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To Gear: Awkward Stage

Awkward Stage: Muse becomes a teenager. If Muse is already a teenager, they become an adult.

If Gear saw his teenage self now, he’d probably slap him(and it’s fine because they’re still almost the same height) 

“This was in Seattle, 1990.
he simply came off stage, sat down and cried for about half a minute, then he was fine. He had just trashed his gear on stage, and it was simply a release of energy. It is a painful picture, but it’s about the angst of performance. The band seemed use to it. He seemed very healthy then, and very happy. He was a very powerful and energetic performer, and it was all he wanted to do. The band was his vehicle, the most important thing in his life” - Ian Tilton (photographer)

Mad Gear Experiences

-Party Poison: kissed by Mad Gear

-Kobra Kid: high fived Mad Gear while crowdsurfing

-Fun Ghoul: punched by Mad Gear

-Jet Star: met him several times in normal situations without realizing it was Mad Gear

-Cherri Cola: brought on stage at a Mad Gear concert, discovered he has mad stage fright

-Show Pony: full on made out with Mad Gear on stage at a concert that became legendary just as a giant glitter bomb went off


petewentz: wintour stage gear: death loves you (break its heart jacket): death is in love with you. this is the new stage gear we made for wintour- this one means a lot. because death is in love with you- i mean that in the way that sadness, anxiety, depression and death want you to just roll over and embrace them… it is up to you to break deaths heart- you have to. you have to wake up tomorrow and know it could be better. thats what this patch means to me. this one feels like armor.


“Splatoon - Inkredible New Stages and Gear” direct from Nintendo!

Summary Of Some Stuff In The New Nintendo Direct
  • Cloud confirmed for Smash! (Smash Bros Direct in December)
  • Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow for eShop February 27th 2016
  • FE Fates (3 versions Good/Bad/Neutral) February 19th 2016 (Special edition mentioned)
  • Mario & Luigi Paper Jam January 22nd 2016
  • Lucas amiibo in January 2016
  • Pokemon Picross
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X (Holiday) (I forgot to type it down)
  • Twilight Princess HD ((WITH BUNDLE) WITH WOLF LINK AMIIBO!) (For to type down date)
  • Mighty No.9 February 16th (or 19th) 2016
  • Mario Tennis Ultra Smash amiibo compatibility
  • Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival November 13th 2015 (amiibo card compatibility) ((WITH BUNDLE) Isabelle and exclusive Digby set)