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Yup so, in the last week or so I’ve started noticing ^^ this. This notice literally has ONLY ever showed up for me on Christian and/or pro-life blogs. It hasn’t showed up on porn bots, racist crap, or the gore blog that tried to follow me.

Only Christian and pro-life blogs.

Thanks, @staff, for proving yet again that this site is about as hostile to Christian and conservative values as it gets, and hypocritical about how your system filters perceived problems. Tbh, I like the idea of this filter. I don’t even care if you DO want to filter Christian/pro-life stuff, like – whatever. But you wanna maybe get a little better about defining “sensitive media” maybe? So maybe for once you’d do something that would block porn and gore and actual hate blogs? ‘Cuz that’d be real nice.



Social Pro Daily at Adweek Shares Tumblr’s Three Pillars
“Tumblr is dedicated to realizing the most radical, founding principles of Internet culture: individuality, freedom of expression, and human connection.”

  • Individuality: You have the freedom to be who you are, discover who you are, and determine who you are.”
  • Freedom of expression: You have the freedom to say what you want, look how you want, and love what you want.”
  • Human connection: You have the freedom to be among people who inspire you, to be moved by each other’s ideas, to be accepted and loved.”

Characters: AJ Styles x OFC, Kenny Omega

Warnings: NSFW, sexual content, light daddy kink, consensual rough oral sex, age difference

Summary: The most decorated female wrestler on the independent circuit, you fly all the way to Japan to join a very elite club - but there’s only one way in under the leader, AJ Styles.

A quick shoutout to the people who asked to be tagged! If you want to be tagged in my future writings, let me know! @llowkeys @livingthestrongstyle @alexahood21 @wrestlingbabe @the-geekgoddes @bizclizbaybay and of course, my wrestling soulmate @toosweetme 👀

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Twitter 17/05/20

Thank you to everyone who supported Bird Takayanagi on Tofu Pro Wrestling.

I was very happy when someone would tell me that they liked Bird!

I’m happy to have been able to play the role of Bird as well as meet the wonderful cast and staff behind Tofu Pro Wrestling!

I’ll get lonely! lol

Twitter 17/05/21

Here are some pictures that look like Bird’s private life.

The budgerigar (common pet parakeet) that I co-starred with on yesterday’s Tofu Pro Wrestling, named Tofu and nicknamed Fuu, has become a new member of my family.

Please treat him well ( ^ω^ )

I’m the one who named him. Yazaki-san took these pictures lol

Bird Twitter 17/05/21

Here’s a picture I took one month ago with Fuu.

He’s been clinging to me constantly during this entire time. He fell asleep on my shoulder and was so cute.

Now he’s become a rascal and flies away quickly lol


Churi introduced Fuu-chan on her Showroom stream. She mentioned that she had an announcement to make after the Tofu Pro Wrestling episode, and she came out with Fuu-chan! As you can see he likes to fly away a lot and likes playing with stuffed animals. I’ve put the Showroom link below.

I am so pissed at Schalke for letting Leon play on last night.
Concussion ain’t a joke and the medical staff at a pro football club should bloody know this.

It was so dangerous letting him play on and he better be ok, you morons.

Thanks to this post, I have learned that if you delete a post completely from your blog, it doesn’t disappear from other peoples blogs. 

Like say I wanted to restart but not lose everyone and keep your block list, you could, but any original post you make will still show up on their blog. You can’t reblog or edit it, even the tags, but you can still see it there and who liked it which also leads me to believe that it is in other peoples likes.


Vídeo promocional del Anime ‘Clione no Akari’ narrado por Sayuri Matsumura

El Anime se estrenará en julio 

La web oficial del próximo Anime para televisión adaptación de la novela en linea ‘Clione no Akari’ de Natural-Rain, se ha actualizado el jueves con una nueva versión de su primer vídeo promocional. Sayuri Matsumura narra la nueva versión del vídeo promocional. La serie se estrenará en julio del 2017 en Japón.

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After going through my hard drive that I luckily saved after my old PC decided to resigned I found some shots of the Pro Staff R Magic FD3S which competed in 2010 WTAC. 
Driven by Mitsuhiro Kinoshita it has managed 1:33.5050 lap time wich was close to three seconds ( +0:02.9180 ) more than the overall best (1:30.5870) of Cyber EVO driven by “Tarzan” Yamada.
This car also managed to get 55,947 lap time at Rev Speed Super Lab Battle at Tsukuba in 2006 and has been retired in the same year if I’m not mistaken due to the R Magic’s main focus on drift cars.
Prior to the 2010 WTAC in Sydney, the car has gone through some major changes mainly on the engine and body. Fully rebuilt racing engine now had the power output around 600hp and aerodynamics were improved by new dry carbon wide body aero kit. Chassis was of course improved as well. 
I had no idea(and I still don’t) what I was doing with the camera so please don’t be too harsh :) 

Anunciado el reparto y equipo del Anime ‘Clione no Akari’ que se estrenará en julio del 2017

¡¡Clione no Akari ya tiene mes de estreno!!

