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when u’re trying to support ur bf but u’re bad at it verbally but still trying


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

“In order to really have fun during a game, you need to be strong.  Someone said that to me once a long time ago.  Come on!  There’s never enough time before the next tournament.” 

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Ooooooo someones( people) are in trouble! Davids gonna have words with ypu!

DAVID: - you two really know better than to start fights on flammable surfaces!

DAVID: So as a result of your actions, I’m assigning you two to help the Quartermaster in reconstruction of theater camp’s stage!
DAVID: Shouldn’t take more than a day.

DAVID: NERRIS! Put that down!

Stage Magic

What?? A fanfic that isn’t The Two Lines??? It’s more likely than you’d think


Harrison hears music coming from the amphitheater, he decides to go investigate so he can go back to sleep.



Usually, night time at Camp Campbell was silent (Aside from the disruptive sounds of crickets, owls, and other wild animals that go off in the night) but tonight was different, specifically the music coming from the amphitheater that broke the natural silence the forest presented.

Harrison tried covering his ears with his pillow, it was late and the camp activity they did today tuckered him out, so being awoken by music in the midst of his sleep got on his nerves. He sighed into his hand and got out of his cot, his light brown locks were all over the place from his sleep.

Harrison slipped on his shoes and draped his blanket across his shoulders, he didn’t bother with much else because he’d probably head straight back to bed once he found the exact source of the music. 

 Unzipping the tent reviled that it was not late at night but rather early in the morning. The sky was lightening up, but stars remained sprinkled across the sky. Morning birds were slowly starting to come into the picture as well. If he had to guess, he’d say it was 6:00 AM.

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“You’ll find something waiting! Right there where you left it, upside down.”