Star Wars: Forces of Destiny - Rey of Jakku and Kylo Ren Figure (Amazon UK)


Rey is brave, true to her friends, and stands up for what she believes in!

Toughened by life growing up on the harsh planet of Jakku, but hopeful that one day whoever had left her there would return, she learned how to survive as a scavenger. She’s also a gifted mechanic, pilot, and fighter. Self-defense is a must for a Jakku scavenger, and Rey is known for her combat skills with her staff.

Rey’s life changes when she encounters BB-8, a Resistance droid, and escapes Jakku alongside renegade Stormtrooper Finn. Despite dismissing herself as “no one,” she soon discovers that her destiny is guided by the Force, and she possesses the mysterious power of the legendary Jedi.


Kylo Ren betrays his family, his friends, and all that he once held dear in his pursuit of power!

A dark warrior strong with the Force, Kylo Ren is a leader of the First Order and a student of Supreme Leader Snoke. He seeks to destroy the New Republic and the Resistance no matter who stands in his way. His pursuit of power is fueled by the Dark Side.

With his unusual lightsaber in hand, he faces off against the heroes of the Resistance, seeking to defeat them no matter the cost! —Hasbro

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Okay, so I was reading that headcanon you contributed to the whole 'what do the guards think and do about Jumin and MC's wild sex life', and then I read the cheating MC headcanon right after. So I was thinking (this isn't a request but more like something for you to think about) how would the guards react hearing/seeing their boss and his wife going through problems?


Like children who knew what was happening but had to stay quiet and pretend everything was ok when the parents came out. 

They were at it again. 

For the last three nights Mr and Mrs Han had been fighting over- God knows what- but it was like living in the dead of winter in that house. Icy and frozen, dead on the inside as well as out. 

They never really screamed or shouted but that made it worse as they would ‘talk’ argue as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. The biting comments, the snide remarks, the cold and unyielding glances at each other- if the staff hadn’t seen them get married and live together for the last year they would have sworn they were nothing but enemies. 

But, as always, they kept quiet. 
They watched on blankly at opposite walls or at their shoes or at each other from the corners of their eyes. They would do their job around them in a heavy silence filled with their bitter words and awkward pauses. It was horrible. 
Where was the softly smiling Mr Han who used to stoke his wife’s hair as she lay in his lap? Where were the adoring gazes Mrs Han used to send her husband whenever there was a lull in their dinner conversation? Where did their love go? 

At times they truly felt like conflicted children, some siding with her and others siding with him. Well she should have never said it to begin withI one would say, And he should have never brought it up at all! another would rebut. Over and over in the guardhouse they would talk about their employers as if they themselves were embroiled in their daily drama. Like they had a choice as to who would win the fight. 

One night as they sat on the balcony in stony silence, Mr Han had said something so shocking, so hurtful that Mrs Han simply put down her wine glass and sat there dumb, numb and angry. And hurt. The guard stationed in the house could see the woman as she straightened her clothes, her face tilting down towards her lap to hide the emotion splashed all over her face. Min Ho had to physically stop himself from walking forward and cracking his employer over his fat, stupid head- he was completely out of line. He wanted to wrap his strong muscled arms around her and take her to the guard house and make her a cup of tea and tell her that her husband was an idiot and soon he’d see what he was jeopardising by acting like such a fool. 

But he didn’t. He stayed still. His mouth shut. His eyes forward. 

Mrs Han cleared her throat before standing up and leaving, flashing an embarrassed and apologetic smile to Min Ho. 

“I’m sorry you had to hear that.” 

He really wanted to punch Mr Han on the back of his head. 

Guardsman Choi, please come here,” the ebony haired dictator ordered, before taking a sip of his favourite wine (though by the sour look on his face it may as well have been piss he were drinking). 


“Please… please look after my wife when I’m at work tomorrow. Take her anywhere she wants, let her do whatever she wants… I … if she wants to leave… help her. Don’t stop her… she…” he trailed off as he downed the rest of the alcohol in his glass. “She… I went too far. She deserves better.”

