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Okay so I’m reading the guardian article on Ian and Mark. ( (sorry, I’m on mobile)

A few things:

1) they were considering titling the episode backlash? What? This implies that they knew the public would hate it. Their argument that they knew the public wouldn’t like anything they did because Sherlock is popular and that’s what happens to all popular things makes absolutely NO sense. Im sorry, but if this anecdote is true, it adds evidence to the show getting reichenbached.

2) Mark states that series 3 of League of Gentlemen was initially panned but is now seen as a masterpiece. As a LoG nerd, let me say: I wasn’t around when s3 initially aired but I literally can’t imagine it getting bad reviews? I loved it the first time I watched it and loved it more with each rewatch? Certainly there was no drop off in production quality or writing. And I did just a bit of digging and I don’t see any evidence whatsoever that the series got the reviews that Sherlock is getting. Which leads me to:

3) Just gonna put this out there for the tin foil hat squad. The plot of s3 of LoG was that each episode appeared to be a stand alone, but when you get to the last episode you see that every episode’s plot is actually intertwined via a car crash at the very end. So. That’s a thing.
Mark Gatiss has responded to the Sherlock season four backlash
Season four of Sherlock proved relatively controversial with fans of the series, many pining for the days when Benedict Cumberbatch’s character solved rational cases without explosions and fist fights. Co-creator, writer and Mycroft Holmes actor Mark Gatiss responded to claims the show’s titular character was becoming too much like James Bond with a poem.

AND NOT A WORD ABOUT THE BACKLASH HE RECEIVED FROM THE LGTB AUDIENCE, NOT A WORD. Not about the reactions on social media, or the complaints received by the BBC. They only mention Molly´s scene as a controversial moment. As @astudyinqueerbaiting just told me, this looks like it was edited by Mark and the BBC itself…

Statements come from the interview with the Guardian: We should leave comments on both articles, mentioning Gatiss own quote about playing with the homoeroticism in Sherlock (Buzz Magazine, October 2010), this is a love story from Moffat at a Q&A in 2011, BBC marketing in social networks, BBC reply to complain, Mark Gatiss blocking on Twitter people just asking questions….

One more time we are snubbed as something not even worth mentioning...



Don Juan in Soho - Stage Door (01/06/17)

Guys, I made it, I got to see David!
So handsome and so kind and so perfect, I admire him even more! (Which is no small feat, believe me!)
And I got a photo with him too, I teared up and my heart went mad, OMG that wasn’t good for my hypertension!
Awesome, incredible, amazing, bloody brilliant! I still cannot believe it happened!

Thank you David, for everything, you’re one of a kind!


K6 Stage 12.06.01 after show talk moment with the Twin Towers welcoming new member Jurina to the Team K family.

The parents of Team K and their kid. X3 How fun it must be for Jurina to be in the same team with these two. 

I’ll always love the fact that Jurina was in Team K. Cause she definitely carries the qualities to be a Team K member.

(And it’s from this moment that we hear Sayaka’s request to do Glory Days and Jurina proposing the three of them should perform it. So happy that these three eventually did perform it like Sayaka and Jurina wanted. An awesome unit combi.)

What I understand of the FNaF Timeline

19XX- Henry and William go to create Fredbear and Spring Bonnie  

  •  -(Stage 01 Minigame in FNaF 3)

198X- William goes to create Circus Baby’s Pizza World
Circus Baby’s Pizza World:

- Afton’s daughter (I’ll call her Lilly to make things easier later) gets killed by Circus Baby, Daughter later possesses Baby

-(FNaF: SL Death Minigame Ending)

   -Causes the Crying Child to fear the animitronics at Fredbear’s Family Diner
   -William Afton (The Pink Guy) kills two children at Fredbear’s (Sammy [From The Silver Eyes]- Shadow Freddy, Unidentified-Shadow Bonnie/RXQ)

 -Circus Baby’s Pizza World closes due to gas leaks

198X-1983- Henry goes to create the Fazbear Four (Freddy Fazbear,Bonnie the Bunny, Chica the Chicken and Foxy the Pirate) , rebranding as Fredbear and Friend’s (Five Nights at Freddy’s 4)

