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What I absolutely love about that modern Thranduil pic you just reblogged is that in the tiny photo Legolas is in full elf garb like... does Leggles cosplay? Is he LARPing? What does Thranduil think of this X3 does he join in and stick antlers on his horse, Moose, and pretend he is a majestic elk?

I did not notice that and now I’m dying

Legs would be such a LARPer, jesus they all would be tho, like Gimli is the one that always crosses the line with how physical you are meant to be, Aragorn is the horse nerd that everyone hates because he insists on bringing his own horse (jesus Aragorn chill it’s LARP not reenactment) and you know that Boromir isn’t that into it but comes along for the camaraderie and drinking

Super supportive LARP parent Thranduil, driving them all over the place in his SUV, looking up tutorials on leather stitching and making staffs :’) This my new favourite headcanon omg

Bard owns the land that the LARPers rent for their event and is very bemused by the entire spectacle because no one ever actually explained what they were doing to him, and he’s even more confused by the sleek man in the SUV with starbucks and sunglasses on cheering on from the sidelines until a blonde teenager insists that he stops embarrassing him (because if I can shuffle Barduil in there I will)

(Anon) Fan Question Time #2

Since I can’t answer to anonymous question privately, I tend to not do it very often… or I wait until I have enough to make one big post. Like today. 

1) Hi, in your post, can write the french version too ? / Salut, pouvez vous écrire en français dans vos posts aussi ? 

ENG : Hi, as you can guess, it takes a lot of time to create the post, and also a lot to translate them. I’ll try to translate the biggest when I’ll have the time, but I’m not able to do that for every post unfortunately, as it takes too much time… / FRA : Bonjour, comme vous vous en doutez, cela prend beaucoup de temps pour créer les post, et également pour les traduire. J’essaierai de faire une version française des plus gros quand j’aurais le temps, mais je ne peux plus faire ça pour tous les post malheureusement car cela prend trop de temps… 

2) Do you know how many countries in total have aired lolirock? if so, which ones? 

I admit I lack information regarding this matter… I know about Italy, France, Spain, Bulgaria and Brazil for sure… Ah, and in South Africa too if I recall, since it was the only official english broadcast. I know we have a big fan community in Ukraine and Russia, but I’m not sure the show is broadcasted there… or if it is, probably only subbed… And, to my regret, I know that we’re still not aired either in US or UK… yet. 

3) Will there be a season 2 ? / How many episodes ? When will it be out ? /  When can we expect a Season 2 trailer? / Will there be a new opening for season 2 ? / Etc. 

There is a season 2 in production, with 26 new episodes. We hope it’ll be out by fall or winter 2016. Maybe there will be a trailer, but it’ll mostly depend on our broadcasters. :) You can expect a few surprises in this second season, as we’ll have three two-parter episodes.  Regarding the new opening question, unfortunately no, we didn’t have the ressources to create a new one. Some people in the team are working on a “team fan-version” of new opening though, during their free time. Let’s hope it will be completed one day. ;)

4) Do you guys have a release for the season 2 music videos yet? Is it going to be after France is done with season 1?

Not yet unfortunately. We’re still working on it. 

5)  Any news on a US broadcaster? If yes which one ? 

Edit : Netflix

6) Any plans to release a bluray or digital media with the English audio in the United states? PS. Lolirock is amazing!

Thank you, and see answer above for digital media. ;) It may very well happen sooner than you think !

7) Will LoliRock be translated into Russian? Have you got such plans?

I have no idea, but considering all the fans from Russia, we’d love to give them a Russian version of LoliRock. :)

8) Will there ever be artwork of shanila released? And I remember reading someplace that all the girls might have it next season is this true or a rumor?

Yes, we’ll show you more on the Shanila at the right time. ;) As to know if all princesses will have Shanila in season 2, you’ll see it by yourself. No spoil. ;)

9) Hello Team LoliRock, I Would Like To Ask If There’s Any Transformation Songs For Shanila & Their Normal Transformation ?

