I finally gave in and did one of those cool pokemon variations going around \o/ I picked Chikorita (my radish baby) for mine and it’s based on different parents, mainly the father! I’ve always liked the idea that when breeding 2 different species from the same egg group, while the offspring will always be the same specie as the mother, it still carries traits of the father.

Which one is your favorite??

Edit: fixed Cacturne’s name cause I was dumb woops

Edit2:  I just want to clarify something since I didn’t make it clear enough. These are the offspring when you breed a Meganium with a pokemon listed in the brackets, so I want them to be a mix between a Chikorita and the first stage of the father pokemon, which in this case a Budew. I know the way I labeled them in the pic makes it looks like it’s when you breed a Chikorita with a Roserade, so it should look more like a Roserade, but that’s not my intention. They will look more like their father when they evolve though. Hope that clears things up!


Draco took a deep, shaky breath, hoping that Harry wouldn’t notice how nervous he was. He had been struggling with crowds since the war, and the combination of meeting the Weasley’s and the huge amount of people at King’s Cross station made him anxious as hell.

Hundreds of people walked, ran, waited or strolled around the main hall. In the distance he could already see the little coffee shop where the entire Weasley family sat, waiting to go to platform 9¾. The entire corner seemed to have a red glow due to all the ginger haired people gathered in it.

“Dad! I need to go to the bathroom!” Whined Lily.

“Just follow the signs sweetheart, it’s over there I believe.” And Harry pointed at the far end of the hall.

“But what if I get lost? Mom always walks with me…” Lily pouted.

Draco rolled with his eyes and suppressed a smile. The girl was a Slytherin for one hundred percent. Ginny never accompanied her to the lavatory since she wanted Lily to be more independent, and rightly so since she was eleven years old already.

Harry however, always melted for his daughter’s sad pout and cute face and Lily made good use of that.

“Sorry honey, duty calls.” Harry pressed a quick kiss on his lips. Merlin, he would never get used to that feeling. Draco was a complete sucker for Harry’s quick, domestic yet loving kisses. Before he knew it he’d agreed to walk James, Albus and Scorpius to the Weasley’s all by himself while Harry left with Lily.

His eyes drifted to the coffee stand again. There had to be at least twenty five Weasley’s present, even Charlie who didn’t even have kids was there.

“Well then, let’s greet the family.” The family that will be seeing me today for the first time since they heard Harry and I are dating. Draco shuddered at the thought.

Scorpius grabbed his hand and squeezed it. “You’ll be alright dad.”

Sometimes Draco hated that he couldn’t hide behind his mask anymore. It turned out fatherly love, or any kind of love really, destroyed your ability to wear it.

He squeezed his son’s hand back. “Of course Scor. Nothing to worry about.” And he began to make his way through the crowd with three children in tow.

As soon as he came within twenty yards of the coffee stand he knew he couldn’t do it. Ron, George, Percy, Charlie and Bill were huddled together on the side, and judging by the looks they shot at him he was in for a serious talk. A serious “mess with Harry and we’ll murder you” talk.

Draco thanked the heavens when Albus asked “Why is there a piano in the middle of the station?” He pointed at the grand piano standing next to the coffee stand.

“It’s there so people can play it.” Answered an elderly lady who’d overheard his question. “Do you play?”

“No…” Albus shot a sad look at the piano. It was currently being abused by a four year old who seemed to be banging the keys without any real purpose.

“Dad plays!” Said Scorpius enthusiastic. “He’s really good as well. Do you want him to play for you?” Albus’ face lit up, and he cast a hopeful glance at Draco.

“Would you?”

“Of course.” Said Draco for the second time that day, though this time he actually meant it. Anything better than joining the twenty five Weasley’s at the stand, five of whom looked ready to flay him alive.

Albus beamed at him, and took off towards the piano with James and Scorpius. By the time Draco reached it they had cleared the stage for him. The father of the four year old seemed happy enough to pull his kid away from the instrument.

“Can you play something fast?” Asked James. “I don’t like those slow depressing bits.” And he pulled a disgusted face.

“No problem. Fast is my favorite.” Even more so now that the Weasley firing squad was approaching the piano. If he played something soft they might try and talk to him despite the music.

Draco sat down, cracked his fingers for an extra dramatic effect, and began to play.

He started fast, loud and with closed eyes. His fingers danced over the keys and soon enough he had to bite his bottom lip to suppress a smile.

Oh, if his father could see him now…

He remembered vividly how angry Lucius had been when he found out his son, his only son, was playing a muggle instrument.

How happy he had been when he found an old, dusty piano in and abandoned classroom at Hogwarts. The hours he’d spent trying to find tuning spells in the library….

And then, of course, the time his aunt Bellatrix had caught him playing, resulting in a punishment that had nearly turned him into Frank or Alice Longbottom. How even after that he hadn’t quit because how could he give up the only thing that enabled him to make something instead of break it?

He opened his eyes to see a small but growing crowd standing around him, a crowd that was there because of something he voluntarily chose to do. A crowd of people who didn’t know him or his past, but just enjoyed the notes flowing from his blood stained hands.

But the blood had dried up a long time ago, and for the first time Draco fully realised that. He was aware that to these people he was not an ex-death eater or even a Slytherin, but just him. A guy with some talent for playing the piano, who tried to brighten other people’s day a bit by producing a colourful tune.

He quite liked being ‘just him’.

