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dancing-thru-clouds  asked:

I would like for you to tell stupid tourist stories? Your story-telling style is very engaging.

First of all, thank you very much!

Since flattery will get you pretty much anywhere, allow me to tell you The Tale Of Jar-Jar.

The First year my family moved to Colorado, my family decided to take the annual summer camping trip to Yellowstone, now that we were on the right side of the rockies for it.  So we pile into the car with all my mom’s immortal camping gear from the 70′s (srsly, I still have the Colemann stove and cooler.  They work perfect)  and Cody,The Gentleman Shepherd.  

Due to Wyoming looking mostly like the ugly parts of Mad Max, we got onto the wrong highway and arrived after dark.  Cody waited patiently in the backseat rather than set up in the rain.  Gentlemanly.

The next morning, Mom is doing something miraculous with the Colemann and there is a breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon.  The sun is shining.  The birds are singing.  All is serene and beautiful. 

Then the people in the next site pull up.   They arrive in a Brand-spanking new Ford Pickup towing a trailer that looks like it was salvaged of a 50′s atomic test field.  The Husband emerges first and…

I don’t like judging people based on appearance but Man, when a dude walks out of a pickup wearing a confederate flag hat, and half of a mullet one tends to make assumptions.  

The eldest child came out next, a boy of about 12, with a rat-tail.
Followed by his brother, a boy of about 10, with a rat-tail
Followed by his brother, a boy of about 8, with a rat-tail.
Followed by his brother, a boy of about 6, with a rat-tail.
Followed by his brother, a boy of about 4, with a rat-tail.

The wife finally emerges, looking like death warmed over and carrying a boy of about two, with a rat-tail.  It is unclear if she has poor posture or if she is pregnant again.  The Boys capable of standing all immediately do so at the border of our site, staring covetously at my bacon.

Finally, with a loud plop and wheezing noise, comes thier dog, for a given value of dog.  Pugs are not terribly healthy-looking creatures at the best of times, but this poor thing looked like the canine equivalent of a Hapsburg.  One eye was so bulged as to be permanently wall-eyed, and his jaw jutted out in front of him at a distressingly kapakahi angle. 

“C’mere Jar-Jar!” hollers the Husband.

“Good God.” muttered my father.

The adults proved over the course of the next hour to be loathsome creatures- Husband was constant’y screaming at the boys the “fuckin’ get me the thing, you little-”  then getting mad when asked for clarification on ‘which thing?’.  The Wife was a non-stop stream of complaint- the sun is too hot, the shade is too cold, the tent is too far, the birds are too loud, and everything is awful, I’m going to complain to the ranger.  Eventually they got their camp set up, and Husband cracked his first beer of the day as we finished locking the bear box and leaving to hike.  It was about 10 AM.

We return some hours later to a very animated discussion between Wife and the Camp Supervisor about “I have rights you know!” vs. “Ma’am, we are under an extreme fire danger warning, and Fireworks have been banned in the park for ages.”  Jar-Jar, eager to avoid any outbursts, has scuttled under our bear box, wheezing in agitation.  Cody, ever gallant, positions himself between Jar-Jar and his mistress, doing his best impression of a Real Shepherd Who Isn’t Scared of Mice and Snowflakes.  Husband is unseen, but there are several beer cans in the fire grate.

That evening’s campfire, normally a time to listen to nocturnal wildlife and the Quiet noises of wild places, is instead a time to listen to drunken racist jokes, a sobbing toddler and Husband screeching “SAY AI WANNIT” whilst dangling scraps in front of jar-jar, until the dog stood on his legs and danced, garbling “Ai-Wa-War”  in a voice that sounded less like a bark and more like late-stage emphysema, before collapsing on what looked like sore joints.

Late that night, my parents discuss packing up and looking for a site in Teton down the road over the sounds of half-assed drunken sex.

The boys, in spite of their parents, are well mannered, intelligent and engaging to talk to, and seem content to frolic in the woods around the site, examining rocks and plants and the occasional insect.  Dad has a nice time telling them about the Yellowstone supervolcano whilst their parents have vanished to parts unknown.  Jar-jar remains off-lead and un-collared the entire time, huffing and puffing as he tries to keep up.  Still, five boys is perhaps too much attention for an elderly pug, and the too-hard petting and pulling of ears and tail and suchlike is tolerated with an exasperated whine and vacations under our bear-box. 

The second night, Husband was furious about something, cursing up a storm and throwing things and generally having a tantrum.  The eldest boy said something to him and he bore down on him, hand raised and screaming something about ‘useless pieces of shit.”
-When they were interrupted by my mother stepping into their site, all four feet eleven inches of ill-contained fury, staring him down.

“I was wondering.”  She said, eyes not moving from him. “If I could borrow some matches.”
“Ours got wet.” Dad added, immediately behind her, less as support than restraint.

I remember how ghastly quiet the woods got for a moment there, watching the scene unfold from behind Cody, the only sounds the campfire and crickets.

“Uh, yeah.  Matches.”  The Wife muttered, and it was enough to get Husband to back down.

“You have lovely children.”  Dad continued.  “Very smart, very polite.”
“You must be so blessed.” My mother adds, only slightly spitting the word.

My parents take the matches and talk a bit longer but I couldn’t hear.  Husband gave up, flopping down in his chair, but not before giving Jar-Jar a kick.

The next morning, as my family was packing up to head down to Teton instead, The Eldest boy approached us, concerned.

“Sir?”  he asked dad.  “Have you seen jar-jar?”

We hadn’t actually, his gravely groveling notably absent that morning at breakfast.  My sister and I went on a search with the boys through the camp, but to no avail.  We did find Wife, complaining to the campground host that there were too many wild animals around.  In the National Park.  Saddened and trying to give the boys some hope that perhaps jar-Jar had not been eaten by the coyotes, we left.

On the way out the main gate, we ended up behind a Buick with Florida plates, driven by a couple well into their octogenarian period, at about seven miles per hour.  As they stopped at the checkout gate, clearly asking for directions, a dog climbed up to sit in the back window.  A fat, lop-sided, wall-eyed little Pug, looking entirely too pleased with himself.

And that’s the story of how Jar-jar escaped the Hell family to Florida.
The Kids are Socialists Because Capitalism is Dickslapping the Planet
By Holly Wood

Capitalism doesn’t have a plan, you know. It only goes in one direction and it doesn’t care what you want.

The most advanced capitalist states are literally at the stage of collapse and yet we deny that perhaps the problem is capitalism. Capitalism is a system that we can prove with any science is fucking the planet and yet the rich can convince most this is progress. This is like burning your hands on a hot stove and thinking the problem is anything but fire.

Capitalism not only eats babies, it makes sure those babies suffer horrific and needless deaths first because suffering is less costly than care. Better if their parents are helpless to do anything but watch. Teaches the rest the lesson.

Capitalism does better the more people are made to suffer. Why? Because those who are made to suffer are the easiest to domesticate and farm for profit. Pavlov taught us that much. Come on. Our freedom is leashed because capitalism profits that way.

Capitalism wants your parents to die long, drawn-out, painful deaths from preventable diseases because managing slow, painful death is a hugely profitable enterprise employing tens of thousands of people. Don’t question what makes good-paying jobs, idiot. Fastest growing career sector.

Capitalism is why there are six empty houses in this country for every homeless person but thousands still freeze to death. Capitalism is why we waste 40 percent of our food while children die of starvation. Capitalism is why 200 species went extinct today. Capitalism is why we’re all going to war for oil under the North Pole. Capitalism is why your kid is going to die in a water riot.

