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Six of Crows Modern/Zombie Apocalypse AU!!! 

The basics: Five homeless kids working B&E jobs for the local gangs in NYC and a rookie cop band together in the aftermath of a bioterror attack on the the major cities of the country. They decide to flee the country to escape the infected areas, but the entire plan goes to shit and they make some new friends and a helluva lot more enemies on the way to finding a cure to the virus and way out of the country.

  • Kaz: a brooklyn boy who showed up seemingly out of nowhere in the world of new york gangs, but quickly makes a name for himself with his ruthless efficiency. Fearless Leader, as always. He is safe cracker and strategist extraordinaire. he organizes hits on supply storage of survivalist camps and uses a bow staff to beat off zombies. he wears a brace on his leg that he fashioned sheaths to for two long ass daggers, also for zombie destroying.
  • Inej: stolen by a human trafficking ring she escaped upon landing in the states and started up with the gangs to make money to get back home. the spy, the scout. she sneaks into camps and finds out what theyre hiding where. she uses two big ass swords and has all the knives. so many knives. she never runs out. she decapitates zombies and intimidates any other survivors by being Very Pointy.
  • Nina: an illegal immigrant from russia who fled after the authorities put out a warrant for her arrest on the grounds of “homosexual acts” (”what the fuck? i’m bi. they could at least get my sexuality right if theyre going to imprison me for it”). she is the face of the operation, she is beautiful and amazing and she knows how to work diplomatically to get what they need through bartering and trade. also i don’t care if its impractical, she uses brass knuckles because theyre badass and fashionable. she also has one of those snap out metal core batons for beating people off and a machete for chopping off zombie heads.
  • Jesper: an accounting major with a gambling problem who took up gang work to pay for school. he has his signature pistols, but i am a strong believer in melee weapons in the event of a zombie apocalypse because ammo runs out, dudes, so my boy has throwing knives and a slingshot (fight me they’re actually really cool). Him and inej bond over their cool knives. He’s got those badass rainbow ceramic ones that he always had on him in case there were ever metal detectors when they were casing a place. 
  • Wylan: he’s still their resident explosives expert, a master of being cute and using household materials to make pipe bombs, fertilizer bombs, molotov cocktails, shrapnel grenades, etc. Wylan got kicked out for similar reasons to canon, his father is a UN rep and working with the CDC (idk man i don’t know how these things work just roll with it) after the outbreak. also he doesnt play the flute he plays the harmonica because i think harmonicas are cool, theyre smaller and less fragile than flutes, and it’d be really funny if he played it if they were ever stuck in holding at a precinct
    • just imagine jesper: “ayye boy what that mouth do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ”
    • wylan: “play cotton eyed joe” *sick harmonica solo*
  • Kuwei: my brilliant boy is chemistry prodigy who went with his dad to family day at the CDC but then everything went to shit, a bioweapon was released, he missed his tinder date, and now he’s a hostage being used as incentive for his father to further develop this bioweapon released to create more zombies and spread to other countries. He super didn’t ask for any of this, especially when his dad got sick himself and died and he had to take over making increasingly aggressive strands. Pretty please message me if you are interested in my theories on the creation of zombies. I have ideas. 
  • Matthias: a rookie cop back from one tour with the special forces after some disciplinary issues regarding protecting refugees and going AWOL. He’s put on a task forced focused on gang activity and he’s been chasing this group of kids his damn age for over a year now and how the hell are they so good at what they do??? He’s chasing them when the outbreak happens and in order to escape a zombie horde ends up running off with them to find shelter. he’s an excellent shot and strategist, also known for physically tossing zombies like a fucking amateur mma fighter this boy is jacked ok he fills out that uniform like a stripper cop and Nina is most definitely Here For It

Miscellaneous plot ideas!

  • Pekka is a sleazy businessman who had jordie killed in front of kaz by some dirty cops while he was getting carted off to juvie for some work they were doing (he never made it to processing). 
  • They hole up in a hospital and find patient records - this is how they start to figure out the outbreak’s origin.
  •  The kids have are trying to leave the country through the CDC base since thats the only place with functioning travel. 
  • Kuwei is saved once they find out who he is while theyre sneaking around the base, Inej is taken in the process trying to protect him. 
  • The Dime Lions are basically the national guard.
  •  Matthias and Nina met when he helped her when she arrived in America, he knew she wasn’t here legally and barely spoke english but after a few weeks she picked it up fast, and disappeared with a bunch of his cash. 

Zombies Fact #20

In Origins, the Elemental Staffs are named after deities of the following mythologies:

The Staff of Lightning (Kimat’s Bite) is named after Kimat, the dog of the Tinguian God, Kadaklan.
The Staff of Fire (Kagutsuchi’s Blood) is named after the Japanese God of Fire, Kagutsuchi.
The Staff of Ice (Ull’s Arrow) is named after Ull, a Norse God commonly associated with winter.
The Staff of Wind (Boreas’ Fury) is named after Boreas, the Greek God of the North Wind.
Sekhmet’s Vigor (the end part of the staff used to revive players) is named after Sekhmet, the Egyptian warrior Goddess of healing.

- fact courtesy of the COD wiki.

The staffs

I know it has been a long ass time already since origins, but is no one gonna talk about the staffs?

Everybody knows by now that the ancient versions all have their own staff:

- Ancient Richtofen: The Wind Staff

- Ancient Dempsey: The Lightning Staff

- Ancient Takeo: The Ice Staff

- Ancient Nikolai: The Fire Staff

Okay that’s all nice and steady, but when it comes to the younger verisons, they all prefer a certain staff, being:

- Richtofen: Lightning

- Dempsey: Wind

- Takeo: Fire

- Nikolai: Ice

Like why are they like that? Why isn’t the staff of their ancient self their favourite?

