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Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, known by his stage name Molière, –considered today as one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western literature– died on february 17, 1673.
One of the most famous moments in his life was his last.
Molière suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis possibly contracted when he was imprisoned for debt as a young man. In february 1673, while seriously ill and aged 51, he had premiered in a new play at his Théâtre du Palais-Royal. It was a joyous comedy with Molière as the title character, ironically about a severe hypochondriac fearing death, and named Le Malade Imaginaire (The Imaginary Invalid).
A week later during the fourth performance, surrounded by whirling figures in outlandish doctors’ costumes, welcoming him into their brotherhood with a mock initiation ceremony, Molière collapsed on stage in a fit of coughing and hemorrhaging. He was so weak that his wife and friend Baron united in urging him to stop the performance. He refused and insisted on completing it. Afterwards he collapsed a second time with another larger bleeding and almost suffocated on stage, but the curtain finally went down. He was quickly taken home and died shortly later in his bed on 17 February 1673. Priests refused to take his confession, for actors had no social standing and had been excommunicated by the church. Nor would they permit him to be buried in holy ground. But the King Louis XIV interceded and he was finally buried under the cover of darkness.
Molière is listed as the first entertainer to have died during a performance.
The superstition that green brings bad luck to stage actors is said to originate from the colour of the clothing he was wearing in this play.

Breathless Kisses

Taegi fluff? sorta angst? idk 

Word Count: 630

Summary: Tae collapses on stage.

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Yoongi thrusted his hips 3 times in a row as Baepsae was ending, just before Hobi’s little dance solo. He watched with that gummy cheesey grin on his face, sweating dripping off his forehead as the harsh lights shone on them. As the song finally finished, he looked around, to see Taehyung looking a little down- not like his usual self. He looked like he was going to throw up, maybe even pass out. He had turned pale; all of his beautiful tan skin washed away.

Yoongi bit his lip nervously, but turned to the crowd as Namjoon began speaking. A sea of lights was illuminating the crowd as fans waved around their Bangtan bombs and showing their love and support; it made Yoongi smile and almost forget about Tae’s earlier condition. That was until pretty much the whole crowd started screaming; and not excitedly.

The rapper whipped his whole body around to see Taehyung on the floor with Jimin crouching beside him, shaking him and trying to wake him up. Jungkook had rushed off to get a bottle of water for the fallen idol, in hopes that it would help even though he was currently unresponsive. Yoongi was stunned, breathing heavily and still recovering from Baepsae, unsure of what to do to help. The man he was in a secret relationship with was unconscious and what does he do? He fucking stands there, being a pathetic boyfriend.

He watched as medics came to collect Taehyung, with Jin assisting them seeing as he was the strongest member of Bangtan. 

The end of the concert couldn’t come soon enough- Yoongi had dashed off the stage in a flash in search for Taehyung. He had flung off his jacket and dropped it on the floor to cool him down as he panicked. 

Yoongi burst into a medical office where Taehyung was lying on a bed, alive and conscious.

“Hey hyung.” Taehyung greeted weakly, his voice raspy. 

Yoongi breathed out a sigh of relief and shut the door, locking it so he and Tae couldn’t be disturbed. He then pulled up a chair and placed it beside the bed which Tae was lay on. He was lay on his side with his palm tucked under his ear, and his eyes were drooping as if he just wanted to sleep. It was probably what he needed to be honest- recent promotions had been hard, and not just that, but Tae also had stuff to sort out with his new and upcoming drama Hwarang. 

“I’m sorry I wasn’t of much help.” Said Yoongi, grumbling it underneath his breath.

Taehyung replied, “Being here is enough.” 

He then gave Yoongi a reassuring smile, reaching his hand out that wasn’t under his ear toward Yoongi’s. Apprehensively, Yoongi took Tae’s very large hand into his own. He glanced toward the door, even though it was locked, still paranoid about someone catching them.

“I just want to sleep.” Taehyung mumbled, gazing at the wall opposing the bed. Yoongi didn’t reply. He wanted to sleep too, he was exhausted, but he felt that he shouldn’t be complaining about that with Tae’s current situation. Instead, Yoongi leant down, pushed Taehyung’s growing hair out of his face and planted a kiss on his forehead. It left a smile on Tae’s lips- one that let Yoongi know that he’d be okay. Yoongi then moved down to the tip of Tae’s nose, pecking it, then going to his cheeks, then finally, his lips. He didn’t want to keep the kiss going for long. He wanted Tae to rest. He didn’t want to leave him breathless. So after a few seconds of kissing, he reluctantly pulled away, only to meet a frowning Taehyung.

“We can kiss as much as you want when you feel better.” Yoongi said.


