stag at sharkey's


George Bellows (1882 – 1925) was an American painter and lithographer. He studied with Robert Henri at the New York School of Art and became associated with the artists of the Ashcan School. Best known for his boxing scenes, he achieved notoriety with his painting Stag at Sharkey’s (1909), which depicts an illegal boxing match. He was one of the organizers of the Armory Show.

George Bellows

Stag at Sharkey’s, 1907

Ah man, what an incredible piece. One can almost see the flurry of punches being exchanged, almost hear the roaring of the crowd, almost smell the rancid, smoky atmosphere. This is a painting I’d love to see in person.

I just bought a bunch of books on older American and Canadian paintings by the way, so expect more posts on this kinda thing. Yeap.