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hey ummm i dont know who else to ask about this but what the fresh fuck is the "woody collective" and should i fear them

the woody collective started off as just one person who would take old deactivated nazi blogs and change the profile picture to a specific picture of woody from toy story and set everything to default besides the title, which they changed to “Howdy Pardner”
eventually more and more people joined, taking old nazi urls and woodifying then. the mastermind behind the woody collective no longer has control over all the blogs.
a blog called “woody’s roundup” was started that currently serves as somewhat of a central hub for all of the woodys. i’ve seen instances where the woody collective rounds up not just nazis, but also pedophiles and terfs.
there’s a new meme going around where people take the url of a popular tumblr user known for being “bad” (i.e. sixpenceee and even the staff) and edit their profile pic to the woody picture and put in a post that just says “Howdy”
tl;dr it’s an awesome thing going on but it’s probably gonna end up getting way out of hand but i hope it can continue to act as controlled chaos for as long as possible

What i want for BTS festa 2017:

- JIKOOK wedding vlog (+ pictures)
- JIKOOK honeymoon vlog (+ pictures)
(- The proposal would be great too)
- YOONSEOK wedding vlog (+ pictures)
- more YOONSEOK honeymoon vlog (+ pictures)
(- The proposal would be great too)
- BangPD photoshoot/photobook
- Bangtan Bomb: A day with BangPD
- Taehyung Gucci photoshoot + photobook
- Jin cooking book (+ photobook included)
- A day dedicated to Namjoon where it’s only Namjoon content
- The staff making BTS profiles

Excuse me @staff? Did you fix profile pictures randomly swapping? Did you reduce data usage? Did you decrease load times? Did you make reporting people easier? Did you make it so when you block people you dont see any post theyve posted or reblogged and they cant see yours? Are the nazis gone? Did you fix the safe mode bs? Did you make it stop getting slow and crashing when you scroll really far? Did you make it stop having a notification even though a message has already been read? Did you make ask/submit inboxes more easily accessible? Have you made gifs stop pausing background audio from other apps? Have you made a popup UI so you can scroll away from and audio post and still be able to pause it? Have you fixed activity and made it so that clicking comments and mentions actually takes you to the post instead of saying theres nothing there? Have you changed the error messages so they actually tell you whats wrong? Actually since this app is perfect lets remove error messages. Have you stopped the bot problem? Have you added a quick preview or editor of your desktop theme? Have you added the ability to change your url on mobile? Have you changed your advertiser policy and started reviewing ads before theyre put on the website? Have you added tag/phrase blacklisting? Have you made searches stop only displaying the first few results? Have you allowed blogs marked nsfw to show up in searches for blogs marked 18+? Have you fixed the issues with the html post editor or made it easier to use? Have you actually starting talking to people with staff and @support and started communicating with your userbase of millions? Have you started giving detailed update notes? Have you changed the desktop version so that it isnt 40% whitespace? Made a functional sidebar with all the things it should have? Done anything to stop or ban blogs with malicious code? Have you?


You are a man of taste and quick decisions. That is how you amassed your billions. You have your ideal boy in mind and you know that when you see him you will make your move. You might see him on an airplane, on the street or even the beach. He really could be anywhere. Yet, once you look in his eyes, you “know” that you will know.

He really is stunning isn’t he? Yes. Those eyes! You sink into those eyes, don’t you? You must have him. Sure, you have the charm to invite him to coffee (or…maybe to your penthouse - you think: why not show it off asap?) Good plan.