Someone standing behind him brushed a lock of hair from his face. A hand squeezed his shoulder. “I had no idea you could play like this.” Whispered Harry in his ear.

The line almost caused Draco to slip. He was a sucker for Harry’s whispered words as well.

The Weasley’s who had gathered around the piano as well looked baffled when Draco bent his head backwards to kiss his boyfriend. “I still have some secrets left in my closet, after all there’s a lot of room there since my sexuality came out.”

Harry laughed. Merlin he had the greatest laugh.

The man wrapped his arms around Draco as the last tunes from the piano died away. “That was nearly as beautiful as you are. And I’m sorry for abandoning you, I forgot the entire family was coming.”

“Well.” Whispered Draco in Harry’s ear as the crowd burst out in applause. “I think I’ve managed to survive these five minutes without the saviour at my side.”

And after a brief pause he added; “Of course, you still have to make it up to me later, but we have until Christmas for that.”

Harry turned bright red, but still pulled Draco a little closer as they walked towards the others. Draco couldn’t suppress the smile on his face this time. Even the judgemental glances of the Weasley’s couldn’t make him do that.

“Other dad, can you teach me how to play the piano?” Albus nearly bounced out of enthusiasm. Draco nearly did too, this was the first time Harry’s youngest son, the one who had struggled the most with the divorce, had called him dad.

“Of course, other son.” Draco shot a hesitant look at Harry, he didn’t know if his comment was out of line or not. But it wasn’t.

“Congratulations, other dad.” Harry kissed him. “Looks like you’re stuck with us now.”

Somehow Draco found that he didn’t mind being stuck with Harry and his kids.

Not one bit.

Slowly the train started pulling out of the station, taking Lily, Albus, James and Scorpius with it. Draco missed them already.

“Even after everything we’ve been through, it’s still worth it don’t you think? Life?” Harry was blinking against his tears. The departure of even his youngest kid weighed heavy on him, but at least he wouldn’t be returning to an empty house.

“Yeah.” Sighed Draco. “They make it worth it.” And he nodded at the train. James was still hanging from the window, waving at them. “They and you.”

Ron, George, Percy, Charlie and Bill watched as Harry kissed Draco again. Draco pulled Harry close, and together they watched the train disappear out of sight.

It looked like Draco didn’t need that talk.

So I imagined Draco playing Beethoven “Moonlight” Sonata op 27 # 2 Mov 3 but that doesn’t have to be your music for this of course. If you know any other piano music that might fit please tell me I love piano music!

I don’t know if public piano’s are a thing everywhere but here in Holland and in GB they are. It’s basicly a piano where passe by’s can play on to make waiting more fun.

Also I have never been to King’s cross and I don’t even know if that station has a main hall, but  it’s fanfiction, so I don’t feel the need to be geographically accurate, sorry


reigens stage partners:

- a dove, father of six with a stable income;
- an old rat who likes soaps and eats raisin
- two espers

Lauren & Lucy - Just Friends?

Lauren Jauregui and Lucy Vives cause constant uproars within the Harmonizer fandom due to speculation that the two are in a more than friends relationship. With the majority of the fandom shipping Camren, it’s easy to see that their favourite duo is being threatened by Laucy, the ship name given to Lauren and Lucy. In this post we take a look at Lauren and Lucy’s relationship from the beginning and how it developed - and we look to see if they are really dating - or not. 

The two have been friends since before Lauren auditioned for the X Factor and became part of one of the biggest girl groups in the world. 

Lucy was a prominent figure in Lauren’s life for a while after she became famous. She even hung out with Camila and the other members of Fifth Harmony. 

For a while afterwards, it seemed that Lucy was off the scenes, for some reason or the other. It seemed that she and Lauren had drifted apart. 

Lucy even tweeted this towards the end of 2014, when her and Lauren hadn’t hung out for quite some while. It didn’t seem as though they weren’t on agreeable terms, just simply the fact that life had gotten in the way of their friendship. Though they did hang out during 2013/2014, it wasn’t as much as now. 

But towards the end of 2015 / beginning of 2016 Lucy was back on the scene. Their friendship seemed back on for good, and stronger than ever. They were first spotted at the airport where they were allegedly mobbed, a story you can read about here. In this video here you can see that Lucy clearly puts her arm around Lauren and drags her away from the chaos that fans were causing in the airport.  This is one of the many spottings of Laucy together. 

Then, texts and pictures of Laucy together at Lucy’s college together emerged and the person in the texts claimed that Lauren was dating Lucy - 

Lucy even commented on the photo which was posted by a fan account on Instagram, in which she seemed extremely angry as her privacy had been breached: 

Furthermore, when Lauren, Dinah and Normani went to get piercings together, they snapchatted the encounter and it appeared that Lauren had a picture of Lucy as her background…. You can watch the video from from 2:43 here. Who puts their “friend” as their phone background?….Now if this was Camren, and Lauren had a picture of Camila as her background… Well we’d never hear the end of it. 

Let’s not forget the birthday posts that Lauren made for Lucy and the “adventure” they had to celebrate. 

And then they went to Coachella together and well…speculation about the two dating was getting more and more hype. 

You can watch the videos of them at Coachella together, here and here which Lauren posted on her Instagram. Just two friends at Coachella together? Probably. 

They were also spotted in London together, leaving the hotel together, Lucy holding Nala. 

