stage dived

Fav Things From Gayo Daechukjae

-Jungkook shouting “Jimin-ah” at the end of his interview before Jimin’s performance
-Jimin’s swollen eye smile
-Jimin’s Lie Solo!
-Two Min Collab Stage!
-BTS special stage!
-Rap Monster diving off stage
-Suga’s support tweets
-Bts getting to interact with their idol friends
-Jungkook sunbae leading the 97-line crew!
-Rap Monster shouting “Happy Birthday V!!” at the beginning of Fire
-V’s “My Birthday!” Adlib
-Jin passionately singing the ending song


People: So like, what kind of music are you into?
Me: *war flashbacks to mosh pits*
Me: *remembers stage diving off my bed to metal*
Me: *breaks voice trying to scream to the lyrics*
Me: Oh you know…
Me: Acoustic and piano, really calm stuff.
People: *nods*
Me: *head bangs furiously as they leave*

Reasons why Patty Tolan is a blessing:

- talks to everyone who passes her booth and seems to remember their names
- she is so nice to everyone
- world’s nicest badass
- the entire spray paint scene
- “bye patty! love you!”
- she thought the ghostbusters was a book club and still stuck around anyway.
- she knows so much about the history of New York, like seriously this is impressive considering I can’t remember what happened 10min ago.
- “room full of nightmares” me too patty, me too
- she just brushed off not being caught when stage diving and just carried on with what she was doing.
- (that stage dive was so badass, she deserved to be caught)
- kept her cool when a ghost dragon was using her as a seat
- shes incredibly thoughtful
- bought sandwiches for everyone because she knows they’re hungry and really absorbed in their work and just someone has to look after them.
-fought off a possessed abby with one hand whilst saving holtzmann with the other