He couldn’t hold back anymore. He’d known Jumin since he was 20 years old, when he was fresh out of training and ready to work for the mighty Han family. More than 10 years of knowing the brat and he had never seen him more distraught or in pain than at that very moment. 

“Mr Han, you can fire me if you want- but I’m going to say my piece…” A voice perked up in his ear, his captain, the head of security telling him to shut up and know his place. He took out his ear piece. “Mr Han… you look after your wife. You take her wherever she wants. You let her do whatever she wants… but don’t let her leave. You went too far- so backtrack and find your wife and give her the better she deserves…” he said resolutely, hands balled at his sides. “I… I realise this is all out of line and way above my pay grade but- you’re a good man. She’s a good woman. You’re going through a rough patch and I, I would never forgive myself if I just let you guys destroy yourselves over something so insignificant… we all think so-”

“Oh- so all my paid staff think they have the right to discuss my private, personal life in amongst yourselves? Like you’re all watching some soap opera unfurl before your eyes- is that what we are to you?” 

“I… we’re just concerned Sir. If we talk… we just want to find a way to help.”

Mr Han huffed and stood up as he walked over to the phone and pressed the pound button, waiting until the guardsman on duty picked up, his steel grey eyes burning a hole straight though his skull. He was fired. He was doomed. He’d never work again as a Guardsman in the country and would have to try to pick up a job on the docks as s fisherman or something. 

“Yes- Jun Seo… Guardsman Choi… he has decided to interfere with matters that have absolutely no bearing to his roles as a guardsman… Promote him.”

Say… what? Who? 

Mr Han hung up the phone and patted the older man on the upper arm, a soft but gracious smile upon his lips, You’re right. I will. Now get back to work Choi.” 

Min Ho released a shaky breath as the Heir left the room and entered his bedroom, ready to confront and console his wife.

He wanted to kiss Mr Han. A promotion! To think-

“Hey, dumbass… you got lucky this time- make sure you never do anything like that again-

“Hahaha why is that Boss Jun? You afraid that he’ll butt into another argument and take your job?” a new voice chimed through the ear piece. 

No but just for that jibe you can go guard the outside of Mr and Mrs Han’s doors as they ahaha… make up.” 

“No.. please, I take it back, come on- that’s Min Ho’s job-”

Uh UH! But he’s been promoted!” 

“Come on guys!
The last time i had to guard the inside of the house I couldn’t sleep for a week! ! All I could hear were them and the head board clanging and the whips.. my god the whips…” 

Min Ho shuddered and walked out of the house. He suddenly couldn’t choose which he preferred- loved up Han’s or angry Han’s… 

… though in the morning, at the sight of Mrs Han on Mr Han’s lap as he fed her breakfast, smiling and laughing and making a ridiculous mess for the housekeeper to clean up… 

Loved up Han’s. Every time. 

twhiddleston A deadly famine has put millions of children in danger in South Sudan and across East Africa. But with your help, @Unicef staff can reach children with life-saving food and care, and help prevent more cases of malnutrition. I’ve been to the South Sudan twice to meet children and their families, and I have seen the impact Unicef is making. Please visit the link in my bio to find out more. [link]

On August 14th 2012 a four-year-old boy was rushed to hospital with severe abdominal pains and internal bleeding. The boy’s mother - who hospital staff identified as twenty-five-year old Jessica Dutro - told the emergency crash team that her son Zachary had fallen out of bed onto the hard wooden floor, and claimed his younger sister had kicked him a few times. As soon as Jessica Dutro was out of sight the E.R staff called the Portland police; Zachary had been the victim of a horrendous beating, and his mother was responsible for it.

While police caught up with Jessica, medical staff fought to save Zachary’s life; his intestines had split in two places, and feces had spread into his bloodstream causing a massive infection. Doctors also noted that Zachary’s upper lip had been partially torn off and his abdomen was covered in both fresh and partially healed bruises. Just hours after he had been admitted, Zachary Dutro died, from a combination of septic shock and internal injuries.

