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Could I request pre-Kerberos Sheith with #60 "Happy birthday"? ❤

It’s the 1000 Followers Special!  Based on these prompts.  Prompts are now closed.  Don’t want to see all 35 of these?  Block ‘1000 Followers Special’.  Can’t read on mobile?  These will slowly be posted to AO3 starting in a few days as ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’.  A huge thank you to Xagrok for the beta’ing!


Looking up from the small mountain of papers and books in front of him, Shiro offered Keith a distracted smile.  “Hey.  Good morning.”  Then he paused and glanced down at his phone.  “Uh, good afternoon.”  

Keith glanced at his customary spot next to Shiro at the table, the hint of a frown pulling down the corners of his mouth.  For a moment, Shiro didn’t understand the problem, but then he realized his work had migrated over a couple of feet, and Keith couldn’t put down his tray.

Oh, right.

Scrambling everything back into place, Shiro shot him another flash of a smile, this one sheepish.  “Sorry about that.”

“No problem.  I could have sat elsewhere.”  Keith plopped down comfortably and moved his drink off the tray and onto the table.  

Shiro snorted.  “Nope.  Illegal. You’ve chosen your seat, Kogane, no moving anymore forever.  You’re stuck there until you graduate.”

Rolling his eyes, Keith pointed at Shiro with his fork.  “You know what the instructors say.  I’m a renegade.  A rebel.”

“Oh, a bad boy.  Are you gunna be a bad influence on me?”  Shiro rested his hand over his chest, eyes wide.

Keith just snorted.  “Oh yeah.  I’m the bad influence.”  They shared a quick grin, full of memories of how Shiro always snuck them out to goof off.  “Why are you buried in papers, anyway?”

“Because I’m hoping it’ll all entomb me.  I’ll suffocate under textbooks and die content.  It’s why they’re so expensive, even when used.  They have to clean off the blood.”

There was a pause.  “You know, once in awhile?  You could just answer the question instead of being so dramatic.”

Shiro blinked at him.  “I don’t understand.”

“You could not invoke death at every turn.  Did you know that?”  Keith rolled his eyes.  “I’m just not sure you’re aware.”

“Still not getting it.”

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Happy 26th Birthday Aaron Ramsey  ❤️



The monthly TYPE - SELECT gacha is happening! In specific days of this 72-hour period, you can only pull PERMANENT cards of the day’s featured type! This is counted for all rarities, R to SSR. Use this chance to strengthen your one-type teams, or if you’re aiming for a specific card!

15.05 15.00 JST - 16.05 14.59 JST - CUTE Box

16.05 15.00 JST - 17.05 14.59 JST - COOL Box

17.05 15.00 JST - 18.05 14.59 JST - PASSION Box

Elsword Shadow of Luna Analysis

Okay, your average mobile game menu. You can see your characters(or party) in the main screen it seems. I see something like stamina timer above and common mobile game currency like golds and gems.

I’m guessing Battle is PvP and Adventure is PvE. Free Treasure Chest must be a way they give out free stuff.

So they’re calling characters ‘Heroes’ huh… alright then.

Obligatory Shop and Item icons. Challenges might be something like achievements.

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With Bated Breath - Mieczysław Stilinski Imagine

REQUESTED: No, but inspired by a very special event that happened to me today! More in the notes…

WARNINGS: Fluffy as heck, but that’s all I can think of.

SUMMARY: You’re waiting on results for whether or not you’ve had a successful application for a college, and Stiles is there to keep you company, no matter the result.

NOTES: So, like I say this is inspired by an event that happened to me today. 

There’s a prestigious scholarship award that I’ve applied for, and I’ve gotten through to the final stage of selection, which is an interview! 

I’m so nervous, but excited at the same time, because this (if I get through) can put me one step closer to going into my dream career, which will open so many doors for me!

So yeah, that’s what this is based off of. Hope you enjoy! (Also, masterlist update after this post! I know I said I was going to do Looks pt. 2, but that can wait a little bit while until all my coursework is absolutely done and complete, which hopefully won’t be too long. Maybe by next week.)

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Jiang Wen: “Why did you make a fuss about it?”

My reading on Jiang Wen’s work continues! This is probably my last post from this particular book, but I have more texts lined up to devour. As I find interesting passages, I’ll continue to use the #Books on Baze tag for my posts.

Here’s Jiang Wen on directing:

I was “tempted” into directing due to another factor. Although I majored in performing arts, I occasionally went up to the fourth floor of the CATA building, staging self-selected or self-directed short plays there. I remember some professors once commented: you are very good at stage directing and mise-en-scene, even more skillful than students of the Directing Department. To tell you the truth, I didn’t quite understand these comments. What I did was all out of instinct: when one is required to climb a tree, I ask him to climb a tree; when one ought to dive into a trench, I ask him to dive into a trench. Why did you make a fuss about it? Because I didn’t see any taboos on stage, I was alleged to have made use of depth and cross walking. I said to myself: where could this guy go if he didn’t climb a tree? From this I began to realize: first, I could one day direct a play of my own; second, I began to question what the students of the Directing Department were being taught. What I did was quite simple, so how could they come up with such complicated theories?

- Jiang Wen

interviewed in Lights! Camera! Kai Shi! In Depth Interviews with China’s New Generation of Movie Directors by Shaoyi Sun & Li Xun


Artist: Takahiro Ogata, Saika Chan♥
Album: SUPER Rom Cassette Disc In JALECO [Fire Fighting / The Ignition Factor]