Capitalism is the state religion of sociopaths.

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Just another Camren Theory

Things to be clear before I begin this theory:

  • All the facts are assumptions. 
  • All the facts are of my own mind (you are not required to agree).
  • I’m definitely not good with specific days/months/years.
  • My native language is not English… so… sorry about some mistakes!

Well…despite not being good with the timeline, let’s start! Let’s do this!
Fasten your seat belts and stay comfortable.

Every-fucking-time I read questions and theories about Camren, everyone has the same impression: They had a relationship for almost ¾ years. We could all see that in all those years, the one who seemed most comfortable in giving us “hints” and talking a little more quietly about Camren, was Camila.

We have all seen that Lauren didn’t deal well with the situation about this relationship in the beginning. She always seemed to be in conflict with herself, with what she felt and what or whom she liked (boys/girls).

Starting from the assumption that Camren had a relationship for almost 4 years, I began to think about these facts that I will present below.

This theory doesn’t have much to do with Camila’s departure from the band, but some facts inevitably intertwine.

At the beginning of 2016, everything looked fine between Camren. The M&G pictures in Brazil showed that everything seemed to be okay. The concerts in Brazil were from 28/June to 05/July of 2016.

I believe they were together and happy at the time, but some conflict had already begun.

Camila already showed signs of tiredness, but not of sadness. Lauren looked very happy and comfortable nearby Camila.

Okay, another point I’d like to say, in that theory I’m not going to involve Lucy, because Laucy as a love relationship isn’t something I believe, so all the trips that Lauren made with Lucy, for me it was like “best friends time”.

Not only in Brazil, but throughout the beginning of the 7/27 Tour they were looking at each other at the concerts and seemed to be okay.

And the M&G things just seemed to be fine too…

At some point, things started to change. The soundcheck began to get increasingly weird, the girls increasingly separated from Camila. Camila was getting more and more depressed, sad and tired.

So what happened? Lauren betrayed Camila? Camila betrayed Lauren? Did they fight? Did they split up? Well… Several times we saw that Lauren was trying to remain happy while Camila had a miserable look of sadness. They were getting farther away in the soundchecks, Lauren disappeared and they said she was stuck in traffic and they did not interact anymore. They did not even sit together anymore.

Of everything I believe about Camren, it’s impossible for me to think about betrayal. At least the way I see this relationship. Pure, crazy, dependent, strong, intense and REAL! No, I don’t think there was betrayal, we know our girls, can you imagine Lauren doing that with her cute bow-girl? Can you imagine Camila doing that with her planet-green-eyes-girl? Well, call me naive or whatever, but I can not!

Camila had a problem with her anxiety and the problems began to be exposed. I think she began to feel the pressure of having to choose and decide about her future and their relationship. 

It seems that things have gotten complicated and they have been moving away. Camila was the farthest.

Ok … here comes what I think happened. Camila expressed her willingness to leave the group, arguing perhaps that she needed more freedom to write, to show her art the way she always dreamed. I believe that all this, in a way, they already wanted her to be a solo artist because they acted to make it happen naturally (they could have double money with this). I also believe that part of the Fifth Harmony team didn’t want that. This includes the parents of the other girls. Of course, everyone knew that the band would be able to continue without Camila, but that would certainly shake a certain structure they already had.

I think Camila wanted and had enough courage to assume Camren, but when the idea of going out as a solo artist came along, I believe it has retreated in her mind. I think this was “offered” to the Camren couple, like “okay, you guys will have more freedom, you can get out of this fucking closet and be freer, but you have to stay in the band”.

I think Lauren accepted this agreement because we saw that along the Tour, she was getting out of the closet gradually and we saw that Camila was running away more and more.

Lauren seemed very happy, after all, had come to the possibility of getting Camren out the closet and finally be TOGETHER.

But she seemed to be always doing all this alone…

I believe there was a conversation where Lauren made it clear that she was going to jump out of the closet, but Camila backed off because somehow she was warned by her “solo team” that if she was really leaving the band, she couldn’t assume her sexuality. On the contrary, they would have to reaffirm and reinforce her sexuality as HETEROSEXUAL!

Lauren kept doing this on her own and obviously gained the support of the other girls. I think what turned the girls away from Camila might have been that. For years dating Lauren, giving hints all over the internet, making love statements and when it comes time to assume…she leaves the band and let Lauren all alone with this ship to pursue her own dreams. 

I remember when Normani’s mom tweeted something about selfishness.

Well… and Clara seemed to be always posting things to defend Lauren and leave doubts in the air.

Camila’s parents no longer helped with the things about Fifth Harmony. Camila’s solo team was more active than ever and she was making it clear throughout the Tour that it would be the last one with the girls. She was making it clear in pictures, social media, reactions and trying to keep her image as straight as possible.

I think at the end of the day, Lauren still hoped that Camila would stay and assume Camren with her, and I even think Camila thought about it, but she has warned again, that if she assumed Camren, Goodbye solo career!

So I guess everyone remembers what happened when a fan asked her (Camila) if she identified herself with the sun or with the moon (Theory of the Sun & Moon) and she said that she identified herself with the MOON, BUT SHE DID NOT KNOW WHY SHE PERSONIFIES THE MOON AS “SHE”.

And I think everyone remembers Lauren’s reaction, right?

For me, Lauren’s reaction on that day was something like: “okay, I’ve already seen that I’m going to do it myself! No Camren for Camila today (or tomorrow)!!”

I really think Camila kept trying to make Camren continue hidden. I guess she didn’t want the relationship to end, but Lauren wanted to assume her sexuality. I think in a way, they initially reached an agreement, after much talk, including and especially between the two 5H X SOLO teams. Like: "she’s going to leave, Lauren can assume, but she can not put Camila on it.” … and for me, that’s how the idea of giving an “up” in Laucy showed up. I think Lucy knew everything and tried to help her best friend. I think Lauren and Camila came to some agreement between them. I think Lauren refused to continue dating and hiding the relationship and that’s what made Camila sad. 

Pursue my dreams or give them up for love ??? 

She was practically between the cross and the sword and she had to choose.

They knew she would leave …

I think that after Lauren realized that Camila was not going to go back, she was not going to stay, she was not going to assume Camren, she started trying to get away for a bit … but I also think that Camila continued trying to make Camren survive inside the closet. 

That’s when Lauren collapsed on stage…

But Lauren seemed strong after that day. She started going out, going to parties, traveling and also fulfilled her “part” in the “agreement” that was to increase Laucy’s popularity as a couple.

For me, it was something like: “Okay, Camila … you want to leave and you will not assume? I’ll make it easier on you! I will not speak about you and I’ll help you kill Camren if that’s what you need/want.”. I think Lauren was really angry and asked Lucy for help.

That’s why I think everyone started giving indirect through social media … especially the Jauregui family. I think they got mad with the feeling that: “then she says she loves my daughter, they live all this craziness and then my daughter gets alone in this whole shit and carry on her back?? As their daughter leaves the band to make her happy solo career??? What the fuck???”.

