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I have never made a vid of myself doing anything and I dont really have the time to make that happen rn. Hopefully once im on holidays i can start doing some SIC STREAMS again. Maybe one of those can be actually properly scheduled and can be me on mic going step by step on how I do a full illustration.

But for now, I can do a step by step annotated post?? I happen to be at the lining stage of the cover for chapter 11, so why not force myself to actually do that via this ask lmao. 

Unfortunately that means our subject will be Avaric.

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ok both @rock-paperback-scissors and @ntbogoni tagged me to do this so here goes

One sentence to sum up your favorite thing about your favorite character in Mass Effect! Your words or Bioware’s.

two tags two characters that’s my story and i’m sticking to it, also i’m bending the rules a bit

first desolas, obv, and i actually have a tie for him:

“It means we’ve underestimated the intelligence of humans. You can learn to use the simplest of devices!”


“Sorry I didn’t properly identify myself when we met on Shanxi, General Williams - but your people were fleeing at the time. I assumed you were busy.”

the first one is from before des gets indoctrinated by the arca monolith, and the second is when he’s still in the very early stages, and these two lines basically sum up des’s personality for me, really get at who des is before he gets warped into his endgame self: he’s a jerk, but he’s a snarky jerk. he’s awful. i love him. stupid big [long string of turian swear words].

and then second is sparatus, of course:

“I hope you’re right, Shepard. Our children’s children will pay the price if you’re not.”

i mean i’ve talked at length abt why i love this quote but like….. listen. i love it So Much. it really gets at who sparatus is as a politician and what’s most important to him. i love this tired old man even if the rest of the fandom doesn’t

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Artist Needed!

I wasn’t sure how to approach looking for an artist for this sort of work so this seemed like a good way to start!

I am looking to commission an artist for a set of fashion croquis (4 female, 4 male) They would be essentially re-draws of already established designs. I am a seamstress finishing up the first stage of my fashion line to be presented for funding for a show, and while I have schooling in fashion drawing, my art skills on paper are only so good… They are fine to work from, and to get the idea of the garments but they aren’t exactly technically appealing to present publicly as the sole decider for my funding. I would prefer someone with experience in fashion drawing, or who is willing to draw in the traditional  style for the croquis.

All art work would be fully credited in every location they are posted or presented, and I am of course willing to pay the artist for their work! If this is something you might be interested in please message me and we can figure out from there :)


Sam Witwer killin’ it as Ro Kurota in Smuggler’s Revenge at SWCO


BTS Hyung Line X Confetti Home & Lock Screens 💙💜💖

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Note: Sorry Hobi only has one photo that isn’t full sized- I looked through every app I had that has photos of BTS and I couldn’t find ANY photos of jhope in confetti (besides the YNWA concept photos, but I figured everyone has seen it/has it already so I didn’t want to use it)

Maknae Line X Confetti Here


some fav offshots 2 / 2 ( ˊᵕˋ )♡.°⑅ | from Pedasute ~Starting Line~ pamphlet
Scanned by me, please do not repost~
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When planning their wedding, Jesse and Hanzo are in surprising agreement about almost everything. Colour schemes, style, food, flowers, location, everything.

Except music.

Hanzo point-blank refuses to let Jesse play country music at his wedding. The shame would haunt him forever. It can’t be done.

Jesse is horrified at the prospect of having punk rock at his wedding. You can’t play that at a wedding! You can’t dance to punk rock!

They bicker and argue and angrily play their chosen music in the hopes that the other will see the merits of it, but to no avail. It’s another thing they share – stubbornness.

In the end, it’s a beautiful clifftop wedding with no sound to drown out the ceremony but the whisper of the wind and the call of the seabirds.

They finally manage to compromise and ask Lucio to DJ the reception. He asks what kind of music they want and they both say, at the same time, “Whatever you want, it’s all up to you.”

In the end they both agree that Lucio has excellent taste in music, and after downloading his entire discography, they find another interest to share with each other.

  • Yuri K., ep 6: Don't ever take your eyes off me.
  • *a bunch of official art with Vitya looking just at Yuri are released.
  • Victor N., Yuri!!! On Stage: *flirting with Chris*
  • Yuri K.: Stop flirting with Chris and look at me.
  • Victor N.: I am.