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Happy New Year, Aunt Scripty! I'm wondering about a trope that's fairly common in fiction/TV/film: characters are at the theater; someone collapses on stage or keels over in the audience; someone yells, "Is there a doctor in the house?!" Realistically, how does an off-duty paramedic character respond in such a scenario, or to hearing a cry of "MEDIC!" in a public place?

Hey there! We’re talking characters, here, right? Of course we are.

So this isn’t actually a very common occurrence. Most public places have some form of EMS on standby, even if that’s a security guard with an EMT card that expired four years ago. In general, while places are concerned about public safety, they are also concerned with images. This is more likely to come from a concerned family member than from an actual employee at the show.

(The venue, meanwhile, will almost always call 911 even if the person specifically tells them not to, because liability is a bitch.)

The attitude of the individual responder will determine how they respond to that request. Younger, more gung-ho, “Rescue Randy” types will charge right in and start giving orders even if they don’t actually know what’s going on or what they’re doing. The equivalent blog character is the Boba Bleedhart, the young, heartswelled resident who just  wants to help everyone.

(I love Boba. They’re so sweet.)

Someone who’s a little bit more world-weary, like our grizzled attending Dr. Rusty Krust,  might stand back and see what happens, and how bad something actually is. If someone cries “MEDIC!” for someone who isn’t actually very sick, for example, he might simply watch.

Go on Netflix. Watch a House episode called Airborne (3x18). The way House initially responds to the “is there a doctor on the plane” question? Ignore it, look for someone else to do it? That’s basically how some veteran healthcare workers respond to non-life-threatening emergencies.

Some might even deliberately walk away, for liability reasons. That’s because civilians “doing what they can” are covered under Good Samaritan laws, but there’s a misconception amongst a lot of healthcare workers that they aren’t covered under those laws. (We are, at least in most cases, but a lot of HCWs don’t want to risk it).

Ultimately, in the vast majority of cases, if someone is very very very sick, healthcare workers—yes, even reluctant ones, Krust, I see you over there—will usually pitch in.

In my personal experience, I’ve also had someone who was an off-duty firefighter do CPR, get a defibrillator, save a life, and then walk away without taking credit (after we arrived), because what was important was the outcome, not the fact that it was his effort.

If you’re reading this, FireGuyLifeSaverHuman… You’re a little bit my personal hero.

Hope this helps!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Nuclear model for the 172-Bio Atomic Table depicting the atomic Holon of Spirit-Soul-Elements.

Spirit is the Logic-Information Stage of atomic elements that exists in the Logic Vacuum of Computer Codes. Soul is the Information-Energy Stage of atomic elements that exists in the Information Vacuum of Computer Execution. Finally, the physical atomic elements are co-created in the third stage by collapsing the Information-Energy of these elements onto Energy-Mass. There are only 81-atomic elements.

Within this two-stage nuclear model, the working of Ormus elements and the meanings of Quantum Alchemy will be diagramed, namely the interrelationships among Spirit-Soul-Elements in the 172 Bio-atomic Table. 
There are six diagrams in total, which must be viewed as a whole from both top-down and bottom-up. Top-down implies all the diagrams together, while bottom-up implies each diagram by itself. Within each diagram, top-down also has to do with the mandala as a whole, while bottom-up represents the details of the information flows within the mandala. In conclusion, the concept of Alchemy/Ormus is that the mind can influence the formations of atomic elements via the following connections in Quantum Physics-Chemistry.

The light constant (3 x 10 10 ) connected to free will and the mind is not only a member of the Physical Constants, but also generates all other constants. Again, the nine Chinese Characters are used to establish the mind-soul-spirit connections in Alchemy/Ormus. Again, the reader can definitely see the importance of these nine Chinese Characters play in the Matter-Being Paradigm.

I didn’t really know how my physical body would stand up to touring. I’m not an athletic kind of person, some people are always out there playing tennis or jogging. For a tour, Mick Jagger jogs backwards for twenty miles every day, but I’m not like that at all. Over the last few years, it’s taken me, you know, all my strength just to sit on the couch watching TV. I’m not the most physical person, so I needed to get myself together. I didn’t want to collapse on stage halfway through. That wouldn’t look good. I had stopped smoking and I used the tour as an excuse to get rid of this horrible curse of nicotine. Eric [Clapton] was so generous and I thought, ‘Well, if I’m going to do this, the least I can do is try to do it as good as I can and maybe make him proud to have been a part of it.’ I didn’t want to flunk out so I stopped smoking and tried to get some breathing exercises so I could sing and have a bit more power to my voice.
—  George Harrison about the Japanese tour, 1992

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what are traps

A sign that a culture is in it’s last stages and nearing collapse. The culture is starting to eat itself, and everything starts to go upside down; Women no longer want children and men want to become feminine. Weakness becomes praised, strength becomes demonized, etc etc

They look rly good tho so have fun while it lasts

BTS Reaction: Their Idol Girlfriend Wakes Up After Collapsing on Stage //requested//

*gifs are not mine*

N A M J O O N 

You’re awake? Thank God!