Call me crazy, or call me delusional, so we’re more accustomed to this term … but I really believe that’s how came from the drama of Clara unfollowing the Cabello family on social networks, Taylor leaving some twitts, Chris deleting his picture with Camila, Lucy unfollowing Camila, Vero no longer supporting Camila (and Camren) … anyway, summing up …

Camila and Lauren fell in love, even with everything a little confused, they started a relationship, they stayed together a long time, Camila wanted to assume, while not thinking about pursuing the solo career, Lauren trying to hide. Finally, Lauren wanted to assume, but Camila was introduced to the idea of having a career the way she had always dreamed, but for that, she would have to deny and kill Camren for good. Lauren tries to assume with Camila, who decides for her solo career. Jauregui family get extremely angry, the other girls upset (For having followed their relationship for all these years), Lauren’s friends gets upset and angry. Camila with just a little of support, always walking with her mom or with Ashlee Juno, who was practically her only “friend” at the end of the 7/27 Tour in 2016.

What do I think about the present time?

I think Camila keep all this time trying to get back with Lauren and trying to talk to try to keep Camren alive, but hidden from the audience. I really think she keeps trying. 


Because of everything she posts on social media, for all the hints, for the way she’s been directed to talk more about boys, but at the same time, she still leaves roses on the way to certain "you” that we already know who it is!

No, I do not think Camila is the villain and Lauren the angel. Maybe in the heat of the moment, they hurt too much themselves the way this relationship went. For some time we could see Camila very sad and post things like:

Maybe Lauren hurt her before, maybe they ended up fighting because of jealousy … (Because if you believe Lauren betrayed Camila, what reason would her family have to ignore or “attack” the Cabello family? They could not “complain” if their own daughter had done this to Camila. They would not have the moral for it.)

Maybe Lauren is starting to give in, maybe not. Maybe she still thinks that Camila’s departure and the fact that she was “abandoned” with Camren in her arms was some kind of betrayal. Maybe she’s still hurt. Maybe the Laucy kiss was purposely like: “She does not want me to kill Camren? So that’s how I’m going to do it!” … maybe it was a way to hurt Camila how she felt hurt. I can not really tell what happened, but that’s all I believe in. Obviously, it should not be 100% that way, but this is just another theory, like so many others about Camren.

But Camila seems very happy lately … and Lauren is more beautiful and radiant than ever. Camila smiled again like she did before. Camren ship seems to be sailing again … and we stand strong in this (delusional/crazy) sea!

BTS reaction to their GF having anxiety / depression

Anonymous said :

BTS reaction to their gf having anxiety/depression?

Hi lovely~thanks for requesting !’s you’re requested reaction and I hope you like it >< .

trigger warning : suicide .

Jin :

You sat on the floor playing with your phone, a message from your mom took you by surprise, it said that she was not doing well. Your heart swelled and you immediately begun to panic. Your chest tightened and tears filled your eyes, your breathing became ridged .

“Y/N, could you come help me for a moment” Jin called for you .

you were unable to answer, but felt like you couldn’t breathe. You held onto your chest and the only sound you made was a slight sob ,

  "Y/N" Jin walked over to you from the kitchen.

 As soon as he saw you he dropped to his knees to make sure you were alright , held you and asked multiple times if you were alright but not words could come out. You felt like you were going to pass out .

“Y/N you need to breathe. Look at me, breath baby” you stared at him, his eyes were filled with worry to the point where tears filled his eyes .

 "Please breathe" his voice cracked, you focused on his face trying to get oxygen into your lungs, and repeated his words over and over in your head. Little by little your breathing came back to normal, Jin never letting you go ,that moment you begun to cry as the thought of your mother filled your head, Jin crushed you in his arms.

 "Please don’t ever do that to me again, I don’t want to lose you" .

Suga :

You passed your hands through your hair for the millionth time, the stress from exams were getting to you. You knew you shouldn’t stress but you couldn’t help it. Only negativity was in your head, all you could think about was failing your exams. Soon you begun to tremble, sweat coated your forehead, your breathing sped up. Yoongi looked up from his laptop at the sound of your labored breathing, put his laptop onto the bed .

 "Y/N?“ He got up and walked over to you. 

The horrified look on your face made his stomach churn .He knelt down in front of you and placed his hands on your shoulders. 

 "What did I tell you about stressing yourself?” He moved his hands to cup your face.

 "Relax, take a deep breath" you nodded trying to calm down.

He stood up and pressed your face into his stomach, rubbed your back soothingly. Your breathing slowed and your mind cleared .This wasn’t the first time this happened but no matter how many times it happens, Yoongi could never get used to it.

 "Come to bed, no more studying tonight" he smiled and you followed .

Rap Monster :

You laid on the couch watching a movie while Namjoon was on the phone with Yoongi. You stared up at the ceiling, your mind wondering, and remembered that Namjoon was going on tour, this is the first time he’ll be going on tour since you’ve been together. You stared at him, could he meet someone better than you?, would he forget about you?, will he not have anymore time for you?. Your mind raced, questions came from all over and clouded your rational thought. The most prominent question in your head was would he find someone better?, he would be traveling all over, meeting many other girls so it didn’t seem impossible. Those thoughts broke your heart, tears streamed down your face. Your head ached, your body felt cold, a sense of loneliness washed over you. Fear consumed you whole. The room begun to spin, you curled into a ball as your thoughts terrorized you. Namjoon looked over to were you laid, he could see that you were shaking, so he ended the call with Yoongi and rushed over to you. You felt his hand caress your arm.

“Baby” his eyes met yours.

He was surprised to see you crying ,so he lifted you, taking your previous position and placed you in his lap. He held you close to his chest, and stayed silent until you calmed down, just being near him eased your mind. 

“I don’t want you to leave me” he furrowed his brow and placed a soft kiss on your lips .

“I promise you I’ll never leave”.

 J-hope :

You stared at yourself in the mirror, you’ve noticed that your clothes have been getting tighter. With a sigh you dropped yourself on the bed, and placed your head on your hands. You’ve never been comfortable with your weight and being teased for it didn’t make it any better.Also ,you haven’t never told Hoseok but you’ve been very depressed lately, ever since you two announced your relationship there’s been a lot of negative comments towards you, many of them point out your weight. It made you feel like the world was on your shoulders. You could never handle negativity well, everyone has their breaking point and you’ve reached yours. You couldn’t stop the tears that begun to flow. A hole burned itself into your soul, you were broken inside and out. Thoughts of suicide were constantly eminent in your head, it seemed like the easy way out but you could never go through with that. You slid onto the floor and hugged your legs, put your head on you knees. Your breathing hitched, you knew your anxiety was taking over ,so you sobbed quietly. How Hoseok could ever love you was a mystery to you .You felt someone sit next to you. You closed your eyes, ashamed of yourself. He slung his arm over you, he hated seeing you sad.

“Jagiya, please look at me” You turned your head hesitantly .

“Why don’t you talk to me?” You stayed silent, there was always that one voice in your head that kept you from saying anything.

 "Are you in pain?, jagiya please let me help you. I don’t like seeing you like this" Hoseok’s normal bright aura was gone .

“Why are you with me?” He cocked his head to the side before smiling .

“Because I love you, you’re perfect to me” You couldn’t help but smile .

You handed him your phone which was on the edge of the bed, and showed him all the distasteful messages some people sent to you. He placed down the phone and pulled you towards him, holding you closely. 

“Don’t you ever listen to them. I love your body no matter what you’ll always be beautiful to me. We can deal with this together” .

V :

You hated having to go to a party with Taehyung, you wanted to stay home but he insisted that you came along. You stood in the corner of the room, Taehyung was pulled away by Jimin a few minutes ago so you were all alone. Some people bumped into you, pushing you slightly. One more person bumped into you making you spill you drink on your dress, the person didn’t even bat an eye. Frustration took over. You made your way through the crowd, the space around you getting smaller and smaller, tried looking for any of the members but to no avail. You accidentally knocked into a man, he turned around and was evidently angry, from what you could understand he cussed you in Korean. You ran away to find an exit, felt like you were being suffocated. You wrapped your arms around yourself, trying to calm down but you felt like you were in a small box. A woman brushed passed you and that was the end for you. Your eyes ran around the room while you begun to freak out, your eyes caught sight of Namjoon but you couldn’t move. Arms wrapped around you which made you jump.

