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hamilton staging notes

so as some of you may know, i went to see hamilton on the 27th. here’s some staging notes i compiled. they jump around a lot, but whatever–

btw, if you want to ask me about a specific number, just message me or send me an ask!!

• during helpless, peggy does the most adorable shoulder wiggly dance holding the letters
• the lams physicality is real tbh. during my shot, when laurens starts with “we’ll never be truly free”, laurens and ham are side hugging p much
• at the end of stay alive reprise, when phillip dies, both alexander and eliza are leaning over phillip’s body and eliza lets out a scream that turns into a sob and alexander reaches out to take her hand and she pulls away
• during my shot until his part, burr is sitting in the back reading
• the transition from my shot to story of tonight is the “woah oh oh oh"s slowly fading out and the four guys are laughing
• no matter what you do, do not sit centre of the front row. why? BECAUSE JONATHAN GROFF SPITS A L O T.
• at the end of non stop when everyone’s like "why do you write like history has its eyes on you” angelica is holding ham’s left hand and eliza is holding his right and then he starts on his first “i am not throwing away my shot” he rips his hand out of angelicas and on the second one he tears away from eliza… and then during take a break they’re in the same hand holding position and when ham says “i have to get my plan to congress, i can’t stop until i get my plan through congress” he slowly backs away from them
• what’d i miss is literally just daveed interacting with the audience and sticking his tongue out a lot
• ok the intro to the show (at least the one that i saw) is groff over the speaker saying stuff about ‘this is a message from your king, no photography/cellphones’ etc and he ends with “enjoy MY show”
• during helpless, laf goes to dance w angelica and ham p much Shoves him out of the way
• in helpless, peggy dances & chats with hercules and laf and then talks in the cute little corner w laurens and honestly im p sure jasmine and anthony just did that one day during rehearsal while having a moment and tommy kail was like “cool keep that”
• in the election of 1800, during the part where the ensemble talks abt the ppl running starting with “i don’t like adams” “well, he’s gonna lose, that’s just defeatist” the ppl talking are in a line talking from right to left (but it isn’t like a straight up line like it looks v casual) and as they talk burr is moving down the line trying to get the people’s view on him, and when the ppl say “he seems approachable” “like you could grab a beer with him!” burr does this freaking adorable fist pump thing
• at the end of a winter’s ball, when they say the whole “hey hey hey hey” im p sure it’s just ham, laurens, and burr, and they’re walking to the side of the stage and saying that to the women in the first two rows
• in non-stop when angelica is telling ham about how she’s going to london, when she gets to “my alexander, don’t forget to write” the spinny thing on the stage starts moving and she rotates away from hamilton and it’s this outstretched hand thing as they reach for each other and as she finishes eliza rotates towards him going in the same direction with “look at where we are”
• during meet me inside, while talking with gwash, ham is standing completely still, hands behind his back, until around “i don’t have your name, i don’t have your title” and then when he says “call me son one more time” he’s right in washington’s face and it’s v tense and u can see on ham’s face that he knows he done mucked up but he’s still holding his ground
• in cabinet battle 1 chris jackson talks to the audience and when he says “we’ll reconvene after a brief recess” his face is just like “HOLY SHIT NO” and out of the corner of his mouth like he’s trying to make sure the audience doesn’t notice he’s like “hamilton, a word”
• tbh gwash during the “we rendezvous with rochambeau, consolidate his gifts” is so much more angry than i expected
• say no to this is less sexy and scandalous than ppl described it as but it was still insanely amazing and the lighting dimmed and the ensemble popped out from all different parts of the stage to say “NO!”
• during blow us all away there’s a “play” going on starring two ensemble members in huge ballroom costumey stuff and phillip is standing in the audience yelling at george eacker who’s on the balcony in his “box”
• in one last time during the first chorus just before the “no, sir, why?!” ham freaking chugs down two drinks he’s legit like “i cannot deal with this while sober”
• during the reynolds pamphlet just before angelica’s part, phillip stands centre downstage and jefferson, madison, and burr are all dancing around him and mocking him my poor son
• when groff sings “why so blue” the stage lighting goes from red to blue
• in its quiet uptown, when they sing “she takes his hand” she reaches out and holds his hand and ham’s face is so heartbreaking and literally ten seconds later she reaches over when her other hand and layers it on top and they don’t even look at each other because that’s enough im not crying you’re crying
• at the end of guns and ships, gwash passes the letter to get alexander back to an ensemble member and they pass it along while dancing and it’s so beautiful and and then it reaches ham and i can’t describe it it’s so artsy and beautiful
• angelica has the most beautiful umbrella during take a break
• general note: watch anthony ramos during the “i imagine death so much it feels more like a memory” part of my shot okay just do it because he’s supposed to be frozen but he’ll probably be trying not to laugh


You guys, it has begun. The compilation video stage of our ship


With the 12th album title song, Sniper, Shinhwa sets a new personal record with 10 music program Trophies.
It’s the goodbye for Shinhwa’s 12th album “WE” promotions TT.. Thank you Shinhwa for this wonderful comeback ♥


First image - Haikyuu!! will make an appearance at the Sendai Tanabata Festival. Also, backstage scenes from both Haikyuu!! stage plays will be compiled into a DVD that will be released on 14th September. The visual for the sequel to the stage play that is coming this fall will be released soon. Stay tuned~

Second image - Yaku, Inuoka and Fukunaga’s chibi art for the Haikyuu!! mobile game are previewed. =)

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