There is a transformation music for each princesses (wait to discover Lyna and Carissa’s transformation in season 2 !). The Shanila transformation is so epic that we do things differently for it. You’ll see in season 2 what I mean. ;) Anyway, no special transformation song for the shanila.

10)  I think it will be cool if you guys create an spin-off series about crystal mermaids from Ephedia and also I know this is not Lolirock related but I think it will also be cool if you guys also create an animated series called Mermaid World based on an app game from Crowdstar Inc.

Well, that’s an idea. We have a lot to create and unveil about Ephedia, so why not ? Currently we’re really busy on LoliRock, but afterward who knows ? ;) 

11) Are you guys are planning to upload the model sheets of Talia’s Older Sister very soon?!? 

Yes, we’ll show you more about Izira soon. ;) 

12) Are there people in the Lolirock team that also worked for another Marathon project called Totally Spies!

Yes. Our director’s assistant worked on Totally Spies!, as well as some of our designers. :)   

13) FRA : pourquoi vous ne poster plus rien sur le site officiel lolirock et notamment les goodies que j'adore et pourriez vous nous montrer à quoi ressemble la princesse Brenda transformer ?????sinon j'adore lolirock ne vous arrêter jamais et surtout j'adore les tenus que vous crée elles sont vraiment trop belle!!!!! / ENG : Why don’t you post anymore on the official LoliRock website ? (specially the goodies I love !) And will you show what’s princess Brenda’s magical dress  ? I love the outfits you created ! 

FRA : Nous sommes malheureusement peu nombreux, ce qui ne nous aide pas à faire d’autre goodies… J’espère qu’on pourra en faire d’autre dès que possible cela dit. Pour Brenda, vous la découvrirez en saison 2. Pas de spoil ! ;) Et merci pour les compliments, ça nous fait super plaisir ! / ENG :  We are too few to continue to have many updates on LoliRock’s official website. I hope we’ll be able to have more goodies however. Regarding Brenda, you’ll see her in season 2, but other than that : “No Spoil” ! ;) I won’t tell you anything more. And thanks ! Glad you love the outfits !

14) What happens to all the traditional drawings when you are done with an episode? Do the animators get to keep them or are they property of the animation company?

They’re technically property of the company (Marathon Media, now Zodiak Kids Studio), however it happens that we give them to the animators / designers if they ask for them.

15) Hello, big fan of the show, I love how much effort the crew puts into it. :) I was wondering if you could say where Carissa and Lyna will be staying now that they are with Lolirock?

Thank you. :) Lyna and Carissa will stay in Sunny Bay, but they’re very reserved about where they live… so, I don’t know. Probably some big cosy appartement downtown. 

16) Hi i was on Wiki and it said that it has been HINTED that Nathaniel Knows Iris’s secret. Is that true and if so please tell me? Likewise, is Gramorr Iris’ uncle ?

Well, I can’t answer this question… yet. Maybe you’ll have your answer in season 2 ? ;) For Gramorr however, who he is remains a mystery, but he is not, repeat, not Iris’ uncle. That was an old idea we rejected early on during the production of season 1. 

17) What can you tell us about the backgrounds and personalities of both Lyna and Carissa? And will we ever see the other parents of Talia, Auriana, Lyna and Carissa?

Regarding the background and personnalistes, I guess I’ll make a post on each princess at some point. What you can see in episode 25 & 26 of season 1 is actually pretty accurate : Lyna loves spells, Carissa prefer hand to hand fighting, the two of them are best friends yet can’t stop arguying with each other. In season 2, you’ll also discover that Lyna loves boy as much as Auriana, and that Carissa has issues with teamwork. See you in season 2 for more details. ;) Same for the family and relatives : no spoil. We did promise that you’ll have Auriana’s special episode, as you had Xeris for Talia. I will tell no more. 