This is also where the alleged Camren kiss on the cheek occurred - which you can watch here. So even though Lauren and Lucy are spotted toegther in London, Lucy holding Nala nonetheless, the Camren “kiss” made people dismiss Laucy. 

When the 7/27 Tour begun in South America, Lucy was with Lauren and she was spotted at the airport and together in other places a lot. 

Lucy at the airport in Chile 

(Fan taken photos of Lucy at the airport with the rest of 5H on their way to a country in South America for the tour)

Then a video emerged of Lucy at the same airport at the same time saying that 1000 hands is her favourite song on the album. You can watch here. Now, this strikes me as odd simply because Camren shippers often say that 1000 hands is Camila and Lauren’s song…but what does it mean that Lucy said it’s her favourite? I’ll let you think about that. 

This photo of them - on closer inspection it looks as though their fingers are intertwined..

The alleged Laucy kiss…

Lauren’s post about her birthday 

Spotted at a Fifth Harmony concert on June 26th - 

Lauren smirking/smiling at Lucy during Big Bad Wolf (1)

Watch here and read this.

And then again, more recently, Lucy was in the crowd again, and a bra was thrown at Lauren from the direction of Lucy. (2)

Lucy at the concert, laughing/blushing whilst Lauren performs.

Wearing the same shirt: 

Lauren saying she would go to Loyola University in New Orleans, the same one that Lucy attends.

Then on National Girlfriend day Lauren posted this

There are many more spottings of Lauren and Lucy together but I think for now we get the point. Now I didn’t want this post to become something that would out Lauren and Lucy or a theory post because I don’t particularly ship them romantically. I just wanted to provide you an alternative to the multitudes of Camren theories. And in reality, if half of these things had happened with Lauren and Camila, the romance rumours would have been everywhere. 

The purpose of this post is to show you the friendship between Lauren and Lucy. If we gather everything in this post plus some of the other stuff, it’s clear to me that Lauren and Lucy are very close friends. It’s immature of any of us to assume that they’re in a relationship simply because it’s disrespectful. 

A lot of Camren shippers and other Harmonizers are also saying that Lauren and Lucy are in a PR contract so that Lucy has a large platform when she releases her debut single and album. 

Whilst it does seem believable that Lauren and Lucy may be under such a contract, I find it hard to believe nonetheless. Why? Because Lucy is the daughter of Carlos Vives a renowned singer in Latin America. She already has a platform and has performed with her father on stage. Furthermore, Lauren is always refuting Camren rumours for one of two reasons. Either because she personally doesn’t like Camila or because she doesn’t want people to say that she’s interested in girls. This doesn’t mean she’s homophobic in anyway at all, it simply means that she is uncomfortable with people saying wrongful things about her. Same as if she were being shipped with a guy and she wasn’t straight. So why would Lauren go into an agreement to be in a PR relationship with Lucy if it means she’ll have an identity crisis? Would she simply indulge in something that is untrue to get away from Camren rumours? I don’t think she would because the recent Camren moment in That’s My Girl’s music video seems to say otherwise. 

Although it is true that Lucy has gained plenty of fans from the Harmonizer fandom, it’s silly to think that it was planned. What about Keana Marie, another close friend of Lauren’s? She’s also gained a fair share of fans because of her association and friendship with Lauren. 

Whilst I’m generally reaching the conclusion that Lauren and Lucy are no more than friends, I find myself unable to shake the fact that Lauren may use Lucy to get rid of Camren rumours. Not in a mean, horrible way but in the way that she posts tons of pictures with her and Lucy and is generally open about her friendship with Lucy because she’s come to the realisation that the fandom is always going to ship her with a girl, so she’d rather be shipped with someone whom she actually is close with. I’m not saying that Lauren and Camila aren’t friends, but their initial closeness has disappeared. Camren shippers often bash Lauren too, so it isn’t surprising why she gets mad at them a lot. For now, all the evidence suggests that Lauren and Lucy are friends. They could be more, but we don’t know and we don’t want to assume. 

The amount of time Lauren and Lucy spend together is one of the factors that people use to fuel the idea that they are dating one another. But if Lauren’s travelling all the time, she barely gets to see her friends. And if her and Lucy are really close, it would make sense that Lucy visits her friend often. 

I really wanted to make a Laucy post just to sump up everything about them with no exact direction of where my thoughts are simply because I didn’t want to be anything like a Camren shipper. So take what you want from this post, it’s yours now.

more interesting laucy ideas: x x x



Disclaimer: Some events may not be in the correct order. 

anonymous asked:

Lance, sitting at a table with his family, watching performers on stage and wishing that were him. Suddenly, he is being pulled up by Keith, taking by the hand to join their friends on stage, Lance's father tries to protest, but Keith just cuts the man off, "No one puts baby in a corner."

* screams into the void * 


Her Being Pregnant: BTS


Well he’d definitely freak out at first. Then would be the “I don’t believe you stage” and then finally would come the “Oh my Lawd I’m gonna become a father” stage.


He would become your slave, in a way- but willingly. He would give you his all at the beck of your call because you were the woman who bore his child, his flesh and blood and bone and he could not put it into words how much he loved and appreciated you for it.


Would space out, not believing his ears about the fact that he would become a father in only some measly nine months. The ecstasy he felt as the information registered could not simply be described by words.

Rap Monster:

He loved and adored children very much and the idea of being a father was a pleasant one for him, even if he would have to hide it from the media for as long as possible.