Jessica Dutro was immediately arrested and charged with child abuse resulting in murder. She confessed she beat Zachary because she was afraid he was gay; she had sent a text to an ex-boyfriend just a month before the fatal beating that said “he [Zachary] walks around like a fag. He needs to learn big time”. Jessica Dutro told police she snapped when Zachary insisted on taking his shoes off while he watched TV, and admitted to kicking him five times in the stomach, punching him into a wall, and tossing him onto the bed when he lost consciousness. The child lay on the bed for over thirty-six hours - in excruciating pain due to his split intestines - before his mother sought medical help.

Jessica Dutro was found guilty of killing her son and sentenced to life with the possibility of parole.

Shower Here (M)

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Anonymous said: for that drabble thing: RA!Jimin complained once that he never caught his gf locked out of her dorm with just a towel on. How about when he’s on duty, that actually does happen, and then of course he had to take advantage of that situation

Summary: Your habit of getting locked out and the fact that most people are out of the building lead to some one-on-one time with the RA on duty. Hey, after all, it is his birthday.

Word Count: 3.3k

Member: Jimin

Genre: Smut, some fluff, RA!AU

A/N: Belated birthday thing for our sexy little mochi because it’s the middle of midterms and I’m procrastinating.

As a college student, checking your email, most specifically your school email, is a must. Everything from class assignments, to on campus events, to the occasional notice that the dorm laundry room is closed because one of the dryers caught fire (people really need to learn how to clean out their damn lint). You also get the occasional email about dorm policy, such as if people have blasting their music too loud or if too many people have been leaving their dirty dishes in the shared kitchen. As you open your email today, you’re greeted with a message informing you that any time you have to get your room unlocked, after the third time, there’s a $15 fee.

Shit. You’re pretty forgetful as it is, but you’ve already had to have someone unlock you door for you 3 times, and you’re not thrilled to have to pay a fine. However, these sentiments slip your mind the next night when you go to take a shower. Hmmm, this situation seems familiar.

“When will I fucking learn?” You groan to yourself as you rest your head on the door to your room. Your roommate’s out of town too, shit. Goodbye fifteen bucks. You’re not exactly sure what to do now, as you are still not thrilled about the prospect of visiting the res hall office with only a towel wrapped around your body, hair soaking wet still. Fuck, what is it about showers that make you forget your keys?

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Sometimes Known as the Ghost Queen

Halfway through my first year I could no longer take living in a single occupancy room, I talked with the residence life staff and they offered me a roommate. I had to move clear across campus, out of what I had come to know of as the “safe” area, and into an area I wouldn’t even walk in the daylight.

I didn’t meet my roommate until move in day, right after semester break was over I enlisted a few friends to help me move in. They refused to go inside the building at first and only after meeting and being assured by the RA who looked like they had seen far too much.

My roommate at first didn’t seem too far from human, they seemed to only smile when someone smiled at them first. When they spoke they didn’t say “I” they said “We” and didn’t seem to notice the strange looks that others would give them when they did so.

During the rest of that year nothing happened. They wouldn’t let me line windows or doors with salt or with nails, claiming they were too clumsy and would end up stepping on the nails or that the salt was too messy and would end up all over the place.

It wasn’t until the second year when anything really happened. We had requested to be roommates with each other again and had learned each other’s full legal names. I had brought my boyfriend over to meet them, he didn’t go to the university, but he sat in on enough of my classes to have basically been a student. He was pagan, they had gotten into a conversation on his religion while i was coming back from class one day. By the time I had gotten there he was telling them about his deities of choice, which are Persephone and Hades. I had never seen them more interested in something before. They were grinning widely and nodding with understanding while he spoke.

It was at that time in which things had finally started adding up in my head, but it wasn’t until we had lost a few fish from our shared fish tank that I really thought anything of it. My roommate had started using window crayons to draw symbols on her windows after each fish was lost.