18) Could you tell us something about the princesses’ kingdoms? I think we know a lot about Ephedia and Xeris right now, but what about Volta and two new princesses’ kingdoms? Will we see them in season 2?

As for above, I’m gonna make a post about that. A lot of fan are asking, and truth is I have to confirm a lot of things with Jean-Louis about that before posting anything. ;) A little more patience. 

19) Will there be more love in season 2 ? Will Iris be with Lev or Nathaniel ? 

Again, I can’t answer these questions… No spoil ! You’ll see in season 2. ;) But nice try. 

20) I’m curious to know who the staff favourite is. Talia from what I’ve seen.. but what about the villains? If the staff absolutely had to pick between Meph & Prax, Gramorr, Lev, Zeinos & Deinos, who would win? (I’ll bet my money on M&P) 

Talia is definitely our favourite princess, and Mephisto would be our favorite villain, followed closely by Praxina. Of course, I can’t speak for everyone in the team… ;) Some may have other opinions.

Aaaaand that’s it for today’s questions ! I should be up to date with most of the questions sent since last november… I know there are still a few, about Lyna and Carissa, about the magical training room, about Amaru that has yet to be answered. ;) It’ll come, don’t worry ! 



House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Silver birch and unicorn hair, 13", elastic
Patronus: Octopus

Taehyung is the son of two muggleborn magic folk and has lived his life trying to find a compromise between the magical world of his parents and the muggle world of his extended family. Because of this he arrived at Hogwarts well versed in the castle’s folklore andequally irritated by the lack of technology. A Ravenclaw, he can often be seen trying to magically enhance his phone as his housemates bury their noses in thick volumes from the library.

Not to say that Taehyung doesn’t enjoy reading - he considers it his personal duty to break the technology barrier at Hogwarts but books are his hobby and his passion. Unfortunately for his teachers, the books he enjoys reading are not the school set texts but muggle mangas and comics that he smuggles in from no one knows where and enchants to animate each panel. No one is quite sure where he learned such a complex transfiguration spell when his apptitude in class is so poor, but when Taehyung manages a complete animagus transformation after just two week’s study in seventh year everyone assumes that his lack of talent is an act 

For his first two years, Taehyung was known to the staff as one of the many Ravenclaw students who are clearly gifted but have yet to find their true calling. In third year he started divination and immediately showed a talent for it so profound that it is widely suspected he has The Sight. Taehyung never expressed a particular liking for the subject but he carried it through to NEWT level. 

Taehyung is one of the lucky few students who found the room of requirement and he made full use of it. He found his way in before the end of his first term and by the end of his fourth year he had fully mastered its use - regularly throwing interhouse parties for his friends that were forever the talk of the castle. 

After leaving Hogwarts, Taehyung took up a job offer from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic to assist their divination teacher; a position he soon left in order to become the school’s librarian. Taehyung remained librarian at Beauxbatons well into his old age and was a favourite staff member of many students. 

I made a set of Yogscast-themed questions! Please send me a couple of names? :3 And feel free to reblog.
  • Lewis: Favourite video?
  • Duncan: Favourite Minecraft series?
  • Simon: Favourite song by the Yogscast?
  • Hannah: Name a non-Yogscast song that reminds you of the Yogscast.
  • Sips: Favourite rivalry?
  • Sjin: Favourite build (survival or creative)?
  • Kim: Talk about a headcanon you like.
  • Nilesy: Make up a random AU, described in one sentence.
  • Rythian : Favourite non-Minecraft series?
  • Martyn: Who is your favourite content creator?
  • Zoey: Favourite pair/team in Minecraft?
  • Ross: Favourite GMod game type or building challenge?
  • Trott: Favourite IRL challenge?
  • Alsmiffy: Which channels do you watch the most?
  • Strippin: Which games have you bought because of the Yogscast playing them?
  • Parv: What made you start watching the Yogscast?
  • Strife: Who is your least favourite member?
  • Zylus: What was the best stream night from 2014?
  • Turps: Who is your favourite staff member (not a content creator)?
  • DaveChaos: How long have you been watching the Yogscast for?
  • Panda: How many Yogscast channels are you subscribed to?
  • BebopVox: Wildcard! Ask me anything about the Yogscast.