Knowing how many antis he had on himself, he knew that you being pregnant could not go public, or else the antis would eat you up alive. This was bringing him great concern and even more terrifying worry- he didn’t know how you would react to having to hide your own pregnancy and it was killing him.


Though still young, Tae wouldn’t particularly care, since children were his dream from a young age anyway. He wanted to have a family and he loved you, so you being pregnant was like a dream come true.


To be honest, he was in a horrible pinch. He loved children, sure, but it was not the time for him to have children yet- not when he was still practically a child himself. He wouldn’t be forcing you to do anything, wouldn’t even mention it, but he would seriously be in a big ass pinch.


Name: Step aside, Potter!
Pairing: Harry x Reader
Summary: the reader is Snape’s daughter, but no one really knows about it (she is in Gryffindor). At some point, Snape learns that the reader is dating Harry (bloody) Potter, so he almost tries to kill the Savior of the world. The events are after the books, as Potter and Granger return to Hogwarts to study, and Snape was not killed (main rule, Snape doesn’t die). 

“Good night, guys. Try to go to bed before midnight,” Hermione wishes you, as she closes her book and heads upstairs, leaving you and Harry alone.

“Night,” you answer, really busy staring in the green eyes of the Boy Who Lived. The eyes stare back, and you both know that you will not leave the common room until one of you falls asleep, and the second one realizes that they can’t stare at the other one any longer.

“You father would have killed me,” suddenly notices Harry, as you pull away after a kiss, your eyes still closed.

“M… Yeah,” you smile. “Dad would have smashed your head. And made mashed Potter brains.”

“So sweet,” Harry grins, slowly stroking your hair. “We will have to tell him though.”

“As soon as you want to die, we will,” you promise. “He won’t even think before murdering you.”

“I know, I know,” Harry kisses you again, then pulls away and rests his head on top of yours. Exactly this moment Snape chooses to rush in the common room, almost shining with fury.

Potter!” he yells, then notices you two, cuddling on the couch. “Y/N!”

“Uhm… Hi, dad,” you say, quickly pulling away from Harry, realizing perfectly well that your position says more than words could. “How are you?”

“Why do I learn from Dumbledore, this old idiotic portrait, that my only daughter is… with this mess of thoughts and Potter-blood?” Snape whispers, yet his voice is more than terrifying.

“Uhm… Because we were afraid how you will react,” before you finish, Snape walks up to you and grabs Harry’s shoulders, shaking poor guy.

“Exactly because of that, professor,” quite calmly comments Harry, getting out of Snape’s hands and making a step away from the man. “Sir, calm down.”

“Calm down when another Potter is messing up with my family?” Snape almost explodes, and you notice how the glasses start shaking.

“He is not messing up anything,” you murmur.

“Sir, I am simply dating your daughter. Just dating. And I am not James Potter, sir. I am Harry Potter, another person…”

“Potter, if I see you next to my daughter once more…”

“You’ll kill me? Won’t work. Even Voldemort failed,” Harry grins, and you feel the urgent need to face palm, as you know how much your father hates when anyone goes against him.

“I’ll make sure you’ll never have to date again. Some potions, you know, Potter, can do that to a man,” Harry goes pale for a second, then smiles.

“Professor, I am the Boy Who Lived And Killed Your Bloody Voldemort,” you frown. “Do you think I don’t deserve a girl I like?”

“Not if it’s my daughter.”

“What if I wasn’t Potter?”

“I would still kill you, you little idiot!” yells Snape, attempting to stab Harry with the wand, when you catch his hand.

“Dad… Dad, it’s just dating,” he looks at you, slowly calming down. “Only dating. Not funny stuff going on, no attempts to. We simply spend time together. Just a little more than his other friends,” Snape inhales deeply, about to actually calm down, but Potter ruins everything.

“Plus the kissing part,” Snape surprisingly quickly returns to the furious father stage and grabs Potter’s neck, trying to strangle him.

“Seriously, Potter?” you sit on the couch and watch the two men fight quite aggressively, Snape still trying to strangle Potter, and Harry trying to break Snape’s face. “Dad! Come on, you both are War Heroes.”

“Not a reason for Potter to live any longer,” informs you Snape.

“Merlin’s Beard,” you Petrificus Totalus both of them, then sit down next to the motionless bodies and explain slowly and calmly. “Father, I am a grown person. And I can take my own decisions. And if I say that I am in a relationship, it means that I am in the bloody relationship! No need to kill Potter just because I chose him. And I won’t stop just because you ask me to. Nope. Is that clear? And I am sorry that I had to use magic,” you let go of them and carefully watch Snape stand up and stare at Harry, as if he was a huge spider trying to murder you.

“If you hurt her, Potter. I will kill you. And nothing will stop me,” he hisses, then turns around and ‘flies’ away, leaving you and Potter alone.

“Never talk about my dad again. It looks like he comes when you think of him.”

“He almost killed me,” whispers Potter. “Why on Earth would that happen?”

“Because I have the most over-protective father of them all,” you murmur. “You know how he reacted when I went out for the first time? Set the poor pal on fire.”

“So I am lucky.”

“You bet.”

Touring with a toddler

Summary: A submitted imagine from @radiatingrachel about touring with Josh whilst have a little girl called Erin :)

Warnings: None, y’all all safe here.

Rating: Safe, no smut and it’s just cute AF

A/N: First submission on the blog! Two fics in one day, you guys are lucky ;)

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Thank You

Word Count: 1780

Summary: You drag Steve and Bucky to your parents’ house for Thanksgiving.

