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staff You are recommending that I follow a nazi blog I blocked last night. Your site promotes anti-semitism to Jews. Your site shoves Nazi Swastikas in the faces of Jews. It’s bad enough that the Nazi blogs seem to be sprouting up like weeds on a site that claims to have an anti-hate policy, but to actively promote them to people who have taken the steps of blocking these blogs is beyond the pale. Clean this place up. It’s turning into Stormfront.

I encourage everyone who sees this post, Jewish or otherwise, to reblog it. Tumblr has been ignoring the growth of Nazism on this site for too long. It needs to end.

How to hide the Staff Pick at the top of the dash


So today Tumblr rolled out an update that shoves one of the random Tumblr Radar posts onto your dash, as the first post, without any ability for you to prevent that. I was fucking outraged. If you have XKit, there is already someone who has coded a pull request for the No Recommended extension (fucking props to XKit and open source software in general), but I’m an impatient child and I cannot stand waiting for it to be pulled by an admin. So I made my own. 


You’re gonna need AdBlock Plus. I’m assuming you already have it installed because if you’re interested in hiding shit you don’t care about then you’re the kind of person who already has it. We’re going to be making a custom filter.

Go to the ABP filter preferences.

Go to the Custom filters tab.

Make a new filter group. Give it whatever name you would like.

Click on your new group, then on Add filter, and then give your filter this text:

Close the filter preferences and refresh Tumblr. The post is gone! Now you can enjoy your dash without corporate bullshit being shoved down your throat. Cheers!

N.B.: This is a very hacky solution and is in no way intended to replace a more elegant one. The pull request on XKit is a lot better, but I would have needed JavaScript for that and that’s not a thing you can do with ABP. I only did this because I’m impatient and decided not to wait until XKit decided to go through with the pull request and put out an update for their extension. I absolutely recommend using their solution when No Recommended updates to 2.2.2.

Do you ever just watch BTS videos and feel happy because they exist? Because Sleepy introduced Namjoon to Bang Sihyuk and he had an idea to form a group? Because Jin was at that street at that exact time and got casted? Because Yoongi saw the poster advertising the “Hit It” and decided to audition? Because Hoseok choose Bighit over JYP? Because Jungkook couldn’t get in when he auditioned for Superstar K3 and was casted by BigHit’s staff? Because Jimin was recommended to audition by his teacher? Because Taehyung followed his friend to his audition and was noticed by company’s staff ? Because these 7 dorks had changed your life for the better?

Dear Tumblr,

First of all, I like you, you are pretty neat and have some awesome people in you. But cupcake, your mobile app is torture. I believe Tumblr is big enough to have a better mobile app, I know it’s a complicated system but I do also believe that it deserves investment because I feel like I’m slowly going mad. I only check notifications from mobile now, which by the way are missing the “mentions”. I just want the one social media I use the most to have a decent app. Pretty please.

With lots and lots of love and all things pretty,



But have you seen ALL of Tumblr?

If you’re looking to really explore Tumblr, you’ve got to

Visit the Explore page

It’s that compass at the top of your dashboard. It’s thick with trending stuff, staff-picked stuff, and recommended-for-you stuff. It’s also a showcase of all the most popular gifs, photos, videos, quotes, chats, links, and…audios? Anyway, use it to slice up Tumblr any way you please, and marvel at all the fantastic stuff that pours out.


And another thing, @staff: PLEASE STOP RECOMMENDING NAZIS AND WHITE SUPREMACIST BLOGS TO ME! I’m Jewish and Mexican. I hate even knowing these blogs exist. I have the option of getting rid of the recommendation, but there’s no way for me to say “and never give me anything like this ever again.” I get why the algorithm is coughing them up–I took a look at a couple white supremacist blogs to see how overt their content was (spoiler alert: it was real bad) and now you think I want more. I DON’T. 

All of these blogs were recommended to me in the last week. I’ll be reporting these blogs through the malicious speech reporting tool and you’re all welcome to do the same. Please do not @ any of these blogs in the notes. The last thing I want is to interact with any of these people.

