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[RUMOURED/UPDATED] Produce 101 season 2 trainee list

So I made a list of Produce 101 Season 2 trainees, including their backgrounds (not all trainees)

*sorry for the mistakes I may had made because I gathered it from a few sources, explains why my heading is *RUMOURED*. Hence, this list is not 100% confirmed (in fact nothing is confirmed). Please tell me if there are mistakes and I would correct it immediately to avoid misunderstanding. Thank u! ✌

✌ = confirmed joining; otherwise, everything else is almost rumored.

BIG 3 (JYP, SM, YG) and notable company’s ex-trainees

Jung Jinhyeong: Ex-YG trainee, participant of Mix and Match, the survival show that created iKON, and quitted the show at last due to the termination of contract with YG entertainment.

✌ Lee Daehwi: Ex-JYP trainee, representing Brand New Music now, 2001 liner

Park Youngju: Ex-SM trainee under smrookies, participant of Super Idol (unsure)

Seoh Daehwan: Ex-SM trainee

Ex-Idol participants

Shin Dongjin: Ex-pledis trainee (prepared to debut with SVT), 2000 liner

Lee Insoo (stage name Jaguar): Ex-member of A6P, participant of BOYS24, 1996 liner

Jung Wonchul: Ex-member of A6P, currently Happy Face Entertainment trainee, 1996 liner

Samuel (stage name Punch): Ex-1punch member, currently Brave Entertainment trainee, 2002 liner

Kim Yongjin: Ex-Underdog member, currently Wings Entertainment trainee, 1997 liner

*some of them may not have left their groups, I’m not very sure. 

Idol participants

Im Joonhyuk: Ex-Day6 member, Member of Be-blossomed, 1993 liner

Kim Sanggyun (stage name A-tom): Member of ToppDogg, 1995 liner.

Lee Woojin: Maknae and vocal of TheEastLight, child actor, 2003 liner

Chan Yul (stage name Yul): Former member of A.T.O, Current member of JJCC, 1992 liner

Choi Hadon (stage name Sangchung): Member of JJCC, 1993 liner

✌ Son Dongmyung: Member of M.A.S.0094, 2000 liner

Seokyu: Member of Pure Boy (IT Entertainment), 1998 liner

Choi Minki (stage name Ren): Member of NU’EST, 1995 liner

Kim Jonghyun (stage name JR): Member of NU’EST 1995 liner

Kang Dongho (stage name Baekho): Member of NU’EST, 1995 liner

Hwang Minhyun: Member of NU’EST, 1995 liner

No Taehyun (stage name Kid Monster): Member of Hotshot, 1993 liner

Ha Sungwoon: Member of Hotshot, 1994 liner

Joo En: Member of AFOS (The Rebel Entertainment), 1996 liner

Jung Dongsoo: Member of Offroad (Kairos Entertainment), 1991 liner        

Kim Namhyung: Member of Offroad (Kairos Entertainment), 1994 liner

Well-known participants

✌ Lee Gwanghyun: Boys24 participant Unit White, eliminated from the show, 1998 liner

Kim Taedong: Boys24 participant Unit Blue, eliminated from the show, 1997 liner

Yoon Yongbin: Could potentially made his debut with EXO but rejected SM, participant of I Can See Your Voice, representing Banana Culture Entertainment (EXID’s label), 1995 liner.

Kwon Hyunbin: YG model, 1997 liner

Lee Hoo Lim: YG model and trainee

✌ Jung Sewon: Kpop Star contestant, Starship trainee, 1997 liner

✌ Jang Moonbok: Superstar K contestant, ONO entertainment trainee, 1995 liner

Jung Shihyun: EXO next door actor, GNI Entertainment trainee

✌ Park Jihoon: AKA the boy who winked in the Pick Me video, Maroo Entertainment trainee, 1999 liner

Kim Donghan: Former member of D.O.B (not the FNC survival program, it’s a dance cover group), 1998 liner.

✌ Byun Hyunmin: Popular online dance cover group K-tigers member, 1999 liner

✌ Kim Donghyun: Brand New Music trainee, Son of South Korean MC Kim Gura

Others (trainees)

✌ Lee Eui Woong: Jellyfish trainee, 2000 liner

✌ Lai Guan Lin: Cube Entertainment trainee, Taiwanese, 2001 liner.

