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How To Get Rid of the Spam in the Tags

As you may have noticed, almost all of the tags for various fandoms have been afflicted with spam blogs, many of them featuring disturbing and potentially triggering images. 

I’ve been told that xkit does not work as it did last time, because the blogs do not have the main keyword typed anywhere on their posts.

However, someone suggested to me that Tumblr Savior, which you can download through Chrome and Mozilla as extensions, solves this issue. All you need to do is install Tumblr Savior (if you haven’t already), and blacklist this word:

And that ought to take care of the spam. 

I hope this information helps people, as I tried it and it worked for me. 

Dear @staff

I come to you about an issue you must have heard about given the amount of displeasure it brings among us bloggers.

Since months now, and more, our tags are flooded with spam posts, random subjects randomly tagged, so now we find stuff like seen above in tags like Final Fantasy or Benedict Cumberbatch.

Just so we’re clear: it’s tiresome. It’s tiresome, it’s disgusting, annoying, borders on insulting, and a right pain in the arse. We don’t care about the moron who didn’t poop in two years, we don’t care about grandma’s gross black heads, or the dumbass girl who sat in a tub filled with coke with a M*ntos-made swimwear.


We don’t want to see those things in our tags anymore. Each times they appear, it’s dozen of pages we have to scroll to find the stuff we actually want to see. And each times we manage to blacklist/Tumblr Savior them, they manage to come back with new URL. Unless you @staff have an interest in this (and we wonder which one), or you want to see us leave to go back on Myspace or LiveJournal.

If by chance you’re as annoyed as we are by the situation, allow me to do your job by suggesting you few ideas to remedy this:

You’re welcome, and thank you for your attention.



These particular bot/spam blogs just cropped up for me today: I scrolled all the way back in the 4000+ notifications I have for the last 24 hours, and reported at least 30 of them.

They seem to have stolen photos of about 10 girls, and used them for an array of different URLs, with taglines like “ephemeral” to make the blogs seem kind of real.

I don’t know if it’s malware on the other end of those links, but this is just a general notice to folks who might be experiencing this: ignore or report blogs adding these (and similar) urls to posts.


Dear @staff

Please take care of all the spam bloggers that are flooding the tags with terrible and gross content that makes it hard to even go on any of the tags anymore. Just band the fake accounts, that’s all were asking, we can’t stand any of it and it makes it really hard to search for things we like.