Bring him up and give him a tour. My, he looks so perfect here. Invite him to sit and bring him coffee. Good plan. Just stare into those eyes. Those eyes are so inviting. So powerful. You must have him. You now “know” it for certain. He likes your wealth. You can feel it. Oh, my. His eyes are even more beautiful than you remember. Yes. Sink into his eyes. Listen to him. Yes you want him to know more about you. You want him to know the big things first. Tell him about all of your holdings: Every company you own, and how many homes. Yes, this young man needs to know. You want him to know everything upfront. Just look into his eyes. They are so commanding and it is so easy to tell him the truth. Good boy. Yes, he is impressed and takes your hand. So comfortable. So horny. So obedient. It’s nice to let him be in charge. You “know” you are safe to just let go and be a good boy. You feel him lead you to the master bedroom and feel his gaze as he speaks. You “know” that you have never been so at ease and that you are so so happy

You wake up in his arms and you just “know” you are just meant to be with him. You want to prove it. You want to take him shopping today. He will need new clothes, new watches and so much more to fit into your lifestyle. As you make love to him ask him to move in and tell him he no longer has to work. You blurt out a figure as a weekly allowance. How did you even come up with that five digit number? You assume that you just “knew” his worth and what it would take for him to put his career on hold (wait… did this boy even work?? No matter). You want him to enjoy your life with you and that starts today. Tell him he is your god and you beg to make him king of your castle. Beg him to let you take him shopping. Yes, look at that smile. You “know” you make the right choice.

After you taste the sweet nectar, you dress him from your closet. Not quite as fitted as he deserves but that will change. Without him saying a word, you “know” he would look so much better with your finest watch on his wrist. Yes, take his hand and go to the safe. Teach him the combination and show him your tray of watches. Beg him to let you put the president Rolex on his superior wrist. There, now he is adorned like a god should be.

Yes, let him take the lead. As a handsome younger man he will know what brands and designers look good on him. On the way out of the building you tell the security staff to add his profile to your list of approved visitors. You even joke that they will be seeing a lot of him. Yes.

You look into his eyes after each purchase. He says “thank you” but his eyes say “good boy slave.” After a full day of shopping you head back into the penthouse and stare into those eyes. Yes. You make the decision. Your life is now complete. You “know” it. He is to be so much more than your king. You need him as your husband. No prenup. Good decision boy. Yes, those eyes. He deserves to be a billionaire. Asap. You KNOW it.

Owari No Seraph 108 Fanbook information PART 1

So I finally had time to read through the first chapter and here is part 1 of my translations.

At first here’s the content of the book for those who don’t know:

  1. Mikayuu stickers
  2. Seraph of the Illustrations: Yuuichiro X Mikaela, Yuuichiro X Guren, Shinoa Squad, Japanese Imperial Demon Army, Vampire 
  3. Chapter 1: Information to characters (profile & interview)
  4. Chapter 2: Information to Cast, Staff & World 
  5. Side Information 

Profile & Interview - Shinoa Squad 

Yuuichiro Hyakuya 

  • Birthday: 16th October (Libra)
  • Age: 16 
  • Height: 170 cm 
  • Weight: 59 kg 
  • Blood Type: A 
  • Demon: Asuramaru 
  • Favorite Food: Curry, cake ( because he said he wanted to eat cake for his birthday in the orphanage)


1. Q: Do you have a daily schedule?

A: Mhh…sword practice 10.000 times? Sit ups 10.000 times? If Guren is there, we would fight. But I always get beaten up…..

2. Q: What’s your favorite color? 

A: I like blue, I like the sky and also because I couldn’t see the sky when I used to live in the vampire’s world.

3. Q: Who do you like the most in shinoa squad? A: Mmh, they are all nice! 

4. Q: You are interested in driving, right? What type of car do you want to try to drive? A: I want to try something very fast, like baaaaaam-

5. Q: After you rescued Mikaela-san, what do you want to do together? A: Mmhh..Well, I hope we can meet very soon! Ahh, maybe to eat curry. The curry Kimizuki makes is super delicious!

Shinoa Hiiragi 

  • Birthday: 25th December (Capricorn)
  • Age: 15
  • Height: 150 cm 
  • Weight: 39 kg 
  • Blood Type: AB 
  • Demon: Shikamadouji 
  • Favorite Food: everything with cheese, chestnut cake mont blanc 

1. Q. What’s your daily schedule? 

A: Hmmm… Daily schedule? I brush my teeths everyday…something like this? 

2. Q: Whats your favorite color? 

A: Color…Well…I think I don’t have interest in many things..