Good morning jagi! I was starting to think I would have to cuddle with this bear!


Please start taking care of yourself _____.


I’m mad at you for scaring me like that babe


I’m glad you’re awake…I was so worried


Welcome back, jagi


What do you mean? Right after he saw you collapse, this poor guy fainted, too!

Midwestern Gothic

My first try.

- Every year at the state fair, the brand-new stage always collapses and swallows up a handful of people. Every year they rebuild. There is no talk of the bodies, or lack there of. 

- The cities are shaped like circles. Always circles. To keep you in. To keep it in. 

- We are known for our limestone, for the the crushed and intermingled bones of millennia upon millennia of creatures living and dying and compounded in the gullet of the land. 

- On Saturdays there are blood drives at every shopping center. They need blood. There is never enough blood. 

- Everyone tells their kids not to make eye contact with the bland-faced strangers at highway rest stops–the tall and gangly men and women stretched too thin and who grow towards the sun, like the corn.

- Even if you leave for a few years, the land calls you back. The farmer calls back his cattle. 

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EXO Reaction to you being an idol and you collapse on stage

- Admin Mocha

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Xiumin: Xiumin would have tears in his eyes as he was forced to perform at the awards show that EXO would have attended, and it would be because only minutes ago he witnessed your body completely collapse from overexhaustion. The fact that he loved you more than life itself and there was absolutely nothing he could do to help you would really eat away at him, and he would feel heartbroken as he was torn from you backstage and shoved in the direciton of the stage. He wouldn’t smile once that night.

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Suho: Suho would be a MC on a show where you were performing with your group for your newest comeback, and he would be cheering for you behind the camera and sending hearts your way. However, when you fainted right on live television and the broadcast had to be altered and put on hold, he would be a mess. He would probably join the crowd gathering around your unconscious body, and his heart would be practically jumping out of his chest as you were taken away in a stretcher. The hardest part would be the fact he had to get right back in front of the camera and tell the world that everything was going to be okay when he just wanted to hold you close.

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Lay: Not going to lie, Lay would probably end up passing out himself from how panicked he became and how he couldn’t get his lungs to work properly and inhale oxygen. When you hit the ground hard and the microphone rolled out of your grasp, he would be instantly having a panic attack and the worst part would be that he had to protect his image and he wasn’t allowed to go up on stage and help you. He would probably have to be taken backstage through by his manager because he literally would be so upset that the staff wouldn’t want him filmed. He would have to be assured by the paramedics that you were okay at least a couple of times.

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Baekhyun: Baekhyun would probably be one of the few members to kind of reign all of his emotions in successfully and put on a brave face for the camera and fans, just because he’s so used to pretending. You would all be at SMTOWN Live when you collapsed and were immediately whisked away to rest backstage, and he would dance a lot very energetically to the songs your band had performed, and he would send all sorts of kisses and cute hand signals to the camera once it passed by. He would just hope that you were okay and later he would check up on you, taking off his mask of content and replacing it with his honest features of worry.

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Chen: Chen would really blame himself and it would be pretty sad to see how much guilt he stored in his heart and how he shouldered such a heavy weight. When he saw your delicate body finally shatter and fall due to how tired you were from so many exercise and such little sleep and food, he would need to excuse himself from the awards show so that he could cry. He would probably realize how badly idols were treated at that very moment and he would really want to do something to change how unhealthy you were, hitting the stage floor that hard would be a wake-up call for him.

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Chanyeol: Just his luck, Chanyeol would be filmed the second you collapsed and his reaction would be 100% sincere as he eagerly clasped his hands over his mouth and his eyes widened to the width of saucers. He would feel the sickingly scary feeling of ice forming at the pit of his stomach as he honestly realized he had no idea what to do, should he jump up on stage and go to help you? risking his image? or should he pretend as though he wasn’t dating you? before his brain could decide, you were already being pulled off like a rag doll to the backstage area, and he would have all the happiness sucked out of him as he blandly watched the rest of the performances and merely thought of you.

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Kyungsoo: Kyungsoo would be furious because someone who meant the world to him was treated so awfully and there wasn’t anything he could do about it, and that definitely wouldn’t be okay with him. He wouldn’t even try to hide his distaste as he performed on stage and put in a small amount of effort, a small way of protesting the system as he merely pictured your frail limbs finally giving way. He would become a completely new person though, when he laid his eyes on you in private. He would be pressing kisses to your cheek and holding you so close, promising that this would never happen again if he could help it.

