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Happy 26th Birthday Aaron Ramsey  ❤️

“I guess when you want to play her, you’ll just have to play her here,” Adrien joked, trying and failing to bring his pulse back down.

She snorted. “Every time I want to play her?”

“Every time,” he assured her, and tried to sound less serious than he felt about that.

“You’d get sick of me so fast,” she said, flicking through pages of stage selections with her tongue caught in her teeth.

As if.

“Try me.”

She looked away from the screen to fix him with a challenging grin. “Maybe I will.”

Shrine of the Wind
  • Shrine of the Wind
  • ZUN
  • Touhou Reiiden ~ The Highly Responsive to Prayers

i’ve been working on getting music rips at the highest quality i can mange from HRtP, and i’m finally about done, almost in time for the game’s anniversary. so, i think i’ll post the whole thing then.

here’s that enigmatic unused song from the music test; this song also shows up if you try to enter an invalid stage from the stage selection screen. i really like it, honestly.

Let's talk about Metroid stages.

‘Hoy there, folks! It’s Wander again, for one more Stage Select article.

So here’s the thing. Here are some of the stages Smash has had to represent Metroid:

Notice any trends? Yeah, acid/lava seems to be a big thing with Metroid stages. Even when the lava doesn’t actually interact with the players (like in Pyrosphere), you know it’s there. To be fair, there have been Metroid stages based around things other than lava:

…specifically, spinning the stage around. Preferably with some large monster in the background (and even one of these still has lava in it!). You know, Metroid is famous for its atmosphere; for its distinct alien worlds and memorable locales. We’re sure that it could lend some fantastic stages to Smash that are a bit different from what we’ve seen before. That’s why we’ve made a list! Yep, this time it’s a…

Metroid Stages!

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Backstage Report DxDxD - JAT Hiroshima

SHINee has only one of each/every outfit, so they’re washed immediately after SHINee are done wearing them (on stage). Of the (30 trucks) they use during the tour, one of them is used for washing their stage outfits. 

They carry sewing machines to fix outfits that rip. It was Taemin himself, who chose the outfit he wore when he ripped his pants on stage. He selected it from a batch of outfits prepared for another occasion. 

The white hat Taemin wore was chosen by the stylist. Key is the fastest at changing (clothes), Taemin is the slowest.

Onew, Jonghyun and Key move timely but Taemin and Minho move at their own pace.

It seems like the staffs had a hard time cleaning up after the mess they made on Jonghyun’s birthday. Even the floor (below the stage was dirty) because the pieces of  cake fell between the gaps of the stage lift.

The OP experienced how it was like being lifted by the stage lift (3m). It goes much higher during the actual concert. During rehearsals,the staffs tell the SHINee members to wait until  the stage gets lowered all the way,but they don’t listen and just jump off.

SHINee’s in-ear monitors are set up to catch the audiences’ voices. They have   microphones set up at the venue for picking up the crowds voices.

The OP asked why SHINee’s hair are styled differently-e.g.Jonghyun and Taemin have their hair up on some days, down on other days The hairstyles are dependent on how the members feel on that day.

The other members knew that there was a birthday surprise planned for Jonghyun but they didn’t know there was a cake prepared. The staffs hid it somewhere they wouldn’t see.

Once the concert starts, SHINee never goes back to the waiting room & waits at the changing area behind the stage.  So they can hear the encores. But some members are reluctant to move.

They start preparing for their tour, half a year before it begins. The setlist is decided by the director initially. Through meetings and rehearsals, SHINee’s opinions (what they want  in and out of the setlist) gets Incorporated. So the setlist at their very first rehearsal is different from the current setlist.

The staffs said they are currently in the middle of preparing the setlist for the Dome concert (incorporating SHINee’s opinions), so please do look forward to it.

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- Monster Hunter ~ PROOF OF A HERO -STAGE SELECT MIX- [NES 2A03] [Famitracker] -

+10 hours playing, nonstop. This would be the awesome intro for: Pokemon Monster Hunter

Sonic Heroes, first screen (stage selection), by jvvi.

This was always one of my favorite games (originally on PS2, but I eventually got it for GameCube when I lost my first copy).

I can’t draw characters. But Big was a ton of fun to play as.

I gave up on Charmy the Bee, because, really, who gives a damn about Charmy the Bee?

[Josh says: I’m going to admit that I have always had kind of a shitty attitude about Sonic.  Not as a franchise – the original games were pretty great as a twist on early platformers – but as a product of the hated Sega (I was a NES kid through-and-through in playground arguments) but more so just for the character design.  Sonic always looked like he deserved a punch in the face.  I don’t know.  Emotional baggage.  I should maybe talk to a therapist about this.]