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“It looked like you enjoyed that too, didn’t you?”

It’s the conclusion of a long day at the Autistics Present conference. The end-of-day keynote address was delivered by Morénike Umoye and is now wrapping up with a video. With warmth and an inspiring unguardedness, Morénike invites the attendees to sing along with her.

Steven, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst fill the projection screen. Beloved cartoon characters turned metaphor for the varying traits, challenges, gifts, and disabilities of the Autistic community. Nervous energy and delight bubbles in equal measure within me when the first familiar chords of Stronger Than You play. A song I know and a song I love.

I sing along. A few others do, too. Most trail off by the end. I hardly notice anything else. I sing, bouncing on the seat of my walker slightly, my hands moving in my lap and in the air in front of me with the music. Morénike dances on stage, punching and jumping in time with Garnet’s choreography on screen.

I am delighted to be here, surrounded by so many people like me. I feel safe, even flapping and bouncing. I feel full of warmth and laughter and Rebecca Sugar’s music.

It was a special feeling. I don’t know if I had ever felt it before.

The song ends and the conference is concluded. The attendees begin the file out and down around Marvin and me. We are talking together and admiring the unconventional and beautifully autistic closing keynote. A woman is watching us as she walks down the steps. I happen to look up at her face just as she passes by, opens her mouth, and summons two decades of trauma with nine words.

“It looked like you enjoyed that too, didn’t you?”

I was in the air. I was the sunshine. I sang and moved my body in ways that felt sparkling and real.

Now I’m in cold water, as deep below as above. This is self-doubt. This is self-hate. It will drag you down.

It’s delivered with the tone that one addresses a strange but friendly dog, or a small child banging on a pot when you wish it would stop. The uplift at the end feels less a query and more like condescension.

It’s delivered as she walks by, dress pants swishing softly, heels making dull contact with the carpeted stairs. It’s delivered as she looks down at me as she passes, that tight-lipped smile that doesn’t warm the eyes.

We had not met. I did not know her. She thought that she knew what I was made of. She was wrong.

It looked like you enjoyed that too, didn’t you?”

Means: “I was watching you. No aspect of your existence goes unnoticed. I determine the validity and message of your being.”

“It looked like you enjoyed that too, didn’t you?”

Means: “You enjoyed that the wrong way. We, the Normal, don’t enjoy things like that. You sang. You moved your body. You are Other.”

“It looked like you enjoyed that too, didn’t you?

Means: “This is not a conversation. I will allow for no disagreement or rebuttal. That question mark is just a garnish on a plate of spoiled words. I do not ask- I tell and keep walking.”

It has been three days. I’m still in the water. It swirls and sucks around my legs, but my hands are free and I can feel the sun on my shoulders. There was so much good that day. I mustn’t let it be lost. I reach out to type the good experiences but this pain comes out instead.

I won’t let the good be forgotten- I will come back to it. But neither can I deny the way that non-autistic people can hurt us, even in the safest of spaces. Even from within a neurodivergent majority. Even with nine words.

I can’t deny the reality that, for so many autistic people, to simply exist among non-autistics is to relive our traumas and our abuse every day.

The power imbalance. The propensity towards judgment. The presumption of incompetence. That insidious ableism. These things don’t vanish in the face of any conference, no matter how delightfully Autistic and accommodating it was.

But what the conference really meant- or, what it meant most importantly to me- is that we aren’t alone. I am not alone.

I can face these old traumas surrounded by people who understand the pain. I can explore the ableism I’ve internalized with people who are in the water, too. We create autistic spaces, autistic culture. And when ableism throws me in the deep end, I can follow the light of our community back to shore.

Because we are a community, and we’re stronger than you.

A Complete Guide to the Captains

If the Captains were transported back in time to 2016-17 

 Kirk: Would see trump and the republicans and lead protests and show people how to contact representatives to get shit done. 

 Picard: Would look at the trump presidency and write speeches condemning the actions of trump, but also tells the american people to be calm and tell them that rioting is not the answer. 

 Sisko: Would go back and forth about whether or not he should punch trump in the face.  ultimately decides that changing the future isn’t worth it. 

Janeway: Say fuck this and takes Sisko back in time to before the primaries through the Starfleet Temporal Agency. They both rush the stage to punch trump in the face. It was glorious. 

 Archer: Straight up Punches trump in the face. Calls up everyone involved in the temporal cold war to Punch Trump in the face. 