I’m probably looking too much into this, but I’m actually really curious if this will have an impact on the storyline, who knows?


Take these 8 minutes to explore the visual comedic brilliance of Edgar Wright.

“The Crow”

I had a dream a while ago that was so weird, I just had to share it.

The dream concerns the tv show The Walking Dead, which for the record, I’ve never watched or had any interest in. Despite this, in the dream my friends kept telling me “dude! you’ve GOTTA see the newest episode of The Walking Dead! It’ll blow your mind!” I wasn’t interested, because I’d gotten used to people shouting about how much they loved the show, and I’d gradually tuned-out the hype. Nevertheless, friends kept telling me “you don’t understand dude, you gotta see it! It’s incredible!”

Eventually, I gave in, and watched the newest episode (the season finale, which supposedly had an awesome cliffhanger ending). The whole episode was run-of-the-mill Walking Dead stuff: human drama taking place during a zombie apocalypse. In the episode some of the characters wondered what the source of the zombie outbreak was, but it ended with the main character (Rick, I think) in the middle of a small town overrun by zombies, separated from the other survivors. He was alone in the street surrounded by hundreds of them. He was exhausted, out of ammo, and just dropped his gun, standing there accepting death.

Then, out of nowhere, all the zombies stopped attacking him. They stood still, and gradually he saw the mob was moving aside as though to let someone through. The zombies assembled into two rows and through them walked a tall robed figure.

It had the head of a crow, the neck frill of a frilled lizard, and walked with a weird twisted staff. The zombies formed ranks behind him and as it tapped its staff to the ground, all the zombies Rick had just killed suddenly re-animated and took their place in the line. The robed creature just stood there, towering over Rick and casting a shadow over him. Rick stands there with his mouth open, the creature says nothing, and… cut to black. roll credits.

In my dream the internet was blowing up over the last five minutes of the episode. People were angry, confused, and curious about this weird necromancer creature that had been revealed as the source of the zombies. People were arguing over their theories about it, watching all the old episodes searching desperately for any hints about the creature. Regardless of how they felt about it, people were fucking pissed that they would have to wait till the next season to find out what the hell had just happened.

Needless to say, in the dream, I had suddenly become VERY interested in The Walking Dead.

Flower (teaser) - What really happened

Junsu: *comes to the MV staff*
Junsu: So I’ve been thinking…
Junsu: and I came up with a concept
Staff: So?
Junsu: So there will be zombies
Junsu: lots of zombies actually 
Junsu: and then there’s me
Junsu: And I’ll look like a member of some prehistorical tribe
Staff: a tribe?
Junsu: Yeah a tribe
Junsu: and then I’ll look up
Staff: and?
Junsu: and then I smile and kill everyone
Staff: … 
Junsu: … 
Staff: … 
Junsu: … 
Staff: *slowly claps*
Staff: *cries*
Staff: *whispers* u a genius 


honestly i thought the trailer was really deep and a good metaphor on what konami is doing to the series

PMTH Morning Report: NK Cells

Good morning staff, zombies, and minions of Princeton Medbloro Teaching Hospital!

I am a baby medblr here, taking a stab at my first morning report. Today’s topic is…wait for it…my favorite cells…natural killer cells! Those bad ass little buggers whom you can thank your lucky stars for playing a role in keeping you a healthy, and relatively happy, humanoid. 

Give them credit because they truly are:

These lymphocytes don’t get as much credit as their ever so popular B and T cell counterparts, but don’t let the absence of genetic rearrangement deter your from what these gems do. They are a part of the innate immune system, and they are ready for action! Watch out infected cells, watch out neoplasms, NK cells are hunting you down!

How do you identify one of these super duper cells you ask? Well, lucky for us they are waving a giant flag. Thanks CD56! Of course, there are other markers but I like this one the best. Anyway, some NK cells let their CD56 shine more than others. What do I mean by that? You can see it with the use of our friend,flow cytometry!

But don’t think CD56 is all lonely on the surface…oh no. There’s a party going on. We have NKG2D getting all flirty with danger, and revving up the engines. All the while NKG2A is flirting’ with the HLA’s (Human Leukocyte Antigen) on cells passing by, and calming shit down. 

However, our party would not be complete without the KIRs (Killer Cell Immunoglobulin-Like Receptors) making everything more interesting. These aren’t generalists like NKG2D or NKG2A. Oh no, these dudes are picky. KIR2DL1 is looking for HLA-C2, KIR2DL2/3 is looking for HLA-C1, KIR3DL1 is looking for HLA-Bw4. But shhhh there’s a little secret that people don’t like to talk about…these KIRs can be frisky sometimes. I just listed the inhibitory KIRs, but substitute an S for the L (ex. KIR2DS1), and you’ve got yourself an activating KIR!

Yes, Yes, I know there is a lot of random information here. It’s important though because whether or not an NK cell kills, and how activated it is, depends on the BALANCE of those activating and inhibiting signals. 

Why do we give a shit about this? There are lot’s and lot’s of reasons, but I’ll list one. Tumor immunology! Turns out information about somebody’s HLA and KIR genotypes may be able to predict a patient’s response to immunotherapies, and maybe even outcomes in cancer patients. Pretty neat huh? 

Well, that’s all I’ve got. Be sure to grab coffee and an extra doughnut on your way out. 


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