3. Q: Who do you like the most in Shinoa squad?

A: mmmh…recently Yuu-san’s been on my mind. I wonder..why…

4. Q: Who do you think is a person that gets bullied very easily? 

A: 1. Mi-chan, 2. Mi-chan 3. Mi-chan 

5. Q: Tell us about your charming point and complexes! 

A: The huge breast that I inherited from my elder sister. Ohh, they don’t look huge to you. they’re huge, idiots can’t see them. 

Yoichi Saotome 

  • Birthday: 23rd November (Sagittarius)
  • Age: 16 
  • Height: 165 cm 
  • Weight: 50 kg 
  • Blood type: B 
  • Demon: Gekkouin 
  • Favorite Food: Napolitan, Black and Green Tea

1. Q: What’s your daily schedule? 

A: to talk with Gekkouin, I think. Recently Gekkouin’s even making jokes!

2. Q: What’s your favorite color? 

A: I like green. I like the colors of plants in spring. 

3. Q: Who do you like the most in Shinoa squad? / who’s on your mind?

A: Yuu-kun. He looks a bit dangerous/ unreliable. 

4. Q: What do you do in your free time? 

A: To go to the rooftop and watch the sky. And also to practice with my bow. But mainly to talk with Gekkouin, My demon spells became much better. 

5. Is there something you dislike/ you’re not good at? 

A: Natto….Natto is…

Shiho Kimizuki 

  • Birthday: 26th November ( Sagittaurus) 
  • Age: 16 
  • Height: 177 cm 
  • Weight: 62 kg 
  • Blood type: 0 
  • Demon: Kiseki-o 
  • Favorite food: Chocolate cookies, caramell cookies (both are also the favorite snacks from his sister) 

1. Q: What’s your daily schedule? 

A: to write diary. When my sister is healed, I want to tell her all the things that happened so far. 

2. Q: What’s your favorite color? 

A: Favorite color? Maybe orange? My sister Mirai said she likes orange. 

3. Q: Who do you like the most in Shinoa squad/ who’s on your mind? 

A: Baka-yuu! If you don’t babysit him /look after him, he’ll do something very stupid and things will end up terribly. 

4. Q: I heard Kimizuki-san is very good at cooking. Where did you learn this? 

A: Well, the world was about to end and there were only children. Someone had to cook meals. I looked up recipes in the library. 

5. Q: If your sister Mirai-san recovers, what’s the first thing you want to do with her?

A: Maybe to go for a walk, because we haven’t done this for quite a long time. 

Sangu Mitsuba 

  • Birthday: 7th July (Cancer)
  • Age: 16 
  • Height: 155 cm 
  • Weight: 44 kg 
  • Blood type: A 
  • Demon: tenjiryuu 
  • Favorite food: strawberry Daifuku

1. Q: What’s your daily schedule? 

A: This is a secret okay? PLEASE DON’T TELL ME ANYONE! Well, recently I’m on a diet…

2. Q: What’s your favorite color? 

A: Why do we have to answer such questions? Whatever…Uhm I like pink!

What? Do you have a problem with that??? 

3. Q: Who do you like the most in Shinoa Squad? /Who’s on your mind? 

A: I always hear Shinoa talking about me, I often tell her not to bully/mock me !!! And next is Yuu, I guess… 

4. Q: If the world will be peaceful again one day, what do you want to do? 

A: Peaceful huh? Well if this day will come, I think I’ll go to a fancy cafe and well…ahh forget it! 

 5. Q: the very stylish Mitsuba-san, do you mind telling us your three sizes? 

A: Shinoa: It’s 200, 100, 200 right? 

Mitsuba: HEY! Shut up, you flat-chest!!!

Shinoa: Now now, Mi-chan! I’ll go to this fancy cafe with you! 

Mitsuba: Well…

I’ll translate the next part tomorrow (depends on how fast I’m with studying). The next part will be about  Guren & Co.

(I hope my english translation doesn’t sound weird and it’s understandable. Some of the japanese sentences are written in slang and I didn’t want to paraphrase a lot.)

