How NOT to doctor:
  • Arkham staff: "Harleen, this is the last time we're going to tell you this. You have to keep your patient under control and following our rules. Do you understand?"
  • Harleen: "Absolutely. I apologize and I promise it won't happen again."
  • *1 hour later*
  • Joker: *sitting backwards in his chair swinging his feet like a toddler as Harleen feeds him Skittles*
Platform 9 Duty

“Mum! Did you see what happened? That girl, that one there, with the brown hair and the orange cat?”

“Robin, there is no girl with an orange cat, though I commend your color awareness.”

Pomona knew that the girl with the orange “cat” was in fact Hermione Granger, Gryffindor, and the girl had, of course, gone through to the magical side of Platform 9 ¾. Miss Granger was a good girl, to be sure, but it was likely her half-kneazel had distracted her and so …

Pomona surreptitiously drew her wand and made her meandering way toward the far-too-observant Muggle boy. 

“No, really, Mum. She just ran right through it! Right here! I’ll show you!”

Pomona winced when Molly Weasley bustled up, her brood about her like the Giant Squid’s tentacles, flailing about and catching everyone’s attention. “Ronnie! Go on, follow your brother!”

Pomona brought herself between Ronald Weasley and Platform 9 ¾ Muggle side. “Wait, Mister Weasley.”

“Oi, Professor! Mum said—”

Pomona pushed the third year student aside as the Muggle boy, Robin, made a headlong run straight at the brick wall. Pomona tried, but, short of Apparating, she couldn’t outrace the lad and he hit the wall with a solid thunk to his head.

“Merlin!” Pomona muttered, hurrying as fast as she could to the lad’s side. His parents were distracted by someone they knew, so she worked quickly.

“Concussion. And that cut, there.” Pomona was an Herbologist, but the Healing Arts were a pet interest as well, and she’d helped Poppy often during busy seasons in the Infirmary. She finished with a quick “Obliviate,” and a swish of her wand, all whilst Ronald Weasley gaped at her.

“Professor?” her student whispered.

“Help the Muggle up,” Pomona directed. “Ask if he knows how to get to Piccadilly from here.”


“Just. Ask.” Pomona rolled her eyes. Did boys always have to question directions? “Robin?” she said kindly as she and Ronald Weasley pulled the boy to his feet. “All right there? That bit of the platform’s rather unreliable.”

“Oi! D’you know how to get to Pick-a-Dilly?” Ronald asked slowly, rubbing at his head. “Lookin’ fer it, you know, and I—” His face grew red with the obvious strain of making up a tale.

“Robin? Robin, love, Aunt Cathy wanted to see the tie—oh, hello.”

Pomona almost leaned against the wall in her relief as she and her student exchanged glances. 

“Oi, Mum! Do you know how to get to Piccadilly?” the boy called, jogging off to his parents. 

“Thank you, Mister Weasley,” Pomona said on a breath. “Now get on the train. I’m on Platform Duty ‘til you lot are safely away.”

As all his siblings had gone before, Ron gave her a crooked smile and dashed off through to Platform 9 ¾ in the Wizarding manner.

“Oh, Mummy! Did you see that? Right here, that boy went right through—”

Pomona groaned quietly and rolled her eyes. “Severus owes me for this.”

[YOI] Random staff twitter conversation

I was asked to translate an amusing Twitter conversation that happened earlier so here it is!

Tweet by Takashi Shiina (author of Zettai Karen Children etc, he likes YOI), actually this is from October 29th, not sure why the staff spotted it now.

“For some reason, I had the impression that I saw a certain image when I watched the anime for the first time, but even re-watching it I couldn’t find it, so I’m drawing a rough sketch of it. Please someone finish it for me.”

Reply by Noriko Itou (animation director for YOI):

“I tried drawing it, but no matter how many times I look at it there’s no scene like this…”

Mitsurou Kubo intervenes (not linking the tweet because it’s just text):
“Princess carry… It’s curious, because I have the feeling it already happened but indeed we’ve never drawn something like that… Why…?”

“We must have missed something… They should just go ahead and skate on the rink like that…”

Additional note:
On her Twitter, Kubo later commented that in figure skating there are actually level 4 (=high score) princess carry and other techniques involving lifts. (I interpret this comment as her way of saying that talking about princess carry on an ice rink is not necessarily off topic because there are indeed techniques like that in pair skating and ice dance, lol)

They’re just so amusing and so random, lol… But I agree with the person who wrote in the comments: “I’m sure you’re just saving it for season 2, aren’t you?”. 

Taehyung: *breathes in and about to say something*

Hwarang: *complete silence and stares fondly*

Taehyung: *breathes out*

Hwarang: that was so good so funny you are such an adorable dongsaeng we lov