Warnings: Language, suggestive food metaphors? Idk guys

A/N: I hope you all had a lovely day today. I adore each and every one of you.

Originally posted by enochianess

“Get up! Up, up, up!” you yelled, barging into Steve’s room. “Up, dressed, packed, and in the car in thirty minutes! Let’s go!”

“What’s going on,” he groaned, rolling out of bed and pushing his fingers through his disheveled hair.

“You and Bucky are coming with me to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. Which reminds me, you need to wake him up. He threw a lamp at me last time; this one’s all you, Stevie.”

“We’re not going to intrude on your family time! It’s really okay. We’ll be fine here.”

“Look, everyone else made plans and split already, and whether you like it or not, you’re family now. And since you’re family, I get to boss you around. Get Bucky, get anything you need for an overnight stay, and get your ass in the car.”

You were back out the door by the time you finished, and Steve sighed and went to his closet for an overnight bag only to be interrupted when you popped your head back in.

“Wear the blue shirt. It looks nice on you.” You were gone again.

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JULY 4: Gertrude Lawrence (1898-1952)

Bisexual actress Gertrude Lawrence was born on this day in 1898 and is remembered for having ascended her impoverished, Cockey-accented roots to become a legend in both Broadway and London’s West End.

Although famously claimed by the Brits, Gertrude’s true surname of Klasen was given to her by her Danish birth father. She later adopted the name Lawrence from her father’s stage name of Arthur Lawrence (x). 

Gertrude Alice Dagmar Klasen was born on July 4, 1898 in Newington, London. Her parents’ show business careers kept the family in poverty, which was exacerbated when her father’s alcoholism caused them to separate. Gertrude’s mother eventually remarried and it was on an outing with her stepfather when Gertrude got her first taste of the spotlight; while attending a concert in Bognor, young Gertrude was invited on stage to sing a song and was given a prize for her participation. The experience planted in Gertrude a love of performing that would stick with her for the rest of her life. In 1908, Gertrude joined the chorus of a Christmas pantomime at the Brixton Theater and began taking dance lessons with Italia Conti. At the age of 16, she left home and joined the Bohemian world of the theater in earnest when she moved into the Theatrical Girls’ Club in Soho.

She worked and toured steadily with various theater troupes, but it was her multiple relationships with powerful men such as Captain Philip Astley, who was a member of the Household Cavalry, and the wall street banker Bert Taylor that really cemented Gertrude’s position in British high society. In 1923, she performed the lead role in the musical London Calling! and became an overnight sensation in her own right. Throughout the years, Gertrude would also perform in other iconic musicals such as Oh, Kay!, Treasure Girl, Private Lives, and of course, The King & I for which she won a Tony Award in 1951.

Gertrude performs a scene from The King & I with her co-star and lover Yul Brynner, 1951 (x). 

In her day, Gertrude was known as one of theater’s most voracious “man eaters.” She was married twice – first to a director named Francis Gordon-Howley in 1917, with whom she had her only child, and then later to a theater owner named Richard Aldrich. However, one of Gertrude’s lesser-known affairs was with the famous playwright and novelist Daphne du Maurier. The two first met in 1948 when Gertrude played the lead in one of Daphne’s plays titled September Tide, and both Gertrude’s second husband and official biographer agree that the two had an instant and unmatched connection. Daphne’s nicknames for Gertrude included “dear Gert” – which she used in their letters to each other – and “Cinder” in reference to the rags-to-riches story of Cinderella. The relationship was maintained through frequent letters and infrequent visits from 1948 to Gertrude’s death; reportedly, it was Daphne’s location in London that caused Gertrude to always return home from her excursion trips to New York, and in her later years, Daphne joked with friends about Gertrude’s sexual prowess.

Daphne (left) and Gertrude (right) are photographed on a public outing together. Although to the public the two were simply good friends, their romantic relationship was later shown in the 2007 film Daphne (x). 

As she grew older, Gertrude began a career in film and television. Her most famous roles included Amanda in the movie adaptation of The Glass Menagerie and a televised production of the play The Great Catherine. She eventually took a teaching position at Columbia University where she taught courses such as “The Study of Roles and Scenes.” On 16 August 1952, she fainted backstage during a production of The King & I and it was discovered that she had liver cancer. Gertrude passed away on September 6, 1952 at the age of 54. Over 6,000 people crowed the streets of New York City for her funeral and today she is remembered as one of the greatest theater legends to ever live.  


How Will I Know [2/17]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader [AU]

Warning: Language. Angst. Drama. The Dirty. Plot Twist.

You’re engaged to James Barnes, at your fathers request and you always did as your father asked. That is till Steve Rogers waltzed into your life one night with those blue eyes haunting your dreams and the life shattering grin of his. Your families at odds, refusing to get along, the ring on your hand binding you to another man when you just might be falling for another set of blue eyes. Are you willing to say I Do in white and take this to the grave, or are you ready to defy your family and live something you’d only heard stories about?

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Avatar: the Last Airbender and the Journey from Pain to Acceptance, Part Three: Zuko

Aang, Katara, and Zuko each have deep traumatic wounds, and each over the course of the show learn to address and relate to their pain in different ways.  Each faces different types of pain, and each struggles with different manifestations of trauma, but they each come to terms with their pain and their relationship to it over the course of the series.  Their journeys of pain and self discovery parallel each other as well as contrast with each other to demonstrate the myriad ways people face their trauma, and that there is no one kind of pain. In this section I will talk about Zuko, his familial abuse, and his personal fears of his own inadequacy.