-Micheal Afton (Eggs Benedict) bullies Crying Child (Lets just call him Caleb) on the days leading to his birthday 
 -(FNaF 4- Between night Cutscenes)  
-Micheal, and the three other bullies take crying child to Fredbear on stage, Causing the Bite of 1983

   -Caleb goes into a 5 Day Coma, imagining Nights 1-6 of FNaF 4
      -Caleb flatlines after Night 6
  -Caleb later posseses The Marionette

-Spring Bonnie and Fredbear are locked into the Safe Room

198X-198X- Eggs Benedict takes a job as a technician at Circus Baby’s Entertainment and Rental Service (Sister Location)

-The animitronics are put into maintenence on seperate days to become Ennard
   -Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy on Saturday, Circus Baby and Ballora  on Sunday
-Eggs is scooped and Ennard uses his body.

(Events of the Cutscenes in SL: Custom Night)  

  -Eggs body slowly decays, until Ennard escapes
   -Lilly posseses Eggs and brings him back to life
   -Eggs has become ‘The Purple Guy’

1983-1985- Fredbear & Friends rebrands once again to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzarea

-William Afton gets hired as a costumed entertainer                                           - Afton uses Spring Bonnie to kill five more children in the safe room (The Missing Children Incident)

  -(Speculation: FNaF 2- Foxy’s Go! Go! Go!) 

   -Henry commits suicide

-Afton gets injured in a Springlock accident, takes on the persona 'Dave Miller’ -Marrionette places the souls of the children into the Fazbear Four and Golden Freddy                                                                                                                       -(Give Gifts Give Life) 

-Freddy Fazbear’s Generation 1 closes


1986(?)-1987- Freddy Fazbear’s Generation 2 opens (Five Nights at Freddy’s 2)

-November 11, 1987, Per Afton’s request, Eggs tampers with the Facial Recognition Systems

   -(FNaF2-SAVE THEM Minigame)

-November 13, 1987, The Bite of '87 occurs as Jeremy works the day shift, Victim Unknown

   -Animitronics no longer able to roam in the daytime

1987-1993- Freddy Fazbear’s Generation 3 opens (Five Nights at Freddy’s 1)

-Phone Guy is killed, Night 4

-Freddy Fazbear’s Generation 3 closes,the last Fazbear Entertainment affiliated resturant

—————————[Non Canon]———————–   1993-2008- Events of The Silver Eyes

-Charlie, John, Jessica, Marla, Carlton, Lamar and Jason sneak into the Abandoned FNaF 1 resturant

-Afton catches the teenagers

   -Afton kidnaps Carlton and stuffs him in a unknown Springlock suit, revealing scars from a past springlock failure

   -Afton kills Officer Dunn, who was sent after 911 was called

-In attempt of keeping the teenagers around to have the Fazbear Four kill them, Afton holds Charlie at knifepoint

 - Charlie Triggers the springlocks, killing William Afton

-Events after The Silver Eyes unknown


1993-2008- Afton requests that Eggs goes to Freddy Fazbear’s to destroy the animitronics

- Sammy as Shadow Freddy lures the animitronics to the Safe Room where eggs destroys the bots

- The childrens souls escape, but they think Eggs is William

- In fear Eggs enters the Spring Bonnie suit 

   -The Springlocks fail on Eggs, killing him

       -Eggs Benedict becomes Springtrap

2008-2023- Fazbear’s Fright is established

-Night 2, 'Phone Dude’ and his team discover Springtrap, along with springlock instruction tapes

-Night 6, Fazbear’s Fright burns down

-According to the newspaper, Springtrap survived the fire

   -The salvaged items are auctioned off to people who would want them

   - Springtrap escapes the ruins of Fazbear’s Fright in search of William Afton

Watch on

Yuzuru and his [ ] magazine on official practice .

This is just my guessing (lol)
at 00:25 Brian came out with pooh on his arm and a suspicion folded “book” or maybe magazine.
at 00:55 Yuzuru took that suspicion magazine feom Brian’s place and went to the back stage
At 01:08 Yuzuru was looking for someone to hand out that magazine but he cannot find anyone he seeked for
At 01:12 Yuzuru came back to Brian and Kikuchi-san (his trainer) but signaling a ‘sshhh’ gesture like “dont tell anyone, keep it secret” and handed that magazine to Kikuchi-san.

LOL XD kawaii