Please do not repost this or claim it as your own. I needed quite a long time to translate these facts. (Reblogs are appreciated)

Psycho-Pass Official Profiling 2: Interviews

Here’s all the interviews from the Official Profiling 2 book. (Well, except for the ones with Ling Toshite Shigure, Chelly from EGOIST, and Yugo Kanno. Aka the ones in charge of the music. Sorry about that.) They include the following:

  • Staff – General Director – Motohiro Katsuyuki
  • Cast – Hanazawa Kana (Akane), Fujiwara Keiji (Tougane), Kimura Ryohei (Kamui)
  • Cast – Hanazawa Kana (Akane), Seki Tomokazu (Kougami)
  • Staff – original story concept & screenplay – Urobuchi Gen; 2nd season structure – Ubukata Tow
  • Staff – Director – Shiotani Naoyoshi

Under the cut are a lot of words (almost 13k), but here are the takeaways:

  • Like I theorized way back, Psycho-Pass is not a series with a fixed start-end plot, but a sandbox where only certain elements of the world and certain characters are set in stone. Thus new writers, etc can come in and play with the pieces every single time. Even the staff’s all “there are so many side stories and spinoffs that we’ll leave it up to you to figure out canon” from them.

  • The movie was thought up, planned, and put into production before they ever considered season two. I repeat, the movie was always the priority, and the gears started moving right when they finished s1.
  • Apocalypse Now was a huge inspiration for the movie.
  • Everyone (cast, staff) agrees that if a certain character had been there in s2, the case would have been wrapped up right away and there would have been no s2. (So unbelievably true, but grrrrrr)

  • Shimotsuki Mika is beloved by the staff for the exact same reason that fans dislike her (“she’s what Sibyl thinks a true Inspector is”).
  • Hinakawa was always made to be a foil to other characters (poor boy).

  • If you didn’t know, many of the important staff figures spent a lot of their careers on live action, crime series, etc, and really love Western scifi/crime/etc media, which is one of the reasons why PP feels so different from a typical anime you see nowadays.
  • The recording cast left an empty chair in the studio for you know who during s2, and HanaKana basically said at one point, “Please come back already!”
  • And if nothing else, read the two cast interviews!

Spoilers for s2 and the movie, obviously, under the cut.

Keep reading


Salvation Mountain is known around the world as a burst of color in the desert. Built by one man, Leonard Knight as a mission to spread universal love. 


Avengers Academy student profiles according to Steve Rogers 

- The Heroic Age: Super Heroes handbook


  • Profiles of Avengers Academy Staff - Link 
  • Deadpool profiles according to Steve Rogers - Link 
  • Profiles of remaining New Warriors - Link 
  • X-Men member profiles  part 1 - Link 
  • X-Men member profiles part 2 - Link 

It’s another VImeo Staff Profile with Matt! This time we’re talking about improved site Search.

#TeamALA Staff Profiles

Meet Lisa A. Mitten, Social Sciences Review Editor - Anthropology, History, Sociology, Geography, Choice Magazine

What do you do at ALA?

I am one of two social science editors at Choice, which is published by ACRL.  We have been in Middletown, CT since 1964, when the Council on Library Resources  thought the academic library world could use its own review source. Choice set up shop at Wesleyan University, and has been in Middletown ever since. (I’ve been at Choice since 2000.) I am the book review editor for the anthropology, history, sociology, and geography sections of Choice, which means I decide which of the hundreds of books we receive each month in those subjects, will get sent out for review by our vast pool of faculty around the country, who actually review the books.  Once they send in their reviews, I edit them for publication in the next available issue of Choice.

Why do you think libraries / librarians are important?

Libraries are the great equalizer, and librarians have the keys to the kingdom.  No one really does what libraries and librarians can do - though there are many wannabes!

What do you like to do outside of ALA?