In appreciation of your support, dear followers, may I present the following:

1) Photos of Cumbermum 2 and I (I’m the one in the middle) chatting up Benedict Cumberbatch in the bar after the WW1 Poetry and Piano event at the Cheltenham Festival in 2012. I think I confused him a little with my enthusiastic hand-talking (no, I’m really not about to smack him in the third one :O) but he coped *bless* The last one, despite the awful quality of this copy (just can’t get the technical staff nowadays!), is my favourite as we even managed to make him laugh XD

2) Because, despite my best efforts, I’ve proved absolute rubbish at giveaways in the past (defeated, yet again, by the technology involved *sigh*) to celebrate this follower milestone I am offering something that I definitely can do - a RP fic featuring you and a celebrity of your choice. It will be between 5-10K (depending on the mood of the muses) and feature an adventure involving the pair of you. There will probably be some fluff but no smut (sorry!) because a) this is RP fiction and b) I am Cumbermum and have a façade reputation to live up to ;) It should be of a fair quality as I am a published author (boast, boast!) and the only things I will require from you is your name (real or otherwise), your choice of celebrity and your favourite flavour of ice-cream (all will be revealed and it has nothing to do with smut - honest!)


I will repost this a few times over the next few days then choose one reblogger at random to receive their personalised tale. You must be following me (as it is intended as a thank-you to my followers) and…that’s about it! Any questions, please ask x

Most importantly of all, to all my followers, a HUGE thank you for following this tea-drinking, middle-aged, slightly confused Mrs Hudson wannabe. As the current follow limit is 5000, regrettably it is no longer possible for me to follow everyone back but please know that you are all much loved xxx

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Its being going around the c-fans that senior sme staff- higher than stylist and choreographer- that know what actually is happening- know that one senior staff has been definitely favouriting other memebers over yifan- (hence letting the sex scandel rumour go on without "we will act legally if false info is spread" like they do usually.) what is your view on this? ofc everything is still a rumour until proven to be true.

I think I talked briefly about it in one of my answers already but I’ll reiterate and expand a bit more.

I think this article came out in 2012? check it out here: (x), at first it seemed wayyyy too outrageous to be true to me so while I did keep it in the back of my mind, I didn’t really think much about it because there was not any hard, solid evidence of Kris showing any sort of discomfort towards the manager. but then this gif surfaced in the int fandom (x)  and if you can’t see what it is, judging by his hair and outfit, it’s Kris from 2012 seen rejecting the lady manager’s advances, you can see her first try at grabbing his arm, he waves her off and then when she tries again and, literally wrenches his hands away. His reaction honestly looks really off to me, like I mean for him to react so strongly to just her making a grab at his arm must mean something.

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Little Things, 29

~1000 words a day. Unbeta’d. Ten/Rose. College/Uni/Roommates AU. Previous chapters here.

“Here you go, love,” said the bartender, setting two pints in front of Rose. “First round’s on the house, for you and your gorgeous friend over there.”

Rose wasn’t going to argue, and thanked him before returning to the table in the corner of the packed pub.

“Don’t pay him any mind - Marcus is always trying to get a leg over,” Donna said, once Rose had related the message. But still, she preened a little bit, flipping her hair over her shoulder in a way that made the glossy red curls catch the light. She cast a look in the direction of the bar, giving Marcus a little wave. He grinned back.

“Big ol’ flirt,” Donna said affectionately, rolling her eyes.

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We’ve found some photos of old exhibition displays. We think the display was up in the museum from somewhere between 1960-1980, and the objects are still firm favourites with staff in the stores. All these objects were acquired in the 1950s and are from Europe.