Tumblr features I would actually find useful and enjoyable

1. The obvious biggie, a built-in blacklist function for the dashboard. Users can enter words and tags to filter out triggering or distressing content, avoid spoilers, and/or avoid innocuous topics that they’re simply not interested in. Ideally this would have three levels. Blacklist hides the relevant content entirely, greylist inserts a message, “This post is hidden because it contains the word [whatever] - click to view it anyway,” for material you may decide to look at when you’re ready for it but don’t want to see unexpectedly and whitelist prevents content containing a blacklisted word from being hidden if it also contains a whitelisted word.
2. Two levels of blocking - one-way block is the present option in which the blocked user can’t view or interact with your posts. Two-way block means that you also can’t view or interact with their posts, and if someone you follow reblogs from them, you won’t see it. If you don’t want to have to blacklist or greylist a term you’re interested in just to avoid seeing what this one irritating person says about it, two-way block is for you. If you’ve fallen out with someone and it will just upset you to see their posts or if you want to remove the temptation to go “AND ANOTHER THING,” when you know no good will come of it, it’s also for you.
3. Non-rebloggable posts. If you want to tell your followers about something personal but not have it leave your own blog, for example, you can set it as non-rebloggable and they can still reply to it or message you about it. You may have noticed how many of these features would help people to avoid unwanted confrontations and conflict while leaving open the option to engage with others as they wish. That’s deliberate. That’s how social media should be.
4. A clearly visible original date and time stamp on each post so it’s clear how old it is. If you can see that someone said something incorrect six months ago, you probably don’t need to correct them now. Likewise, if a missing person or lost pet post is months old, you can check whether they’ve actually been found in the meantime and avoid reblogging unnecessarily.
5. The ability to save your instant messaging chat logs - purely because sometimes I’ve had good ideas in discussions with friends that I haven’t been able to refer to later, and it felt like a waste.
Taylor Swift's kebab shop owner 'overwhelmed' as they become most famous kebab shop in the world
TAYLOR Swift has caused quite a stir after heading to THIS kebab shop to film her new music video. The unimposing takeaway, called Kentish Delight, is located in north London and serves “grea…

TAYLOR Swift has caused quite a stir after heading to THIS kebab shop to film her new music video.

The unimposing takeaway, called Kentish Delight, is located in north London and serves “great skewers”, according to customers.

Signage outside the red, yellow and blue painted shopfront claims it is ‘THE BEST KEBABS IN LONDON’.

And since Taylor has put it on the map, it is fast becoming the most famous kebab shop in the world.

When The Sun Online called Kentish Delight, located in Kentish Town, the woman who answered said she has been overwhelmed with calls.

Sounding extremely flustered, she told us: “We’ve had a lot of phone calls and loads of people are wanting to come and take pictures.

"I’ve got an appointment with someone coming to see us in a minute.

"We’ve just had a lot of enquiries, that’s all I can say really. It’s all I can say right now.”

The woman didn’t embellish on who was set to pay her a visit before hanging up.

Kentish Delight sells a range of kebabs, burgers, fish and chicken dishes and a sign in its window boasts: “HOME MADE FOOD.”

Its most recent Food Hygiene Rating, set by the Food Standards Agency, is 'Good’, meaning it achieved a score of four out of five.

A description of Kentish delight on Just Eat reads: “Welcome to Kentish Delight Kebab & Burger, 381 Kentish Town Road, London offering you a delicious variety of Kebab Wraps, Burgers, Fish and Special Offers.”

Open six days a week, the takeaway offers free delivery to all customers living within a two mile radius.

A box of chicken and lamb skewers costs £6.40, while a portion of chicken wings - marinaded in onions, herbs and green peppers - is priced at £5.50.

Quarter pounders will set customers back £3, while vegetarians can grab four pieces of grilled halloumi with salad and sauce for £4.20.

Late-night revellers can fill their stomachs with a box of chips and cheese for £2.60.

One review on Google reads: “Great Skewers, really well cooked and friendliest staff. I highly recommend it.”

Another states: “Best kebab,best service- forget about anywhere else…if you like kebab and Turkish food-then this is the place to be.”

However one not-so-happy customer said: “Terrible service!!! Staff told us to shut up because we were laughing and chatting while eating our food.”

Taylor Swift brought more than 60 crew with her when she recorded her new video at Kentish Delight on the weekend.

The superstar pays homage to her romance with Brit boyfriend Joe Alwyn in the video, with her visiting incognito some of the places they went to when they first began dating.

It also includes his local pub, an alleyway and a trip on a London night bus.

A source said: “The video shows Taylor on a night out. All of the locations are places she has been to with Joe.

“She has spent months quietly going under the radar in London this year and has been out a lot more than anybody realises.“ (x)