 "Jagiya?“ Taehyung looked at your face, he wiped the tears from your eyes before pulling you to go outside.

The cold air hut your skin, making you shiver. Tae put his jacket over you and engulfed you in a hug. 

"I’m sorry for leaving you” .

Jimin :

Papers were scattered around the room and books were thrown on the floor. You’ve been trying to perfect your project but nothing seemed to work out. You stood in the middle of the room, a paper crushed in your hand, your face flushed and your heart beat was erratic. Nothing you were doing was good enough, it had to be perfect but you just couldn’t do it. You let out a frustrated cry and dropped to your knee, threw the paper out of your hand. You were ready to rip your hair out of your head. Jimin put his hand under your chin and put your head up so your eyes could meet his own. He squatted down and kissed your forehead. The sweetest smile painted itself onto his face, your heart melted.

“Let’s take a break. I wanna take you out to eat”.

Jungkook :

Your mind was a wreck, you had do a public speaking event but the thought of everyone’s eyes on you made you nauseous. Everyone was counting on you to deliver, you couldn’t let them .You took a deep breath hoping everything would go good as you walked out on stage. You put your papers down on the podium, your eyes locked onto the audience, your heart dropped, everyone was looking at you. Your eyes roamed the room but Jungkook was no where to be seen .You could feel sweat run down your neck, you could hear your heart beat in your ears, no oxygen was entering your lungs, your mind was blank. White spots decorated your vision, tried to breathe but to no avail. In the corner of your eye you saw Jungkook, he was the last thing you saw before everything went black.  He arrived late because of practice, came into the auditorium to see you frozen on stage. He made his way over to the stage just before you collapsed. You opened your eyes, the smell of disinfectant hit you making your stomach turn. You felt a kiss on your hand, so you looked over to see Jungkook sitting next to the bed. He looked up at you, his eyes were red. 

“You scared me” You caressed his cheek .

“I’m sorry” He stood up and wrapped his arms around you .

“Don’t scare me again” he whispered into your ear .

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-  Reaction To You Being Needy

- Reaction To Another Member Flirting With You

- Reaction To You Being Short

- Reaction To You Being a 00 Liner

- How Would Red Velvet Wake You Up

- Reaction To You Mumbling Their Name In Your Sleep

- How Would Red Velvet Cuddle You After a Nightmare

- Reaction To You Having to Kiss Another Girl

- Reaction To You Kissing Them In the Middle Of a Sentence

- Seulgi Reaction To You Working For Pringles

- Reaction To You Self Harming 

- Reaction To Giving/Receiving Hickeys 

- Reaction To You Grabbing Their Butt

- To You Giving Them Silent Treatment

-To Having To Leave For Schedule But Wanting To Stay

- As Older Sisters

- Reaction To Making You Jealous But Regretting It

- To Cheating And Getting Caught

- As Tutors

- Couple Items They Would Have With Their Gf (you)

- To Their gf Fainting Constantly

- To Their Kid Asking For a Sibling

- To Getting Back With You After They Cheated

-  To Taking a Shower/Bath With You

- Proposing To Their GF (you)

- To a Surprise Birthday Party

- Your First Time With Them

- To Their GF (you) Breaking Up With Them

- To You Spending More Time With Their Members

- You Coming Out to Them

- To a Sasaeng Attacking You In Front Of Them

- To You Being On WGM With Another Idol

  • Scenarios

- Wendy’s Birthday Notes

- Girlfriend Seulgi

- Girlfriend Yeri

- Wife Irene

- Pringles (Seulgi)

- Monster (Irene x Reader)

SNSD (Girls’ Generation)

  • Reactions


  • Scenarios

- Sleep Over (Yuri x Reader)


  • Reaction

- Seeing You at Their Fanmeet

- To You Speaking English To Them (in a fan meet)

- To Another Idol Flirting With You

- To You Laying in Bed Having Horrible Cramps

- To Another Member Flirting With You

- To You Mumbling Their Name In Your Sleep

- To You Having A British Accent

- To You Having To Kiss Another Girl

- To You Saying You’re Not Enough For Them

- To Their Girlfriend (or wife) Being Pregnant

- Another Girl Kissing You To Make Them Jealous

- To You Being Distant

- To You Grabbing Their Butt

- To You Collapsing on Stage

- To You Being in Twice And You’re in A Relationship

- To Realizing They Like Girls

- To You Being a 00 Liner

- To Cheating and Getting Caught

- To Making You Jealous but Regretting It

- To You Failing a Job Interview

- To Getting Back With Them After They Cheated

- To Their GF (you) Fainting Constantly

- To You Almost Dying

- To Their Gf (you) Always Flirting With Someone Else

- To Their GF (you) Breaking Up With Them

- To Their Gf Being Shorter

- To Their Kid Asking For a Sibling

- To You Randomly Kissing Them

-To Their Gf (you) Goes Missing

- To You Kissing Them In a Argument

- To Their Gf (you) Being Taller

- To You Dancing With Their Favorite Idol

- Seeing You Cry At Night in The Kitchen

- To You Coming Home With a Beat Up Face

  • Scenarios

- They Hate Me (Momo)

- Best Friends (Chaeyoung)

- Girlfriend Mina

- Girlfriend Momo

- Girlfriend Dahyun

- Wife Nayeon

- Girlfriend Chaeyoung

- Girlfriend Sana

- First Date With Mina

- Dahyun As a tutor

- Babies (Reader x All the members)

- Girlfriend Jungyeon


Why took you so long?


My Baby (Angst Scenario)


- Reaction To Her Gf Dancing To Roll Deep

Shuu & Sayaka Livedoor Interview (important points)

- Sayaka believes that the basic thing is to match their clothes and the clothes are planned by Sayaka

- Shuu shared that if she didn’t trust and believe Sayaka, they wouldn’t be able to portray the deep relationship between Uranus and Neptune

- The interviewer asked about their similarity with their characters and Shuu feels that she has nothing in common with Haruka. Sayaka replied that both Shuu and Haruka are charismatic, and she said that Shuu is constantly doing something which makes her happy. As a woman herself, she feels that Shuu would do something to make her happy and it is similar to Haruka.

- Shuu said that the similarity between Sayaka and Michiru is that they will only do things that they deem as important, and they can forgo the non important stuff easily. Sayaka has a girlish side and that is she likes to see Tuxedo Kamen’s rose throws (and Sayaka started gushing about it)

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BTS Reaction - Their Idol Girlfriend Fainting on Stage

2.2k words | Reaction | Angst [☾]

A/N: First ever time trying to post my writing on this blog. It’s been ages since I’ve actually written anything so you’ll have to forgive me if I’m a little rusty, haha. I am an admin on a blog here on tumblr - @kpop-preferencesxtexts​ - I am Admin Nari. I have posted two works there I believe, so feel free to check those out although those are a little old.

ALSO; I set the scene here and it does take a while, but don’t worry the reactions are there. 

-gifs are not mine and belong to rightful owners-

Requests are open for everything [I will post a masterlist and rules soon] so feel free to request! Enjoy! 

