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Let's talk about Metroid stages.

‘Hoy there, folks! It’s Wander again, for one more Stage Select article.

So here’s the thing. Here are some of the stages Smash has had to represent Metroid:

Notice any trends? Yeah, acid/lava seems to be a big thing with Metroid stages. Even when the lava doesn’t actually interact with the players (like in Pyrosphere), you know it’s there. To be fair, there have been Metroid stages based around things other than lava:

…specifically, spinning the stage around. Preferably with some large monster in the background (and even one of these still has lava in it!). You know, Metroid is famous for its atmosphere; for its distinct alien worlds and memorable locales. We’re sure that it could lend some fantastic stages to Smash that are a bit different from what we’ve seen before. That’s why we’ve made a list! Yep, this time it’s a…

Metroid Stages!

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“I guess when you want to play her, you’ll just have to play her here,” Adrien joked, trying and failing to bring his pulse back down.

She snorted. “Every time I want to play her?”

“Every time,” he assured her, and tried to sound less serious than he felt about that.

“You’d get sick of me so fast,” she said, flicking through pages of stage selections with her tongue caught in her teeth.

As if.

“Try me.”

She looked away from the screen to fix him with a challenging grin. “Maybe I will.”

Shrine of the Wind
  • Shrine of the Wind
  • ZUN
  • Touhou Reiiden ~ The Highly Responsive to Prayers

i’ve been working on getting music rips at the highest quality i can mange from HRtP, and i’m finally about done, almost in time for the game’s anniversary. so, i think i’ll post the whole thing then.

here’s that enigmatic unused song from the music test; this song also shows up if you try to enter an invalid stage from the stage selection screen. i really like it, honestly.

Map Screen

The Map Screen is going to be your primary access to the game’s various stages. Individual stages (the reticles on the map) will appear RED if you’ve yet to clear them and BLUE if they’re cleared or a misc area like a town or mini game. Completed stages will also display a percent. This percent is a grand total of every collectible in the stage.

Clicking on a stage will give you some more in-depth information on the stage. A brief mission summary and a comprehensive list of everything you’ve collected so far. Once a stage is selected, you can click DEPLOY to start the stage.

Keep in mind that the actual world map graphic is a placeholder and wont look anything like that in the final game.

From the map screen you can also configure your medals. Medals, when equipped, offer small bonuses or special abilities. You can only have so many medals equipped at a time and you can only change medals on the map screen.

Medals can be found in the game’s stages or purchased from a certain vendor in the game.

I’m still salty as fuck that there’s no Shadow Adachi in P4U2. 

There’s even unused data found for a Shadow Adachi in P4U2, such as an unused colour palette and stage select data for him…