My boyfriend had been over when I had lost the second one. He had made a joking comment in an attempt to make light of the losses that caused my roommate to freeze and stare him down until he explained it was a joke and that he had meant nothing of it. They calmed and smiled a bit strangely and didn’t seem to be hung up on it. The next few times lost fish I heard them mumbling the phrase under their breath.

I had to leave the school halfway through the year, my grades had dropped low enough that I was no longer able to continue. My roommate hugged me when I left and wished me well. I moved in with my boyfriend and we have only lost two fish since, both times he sent the phrase to my now ex roommate, she responded with a winking emoji face.

I still refuse to say the phrase, those five words would only mean another pet lost and another winkie face received.

“The Ghost Queen strikes again”








The ancient Caduceus symbol used by the modern medical establishment symbolizes on a esoteric level the alchemical process. The staff represents the spinal column which correlates with the Sushumna Nadi channel of yogic esoteric anatomy. The two ascending spirals of snakes represent the solar and lunar currents known as the ida and pingala of the kundalini life force. The spiral pattern is similar to the spirals of the human DNA. The symbolism of Jacobs Ladder or Stairway to Heaven corresponds with the Staff of Life.

The sphere at the top of the staff represents the energy center of the brain or the seventh chakra also known as the thousand petaled lotus. The Wings at the top of the staff is the culmination of the alchemical process. This represents freedom or liberation of the soul from the cycle of birth and death. One transcends the bonds of ego and bodily identification. The spirit is released from the confines of matter. Ultimately, this is the unfoldment of consciousness where by one realizes ones self to be infinite also known as self-realization.

- Arion Love; Alchemy - The Science of Enlightenment

Art by: Mario Pichler

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Dear Fahye, your writing is breathtaking and creative and sharp and delightful & the fact that you manage to pursue medicine and also write ALL THE THINGS is insanely inspiring. I just graduated from med school and am one week away from my first day of intern year in internal medicine (OH GOD). Do you have any advice for a thrilled / terrified baby doctor (& aspiring writer)? Is there anything you wish you had known / done before you started practicing medicine? Thank you for being amazing.

GOOD LUCK TO YOU, ANON, I hope your career is everything you hope it to be and more :)))

things I wish I had known before I started my intern year:

  • remember to pee
  • remember to eat and drink
  • no matter how smart and confident and level-headed and awesome you are, there are going to be days when you feel like an incompetent fool who should have quit med school after a week and become a florist instead. THIS IS NORMAL. 
  • it’s helpful to talk to dead people when you’re declaring them dead. use their names. be calm and chatty.
    • there are some weirdass sounds going on in someone’s chest when they’ve recently died. it’s not breathing. it’s ok.
    • that said, if a nurse pages you to declare a death on the ward, it’s not urgent. do the other five things on your list first. that way they’ll be cold when you get to them, too, and that tends to remove all smidgen of doubt re: whether this person is Actually Dead.
  • you will ruin at least one pair of shoes with blood. don’t worry about it.
  • similarly: for the love of god keep track of when you’re meant to be in theatres so that you can bring your comfy shoes and not end up having to do a surprise half-day caesarian section list IN HEELS.
    • this may not apply to you, given what you said about internal medicine, and how early the USian system divides you onto specialist tracks, but the ankle swelling and foot pain I had at the end of that day were so memorable that I am passing this lesson on to you regardless.
  • no matter how bad a day you’re having, be nice to nurses. be nice to admin staff. be nice to the pharmacists and the physios and the switchboard staff. this will make your life ten thousand times easier, and also it’s the decent thing to do.
  • ALWAYS be nice to the radiology staff. the day your specialist wants you to get an urgent CT scan at 5pm, you’ll be glad you did.
  • some nurses are dicks. some doctors are dicks. NEVER, EVER BADMOUTH THE OTHER CLINICAL STAFF IN FRONT OF PATIENTS. try not to do it at work in general. do it when you get home. 
    • also, sometimes you will find yourself being a dick
    • this is a stressful job
    • apologise, and move on
  • one of the best skills you can have is the ability to communicate quickly, firmly and concisely over the phone. if you’re waking someone up, they want to know why. do you guys do ISBAR? learn ISBAR. love ISBAR.
  • the camaraderie between junior doctors is intense and life-saving. you’re all in the trenches together. you will lean on one another, and help one another, and debrief about the absurd and gory and downright traumatising things that your job presents to you on a daily basis.
  • however, hold on to your non-medical friends. keep in touch with them. socialise with them. you need them for perspective. otherwise every single social occasion outside work becomes talk ABOUT work, and next thing you know it the waiter is asking you to maybe keep your voices down because the next table doesn’t want to hear that level of detail about bowel resection and urinary catheters when they’re eating.
  • a final word on female urinary catheters:
    • the number of people who have attempted to catheterise a clitoris, myself included, is mind-boggling. the urethral opening is lower.
    • no, lower than that.
    • that’s it.
10 years of tumblr