✌ Kang Daniel: MMO Entertainment trainee, 1996 liner

✌ Joo Jinwoo: MMO Entertainment trainee, –

✌ Choi Taewoong: MMO Entertainment trainee, 1992 liner

Yoon Jisung: B2M Entertainment trainee, 1993 liner

Im Woohyuk: Blessings Entertainment trainee, 1994 liner

Yoo Jinwoo: Blessings Entertainment trainee, 1997 liner

✌ Yeo Hwanwoong: RBW Entertainment trainee, 1998 liner

✌ Choi Jaewoo: RBW Entertainment trainee, –

Kim Taewoo: Narda Entertainment trainee, 1993 liner

Choi Seunghyuk: Yuehua Entertainment trainee, 1999 liner

✌ Jungjung: Yuehua Entertainment trainee, 1995 liner (?)

✌ Ahn Hyungseob: Yuehua Entertainment trainee, 1998 liner (?)

Park Sungwoo: HIM Entertainment trainee, 1988 liner

✌ Park Woojin: Brand New Music trainee, 1999 liner

✌ Im Youngmin: Brand New Music trainee, 1995 liner (?)

Kim Taemin: Hanahreum Company trainee, 1995 liner

Hong Eunki: Makestar Entertainment trainee, 1997 liner

✌ Han Jongyeon: Maroo Entertainment trainee, 1998 liner (?)

✌ Kwon Hyub: Maroo Entertainment trainee, 1996 liner (?)

✌ Bae Jinyoung: Jellyfish trainee, 2000 liner (?)

Takada Kenta: Not much known, 1995 liner.

✌ Joo Hak Nyeon: Cre.ker Entertainment trainee, 1999 liner

Ong Sungwoo: Fantagio trainee

Lee Yoojin: Namoo Actors trainee

✌ Justin: Yuehua Entertainment trainee, Chinese

Zhu Zheng Tian: Not much known, but reported from Fujian, China.

B-Project 1st Anniversary Message

Kitakore Audio

Korekuni: It’s almost our anniversary, so I’m going to be honest. Thanks for always being by our side. I’m going to make you even more entranced, so be prepared, okay?
Kitakado: For you being interested in us of Kitakore, and for us to be able to send an anniversary message like this is a miracle created by Honey. We’ll never experience the same time again, so I want to treasure every single moment. I’m really thankful for everything, my sweet Cinderella.

Ashuu: Thanks for always cheering us on! This year passed by so quickly! Being able to experience various things every day and spending time with everyone even more and more makes me so happy, I had so much fun! I’ll be cheerful in our second year too! Take care of us of Thrive!
Aizome: From now on, I want to go on lots of dates and make various memories for the two of us. I love you, my cute deer.
Kaneshiro: Our seriousness led us to here and now. We’re finally standing at the start line. Don’t be disappointed and follow us!

MooNs Audio
Sekimura: Today should be our anniversary, so we of Moons thought we’d express our gratitude to everyone. I’m really glad for you always cheering us on. From now on, will be Ba-dump! heart pounding memories. I want to make them with everyone, so please take care of us.
Onzai: I’ve been putting in effort in order to meet everyone’s expectations of B-Project, and also Moons. Knowing that the voices that reached us won’t change is reassuring. Thank you for everything.
Osari: No matter what job it is, you can’t do it alone. No matter what stage it is, you can’t stand on it alone. Right now, I have friends who support me and fans who cheer me on, I’m really enjoying every day! I’ll definitely mature these feelings and return them back, so keep on following us.
Nome: This might be shameful, but I’m still nervous and worried while standing on stage. But what punched these feelings away are the members, and you. I’m grateful. Keep taking care of us.
Masunaga: Everyone calls me the leader, but I’m the one who relies on the members. While we’re supporting each other, Moons will of course, along with B-Project, continue growing. That’s why in our second year, stay by our side.

Fudou: This is Killer King’s Fudou Akane! Thanks for always cheering us on. I’m super happy to have been able to debut as Killer King, and be accepted as a member of B-Project this year. We’re here because of everyone’s support. I truly believe this!
Yuduki: This is Teramitsu Yuduki. I was happy at everyone’s warm and accepting smiles during our showcase. I remember it like it was yesterday.
Haruhi: This is Teramitsu Haruhi. We just started running, but I think we’ll continue to go one step at a time with everyone’s cheers from now on! For me, and our members, we love everyone supporting us!
Shingari: This is Shingari Miroku. I won’t lose to the senpai, we of Killer King will liven up B-Project during the second year, so expect big things. Killer King is aiming higher.

