made our own lists and averaged them; unfortunately, this means that quite a few stages didn’t make the cut. So here, we’d like to honor some other great stages that Smash has given us over the years:

Come back soon to see our Top 5!

...And All the Men and Women Merely Players

This is it, folks; the Smash Bros. locations that we’ve picked to be our favorites. We had quite a time figuring this list out, but we think that just shows how many great stages Smash Bros. has had! Join us after the break to see the rest of our…

Past Stages (5-1)

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Quite Possibly the Most Obscure Topic We Have Ever Written About.

'Hoy, everyone! Wander again. During my research for the History of Nintendo series, I came across quite a few curiosities that even I didn’t know much about before. Among these was the Satellaview, an add-on for the Super Famicom. I had heard about it before, but didn’t know many of the details. But when I started learning more about it, I realized that the Satellaview was a much more interesting device than I expected. In addition to letting you download games from SPACE and livestreaming content via radio broadcast, this peripheral had a surprisingly robust user interface. This was contained in a very special cartridge that was used in conjunction with the Satellaview; it stored your downloaded games, but had a bit more to it as well. We’ll be talking about that today, in a new installment of…

Namae o Nusumareta Machi: “The Town Whose Name Was Stolen”

From: Broadcast SatellaView-X

Suggested music: (X) (X) (X)

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2011 Subaru STi 

Mod List

-EFI logics pro tuned Stage 2+ 93 octane
-300awhp 345awtq
-All Perrin dress up
-Perrin sway bar
-Invidia n1 street cat back exhuast 
-Invidia catless downpipe
-Perrin short ram intake 

-35% tint all around
-Black top aero CF front lip and side skirts
-Oem Subaru vortex generator 
-Perrin shorty antenna
-Rally Armor mudflaps (black with red logo) 

Wheel and Suspension: 
-Tanabe sustec coilovers PRO S-0C
-18x10 rota rt5’s (first GD STi on these wheels)
-245/40/18 Bridgestone G-forces

-Kenwood Navigation
-Alcantara wrapped center console 
-Alcantara shift boot/ brake boot
-flossy weighted black shift knob
-AEM air/fuel (digital) guage in a solid modifcations vent pod
-COBB Acessport
-SMY clusterMaker dual gauge Pod with pro sport boost and EGT guages