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Kai: It would be very easy to tell that Kai had no passion to dance and perform after what he had just witnessed, and if any staff member or manager dared to comment upon what he had just bullshitted on stage, they would need to prepare for a storm coming from him. He wouldn’t want to talk to anyone but you, all the other EXO members would even pick up on this as they gave him space to cool down and he would be quietly listening to his music, glaring out the window on the ride back to the dorm. He would be glued to his phone as he waited for you to update him on how you were doing.

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Sehun: Sehun would suddenly just get so tired, he’s so young and the fact that his significant other who is around his age fainted from exhaustion right on stage would really get to him. He would realize that all of his friends were probably healthy and getting plenty of sleep and yet here you two were, a couple barely having the time to sleep and eat properly. He would definitely want to visit you at the hospital you were at, and he would probably have a deep discussion with you about how hard it was to sell away his youth and become a slave to a corporation.  

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Hey , can u do a fanfic of the Sing cast playing truth or dare and ash daring johnny to kiss meena?

Thanks for the prompt anon I really enjoyed writing this one and I hope I fulfilled the prompt alright!

It started out with a light drizzle that morning as the theatre family made their way to the Moon theatre. The dark grey clouds were heavy with water and looked ready to burst any second. The light drizzle had been constant throughout the night so the streets were already wet with rain and littered with sizable puddles.

When Ash arrived at the theatre her black overcoat was damp enough that she could feel wet spots on her clothes. Once inside the theatre she threw her jacket onto the stage and collapsed into one of the house seats. She was beyond relieved that she had decided to wear her thick black combat boots today rather than her old converse. While her apartment was only a short walk away, the route was riddled with a maze of puddles. 

Moon was already on stage with his clipboard, looking as dry as ever in his signature suit. Ash suspected that he never left the theatre and often entertained the idea that the koala powered down every night like a robot but she had never been able to prove it. Not yet anyway. 

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Tired to see VIXX saying that “ZELOS” was disappointing to us...

They did not disappointed us, the concept is amazing and personally i loved it (i still do).  I’m sick and tired to see so called fans saying that THIS is the real VIXX with ‘Hades’. People dont have just one shade of color, they have multiple, get it through your skull. No matter what they should be supported and views should be as high as right now.

I have had enough of member saying that they’ll do better than Dynamite, there is always room for improvement but it feels like they think it was a failure. I have had enough of seeing posts of Ravi saying how worried he is. I dont want them sick or collapsing on stage (like very recently happened) from working TOO hard on a good thing. 

Please love them NO MATTER WHAT.


Vinterberg recalls a pivotal scene in the film when, on Christmas Eve, Lucas goes to the local church service and faces a congregation of people who hate him. “Mads wept all day in every take in exactly the same way,” - says the director. “I’ve never seen anything so professional. The scene was all mapped out very precisely but we shot it from many different angles and he has to go through several stages – determination, collapse, anger, relief. He wept for eight hours and there are very few actors that can do that.”


//((Cuz my handwritings poop//))

News anchor:  Breaking news! A Beach-a-palooza gone wrong! Failure within the stage’s infrastructure causes collapse!

News Anchor: The electrical wiring has caused the once popular music festival to be engulfed with flames!

News Anchor: Several citizens have taken measures to help the injured escape!

News Anchor: But some are still trapped within the blaze!

Garnet: STEVEN!!!

Steven: Garnet?!

Garnet: Augh!! Nnn!!

Garnet: Let’s go Steven!

Steven: Garnet,your head- your hands-!!

Garnet: Don’t worry I’m fine, lets just get you to safety.

Ruby: Garnet and Steven both got scars from the incident.

Sapphire: Garnet got a crescent shaped scar on her forehead and two circular ones on her palms.

Ruby:Steven also got one on his tummy where his belly button was due to landing on burning debris.

Sapphire: He says he likes it because it reminds him of his mom Rose..

Ruby: and his hero.


I feel that it’s important everyone sees this.

This is Chanyeol during the EXO'luXion in Tokyo Dome. He had hypoxia and collapsed on stage and was brought backstage to be given an oxygen mask.

Hypoxia is when there is not enough oxygen provided to body tissues. If too much oxygen is deprived, it could damage your organs or even fatality.

HOWEVER, Chanyeol heard the stage music being played again and immediately rushed out of the room to get back on stage and continue performing.

I have no doubts that this wasn’t the first incident. If you look back at EXO’s performance at MAMA 2014&2015, Chanyeol rushed to get off stage after the performance to catch his breath. He looked dizzy and he was having trouble breathing. What sucks is we didn’t even catch on to this and looking back at the previews released at their Tokyo Dome concert, he did look insanely worn out.