Be More Chill Dr.Horrible AU: Everything You Ever

“Jeremy you can’t be serious,” Captain Awesome now stood paralyzed on stage as the terrified crowd watched the two argue. “We can’t just kill a man! We’ve done a lot of bad stuff before but murder?”
“You heard what SQUIP said, this only way we can join the Evil League of Evil. We’ll be famous supervillains and there will be one less asshole in the world. Now give me the death ray!” Jeremy lunged for the death ray, grabbing one end as the two struggled for it.
“Damn it Michael, give me the death ray!”
“It’s not even stable! For all we know this thing could blow up in our faces!”
“All the more reason to use it right now instead of wait for that to happen!”
“That doesn’t make any sense!”
“I know!” Before the argument could go any farther they were interrupted when Captain Awesome jumped off the stage, no longer paralyzed. Punching Michael in the face he took the death ray and pointed it at Jeremy.
“A death ray? Looks like you’re moving up, let’s see if works better than your others.” He pointed the gun at Jeremy who started to panic.
“Please…” His whole life flashed before his eyes and all he could think about was Christine. He’d die with her knowing him as that loser wannabe villain that couldn’t pull the trigger. He closed his eyes until after a few seconds of nothing he opened them to see the Captain shaking the gun.
“Stupid thing doesn’t even-” There was a loud bang as the gun exploded knocking Jeremy to the ground as everyone started running and panicking. In the midst of all this confusion with Captain Awesome running away Jeremy knew this would be the perfect time to get away. Looking for Michael he spotted him a few feet away but the closer Jeremy looked the more he realized there was something off.
“Michael?” Getting closer that’s when he saw it. A piece of shrapnel was sticking out of his side and even through his red hoodie Jeremy could see the blood soaking through. “Oh my God, Michael!” He ran over to his friend’s side.
“Jeremy?” His voice sounded tired and his eyes were barely open
“Shh, Michael don’t move…”
“Hey Jer…I…I need to tell you so…mething…”
“Anything, I’m right here.”
“I’ve actually wanted to tell you this for a while…I love…you…” Michael’s eyes slowly closed when Jeremy realized he was crying.
“Michael? This isn’t funny, M…Michael?!?” Jeremy heard a gasp as he turned around to see Christine.
“Christine, I…” Jeremy find himself at a loss for words. There was nothing he could say before the press started crowding around him.
“Why did you do it?”
“Your own sidekick?”
“Was this all part of your plan?” Through the tears Jeremy couldn’t help but smile a little. He finally did it. He was now the supervillain he always wanted to be, and nothing would stop him.

A Complete Guide to the Captains

If the Captains were transported back in time to 2016-17 

 Kirk: Would see trump and the republicans and lead protests and show people how to contact representatives to get shit done. 

 Picard: Would look at the trump presidency and write speeches condemning the actions of trump, but also tells the american people to be calm and tell them that rioting is not the answer. 

 Sisko: Would go back and forth about whether or not he should punch trump in the face.  ultimately decides that changing the future isn’t worth it. 

Janeway: Say fuck this and takes Sisko back in time to before the primaries through the Starfleet Temporal Agency. They both rush the stage to punch trump in the face. It was glorious. 

 Archer: Straight up Punches trump in the face. Calls up everyone involved in the temporal cold war to Punch Trump in the face. 


So many AiStars! Spoilers XD you guys don’t even know it yet nobody posts anything about this stuff so I decided to do this
So i have twitter so of course i’ve seen before y'all 😜
However BIGH AISTARS NEWS (SPOILERS TOO DUH) Hime is coming back to the Arcade game that means she’s coming back to the Anime too with Her Brand My Little Heart desu *IAM SO HAPPY I MISSED HER SO MUCH* HIME-SENPAI IS COMING BACK 🎉😭my little heart can’t take it anyyyway
There’s a New CP stage ( campaign stage) & it’s called Happy punch it’s a Sexy/Cute stage with Sexy/Cute cards kinda of like Popcorn Dreaming it has two types and stuff
So that means there’s a Yume/Elsa duet !!!
I can’t wait OMG my wish i granted (*≧∀≦*)
Alsoo AiStars! hoshi no Tsubasa Dcd News P2 :-
Mahiru is getting an SPR which is originally Her PR coord from P1 “the Daylight Festival Coord” Star wings Neptune as shown in the OP and her New song is Called Makeover Makeup!! Not to mention that Rola-chan is getting a Spice Chord SPR & it’s called “Rock my Heart!” Her Song Miracle force Magic as seen in the Pictures this time it’s a song not a Drama !
There’s more iam not done yet Soo sorry if this too long desu 😅
Soleil is coming to the Arcade game + Old appeals are back !! Remember when @millepara said there’s a special collab Aikatsu X AiStars! For both Arcade and the Anime well here !!
Iam done hope y'all enjoyed 💕