Zuko hints a couple of times throughout the series that Ozai was not always the cruel, domineering parent that we see in the show. He calls his young childhood a time when his family was actually happy. Although we know from Ursa’s memories that the family was never happy, it points to a time before Ozai picked Azula as his favorite child, when Ozai valued both his children, and when Zuko felt safe. This makes Zuko’s story, much like Aang and Katara’s, the story of the loss of this sense of safety, and the coming to terms with it.

Zuko loses his sense of safety by stages. First his father picks his sister as his favorite and stops valuing Zuko, emotionally abusing him and allowing his sister to bully him with impunity. Then, on a terrible night, in which Azula taunts Zuko with thr prospect of his murder at the hands of his father, on the orders of his grandfather, his mother disappears without explanation. Then, at last, when he is thirteen, his father scars and banishes him, sending him to hunt the world for the Avatar. Each of these leaves a new wound, and each deepens and furthers his sense of insecurity.

Zuko’s happy young childhood as Ozai’s valued child, and his subsequent “fall from grace” leaves him with the dangerous idea that Zuko could, if he just did enough, earn his way back into his father’s favor, and be safe and valued again. The audience is shown this over and over again in Zuko’s repeated insistence that his father loves him and wants him home. He is simply not good enough. This is what becomes Zuko’s persistent central fear, that he is not good enough. He is not a good enough son, prince, leader, nephew, boyfriend, or teacher.

Much like Katara’s assumption of the role of mother and the entailed responsibilities, Zuko’s feelings of inadequacy perversely give him a sense of control. If he is to blame for his banishment, for his disfavor, he can become good enough and achieve security again. This also compels Zuko to take up his father’s narrative of his life, and his father’s worldview. He was wrong when he defended the soldiers. He was wrong in childhood for not being a prodigy. He was wrong, not Ozai, because if Ozai is the one in the wrong, Zuko can’t learn to be right and earn his way back to safety.

Zuko does not give up this distorted picture of his own culpability and his father’s rightness until he gets what he has been seeking, his father’s esteem. He returns home to the Fire Nation, the valued son of Ozai and finds no security. The miracle that allowed him to return home isn’t so miraculous, and his sister holds over his head the fact that she’s the one who performed it anyway. Then, he is confronted with incontrovertible wrongness on what his father wants and values, when Ozai latches onto the prospect of committing genocide with relish. Like Katara in The Southern Raiders, Zuko is left with the choice between maintaining his sense of security, keeping silent and remaining with his father, or leaving to train the Avatar and helping to overthrow his father. He of course chooses the latter. And in admitting that his father was wrong and he was right about this, he is able to realize and acknowledge that his father is wrong about him as well.

Zuko’s sense of inadequacy ripples outward from its source, and it isn’t only Zuko’s perception of his father that is affected. Likewise it doesn’t dissipate harmlessly when he comes to acknowledge that his father is wrong, and it is not his own inadequacy that caused his mistreatment. There are three other relationships in the show in which Zuko’s fears about his inadequacy feature prominently. The first is his relationship with his girlfriend, Mai. After Zuko sides with his sister in Ba Sing Se, Mai and Zuko reunite and strike up a romance. By the time they return home, they are firmly a couple. However, Zuko’s insecurities almost put an end to their relationship on their trip to Ember Island. His sense of inadequacy fuels a deep seeded jealousy, that leads him to react with fear and anger when Mai talks to another boy. Zuko throws the boy across the room and into a vase for his “transgression”. Zuko’s downright paranoid fear that Mai will leave him if she talks to another boy, if she becomes aware of what she is missing perhaps, nearly does cause Mai to leave him. Her refusal to put up with his actions force him to put aside his feelings of inadequacy with her and not to act on them, to acknowledge that just because he is afraid and stressed, and having difficulties doesn’t mean he gets to act on his fear and pain without examining how it affects others.

When Zuko goes to his uncle before Sozin’s comet, he is filled with fear for how his uncle will welcome him. He betrayed his uncle and left him in prison. He went against his uncle’s teachings and moral code, and proved himself inadequate. However, Iroh welcomes him with open arms and love. To Iroh, Zuko is not inadequate or unworthy. His inherent Zukoness is enough, and he is simply happy that his nephew is doing better and found his way back to him.

Zuko’s feelings of inadequacy also shape his interactions with the gaang after he joins them. He seeks to become worthy and earn their esteem individually, regaining his firebending to teach Aang, taking Sokka to rescue his father… And taking Katara on a quest to avenge her mother’s murder. He decides to ignore Aang and Sokka’s warnings and the teachings of his uncle to give Katara something she wants to get her to like him, to be Worthy. In the end, Katara is the one who has to make the hard moral choice not to take revenge. He fails to stand up to his own anxiety, showing that just because he has begun the road to acceptance and coming to terms with who he is, he is not there yet.

In fact, this understanding, that just because Zuko has made progress doesn’t mean he is “all better”, that his childhood doesn’t affect him or that his fears have gone away, features heavily in the comics. Likewise Aang and Katara, as well as the rest of the characters from the show deal with the continuing affects of their pain and their efforts to come to terms with it. The fear doesn’t go away for any of them. Recovery and acceptance in the Avatar world, much like our own, are frustratingly cyclical, and there is no easy endpoint that comes from self-knowledge.  At the end of the show, each character has come a long way from where they started, but they each still have a long way to go.