You can feel your stomach churning as you and the other three members of your group stand in the small, cramped, humid room backstage. This is your group’s first MAMA and to say you were feeling unwell was an understatement by far. The four of you had been practicing non-stop the past two weeks, constantly dancing, singing, and rapping, always practicing.

-rest under the cut-

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Planet Comicon: John Barrowman

Mr. Barrowman was quite fetching last weekend wearing an adorable tardis dress and legging ensemble from…

This man is a gift.

An outrageously funny, priceless, almost completely nsfw gift to our fandom, and to all of humanity.

Someone asked him, “What is your creepiest fan encounter?”  Of course, it’s tricky for the celebs to answer that kind of question without alienating fans.  But his response was a treasure, because it sounded very sincere and was in keeping with John’s own uniqueness, I think!  He said:

“You say that like it’s awful.  I don’t think they’re creepy, okay?  I think they’re unique.  Because I love that in our family [here he gestured out at the crowd], in our world, we allow each other to do and say and be things that we will never really do or say or be outside.  And it’s building up the confidence that one day we will be able to, right?  So when someone comes up with a rather unique gift or a unique idea, I love it!”

I believe this may have been (though it could’ve been earlier - can’t remember) when he launched into the story of being given a gift (I think by someone he knew in some way) involving a re-inventing of the publicity photo of Jack riding a bomb (circa The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, which would be appropriate).  Apparently, instead of the bomb, he was riding, as he put it, a ….“marital aid.”


On a related nsfw-ish note (which really a lot of the panel involved, heh): There were sign language interpreters there, and he thought the sign for, ahem… “hung like a donkey” was so amusing he just threw it in randomly throughout.  It did involve a rather distinctive gesture. ;)

At some point, after he’d said something else a bit nsfw, he turned around and said “Good luck explaining that to your five year old on the way home!”  Really, they scheduled his panel at noon.  Did they know him??!?  Heh.

And yep, this was the panel where the stage had a large issue.  I have no clue why it happened.  The press said the stage collapsed, but that’s not true.  as you can see from the photo below.  The stage was fine, but it’s set came down.  It was like watching really large slow-motion dominos.  I was so glad John wasn’t sitting in the chair provided for him, or it would’ve hit him!!!  As it was, no one was seriously hurt, though one person did hurt their hand(s?) (I don’t know how badly, but I don’t think it was serious).

Immediately after the thing fell, he hopped off the stage and told the volunteers to get away from it because it was “above your pay grade.”  He was really awesome about the whole thing.

He continued the rest of his hour, then afterwards they rescheduled Summer Glau’s panel, and Catherine Tate’s was a half hour late.  It was all handled pretty well.

And again, John Barrowman = Gift To Us All.


Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, known by his stage name Molière, –considered today as one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western literature– died on february 17, 1673.
One of the most famous moments in his life was his last.
Molière suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis possibly contracted when he was imprisoned for debt as a young man. In february 1673, while seriously ill and aged 51, he had premiered in a new play at his Théâtre du Palais-Royal. It was a joyous comedy with Molière as the title character, ironically about a severe hypochondriac fearing death, and named Le Malade Imaginaire (The Imaginary Invalid).
A week later during the fourth performance, surrounded by whirling figures in outlandish doctors’ costumes, welcoming him into their brotherhood with a mock initiation ceremony, Molière collapsed on stage in a fit of coughing and hemorrhaging. He was so weak that his wife and friend Baron united in urging him to stop the performance. He refused and insisted on completing it. Afterwards he collapsed a second time with another larger bleeding and almost suffocated on stage, but the curtain finally went down. He was quickly taken home and died shortly later in his bed on 17 February 1673. Priests refused to take his confession, for actors had no social standing and had been excommunicated by the church. Nor would they permit him to be buried in holy ground. But the King Louis XIV interceded and he was finally buried under the cover of darkness.
Molière is listed as the first entertainer to have died during a performance.
The superstition that green brings bad luck to stage actors is said to originate from the colour of the clothing he was wearing in this play.

BTS REACTION: GF fainting because of pregnancy.

♥ Hiya! Thanks for the request ♥ 


Originally posted by beuits

You hadn’t even told him about your pregnancy yet because you felt like he wouldn’t even allow you to perform in the first place.Damn were you right.

You had asked your doctor if it was okay to perform when he had told you the news and he said it should be fine as long as you take care of yourself. In the middle of one of the more intense dances you were starting to feel lightheaded. after the particular song was done, all of you bowed to the crowed and when you rose up once more, you couldn’t keep yourself upright, seeing stars appear in front of your vision before you lost consciousness.
You were in the first aid tent when you woke up again.
Jin was already on his way to come pick you up like he had promised, completely oblivious to what was going on until he relieved a call from your manager which went along the lines of ‘Hello sir. your fiance has fainted and we are concerned because of her pregnancy.
When he arrived he was told you should be taken to the hospital for further tests and led to where you were. He rushed to your side but didn’t say much until you were both in the car.
“Why didn’t you tell me you’re pregnant?” He suddenly asked startling you.
“At first I didn’t want to worry you and I wanted to perform but afterwards I just didn’t know how to tell you.” You sighed.
“Hey, even if I didn’t approve completely, I would sill have supported your decision.” He took your hand in his, soothingly rubbing his thumb over its surface.

He would try to keep his word and support you if you wanted to do other performances after that but you bet he’d be right there, nervous as blue blazes.


Originally posted by jimiyoong

You both had tight schedules so when you finally got the chance to just sit down and tell him, it was already the day of the concert. He was happy but so nervous seeing both of you were performers and on top of that you had a performance that day. You hadn’t gotten much reaction out of him as he was worrying in himself the entire time making you worry as well.
Even after you left he was being extremely passive, off in his own thought while he was supposed to be practising. His phone wasn’t left untouched for more than five minutes. When the concert started you weren’t completely with it and you thought it was because you were worried but at a certain point you just started feeling weak. The other members had noticed as well and were able to break your fall when you collapsed. 

When your manager called, Yoongi didn’t even listen properly and just rushed over.  He was frantic when he arrived. Asking if you were okay about a hundred times and immediately taking you to the hospital. 

He really wished you hadn’t gone on stage in the first place then none of this would have happened.

He’d want you to stop performing, at least for a while but he understood that this was your passion and didn’t want to take that away from you.


Originally posted by wonhobe

He knew about your pregnancy and you two had talked about performing.  He agreed that you would finish that season and that you would take a break after that. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t worried. 

He came to the concert with you, worry eating him up inside but he tried not to let it show apart from the fact that he told you to be careful a thousand times.
It was near the end of the concert that you started to feel dizzy so you decided to just push trough till the end. Not a good idea.
You were saying your goodbyes when an immense headache kicked in.
You grabbed your head and started to loose consciousness and Hoseok was already running on stage when you collapsed. 

He couldn’t hide his worry any longer. He carried you off stage bridal style and placed you on the couch in the changing room. Trying to stay calm as he talked to your manager but never leaving that room.

When you woke up, he rushed to you, asking if you were okay and he’d drive you to the hospital just to be sure.

There was no way he was going to let you perform after that.


Originally posted by ksjknj

You had known for a bit over a week but only told him the day before your concert. He would be happy but worried and he didn’t want you doing the concert, yet you had convinced him to let you perform.

He would do anything to make sure he could be there even though you had only told him a day before.
He stood backstage, intently looking at the screen. He looked perfectly collected but inside he had a feeling that something might go wrong and this made him so nervous he couldn’t even walk away to go pee until you got a break with a slow song. When he got back, there were only a few more songs to go and he started to relax.
But as he calmly sat himself down, he quickly rose up again. You were acting weird, like you didn’t have your balance, you stumbled a little. When you clutched your head, he immediately ran to the backstage next to the actual stage and he saw you fall. 

