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In 2012, I was honored to be given permission to adapt Good Omens for the stage. The play premiered in 2013, after we had spent a year working on it. I wrote the script, and it remains the only amateur stage production in the world with the authors’ permission. I am still very proud of the work we all did on Good Omens. I’m sure my cast and crew will be awaiting the miniseries, many of whom became regulars in CALEDONIA after the play finished its run.

As both a writer and director, this is still my proudest achievement, and I’m still impressed by the incredible talent of my cast and crew. You all did an amazing job, you guys.

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Jared on stage                                                                                                  30 Seconds To Mars @ Anfiteatro Camerini [Soundcheck] - Italy, 14-07-2013 (I) - HQ photos 


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