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There’s this blog that went to San Japan and they are literally just posting pictures and shit talking people who worked hard on cosplay. The blog is nastycosplay their old blog use to be grosscosplay. I don’t know about y'all but I’m not gunna stand for this. I told them to unfollow me because what they’re doing isn’t right. They took a picture of my friends girlfriend and made her their profile picture because they deemed her cosplay as “nasty”. Let’s get this out there so the blog can be removed and never remade. staff


staff ban me please

I’m honestly wondering when staff will get rid of all the hate blogs on here. The racists, fatphobes, albeist, transphobic, homophobic, etc blogs on here. Its really making this site toxic. You day you’re anti hate but you’re honestly not doing shit.

And it sucks that a bunch of people on here feel unsafe in what is supposed to be a safe place.

Get your shit together staff and get rid of the hate blogs.

"Negi soba" (Japanese noodle dish provided with green onion)

“Negi soba”, a specialty of Ouchi-juku ( Fukushima Pref., Japan).
Negi means Japanese green onion, and Soba is Japanese buckwheat noodles.

This dish is so original.
When you eat this noodle, you eat using a green onion, sometimes biting it (^m^)
(Of course,chopsticks are also prepared.)

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The staff has been super swamped lately and a few people have quit so we’re looking for 3-6 new staff members! 

The application will be open until August 20th so act fast! (I wish I could have it open for longer, but we need the help NOW and I need to be able to go through the applications before I start school again!)

Here’s the link to the application: 

Go nuts. 



People who don’t give a shit about what the staff is like and just want to play a game about dragons unite

Yeah, Clanheart staff, they’re much better than Flight Rising staff, good for them. They can have aalll the whiny babies who need the admins’ attention 24/7 and FR will finally be free.

I will return to my shiny dragons now

sometimes i’m just scrolling on mobile and my dash suddenly freezes and i’m like what now and then i notice i accidentally followed someone fuck y*u staff