He ran on stage to see if you were okay, and when he arrived where the other members of your group were surrounding you he noticed you were unconscious. He took you backstage, a million thoughts running trough his head but he made sure to handle the situation like he should. Calling your manager and the first aid staff to you. 
You woke up to him holding your hand as you lay on the couch, being examined by one of the first aid staff members.

He’d be calm the entire time, taking care of you, taking you to the hospital before driving you home. When you arrived home however he wouldn’t allow you to move, he’d cuddle you and if you needed anything he’d be the one to get it. If he could pee for you he would.

Namjoon wouldn’t allow you to perform after that. Even after you had your child, he’d still be nervous for you to perform.


Originally posted by sosjimin

Worried little chimchim is worried.

You had talked to him even before you took the test as you were so worried yourself seeing you were both idols. He was there every step.

He’d inform himself as much as he could and he’d even make you an appointment with the gynaecologist before the concert no matter what just to be sure it was okay. You had never seen him like this, he seemed stressed yet determined.
Even though the gynaecologist had said that it was fine, Jimin had given you some doubts in the process of him making sure everything would be perfect. Hes worries had become yours. But you went on stage anyway.
Jimin was backstage. Nothing could go wrong. Right? 

At a curtain point you and another member had a solo and you were starting to feel out of it and you stumbled at one of the moves causing you to tumble down. Jimin jumped out of his seat, watching you intently as you got up. You slowly got back up, your fellow members had come to your aid as it was taking you so long. As soon as you stood up you felt the blood rush from your head and you fell back down, the other members catching you on the way and Jimin came running onto the stage.
“Jagi!? Are you okay?” He asked when the girls let him trough, but you had lost consciousness. He carried you off stage and the girls explained the situation before following behind.
After you had regained consciousness he wouldn’t even let you sit up without his help. You’d tell him a thousand times that you were okay but he was not going to let you get back on that stage unless you sat down for the rest of the concert. You din’t want to let down your fans so that’s exactly what you did.  He called your gynaecologist in the mean time, I swear they were his lifeline at that point, and he’d take you back to the hospital as soon as the concert was done.

He wouldn’t feel comfortable letting you do any concerts after that and he’d smoother you like crazy during the rest of the pregnancy. 


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

You actually had been pregnant for a while already and had the tendency to feel lightheaded. Tae knew this and wasn’t happy that you still decided to finish the season. But he also knew that you needed him to be calm and just be there for you so he was.

He was backstage, giving you a kiss and an encouraging wave before you went onstage but inside he was sooooo worried. He din’t want you pushing yourself too much like you always did.

In the middle of the performance you started feeling a bit lightheaded but you decided to push trough. You were even proud when you got trough the end of the song and you smiled. But the adrenaline died down and your smile faded as you fell unconscious. 

Tae rushed to the stage and took you backstage, Laying you on the couch.
He carefully laid your head on his lap as he stroked trough your hair staring down at your peaceful expression. But he couldn’t find peace in that moment. He was worried and was trying his best to stay calm for your sake. 
When you slowly opened your eyes he just smiled down at you, asking if you were feeling okay. Helping you sit up slowly.
“You want to go to the hospital?” He asked “Just to be sure.”

He’d take care of you no matter what you needed.


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

When you told him about your pregnancy only a day before the concert he didn’t know what to do. He’d search the internet for as much information as he could. He was so busy researching that he forgot to actually talk to you. And his silence worried you.

The next day you were more nervous then ever before you went on stage. You were so nervous that you couldn’t even get a bite of food in your stomach without puking. That or it was because of the pregnancy.  Either way your fellow members were worried about you so they decided to keep an eye on you during the performance.
You didn’t even get halfway trough the concert when you started to feel dizzy.
You stopped dancing and held your head, making the others stop as well in worry. the entire hall went quiet for a second until you fell.
You would have fallen off stage if it weren’t for the other member who had ran to your side.

Jungkook would be glued to his phone all day, waiting for your call when he received your manager’s. He rushed to the concert hall and when he arrived he already saw you up and standing. All his worries blew away with a deep sigh. He walked up to you and wrapped his arms around you in a tight embrace.
“Come on, let’s go home.”

The car ride was again silent. You didn’t really know what to say and Jungkook was just processing what had happened. He slightly blamed himself.

When you arrived home he dragged you over to the couch and cuddled you.
“Don’t ever do that again. In fact don’t go on stage again. It’s not healthy for you or the baby.” He sighed rubbing your back lightly.
“I thought you didn’t want the baby.” You mumbled, avoiding any eye contact.
“Of course I do. What makes you think that?” He asked.
“You were just so quiet.”
“I’m sorry. I was just worried. I really am happy.” He smiled.

He was happy yes, but not a fibre in his being would let you set foot on that stage again.

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anonymous asked:

Hi hi! I was wondering if you could do stripper!Daniel doing a private pole dance to Die 4 You by Perfume Genius for clubowner!Phil followed by sex where Dan is a total princess that was to have rough sex where he wants to be handled gently if that makes any sense? Like gently rough

Here you go!! Sorry it’s a bit long but I’m incapable of writing anything under 2k and I hope the gentle/rough thing was okay?? This was fun and I made Dan a bit more of a diva than anything but I hope you like it. (p.s. thanks for forcing me to finally listen to perfume genius I’ve been meaning to for ages and this song is great) 

Dan shuffled through the wad of cash in his hands, the pair of leather gloves from his last act catching on the crumpled notes. £690. Not bad for one night’s work, and that was only tips. If he’s honest, he’s pretty damn proud of what he raked in, considering this was only his third night at Boys in Burlesque. From Dan’s – quite extensive – experience of these high-class strip clubs, most of the audience were usually repeat customers who generally picked a specific boy early on that they favoured. It usually took a few months to build up a connection with these men and start earning real cash – but apparently that didn’t apply to him. That was just one of the reasons he already loved working there. There was also the fact that it was probably the most exclusive, up-market gay burlesque club on this side of London, which meant expensive drinks, classy men, and big tips. All three of which Dan was a real sucker for – he loved him a man in a nice suit, who could buy him shiny things and whisper in his ear about flying him first-class to Paris.

Dan is reminded of another reason he’s grateful he took this job when it walks right through the door.

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~MATTY HEALY~ (Most of these are mattyxreader) 

Choices: Matty reflects on his addictions and what let up to his girlfriend leaving him. (Drabble) 

The City: Matty relapses and has to face the repercussions for his actions. (Drabble) 

Faintstar: Matty promises to do better in regards to his addictions but after a rough night, he goes on stage and collapses after overdosing on his medications. 

Milk: Matty cannot seem to grasp onto reality after finding out that his girlfriend was cheating on him. 

Nectar Part 1: AU where Matty is a Jewish business man in Germany during world war 2 and the reader is a German girl who’s family is allowing him to live with them before everything breaks out. 

The Start: You are struggling to adjust to your new school. You finally have a small break down at lunch and Matty decides to befriend you. 

Waverly Hills Part 1: Matty had tuberculosis during the 1900′s and you are a nurse at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium where he is placed.

Wavery Hills Part 2: Read above for description. 

Crestfallen: The reader has an Eating Disorder and Matty blames himself for her death. 