La web oficial del próximo Anime para televisión adaptación de la novela en linea ‘Clione no Akari’ de Natural-Rain, se ha actualizado el miércoles con su reparto y equipo de producción. La web también reveló diseños de personajes y anunció que la serie se estrenará en julio del 2017 en Japón.

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ok eruri college RA au headcanons because, as a former RA, let me tell you that RA aus are totally unexploited gold mines. so much shit goes down

edit: ok i wrote a short thing for this au bcus i have no self control

  • they meet during staff orientation in august playing a stupid icebreaker game. erwin is a senior RA, well-known, all the pro staff love him. levi is a newbie and literally just doing it for the free housing.
  • “levi if you were an animal, what would you be?!” “a dead pigeon” “…”
  • they end up on the same staff and surprise! they are duty partners. on their first duty night erwin is like “ok let’s check all the bathrooms and extinguishers” and levi’s like “r u serious, no one actually does all that shit right” and erwin gives him the “this is a real job” speech that you give to newbie RAs. levi doesn’t a shit
  • levi’s first board is just like. white backing paper with “welcome” written in black marker. he gets chewed out by his RLC and erwin graciously offers to help
  • they spend hours crafting boards together. using the letter press. cutting backing paper. trying to draw animals and failing. getting glitter everywhere. they’re in the staff room until 3 am doing boards and door decs and they’re listening to music and talking and levi forgets to hate erwin for a while.
  • levi totally overreacts on his first duty call. he yells the shit out of some freshmen for violating quiet hours. then when he gets in trouble he’s like “i thought being mean was my job”
  • erwin and levi become the perfect duty partners though. because erwin knows all the rules and is the calming authority presence, while levi lingers in the background and threatens to get students expelled if they don’t pull out their ID right now
  • erwin’s like “levi. you can’t threaten to expel people.” levi’s like “they deserve it for not flushing the toilet for two months in a row”
  • levi’s residents know him as a grumpy but otherwise decent guy who does give a shit about them and tries really hard to make good door decs even though he’s not a crafty person, while the rest of the students in his duty area are scared shitless of him
  • one night erwin and levi are doing a lockout and they’re in the staff closet getting the master keys and suddenly they are kissing oh no, but the closet is tiny and they’re young and they can’t help it. like thirty minutes later they show up to let this poor freshman into his room and he’s like “why do you both have sex hair”
  • they play footsie under the table during staff meetings. actually it’s more like levi trying to kick erwin in the crotch bcus he’s bored but erwin thinks he’s trying to play footsie
  • they throw a joint program for their halls and no one shows up (bcus it was alcohol awareness jeopardy) and levi is like “…are we about to have sex in the common room?” and erwin is like “? no” and levi is like “oh erwin we can’t do this here” and erwin’s like “we’re not doing anything” “oh erwin take me” “levi we’re not doing this here”
  • they make it their mission to fuck in every res hall in their duty area
  • one time levi answers the duty phone while erwin’s sucking his dick and he’s just like “fire in frat house b? ok we’ll be there….. sometime”
  • but it’s not always fun because once levi calls erwin at four a.m. like “one of my residents passed out in the bathroom and was taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning and i’ve covered in vomit and haven’t slept in two days can i come over”
  • and of course erwin says yes because he’s been there, so levi comes over and he showers and wears one of erwin’s tee shirts to bed and they just lie there in the dark listening to each other breathe
  • then drunk people start fighting in the hallway and they’re both like “i wish the RA would tell them to shut up………… oh wait”
  • after they get back from winter break erwin goes to visit levi and catches him posting “please don’t jerk off in the shower” signs and erwin is like “it’s okay i also have freshman boys in my hall”
  • erwin works the morning shift in the housing office and levi gets up early just so he can call the office and hear “housing and residential life, this is erwin, how can i help you?” and be like “oh erwin you can help me with that big fat dick of yours” and erwin is like “levi it’s 8 am”
  • two paintings mysteriously disappear from the common room one night and they decide to do some sleuthing to find them, and it just ends up with them running around the dorms pretending they’re detectives and they fall asleep together laughing
  • one afternoon they’re walking to class and erwin is like “someone keeps drawing penises on all my boards and i can’t figure out who it is!” and levi is just like “yeah……. it’s me”
  • and then erwin is graduating at the end of the semester and levi is going into his second year as an RA and he’s like “wow. you made me care a lot more about this job than i thought possible.”
  • aah!!