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why is there not like…cuddle buddies. u know, like fuck buddies but instead of sex u just call them up to cuddle w/ u. friends with benefits where the benefits are hugs and affection whenever u want

when your headcanons turn canon
  • YOI anime team: here have them kissing in front of the whole world.
  • YOI anime team: here have a banquet scene!!
  • YOI anime team: here have them getting engaged in Barcelona and celebrating their engagement with the whole skating gang.
  • YOI anime team: here have them skating as a pair.
  • YOI anime team: here have them moving to Russia together.
  • YOI fandom: WHAT IF---
  • YOI anime team: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



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7, 19, 92, enemies to lovers AU for nct jaehyun!! :-) congrats on 1000 once again hehe 💓 -🌻✨

Jung Jaehyun ; “I dreamt about you last night.” , “Can I hold your hand?” , “I want you to be happy.” + Enemies ↣ Lovers!AU

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  • wow what a bias wrecker
  • okay so some backstory
  • you and jeffrey over here have known each other since he got back from america
  • everyone fawned over him when he got back
  • you were probably like,, the only one at school who got tired of his little “i lived in america, that’s why i’m here, man!!” joke
  • you: we get it can you stop now
  • when he found out you were annoyed by him in general he was a bit confused
  • he’d never spoken to you before so he thought your disliking of him was a bit dumb
  • you found out because his friends have loud mouths
  • which only fueled your hatred oops
  • because you thought he was calling you dumb behind your back
  • anyway after you guys graduated
  • you didn’t see each other much
  • that is
  • until you became a makeup artist for sm

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I dreamt a headcannon last night that Larry sent greeting cards during the holidays with bad “I just can’t get the staff…” jokes.

“I just can’t get the staff… Cause you keep rolling over in bed.”

Then the dream evolved into an incomplete story about how Larry discovers that Cecil’s dad didn’t turn in all the antiquities he found in Egypt. One of which is the staff of the high priest of Khonshu believed to have been accidentally left in the tomb of Ahkmenrah. This gives Larry an idea…

At the time it’s before NATM2 so the dream is now an AU where NATM2 never happens.

Larry uses the money to buy up a piece of land far from people and has a small town built. Including a tower that’s part modern tech and part Egyptian magic with the staff at the center.

Suddenly Daley Devices is being ran from there and the exhibits from the museum have gone missing. Any investigation into Larry turns up nothing because the exhibits are now alive 24/7 and miniatures are now life sized. The tower is explained as a monument dedicated to the museum that helped inspire his inventions.

He of course used the staff to make Rexy a dog so he wouldn’t draw attention.

Everything seems to be going well until someone tries to come and take the staff because they find out that Cecil still possesed Egyptian artifacts. This person wants all the artifacts to be turned in to authorities so they can be placed in museum.

When they try to remove the staff from the town chaos reigns as the exhibits start changing back from human to to wax, plastic, etc. Like Rexy who starts changing back while trying to block the theifs escape.

Larry manages to run out just in time to stop Rexy. Holding him back Larry explains that the staff is keeping them alive and human. Without it the exhibits would first change back then turn to dust since tbe staff was stolen during the day time. If the staff isn’t returned soon his friends will die.

Running back to the tower it becomes clear that it’s getting worse as people collapse in the streets. Jedediah stumbles out of his and Octavius home on the verge of fainting pleading for someone to help Octavius. Explaining quickly and brokenly to him Larry hurries off past a Teddy who turning stiff from head to foot.

Running into the tower Larry finds that the tower is trying to tear itself a part without the staff in its proper position. Making his way to the mount for the staff he finds Ahk pinned to the wall by the force of the towers remaining unchecked magic. Stopping briefly he reassures him with a kiss when he can’t pull Ahk free. Moving on to the tower room Larry returns the staff.

The tower shudders violently as everyone in town stops before turning and running towards the commotion. The magic causes the tower to twist and bend in unnatural ways with only a few pieces of the structure falling off. Inside Larry hangs on for dear life as he makes his way to Ahk. Ahk is now is being dragged into the air up to the top of the tower. Larry manages to catch hold of his waist with one arm while the other holds onto a wall decoration. They are almost lifted into the air when the magic finally settles.

Stumbling outside the whole town is there cheering or rushing forward to check on them…

And that is where the dream ended because my dad appeared in the dream and I didn’t want to explain to him what was going on.

REQUEST 123 ~ Criminal (AU) Part 1

A/n: Sorry this has taken weeks for me to do, been a tad busy with catching up with exam work. 

“Y/L/N, Crawly you’re on the night shift don’t fuck up and keep the peace.” The tall strongly built officer address myself and another member of staff. 

“Yes sir!” Crawly reacted while standing up and saluting. Captain rolled his eyes and said his goodbye as he handed me the keys. 