Somebody Else: Matty is literally fucking crazy after he comes home from tour due to him not taking his medications, causing the reader to break up with him. (THIS IS REALLY DARK SO YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED) 

Sick: Matty is just really sick and you comfort him. 

Broken: Matty chooses his addictions over the reader. 

Complacent: Matty just wants to lay in bed with you. 

Vega 1.0: The reader reminisces about Matty and how he viewed life. (Mini Series) 

Vega 2.0: Read above. 

Vega 3.0: Read above. (End) 


How They Propose


You Give Me The Blues: George cheats on the reader. (Part 1)


Fatherhood: Adams fiance dies a year after their son Mason is born and he is left to pick up the pieces. That’s where you two become close. 


Detour: The bus breaks down, making you and the boys have to stay in a hotel which results in you and Ross dancing along to your favorite song after his shower. 

anonymous asked:

"you're adorble, you know that?" starco

@sparkly-eyed-dork, for you as well! 

It’s the feeling of her gloved hand fitting his own that ceases his endless fidgeting, drawn between shaking extended fingers to a closed fist every few seconds. He looks over to her, expecting her to be annoyed with him, but she isn’t – standing tall in a long blue gown with her blonde hair rolled up, puffy bangs slipping out beneath her crown. She wears a consistent smile, staring ahead.

“Don’t be so nervous, Marco,” she squeezes his hand again. “You totally earned this. You’ll do great.”

He keeps his voice low, not to distract from the choir that sings to a full crowd of Mewman nobles and aristocrats. “Easy for you to say; you’ve probably overseen plenty of these.”

“Have not,” she argues quietly. “I totally ditched these things to chill at the Bounce Lounge with Pony Head.”

“Oh.” Figures she’d have no clue what was going on beyond what her mother told her about the ritual. “Well then, Your Majesty, I’m so very honored to be the first for you.”

Star giggles, trying to cover her snorts with her empty hand. He sees the King and Queen turn their heads simultaneously at a 10 degree angle to glare at them, and suddenly his nerves are back. Star just laughs more, and Marco has to cover her mouth with both his and her hands. He looks around cautiously – only a few sitting in the front of the crowd noticed, thankfully, and scowls down at Star enough before releasing her hands. He pulls at the tight white collar and readjusts the shoulder tassels before setting his own firmly against his sides.

“Are you done?”

Star looks up at him fondly, just as the trumpets begin to sound. “You’re adorable, you know that?”

It’s been hard to stem the blush that rises to his cheeks when she makes comments like that. The ‘you’ve never looked cuter’ remarks or when she called him a ‘cute idiot’ when he told her what he did to Toffee when she was gone. It’s been even harder to find responses, though Star seems patient enough – never expecting anything from him beyond the support he could provide as her best friend.

Today though, with a touch more sparkles under her eyes, and those eyes more blue than the gown that wraps around her widely, he feels inclined to do more than just blush as red as the hoodies he usually wears.

“And you’re amazing,” he says, as casually as he can at that moment. He thinks his words will trip over his tongue. “I feel like I don’t tell you that enough.”

The Queen steps forward in the corner of his vision, thanking the crowd. Star, however, keeps her eyes on his, as if searching for something. He continues to watch the Queen. “You could say it more, I guess.”

“I’ll work on it,” he replies, then smiles. “You’re amazing, Princess Star Butterfly, and you look amazing, too.”

This time, it is her cheeks that blush. “Marco, I –”

Queen Moon waves a hand at him and Star, her voice confident and loud and poised. “Sir Marco Diaz of the Earth Dimension, if you may step forward.”

Marco takes a deep breath before giving Star a nervous smile, then carefully steps up towards center stage, where the King and Queen stand. He bows, an etiquette he’d been reminded would be necessary in this kinda thing (by River, thankfully, with a much too-strong pat on the back as he did so), and kneels. Another deep breath. You got this, Diaz. You earned this. He sees Star watching him carefully, a long grin stretching across her features. Her lips read ‘don’t puke’ and Marco nods just enough for her to see without making it look like he’s about to collapse on stage.

Moon holds the royal staff in both hands, gracing him with a sort of kindness he hadn’t seen from her since before the entire mess with Toffee happened. She looks grateful, instead of tired. As if instead of this being another royal inquiry, something he knows those of upper status demand on her, it is rather a gift she is honored to give. She points the moon and star above his head.

“Please rise, Marco, as I present the title of Chevalier to you in front of our Kingdom.”

As many of you may know. N has collapsed in middle of stage. He collapsed from a heat wave. He after collapsing tweeted this. (the first one) the translation is : I am really sorry for the worries of many people today. I would really like to say that there were some people who came to Gyeongju to see the VIXX performances. I’m really sorry. I’ll show my best to the stage I showed you today. I’m sorry. He apologises for collapsing. It’s not his fault. There should be nothing he should apologise for. Let’s hope that hakyeoni gets better soon. Tweet to him things saying get well soon and let’s show him our full support as startlights!

Originally posted by brekineee

When You Love Somebody

@prompt-master ;) ;) This one’s for you, love! 

Here’s a ficlet!

One would think that multiple kids passing out on stage would elicit a scene of mass chaos, but to Michael’s surprise, the events following Jeremy and the others collapsing on stage were calm and orderly.

Those who had parents attending the show were whisked away by moms and dads while the rest of the audience filed out of the theater. At some point, the paramedics were called, but Michael couldn’t tell when.

His sole focus was, and still is, on Jeremy. He had crawled over toward his unconscious friend and cradled Jeremy’s motionless body to his chest, rocking back and forth as silent tears streamed down his cheeks, and he stayed like this, lost in rippling thoughts over what to do if Jeremy doesn’t make it, until a gentle voice washed over the two.

“Son? You mind if we take this young man here?”

For a moment, Michael tightens his hold around Jeremy. He looks up to the owner of the voice, blinking past the tears to see a calm, smiling face watching him with care. There’s a pair of people climbing the steps of the stage behind him with a gurney, and Michael finally relaxes his hold when he catches sight of them.

The two with the gurney arrive, and together, all three paramedics get Jeremy fastened onto the portable bed.

Before he knows it, Michael is climbing to his feet and stumbling after the paramedics, after Jeremy.

“I need to go with him,” Michael calls out, voice shaking as he struggles forward against buckling knees. “Please,” he presses, voice cracking desperately as his words catch in his throat.

One paramedic stops and turns toward Michael, and Michael staggers toward him, gripping the paramedic’s arms tightly to steady his swaying form.

“Please. I have to…. He’s my best friend…” Michael’s choking out words that struggle to find voice against the gasping sobs slipping up his throat. He’s suddenly so scared. He can’t think past the fact that Jeremy is being wheeled away without him. “Please,” he presses, sniffling loudly.

The paramedic’s brows furrow, but he nods all the same. “Of course,” he tells Michael. “You can come, but I need you to try and breathe for me, okay?”

Michael frowns at this, but then his mind catches up to the fact that he’s not breathing, and he sucks in a shaking breath and nods.

“Good,” the paramedic says with a soft smile. He drapes an arm across Michael’s shoulders, and the two start toward the ambulance.


As if God is watching down and spiting them, there’s traffic on the way to the hospital, and while the paramedic riding along in the back of the ambulance assures that Jeremy should be fine because his vitals are all okay, Michael’s on edge.

The constant stop and go jerking of the ambulance paired with Jeremy looking so pale and so quiet leaves Michael tense to the core. He’s hunched over on the small bench, and he keeps one hand tightly within Jeremy’s, staring and willing his best friend’s fingers to curl into his hand, to give any sign of life other than the slow rise and fall of his chest.

