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Ultra Music Festival - Miami 2017
Full Lineup 24th, 25th & 26th of March:
- Ultra Mainstage
- LiveStage
- Resistance (Arcadia Spider & Carl Cox Megastructure)
- A State Of Trance
- UMF Radio (Mad Decent, OWSLA & JACKED)

anonymous asked:

Who has the most different aura live/irl, compared to how they seem on camera? I'm sorry for asking, i'm just really curious and envy you for being able to go to their concert TT

I can’t speak for every live stage they’ve performed but for me today it was hoseok. I know he & the members always say that he’s the “hope” of the group and always sets a lively mood but I never fully understood it until I felt it? I heard some of the members were getting sick and to me seemed a little tired ;;;; but hobi’s aura carried the energy the entire night, he is so genuinely happy and positive and vibrant ✨✨✨ so I know I didn’t really answer your question, more like confirmed what was already said lol (bc the other members were pretty true to themselves! they are such sweet genuine souls~)

is Jin an angel or IS JIN AN ANGEL

his voice is like the heavens opened up and Jin floated down and kissed my forehead. 



To fanfiction writers on AO3 who plan to delete their accounts

Hey I know this is a really selfish request. I know I have no right to dictate what you do. I know that we as readers don’t have any right to demand anything from you writers. If you plan on deleting your AO3 account and don’t mind your stories being up for public consumption, but you don’t want your name associated with it can you please Orphan your fanfic? There is an option on AO3 where you can orphan your Fic and it won’t be associated with you or your account. Again feel free to ignore this and continue on with your life. I honestly have only well wishes for you, and if writing Fics isn’t something your interested anymore than cool dude! We’ll miss you. Sorry for this entirely selfish request, and I hope you give orphaning your Fic a thought.