Read! Although I work with hundreds of books each week, I don’t get to do much reading of my own. I’m also a movie fan - especially in movie theaters.  The summer powwow season is about to get underway, so I’ll be at any I can get to. I like to travel, eat adventurously, visit museums (history and science preferred over art), and get to Pittsburgh, as much as I can, to visit my daughter and granddaughter. And I haven’t given up my dream yet of competing in The Amazing Race - I’m still looking for a partner, so let me know if you’re interested.

What are you watching?

Assuming we’re talking about television, I watch whatever I can squeeze in each evening before I fall asleep on the couch - it’s pathetic. So many good, smart shows on these days, my DVR is stuffed.  I will give any science fiction series a shot - the reboot of The X Files was great fun! And though I won’t READ mysteries, I love a good whodunit TV series. I’m currently addicted to Blacklist, Quantico, The Family, and, of course, The Walking Dead  and Fear the Walking Dead. You can keep reality series (except for The Amazing Race) and I love the genealogy shows - Who do you think you are? and Finding your roots.  For comedy, I like smart, quirky, slightly absurd stuff - Arrested Development, anyone? Key & Peele?  Sitcoms? Modern Family, Blackish, Life in Pieces, and You, Me and the Apocalypse.

What do you love about your job?

Before I came to Choice, I was a bibliographer at the University of Pittsburgh.  At Pitt, I decided what to buy for the anthropology collection for the university library.  At Choice, I decide what gets reviewed in anthropology, history, sociology, and geography for libraries everywhere.  I’m the bibliographer for the world!  What’s not to love?  Basically, I make a difference.

What is your favorite library memory?

I have to admit to not being much of a library user growing up, except for my school libraries. I loved library book sales even then, and still have a discarded library book that I bought in fourth grade during my horse-crazy youth – The Silver Brumby by Elayne Mitchell, about a wild Australian horse.

What are you listening to?

Anything except disco, jazz and rap/hip hop. World music, ethnic music, rock, folk, classical, Native American music, traditional, roots, show tunes, psychedelic pop, 60s. Favorites include Moody Blues, Melissa Ferrick, Donnie Iris, Led Zeppelin, Coldplay, Pink, Xit, Keith Secola, Amy Ray, the Who, Spirit, Gaelic Storm, Lyle Lovett, Philip Glass, Danny Elfman.

What are you reading? 

Right now, I’m about halfway through E. O. Wilson’s Anthill. This is a novel about a boy and the anthill he studies in rural Georgia. Reminds me a bit of a Barbara Kingsolver novel. Beautifully written, and utterly fascinating - reading about the dynamics of these complex societies is a bit like watching the Roman Army meet the Borg. Next up, Elder Care Journey:  A View from the Front Lines, by Laura Olson about navigating one’s way with a parent through the nightmare of Parkinson’s Disease.  I’m a fairly diverse reader, with several piles of books awaiting my attention - especially science fiction, history, and Native studies. But no mysteries - I hate mystery novels!


Hey, guys! This is my introduction page for me as an admin.

I’m Max, and I’m a freshman on team 2197, Las Pumas! I’m transgender FtM and gay. My pronouns are he, but if you wanna use they, that’s cool too.

I work with media, building, and I operate our 3D printer. I do a lot of odd jobs. Whatever needs to be done, I’ll do it.

Outside of first, I’m an athlete and an artist.  I’m a varsity basketball player, and I’m very big into sports. Luckily, my season ends right before build season. Otherwise, I might have a problem, hah! As for art, I love graffiti work and charcoal.

If you’d like to contact me you can do it right here, message me on my personal blog (x)!

~Staff: Max 2197

WAKE STAFF PROFILE #13- Sara, Cities Editor

Where are you from?

South Minneapolis, born & raised.

What’s your major, and why have you chosen it?

Journalism. Trust me, it was no easy decision. Over the last couple years I’ve had some crazy internal dramas over being in the J-school (or school at all for that matter). The point I came to eventually was just being wowed by some (definitely not the majority) of writers out there. I want my voice to reach a big audience some day & I think there are some good stepping stones through the journalism school to that sort of opportunity. Also, I’m taking the fact of being surrounded by advertising & PR students who have typically quite distinct moral backgrounds from my own as something that pushes me to grow, rather than just always pisses me off.