i can’t believe this tumblr is 10 years old… i literally joined this website in 2007 as a dumb idiot my first year of college. i joined because i wanted a blog but i didn’t wanna put a ton of effort into it. i modified an early theme to make it my own. reblogging was added as a feature. the logo changed. my username was first “helloadam” and then “jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk” to throw off my mom (seriously but also i’m kidding). 

i started making friends with other people in those early days and am still friends with some of them today. all my friends in school made tumblrs. we posted vaguely suggestive GPOYWs and clippings of life and music we liked. i made a lot of “art” and “fake art” and had a million side blogs for real design and joke content and cell phone photos before instagram. @twoseconds and i mostly talked to each other. @dannybrito and i kept our livejournal friendship going. i posted lots of inspiration and moody shit and talked about myself a ton and promoted my college radio show (don’t think i didn’t go back and delete that shit years later). 

i “swapped phrases” with @happy2bsad and befriended a bunch of cool gay nerds like @colinquinn and the chicago boys and met the internet IRL at sxsw 2010-2012 and went up to new york on weekends to drink four loko. my first-ever postcard design in 2009 racked up major “tumblarity” which was a thing. i wanted to get more of what i was doing “for my tumblr” onto paper so i made a zine. i made more postcards. i posted my “sorry i am such an asshole” balloons and people started ordering them. i made my 2012 unsolicited advice planners and people really really liked them. tumblr became my own little world where i was a meme version of myself and got feedback in real time. 

i started lurking a cute guy who seemed very smart and cool so i faved all his posts without talking to him. i got a book deal for my weird mix of dark humor and handwritten aphorisms. my joy division parody shirt went mildly viral and paid my rent in between jobs. that first book, a journal full of internet and tumblr references came out and sort of legitimized whatever my whole deal was. i visited the tumblr offices and got put into the spotlight section, two dreams come true. i made more stuff. i briefly had a job “making internet stuff.” i made a second book. i made a bunch of products. i became a brand. i got engaged to that cute guy. and i’m still posting scraps of ideas and life and music and my personal growth into an adult person. 

thank you, tumblr @staff.

LIFE photographer Nina Leen posing with Rolleiflex camera (1949). Photograph by Serge Balkin. LIFE.

Leen’s first photographs to be published in LIFE in April 1940 were of tortoises at the Bronx Zoo, taken with her Rolleiflex camera. While she never became a staff photographer at LIFE, she contributed as a contract photographer until the magazine closed in 1972. Leen was a prolific photographer of fashion for LIFE, and was long married to the fashion photographer Serge Balkin.

Broken feelings?