Part One: Aang | Part Two: Katara

Woo hoo, Klaroline IS coming! Okay, now I have that out of my system…

I’m back with another fusion drabble. This initial premise is from the 1997 Alicia Silverstone film called Excess Baggage. All italicised text is quotes from the movie (and a bonus Cher quote from Clueless) and chapter title and lyrics from the soundtrack. Thanks also lovely Jo @fanfantasticworld for the awesome cover. 

Trying to get attention from her wealthy, workaholic father, Caroline stages her own kidnapping throwing her into the path of car thief Klaus Mikaelson.

One Headlight

“There’s got to be something better than in the middle
But me and Cinderella we put it all together
We can drive it home, with one headlight.” (The Wallflowers)

Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

“How stupid do you think I am, huh?” He asked pointedly.

“How stupid is there?” She growled by way of response.

“You know, I once stole a Ferrari with a Chihuahua in the back. He made less noise than you do.”

“Are you always this charming to your captives?”

“Only the ones that won’t shut the hell up,” he groaned, changing the radio station to something decidedly less manufactured. When he woke up this morning, the last thing he expected was to have an unexpected stowaway on this particular job.

“What do you think you’re doing?” She demanded, covering her ears as the sounds of Metallica burst through the speakers, filling the car. “I’m a strictly Britney Spears and Taylor Swift kind of girl.”

“Figures,” he scoffed.

“Excuse me?”

“Rich, spoilt brat likes girlie pop music,” he drawled. “How original.”

“You don’t know anything about me.”

“On the contrary I have learnt more than I need to know about you in the past fifteen minutes because you haven’t stopped rambling in my ear. Trust me, I’m regretting ever removing that gag from your mouth.”

“Well, it isn’t my fault you kidnapped me,” she growled, pulling at the tight restraints bounding her wrists together.

“Yes,” he muttered. “I was the one who threw you in the trunk of your own car. I may be a thief but I’m not into abduction and excess baggage, especially with someone as high maintenance as you, princess.”

“Says the guy with the warm personality,” she shot back. “So, where are you taking me?”

“I was thinking the nearest mall,” he murmured, his eyes trained firmly on the road. “I’m sure you’re just dying to do some shopping or whatever it is you do with your time.”

“So, that’s what you think? I’m just a ditz with a credit card?”

“You said it not me, sweetheart.”

“I don’t want to go to the mall,” she pouted.

“Since when did I become a bloody cab service? Okay, how about a spa? You could get one of those mani-pedi things.”

“A callous car thief knows something about beauty treatments?”

“Now who’s typecasting whom?” He shot back for her benefit. “What can I say, I have a little sister that won’t shut up, she kind of actually reminds me of you, princess.”

“I have a name you know.”

“And I have no interest in knowing it given you’ll be out of the car in a few minutes hopefully,” he muttered.

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anonymous asked:

What are some bad things about everyone's parents?

ooc: here’s what i got for ya

Melody’s father, Bruce - Alcoholic, oblivious to Melody’s own sexual abuse during grade school, drinks to forget, quick tempered, VERY overprotective and controlling

Melody’s mother, Judith - Unmotivated, left early in relationship due to the stress of having an originally unwanted child, considered quite the talker, kinda came back into Melody’s life mainly cause she had nowhere else to turn to now that her illness was reaching the final stage

Finnick’s father, Dwight - Considered annoying in a social setting, very loud, doesn’t think twice on what he should say, eats away his stress

Finnick’s mother, Charlotte - Tends to be very disorganized, a bit of a know-it-all in a social setting, some would call her beauty distracting

Terry’s mother, Wendelyn (Wati) - Very overbearing, tends to swaddle Terrence, never talks out her own emotions, turns to pills for comfort, some call her tall height damaging for her appearance and say she’s unattractive to beauty standards in America

Terry’s father, Ernest - Anxious, not faithful to his own wife and son, very close-minded, has a very scary temper when pushed, does things only for his own benefit or out of fears, had an affair and there’s speculation that he actually has another child hidden from Wendelyn’s knowledge

Sid’s mother, Lily - Seems to have had a major codependency issue with her abusive marriage, hides her emotions until it’s too late, considered too free-spirited for her own good

Sid’s father, David - Shows no respect for women, alcoholic to a state of bashing on his own children, ignorant and conceited enough to ignore his own son’s sexual abuse, can be abusive physically

Pablo’s father and mother - N/A , left Pablo at his grandmother’s doorstep and never came back.

Tom Hiddleston: Not just a Romeo

By Ajesh Patalay
30 Aug 2008

With film and stage roles falling into his lap straight from Rada, Tom Hiddleston has become the name to watch. By Ajesh Patalay

Acontemporary of Tom Hiddleston’s at Rada describes him as ‘very talented, very charming, aristocratic hair’. And so he proves. At 27, Hiddleston is one of our most exciting young actors, particularly for his stage work. ‘Remember that name,’ urged one critic, following Hiddleston’s dual role as Cloten and Posthumus in Cheek by Jowl’s production of Cymbeline last year. ‘One day that lad is going to be a star, and deservedly so.’ For his Cassio in the Donmar Warehouse production of Othello last November, in which he starred opposite Ewan McGregor and Chiwetel Ejiofor, he was deemed ‘first-rate’ and ‘a name to watch’.