I had been working in HMP Brixton for 4 years and only recently had been given more credit and power in the workings of the facility. Although many of the residents were dangerous offenders and in theory should scare me, it was very rare that someone would cause me to break. Almost everyday i was teased and mocked about working here, not by friends but by other staff. They would joke about the fact i was a women and that i was probably scared and on the edge of crying. As much as it pissed me off it did help build up my strength and resilience to ignore the bullshit that spews from some of the inmates mouths. 

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Surprising appearance

P A I R I N G: Chris Pine x Reader

W E A R N I N G S: Fluff

R E Q U E S T E D ? : Yes.

P L O T : Reader has her first TV appearance and talk about the fact that she would love to meet Chris Pine. Little does she know that he is there to surprise her.

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“Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls-”, Jimmy Fallon says while he stands up from his chair and claps his hands together :“ Tonight is a really special night, because our next guest is having her very first television appearance, and from what I heard she is actually pretty excited and nervous.”, he smiles:“ Please give it up for the incredible and amazing Y/N Y/L/N!”

Under applause you enter the stage, you can see the audience and can’t help yourself but to hold your hand infront of your mouth, while your smile only becomes bigger. For you this all like a dream come true.
You walk over to Jimmy and wave into the camera before you quickly sit down.

“You seem really nervous, my staff wasn’t joking.”,Jimmy says and you nod:“I really am, after all this is the first time that I am invited to a american late night show.”

“Well, I’m sure that it won’t be your last.”

“So it’s your first role, and it’s already in a huge movie.”, Jimmy says and you feel how your cheeks starts to get hotter:“I mean you were able to get a role in a Marvel movie, that is an opportunity many people only wish for. How does that make you feel?”

“First of all, I am unbelievable thankful that I have this , like you said, opportunity to play a character in the marvel cinematic universe and to work together with so many amazing and talented actors. On my first day I was shaking like crazy, and I was just so afraid to do something wrong.”, you explain and remember the first day you came on the set, everyone was so nice that after a couple of hours they already treated you like one of them.

“ You’re also attending the Disney Expo this year, because of your role in Infinity War, are you excited to meet some other actors?”, Jimmy smiles to himself, he already knows the answer to his question. And little do you know that the person is actually behind the stage, waiting to come out…

“To be honest, there is one person in particular, his name is Chris Pine.”, you answer, and as soon as his name leaves your lips the audience goes crazy. You simply laugh at their reaction before you turn back to Jimmy:“ I’ve been a fan of him ever since I saw him ’ Smoking Aces.’, I loved his performance in it.”

“Have you ever had the chance to meet him?”, he asks and crosses his arms infront of his chest :“ I mean if you’ve been a fan for 10 years I think, that movie came out in 2006, that’s a long time.”

You shake your head:“ Sadly I wasn’t able to -”, you stop talking when you realize that the audience starts to scream and clap their hands for some reason. You turn around in your chair and immediately jump up when you see the reason for their behavior.

The one and only Chris Pine stands on the other side of the stage and smile into your direction before he makes his way up to you.
But instead of walking up to him you just stand there stare at him :“ You’re gonna be kidding me, Jimmy.”, you say under your breath without taking your eyes of Chris.

But Jimmy who is sitting behind his desk is laughing like crazy to the point where he starts to cry.
Chris who sits down on the other armchair smiles up to you:“It’s nice to meet you.”,he says, before you slowly make your way back to your armchair:“ It- it’s nice to meet you too.”

“Chris,you are also on the Disney Expo this year, are you excited to meet some other actor’s on the Expo?”, Jimmy ask, and Chris who smiles looks at his hands before he looks back up and straight into your eyes. At the sight of his blue eyes you swallow thickly and quickly turn your head into the opposite direction: “To be honest I was dying to meet Mrs. Y/L/N .”,

A couple of seconds after he says your last name, and after you realized that he actually means you, you turn your head and look right into the camera with a surprised look on your face. The audience laughs, and so does Chris.

“Wait what?”

Chris runs a hand through his brown hair and chuckles: “Why are you so surprised, you’re a talented and amazing actress, you’re also really pretty, so why wouldn’t I want to meet you?”

You almost choke on your spit.

After the show you make your way down the hall up to your dressing room, but before you are able to reach it, a man with two blue eyes blocks your way. He looks down at you and smiles:“ Hello, Y/N.”

“H-Hey.”, you answer and take a deep breath :“Do you need anything?”

His smile only grows wider and he crosses his arms infront of his chest:“ Well, when I said that I wanted to meet you, that was not a joke, or something I said only because you said you wanted to meet me. I really would love to know you better, what do you think? You, me, some coffee?”

You smile at him:“ I’d love to.”