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My Saviour is a Rockstar

Summary: For someone with anxiety, you managed to attend the Howling Commandos concert, your favourite rock band. But have you bitten more than you can chew, when the guitarist James Barnes sees you in the crowd?

Pairing: Rockstar!Bucky Barnes x Reader (Modern AU)

Word Count: 2859

Warnings: reader has anxiety, panic attacks, fluff

A/N: This has been in the works for a while, I just never really found the words. But it’s finished, and I hope y’all like it :)

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To say you were excited was a huge understatement. Clutching the tickets close to your chest, your best friend Wanda walked you to the amphitheatre. “I can’t believe we’re going,” You beam, jumping on the balls of your feet. Wanda laughed, shaking her head.

“I’m so glad we bumped you full of anti-stress lollies,” She grinned, pulling at the straps of her backpack. “How many did I eat?” You laugh, feeling the bubbling feeling of glee in your stomach. You were almost high, laughing and humming your favourite songs as you walked.

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Best Kiss

OH MY GOD! I found this super old imagine on my wattpad! This was my first ever imagine. I just want to see y’alls reactions to my shitty writting so, ENJOY!

I don’t usually sit in the crowd while watching Justin perform, I’m usually back stage waiting for him to finish his amazing concert to comfort him but today was different. Today for some reason I felt like sitting in the mosh pit with the fans.

No one had seemed to recognise me yet -thank god- but it seems like I spoke too soon.

The fan beside me was screaming so loud, I literally thought she was soon going to cough up blood from tearing her vocal cords. I stood in my spot, looking down on my phone until Justin’s voice echoed through the microphone, notifying us that he was ready to perform the next song.

I smiled, putting away my phone and looked up, spotting Justin sitting on the edge of the stage, girls mobbing at his feet as he kneaded a hand through his buzz cut. Thats when the piano started playing the tune of life is worth living and I sighed taking a deep breath.

This song means a lot to me for one particular reason that I have a hard time talking about.

Justin waited for the intro to end before starting the song.

“Ended up on a crossroad, Try to figure out which way to go, It’s like you’re stuck on a treadmill,
Running in the same place. You got your hazard lights on now, Hoping that somebody would slow down, Praying for a mira-” Thats when his words began becoming sloppy and his voice started to crack. I looked up closely at his face to realise that a few tears had escaped his eyes, not realising that they had escaped mine as well. This was a touchy song for both me and Justin.

He sniffled before sighing deeply “Uhhhh!” He groaned in to the microphone “Guys! My eyes a sweating!” He joked, trying to lighten the mood.

The girl next to me seemed to have been getting teary eyed as well and once turning to me, seeing me with tears, she couldn’t help but a let a few fall as well. All until she noticed who I was.

She froze in position. “Oh my god!” She yelled. “Your Y/N! Justin’s girlfriend! can I get a photo!”

I smiled and took her phone from her hand. “Sure.” I sniffed, sliding the screen of her iphone into camera. I wiped my tears, took a couple photo’s before leaning away.

“Thankyou!” She jumped. I nodded my head, turning to look back at Justin but stopped in my tracks once realising that the girl’s outburst had attracted more fans.

“Oh my God Y/N!” They all scream at different times, making the whole arena even louder if possible. They all started shoving cameras in my face, yelling for an autograph or photo. The sudden change in attention of his fans at the front of the mosh pit must have caught Justin’s attention because his voice echoed through the mic asking,

“What’s going on over there? Everything okay?”

The girls yelled out, realising that Justin had - kind of - noticed them and began going wild. Some started shuffling towards Justin, others still trying to get a photo with me while everyone in the area around me screamed my name.

“What!?” Justin yelled as he leaned over towards his fans in front of him who were yelling what was going on in excitement.

“Y/-….Y/N in the crowd?” He asked.

The fans nodded frantically. Some yelling out responses.

“Y/N?!” He yelled out. I shoved a hand up, showing Justin were my presence was in between a mob of girls. He chuckled, before leaning down next to Mikey -one of Justins body guards- who was guarding the stage in the mosh pit.

They exchanged a few words before Mikey was then seen making his was over to me. He struggled, but managed to get me through the crowd of girls and to the front of the mosh pit, where he lifted me on stage.

“Woah, okay!” I yelled at Mikey’s sudden actions. I steadied myself on the stage and Justin walked next to me, wrapping a hand around my torso. He bent the head mic away from his mouth, holding it in hope for the crowd not to hear what he was about to say, but it seems as if they did.