“It looked like you enjoyed that too, didn’t you?”

It’s the conclusion of a long day at the Autistics Present conference. The end-of-day keynote address was delivered by Morénike Umoye and is now wrapping up with a video. With warmth and an inspiring unguardedness, Morénike invites the attendees to sing along with her.

Steven, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst fill the projection screen. Beloved cartoon characters turned metaphor for the varying traits, challenges, gifts, and disabilities of the Autistic community. Nervous energy and delight bubbles in equal measure within me when the first familiar chords of Stronger Than You play. A song I know and a song I love.

I sing along. A few others do, too. Most trail off by the end. I hardly notice anything else. I sing, bouncing on the seat of my walker slightly, my hands moving in my lap and in the air in front of me with the music. Morénike dances on stage, punching and jumping in time with Garnet’s choreography on screen.

I am delighted to be here, surrounded by so many people like me. I feel safe, even flapping and bouncing. I feel full of warmth and laughter and Rebecca Sugar’s music.

It was a special feeling. I don’t know if I had ever felt it before.

The song ends and the conference is concluded. The attendees begin the file out and down around Marvin and me. We are talking together and admiring the unconventional and beautifully autistic closing keynote. A woman is watching us as she walks down the steps. I happen to look up at her face just as she passes by, opens her mouth, and summons two decades of trauma with nine words.

“It looked like you enjoyed that too, didn’t you?”

I was in the air. I was the sunshine. I sang and moved my body in ways that felt sparkling and real.

Now I’m in cold water, as deep below as above. This is self-doubt. This is self-hate. It will drag you down.

It’s delivered with the tone that one addresses a strange but friendly dog, or a small child banging on a pot when you wish it would stop. The uplift at the end feels less a query and more like condescension.

It’s delivered as she walks by, dress pants swishing softly, heels making dull contact with the carpeted stairs. It’s delivered as she looks down at me as she passes, that tight-lipped smile that doesn’t warm the eyes.

We had not met. I did not know her. She thought that she knew what I was made of. She was wrong.

It looked like you enjoyed that too, didn’t you?”

Means: “I was watching you. No aspect of your existence goes unnoticed. I determine the validity and message of your being.”

“It looked like you enjoyed that too, didn’t you?”

Means: “You enjoyed that the wrong way. We, the Normal, don’t enjoy things like that. You sang. You moved your body. You are Other.”

“It looked like you enjoyed that too, didn’t you?

Means: “This is not a conversation. I will allow for no disagreement or rebuttal. That question mark is just a garnish on a plate of spoiled words. I do not ask- I tell and keep walking.”

It has been three days. I’m still in the water. It swirls and sucks around my legs, but my hands are free and I can feel the sun on my shoulders. There was so much good that day. I mustn’t let it be lost. I reach out to type the good experiences but this pain comes out instead.

I won’t let the good be forgotten- I will come back to it. But neither can I deny the way that non-autistic people can hurt us, even in the safest of spaces. Even from within a neurodivergent majority. Even with nine words.

I can’t deny the reality that, for so many autistic people, to simply exist among non-autistics is to relive our traumas and our abuse every day.

The power imbalance. The propensity towards judgment. The presumption of incompetence. That insidious ableism. These things don’t vanish in the face of any conference, no matter how delightfully Autistic and accommodating it was.

But what the conference really meant- or, what it meant most importantly to me- is that we aren’t alone. I am not alone.

I can face these old traumas surrounded by people who understand the pain. I can explore the ableism I’ve internalized with people who are in the water, too. We create autistic spaces, autistic culture. And when ableism throws me in the deep end, I can follow the light of our community back to shore.

Because we are a community, and we’re stronger than you.