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When he is finally reassured that she is fine, Severus holds her to him and pressed a kiss to her temple. “I can’t lose you,” he tells her quietly. “Anything else I could do without but not you.”

She knows it for what it is, and turns her head so she can give him a chaste peck on the lips. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees Poppy blush.

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Petting my Peeves: Present Pedantry

As always, my #1 pet peeve is utilize. Because people think it’s a fancy, smart version of use when in fact it means “make a useless thing surprisingly useful”. My favourite use of the word utilize is when someone has failed to understand that they are suggesting something was heretofore useless in their quest to sound smart. “We’re really utilizing the skills of staff!” is a personal favourite.

Anyways: that word that’s everywhere but is not a word. There is only a single way in this context, it’s just anyway, no plural required. It would be very interesting to know how that s got applied in the first place, and why it’s so popular.

Nevermind is the 1991 album by Nirvana. Dear Tumblr: why reference the 1991 album by Nirvana in your interface? A you all big 90s grunge fans? Oh, never mind.

On accident. Can someone explain this one to me? You do something on purpose or by accident, but nothing is ever done on an accident. Though it would be interesting to use the concept of a lack of intentionality as a work surface.

Oh. Not “oh” as a bit of dialogue, or in “oh my god” where it belongs. I mean “oh” when it invades description. Ex: “The wine was oh so good,” “his lips were oh so soft.” How good was that wine, Linda? How soft were his lips? Oh so? Well that clears it right up!

I am a crotchety old woman. Send help.

With the help of the Argent’s, Maxine had a special bo staff made; it came apart in the center, becoming bastons - but the real fun of the weapon was that the idea of the electric night stick they had was incorporated into the ends of the staff; Max’s favourite weapon. And as she heard someone in the woods behind her some ways, she turned from the rather large fire she had going, pulling it apart. “The hell do ya want, Darlin’?” She was actually burning a body - well, the body of a werewolf, so to Maxine, it was no more than a monster.


We’re heeeeere! OMG, we quite literally cannot contain ourselves. We’ve been trying to join the Animal Crossing Tumblr party for yeeeaars now and, after the all the shiny new AC announcements, well, the time has never been MORE right. Right?!
Oops, should probs introduce ourselves, hey!

Hi, we’re the AC-happy squad over at Nintendo Australia - smaller than our international cousins but just as cool (or at least, we like to think so)!

Anyway, here’s a cool .gif to commemorate this spesh day!