For minutes, Michael sits like this, and he would stay like forever, but the paramedic suddenly clearing his throat has Michael looking toward the older man.

“Does Jeremy have any family you can call?”

Oh. Shit. Fuck. Michael has forgotten all about Mr. Heere. What’s he supposed to say? How is he going to even attempt to explain to Mr. Heere that Jeremy took a pill containing a super computer and had a giant battle with it? What is he-


Michael releases a breath he wasn’t aware he was holding and meets the paramedic’s worried eyes.

“I’ve… I can call his dad. I just need a minute.” Michael tells the man, and when the man nods, Michael reluctantly releases Jeremy’s hand and slumps back against the wall behind him.

His thoughts are at war with one another. There’s shouting to tell the truth verses shouting that he can’t do that to Jeremy. His mind is a giant conflict desperately searching for a resolution while his heart hammers against his chest.

It takes a solid three minutes until he can breathe, and it’s only then that he fishes his phone out of his pocket with a trembling hand. His thumb hovers over Mr. Heere’s speed dial number, and he swallows down the lump in his throat and presses down on it before bringing the small phone to his ear.

After three rings, a voice echoes from the speaker.

“Michael? How’d it go? Did you save our Jeremy?”

Michael’s heart pangs painfully in his chest as his eyes fall onto Jeremy’s unconscious form. “Uh, about that…”

Perhaps it was the tremble in Michael’s voice or the lack of vibrant vibrato, but Mr. Heere can tell almost immediately that something’s wrong.

“What’s wrong, Michael? What happened?”

“Jeremy… He… He’s…. We…”

“Come on, Michael. You can tell me.”

Michael breathes out a shaky sigh. “We are on our way to the hospital…”

“What!? Is Jeremy-”

“He’s okay,” Michael interrupts. “Well, he’s not, but he will be.”

“What happened?!”

Make a choice, Michael tells himself. “Someone said he took some pill to calm his nerves before the show, and he ended up passing out.” It’s not, Michael thinks, his story to tell, but he will definitely be at Jeremy’s side if the latter ever decides to tell his father the truth.

“Jesus Christ.” A pause. “I’ll meet you at the hospital.”

Before Mr. Heere can hang up, Michael shouts “wait!”


“Make sure you wear pants.”


Attention all Psychos (aka fan of the USA series Psych)!! A new reunion movie has just been announced!! In lieu of this development I thought I’d recommend of the whumpy episodes!

Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark (s5 I believe)- Shawn Spencer shot in left shoulder and kidnapped.

Spellingg Bee (s1e2??) -Shawn run of the road by a van while on his motorcycle. Bike flips throwing him off to the side. He suffers some injury to his knee/leg and an injured wrist

Lassie Did a Bad Bad Thing- Shawn punched unconscious by crooked cop, kidnapped, then pistol-whipped.

Let’s Doo-Wop It Again- While singing with an a capella group with his friends, Shawn’s appendix bursts and he collapses on stage. In hospital for the rest of the episode. Nearly killed when baddie ups his (and another character’s) morphine drips attempting to kill them. (Sort of-this was kind of a fake out lol)

Chivalry Is Not Dead…But Someone Is- Shawn “barely” poisoned by the baddie of the week, collapses in front of Gus, shown in the hospital.

Dead Air- Gus pistol whipped (?) (or punched…can’t quite remember).

Lassie Jerky (I think) - Lassie gets shot in the back/shoulder.

Santabarbaratown (I think)- Henry shot in the chest and nearly killed.

The Tao of Gus (I think??)- Shawn and Gus, but mostly Shawn get into some type of altercation at the cult fruit stand and I think Shawn gets a bit beat up? But I can’t really remember lol

– That’s all I can remember right now but there are others.. ENJOY!

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How would svt react if their s/o (almost) fainted on stage from overworking?

Seventeen Reaction to Their S/O (almost) Fainting on Stage 

Dear, please read the guidelines ;A;; I don’t do reactions!! Nevertheless, because you’re one of my very first requesters, I’ll let it slide, just this once. Please don’t request a reaction; the ask box isn’t open for that yet!!

S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, and Wonwoo would worry half to death after they received the news from your loving fans about you nearly collapsing on stage. They’ll know that sometimes, you skip meals and lie about your health just so you could make your next performance perfect for the camera and for the naked eye to see. None of them could ever stop you, because, you were young, and you were too darn stubborn for your own good. 

“Y/N, did you eat yet?” 

“Oppa… yes, I did.” 

“… You sound fatigued Y/N… what did you eat?” 

“That’s not important jagiya… I need to practice the choreography a few more times; I’ll see you tomorrow alright?? I need to stay behind at the studio again… this comeback is really significant; don’t be concerned about me!! I’ll be fine.”  

All five of them would scold and fuss over you once you two met again. “Being an idol is hard work Y/N, but your health comes first. No more late nights, understand?”

Vernon, The8, Mingyu, Jun, Dino and DK would jump out of their seat once they hear the undeniable truth on live broadcast. You were fairly popular in Korea, so reporters couldn’t help but talk about this entire fiasco; not that the six boys didn’t know already. They watch every single one of your performances, cooing to themselves and to the other members how absolutely amazing you were up stage… but for this last one, which was the comeback you prepared for for five months; it didn’t show all of your abilities. Your voice was strained, your movements not as sharp, and then they realize, after your eyes roll back and your head bent down and swept the floor, that you’re exhausted. You’re mentally, physically, and emotionally deprived of all available energy. You’re staggering around the stage, blinking furiously under the blinding lights the crew provided, and you’re struggling to remember the lines and dance moves to your song. They’re heartbroken; they want nothing more than to jump into the tv screen and reassure you that it’ll be alright. “Y/N… I’m here for you.”

Hoshi and Seungkwan would freak out after the news were delivered. “Oh my god, please don’t let this happen to her, please… please she worked so hard for this!” They’ll break down in the middle of practice, and Seventeen members would crowd around them, asking what’s wrong, why he was on the floor, sobbing his eyes out. They knew this comeback was extremely important, who didn’t? Even your fans warned you to not overwork yourself; you’ve had always performed some kind of witchery up there; you’ve had always mesmerized every living soul that heard your voice. Babbling, they would tell the members everything, and they’ll all be anxious about your recovery in the hospital, even if they never met this S/O. Seventeen’s heard all about you; Hoshi and Seungkwan frequently told them stories, and their eyes would lit up like fireworks once your name was mentioned. They’ll be busy phoning your company to check on your health status, and they’ll beat themselves over not looking after you enough, and not being there for you when you needed their support the most. “Y/N, rely on me more, please. I may not be the best boyfriend, but I’m trying. I love you so much; you mean the world to me.”  

Ok this is not about Japan at all, I just wanted to share my Simon Gallup story with his fans here as they love him so much and I really respect that.
It’s not a huge story but one time I went to see the Cure, I think it was the Wish tour, Simon collapsed on stage. It turned out he had pneumonia and was playing his heart out despite feeling like death as he didn’t want to let the fans down. Robert kept looking over at him knowing something was wrong and the whole band were clearly anxious about him.
It was awful seeing him collapse, he was helped off stage and the band carried on without him which was a bit weird but what could they do? Anyway it was close to the end of the gig and Simon came back with them for encores and The Forest. It was amazing. I think he was taken to hospital afterwards but it’s so long ago I can’t be sure. I just remember feeling really sorry for him.
Of course he managed to stay looking totally cool and utterly beautiful throughout because he is and ever will be Simon Gallup.