@ironbar36 requested genie!Genos :D

I kind of… did my own version of them though and went a bit wild with the design… I hope you still like it. orz
I got a lot more invested in this than I thought I would, it was actually just supposed to be a bunch of quick doodles… well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

| When you meet your ex boyfriend when you're hanging out with Bangtan |

The day was going pretty nice. You and your friends were at a cafeteria, enjoying the last hours of the evening. Being with them always felt great and improved your mood.
Taehyung was saying some bad jokes while the boys were laughing when you saw your ex boyfriend entering the place with some friends. In the moment he was sitting in a table near yours, he caught your gaze. A slight smirk showed on his lips and suddenly you felt sick. You and him broke up a few weeks early and you were the one to put an end to the relationship - and you knew he didn’t get over it.
- Is everything okay? - you heard Jin asking you and you nodded. Then he looked around and knew it wasn’t true.
- I’m happy now that I dumped her - your ex started talking out loud, talking about you. You rolled your eyes because it wasn’t true. - She’s weird and I was tired of her.
The boys heard him and tried to ignore him but he wasn’t satisfied. His friends were laughing at his words and all you wanted was to kick him once again - this time in his balls. But you decided to ignore him too.
- There’s a lot of prettier girls than her, you know. Girls that kiss better than her and are not full of bullshit when all you want is to fu—
Before you could stop Yoongi, he was already looking to your ex boyfriend with a disgusting face.
- Shut the fuck up, dude. - Yoongi said as if was nothing. You could see angry in your ex boyfriend’s eyes.
- Excuse me, who are you? - he asked with a annoying voice. - We are friends with the girl you lost. - it was Hoseok’s time to speak.
- I didn’t lose—
- She dumped you. Get over it. - Hoseok continued and you knew he was quite angry.
- You can’t speak for her! - your ex boyfriend exclaimed, getting up and gesturing too much.
- Okay. - Namjoon said, also getting up - Do you want to say something to him? - he turned to you and you got up from your chair. Your eyes were full of angry and regret for dating that boy.
- You’re such a prick. - you told him. Your friends laughed and your ex clenched his fists. Namjoon gave you a little smile.
- Let’s go, guys. - he said to you and the boys - And you - Namjoon looked back to the boy - Don’t mess with us. - he finished before you guys left the local.

Okay but why isn’t there a Punch Out!! fighting game?

It’s a series already based on fighting that contains a wide variety of interesting characters. And it’s no longer as obscure as it once was, since it was remade somewhat recently and of course since Little Mac was put in Smash. To me, it feels like the next step in the series as opposed to another installment featuring the same gameplay.

It could have the roster from the Wii title and maybe add some characters from  previous games like Narcis Prince, Hoy Quarlow or, hell, even Donkey Kong.

If the movesets/playstyles became too repetitive (since every possible character is a boxer) then they could change it up by incorporating parts of their specific personalities and methods: For instance, Aran Ryan could be either a speed character due to his quick movements or a ranged character who throws bottles and horseshoes and swings around his boxing glove mace. On the other hand, Great Tiger could be a zoning character with the help of his clones or Hoy Quarlow could be a stance character that utilizes his staff.

Some of the stages could be different rings from the series or general places like Mac’s training area in the Wii version. However, to add more variety, many of the stages could be from the different countries the boxers hail from: A Spanish bullfighting ring for Don Flamenco, a snowy Russian field for Soda Popinski, a lamp-lit Dublin street in front of a pub for Aran Ryan, a lush South Pacific island brimming with tropical fruit for King Hippo, etc.

There could be a story mode where we learn more about each boxer’s background, motivations, family, personalities and I just

I just really need a Punch Out!! fighting game.

Punx Not Dead

Jackson and rest of the band were on stage doing a show however there was a group of drunk guys in the front practically beating up on the people around them so Jackson told the band to stop playing. “Hey knock it the fuck off guys you are not here to fight you are here to enjoy the music!” Jackson was way more then pissed at the moment as was everyone else. Jackson and the band were about to start playing again when the leader of the group started yelling out profanities, normally this wouldn’t bother him but there were kids and very clear LGBT supports close to the assholes causing all the trouble. “That’s it you stupid fuckers!” Jackson let go of his mic and pulled off his earpiece before jumping off the stage and punching the leader in the face.  

A Pentaholic
  • stage one: nice
  • stage two: nice,
  • stage three: wow nice
  • stage four: very nice
  • stage five: really really nicE
  • stage six: NICE REALLY NICE
  • stage seven: ok ok stop being nice it's not funny anymore
  • stage eight: *staring without a soul*
  • stage nine:
  • stage eleven *in the morning*: ptx is so nice everything is so nice they could cover this they would totally kill it shut up human im trying to listEN TO PENTATONIX
  • stage eleven *at 3 am*: ahahaha haHA AHAHAGAHAHA jfkjfjdljdskdhodhsdjfodhdkcyjdnixenfjdjdjdjsjsj
  • stage twelve: fuck the zombie apocalypse have you seen this cover