I do not know why but I feel like a person who has no feelings. When I see a person happy, I am not, and I always do. What is it? That I have feelings I do not want to feel. For example: I’m happy and after a few minutes I start depression. It’s like I’m 14 years old, or I’m afraid of something (for example: No one remembers my birthday, I’m doing something wrong, I’m not good enough and nice, I’m annoying.) Or do not I be on this page? I have a birthday greeting and I would like to thank some people whom I love and following them and thank them for being great and for being here with us: @5ew00 @zarla-s @zombie-frisk @zombietigresscomics @yukinko888 @yugogeer12 @yamsgarden @xx-blazingespeon33-xx @xxmileikaivanaxx @xtalechara-adventures @wolfoftonight @wildtaleau @whelth @wolf-wrathknight @wonszusart @wilyart @very-kawaii @vgyume @undertaleheadcanons @undertale @undertalecutie @undertalepositivityproject @undertale-dating-simulator @ut-storyshift @ursik-l @underlineau @underfart-snas @ursik-l-in-junk-mind @undertale-dating-simulator @tokonbu @toggy001 @totallycorrectmsaquotes @therealjacksepticeye @thefandometrics @thegrinningkitten @the-ink-monster @silversans098 @sushidragon @suisan-deactivated20170414 @superyoumna @sukunu @saltshakerslap @sasster-blaster @sansybones @starbotdubs @suger-mellow-bear @sweetoothgirl @reneiru @redkammy @redworld96 @rahafwabas @redlhzz @quantumtale @perfectshadow06 @psicro @punnyskele-scientist @powaro810 @oraclesaturn2 @outertale @ninathepink @neofox67 @nekophy @nextale @nagisaheichou @nochocolate @nendoroidoftheday @mysteryskullsacademy @moinstar @mooncatyao@metakazkz  @melle-d @memoryfell @macotea@maxladcomics @min-play @marksandrec @muskka @macotea @lyoth737 @live4love136 @lazyartz @ladydarkofmissandei @lasryuki @little-noko @linssins @lynxgriffin @lunaartgallery @loverofpiggies @kyashee-deactivated20170407 @komatutororu @komatutororuau @kisumifoxler19  @kindledvirtuosity @kiacii @kustardlovin @kell0x @kaweii @jesuka-arts @jazzthetiger @janghongi @jokublog @indulgenceahoy @isinnia @imjustalazycat @hiimtryingtounderfell @gastersans @gzstudio-official @furgemancs @fuyuko-chan @fatal-error-blog @dusttale-sans @dustyart @divagirl03-me @dizplicity-draws @d-han @dooojojojo @diesel-1997 @dancetale@burebu-luxiu @burningcupcakelivi @button-tale @calvaryknight @cocoamuc @crossxdreamblog @crossingdreams @crossxdream @crossxdreamfanpage @cursetale @caretaker-au @comyet @byutaki @bonesandblasters @bendysstudio @beckyshecky @bettyfearpink123 @batter-sempai @babyanimalgifs @bossmonsterbani @buttercupsticksntricks @bamsarakiilledyou @blesstale @abiubiuus @askunderswappaps @amortem-kun @allesiathehedge @artsyfeathersartsyblog @xx-blazingespeon33-xx @doiduh@tehrogue @v0idless @the-silver-fox-inari @yesyooduck @dizplicity-draws @ask-ganz-gztale @majikokoko @sharaxofficial @powaro810 @yam-tt @srpelo @anrez-op-skele @twinklephoenix @eclipticart @kuzukago-undertale @walkingmelonsaaa @askfriskandcompany @kohn-ningezoo-fanart @moonia0 @zombie-frisk @camilaart @2erik2 @mus0330 @firalai @jerupipa123 @0u0-ddd @kkunim @golzy @outertalegame @undermafiaz @mnstrcndy @dancetale @holloweentwinkie @underfellfangame @2521blog2@ferisae @jakei95 @jumbletale @matkajson @yoralim @clovertoon @zheyzhey-art @zheyzhey04 @skydendrin @xtaleunderverse @rrobo01 @ladydarkofmissandei @rainbowchibbit @staff@perfectshadow06 @tmnt4ever2012 @silversans098

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an important message to all mayors from your staff (tomodachi life version)