“Babygirl what are you doing in the crowd? Shouldn’t you be back stage?”

The crowd went wild at the nickname.

I nodded. “I wanted to watch you tonight.” I giggled sadly. “It didn’t really go as well as planned.”

He chuckled. “I can tell.”

I looked over to him, spotting the tears from before which had began drying and swiped my thumb over them. He noticed the same stains on my own cheeks, doing the same action towards me.

“I’m guessing your finding the song hard to compose yourself as well?” He asked sadly.

I sighed, knowing he already knew the answer.

He smiled, grabbing my hand before turning back towards the crowd and bringing his mic back to his mouth. “Who thinks Y/N should sing Life Is Worth Living with me tonight?”

Everyone began cheering so loud, I was expecting the ground to start shaking. My eyes widened. “Justin!” I yelled in disbelief. He laughed. “Scooter is going to kill me.” I sighed.

He laughed again. “Sorry babe.”

I’m not a famous singer or anything, but I have been told I do have a good voice.

Thats when someone from the crew came out on stage with a hand mic and gave it to me. I smiled and thanked the person as they ran off stage. Justin then sat me on the edge of the stage, where he was sitting previously, causing my legs to dangle off the ledge. As I sat in this position, he came up behind me, placing himself down with either leg on either side of my body, his chest pressed against my back and head resting on my shoulder.

“You ready?” He asked.

I smiled. “Born ready.”

He gave the pianist a thumbs up as the song started to play. The intro came to end as Justin began to sing. “Ended up on a crossroad, try to figure out which way to go, It’s like you’re stuck on a treadmill, running in the same place.”

The crowed cheered. Yelling, screaming girls, phones everywhere illuminating the stage even more as I took over the next verse. “You got your hazard lights on now, hoping that somebody would slow down, praying for a miracle, who’ll show you grace?”

“Had a couple dollars, and a quarter tank of gas, with a long journey ahead, seen a truck pull over, god sent an angel to help you out.” Justin sang.

I started again “He gave you direction, showed you how to read a map, with a long journey ahead, said it ain’t over. Oh, even in the midst of doubt.”

“LIFE IS WORTH LIVING!” We sang in unison. Once again, the cheers of the crowd picked up.


Soon the song came to an end, leaving us to sing the last lines.

“Life is worth living again! Another day, Life is worth living again!”

We both stopped singing, tears brimming in our eyes as we stared at each other. The crowd was wild at this point but what really set them off was when Justin’s eyes flickered down to my lips, and we began leaning forward until our lips connected.

We kissed for a few seconds, our lips moving in sync with each others before he pulled back and rested his forehead on mine. “Best show so far.” He smiled.

I smiled before adding, “Best kiss so far.”

The Right to Rock Steady

@dashingicecream asked for some angsty Elderburn with hurt/comfort, so here’s something set in her RWBY!Rock universe, same continuity as @keena-kapu‘s various fics. Also, thank you to the members of the Dash server for their invaluable assistance.

Yang stared at the stage, absently twirling a stick in one hand. It usually helped her think but the motion brought nothing but annoyance now, feeling awkward and sluggish. She usually twirled with her right hand. Yeah, she could do either, but she preferred the right.

Now… it just didn’t feel right.

“That was a pun,” she said to no one in particular and without a trace of mirth in her voice. Not even her own sense of humor could distract her from the thoughts swirling through her mind, disjointed memories playing in a loop. She thought coming and seeing the stage before they played, visualizing herself behind the kit, would help, but she couldn’t see it, couldn’t begin to imagine the screaming fans and the lights and sitting behind the set- she could get part of the visual, but not all of it. Not like before.

Her fingers spasmed, the muscles still not used to doing the majority of the work, day in and day out. Switching dominant hands- it wasn’t something she’d ever thought she’d have to do, yet here she was, dropping a drumstick like some newbie sitting at their first kit. She didn’t even look down as it clattered to the ground, just kept staring at the stage, the very one they would be playing on tomorrow night. The starting point for RWBY’s come back tour.

That’s when it hit her like a ton of bricks. “I can’t do this.”

Even after months of physical therapy to adapt to the prosthetic.

Even after months of physical therapy to make the phantom pain go away.

Even after months of healing and fighting and breaking and healing again.

She couldn’t go back to being Yang Xiao Long. That wasn’t her anymore. The loud drummer who would take on the world and keep swinging, go out on a bender and play the next night- there would be alcohol backstage, of course there would be, and she couldn’t, no, that wasn’t her, it wasn’t-

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