What’s your role at the Wake?

I’m the Cities editor, but I’ve been a writer in Cities, Voices & Sound, and Vision for much longer than I’ve been editing.

How did you get involved?   Peer pressure is a wonderful thing. I had a class with last year’s editor-in-chief & eventually she talked me into showing at a meeting. I sort of got hooked on how much freedom there was in topic and format for articles. Not to say there aren’t some sensible restrictions—like not publishing anything that’s offensive in an oppressive way—but, generally, the spectrum of writing opportunities kept me showing up & eventually led me to apply for the Cities Editor position.   A memorable Wake article that you’ve written or read?   My voices piece about the War Over Women last semester was a piece that tested me to dig deep into my thoughts about women’s role in media today. I had to do a lot of self exploration to flesh out my ideas and criticize some of the grossly stereotypical ways big politics posture women, be they first wives or secretaries of state. I’m definitely into writing about gender & identity when I get the chance, but it’s no easy feat to write it in a way that’s accessible to a bigger audience as compared to, say, a cultural studies professor.   What’s your favorite thing about the Wake?

How crazy easy it is to get involved. The fact that you can walk into a meeting on the spot & leave assigned a thousand word article about some serious news, if you’re really up to the task.

What’s your favorite thing about the Twin Cities?

There’s no way to get around a cliché here, but the people. Totally. Since I grew up here there are just so many different circles and sorts of people I’ve been acquainted with in varying degrees of intensity. The last time I traveled for a substantial amount of time (about 3 months) what I missed most was that feeling of walking into a room at a party or show and being sort of overwhelmed for the feelings you have for the different individuals in the room. I know this can happen elsewhere, but for me it’s fairly unique to Minneapolis.

What would be your ideal line-up for a concert?  Who would be playing and which Twin Cities venue would they be playing at?

Dosh’s December shows over at the Cedar always bring together some of my favorite musicians. Dosh has to be one of my favorite Minneapolis musicians. I think I’d combine a few of those line-ups from years past to make my show. Dark Dark Dark opening, followed by Dosh, closing out with Skoal Kodiak (who apparently just played one of their last shows for, if not ever, a long time). As far as venue goes I might keep it classic at The Cedar just because it’s such an intimate space, but I definitely would want standing room over seats.

What’s your favorite R. Kelly song?    I don’t care if it’s overplayed, Ignition Remix is the jam. I’ve got so many memories with that song.
Staff Profile: "Now I Serve Others"

My name is Rahel Tabuni. I was born in Wamena in 1987. I started working at World Relief during March 2009. At the beginning I volunteered as a Media Volunteer but praise the Lord I have now become a staff member of World Relief in Wamena.

In the past I did not usually go to church and I had many bad habits that were harmful to myself even during the beginning of my time volunteering. I am so thankful now because I have Jesus who has and continues to amazingly change my life. I truly believe that it is only Jesus who could have changed my life. I’m also so thankful because Jesus has placed me in World Relief together with brothers and sisters who can be a good example for me. From the lessons I learned about life skills and through the life example of World Relief employees, God has changed my life.

From my experiences I understand that to change someone’s behavior is a long process and the best way is through a good example to follow. I am thankful for my good examples and aim on being a good example to others as well.

Another major change in my life since joining World Relief is in my confidence. I am now confident in speaking up in front of a crowd. At first I was not comfortable at all when confronted in front of many people. However, through the life skills lessons from World Relief and through World Relief’s trust in me to do trainings, I have become more confident in expressing my opinion. I can even teach people much older than me.

The one thing that I am most grateful for is that I have the amazing Lord and His grace. If God only used people with only good attitudes I would probably not be here with World Relief, but because of God’s grace I have been transformed and now serve others along with World Relief.

Here is a bible verse I use as my guidance, Jeremiah 29:11, ”For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” I thank God for the grace poured out on me and for the grace I see through World Relief standing against HIV/AIDS in Papua, Indonesia.