‘It was pressure,’ Hiddleston admits, ‘but you felt everyone just wanted to make it work. You raise your game.’ Both plays earned him nominations for the Olivier Award for Best Newcomer. He won for Cymbeline. ‘In one sense that meant every-thing. I felt like I had been invited to the party.’

Next Hiddleston is starring alongside Kenneth Branagh in a new Donmar West End production of Chekhov’s Ivanov, adapted by Tom Stoppard. 'I could listen to him all day,’ Hiddleston raves about the playwright when we meet a week into rehearsals at a restaurant in Waterloo. 'He’s so knowledgeable and articulate, it’s quite special to have him in the room.’

Hiddleston himself proves bright, eloquent, easy company; and today sports a glowing tan (from two weeks spent visiting his sister in India) plus a goatee beard, which he has grown for his role as Lvov, the self-righteous doctor in Ivanov.

'Tom has a number of things that come very naturally to him,’ Michael Grandage, the director of Othello and Ivanov, says. 'His height [6ft 1in], his look, how he carries himself. Plus he has an exceptional ear for making language that is 450 years old sound alive, which is why I cast him in Othello. The reason he is in Ivanov is that I enjoyed working with him so much and found to my delight how astonishingly versatile he is.’

Hiddleston wanted to act from an early age, but wasn’t always confident about making it his profession. 'It seemed too mysterious and precarious a life to commit to.’ There were no actors in the family (his mother is a stage manager, his father a physical chemist) and although he acted at prep school in Oxford and then at Eton (the first in his family to go), it wasn’t until he reached Cambridge, to read classics, that he changed his mind.

In his first term he was spotted by a casting agent in a production of A Streetcar Named Desire, which led to a role in an ITV production of Nicholas Nickleby and to his securing an agent. 'It seemed a ridiculous thing to be given when so many people at Cambridge were struggling to get an agent. At that point I allowed myself to want to be an actor as much as I think I’d always wanted to be.’

Still at Cambridge, he landed roles in Conspiracy, a BBC/HBO co-production, starring Branagh, about the Wannsee conference (a 1942 meeting of top-level Nazis in 1942 that resulted in the Final Solution), and the Winston Churchill biopic The Gathering Storm opposite Albert Finney and Vanessa Redgrave. Then, having graduated with a double first, he set off for Rada.

'I thought theatre people wouldn’t see me if I hadn’t trained. I didn’t want to just be the Brideshead guy, to spend the rest of my life wearing waistcoats.’ He relished the experience. 'I got the chance to try everything. Not just Romeos, but pimps and grandfathers and even one role as a woman in a Naomi Wallace play called Slaughter City.’

In 2005, fresh from Rada, he was cast in his first film, a British independent called Unrelated, directed by Joanna Hogg, which won an inter-national critics’ award at this year’s London Film Festival and is released next month. In it Hiddleston plays an 'irresponsible, devil-may-care’ 19-year-old whose 'way of interacting with the world is to flirt with it’.

As for Ivanov, it is as much a reunion with Branagh as it is with Grandage. The two actors have just spent 12 weeks in Sweden filming a television series called Wallander based on the detective novels of Henning Mankell. 'Ken is calling it his Hiddleston year,’ Hiddleston says.

For the future, who knows? Hiddleston hopes perhaps for more films. He has been to LA once, he says, but they didn’t know what to make of his wildly diverse tastes: Judd Apatow (the producer of Knocked Up) and Ibsen in the same breath. But for now, it’s all eyes on Ivanov. His evident focus recalls something Grandage says: 'He is clearly one of our younger actors who is going places. But in his head he seems to be taking everything at a good pace. That’s what I love about him.’

Ivanov’ runs from September 12 to November 29 in the Donmar West End season at Wyndham’s Theatre ( 'Unrelated’ is out on September 19

I found this by accident and got all chocked up while reading it. Now I’ll tell you, people, with this cold cold heart of mine, it’s something that does not happen very often. This article is special…
Your child comes running out from backstage in the middle of the song crying for him (SHINEE)

Onew: -you had your work cut out for you as your baby boy was constantly needing your attention while your daughter needed you to pay attention to her. But since you had to put the baby to sleep she got sad and ran straight onto the stage crying for her father. So he quickly got her off stage and started talking to her to calm her down before he made his way back on stage- “sorry guys she needed to be held for a little”

Jonghyun: -your son was up very fast and running around the stage crying trying to get to him. When Jonghyun got to him your son explained that he was crying because you wouldn’t let him go on stage with his father- “he’s so logical. He’s going to get in trouble with his mother.”

Key: -he stood there awkwardly as your daughter had woken up from her nap and ran off from you and to the stage crying for appa to take her and drift her back off to sleep. Once he did he walked back out to them- “sorry about that she loves to cuddle me when she wakes up” 

Minho: -he was worried as your son was very attached.  So when they were half way through their song he was tackled in the leg by the little boy who’s tears were soaking through his pant leg. He made eye contact with you before he apologized and carried the small boy over- “you can’t do this alright. Appa has a job and he can’t worry about you getting hurt because you rub on stage”

Taemin: -Half way through his part he stopped when something took the eyes of the others. His little girl was bawling her eyes out making grabby hands to him. Which he quickly rushed over and grabbed her- “sweetie what’s wrong? Does eomma know where you are?”