@episodechooseyourstory CAN YOU PLEASE STOP.

Your adverts now are likely to be triggering to many people here (after all, Tumblr is full of easily-triggered people), and I highly doubt advertising your game with what you have been advertising it with will get you much credit.

After all, I highly doubt the legality of what your adverts depict. Are depictions of:

* Murder attempts
* Implied drunken (nonconsensual) sex (better known as ‘rape’)
* Overly sexual advertisements
* Stalking
* and other things

really necessary to advertise a game with?

If you were to stop advertising on Tumblr (as you are going to be doing nothing but triggering people here), or were to take these adverts down (after all, I have seen people complaining that the things shown in the adverts are not possible ingame, and I know that false advertising is illegal), no-one would be having any problems.

But no, you are still using misleading triggering adverts here, so you have fucked up completely.

also @staff why are you still letting these adverts on Tumblr?

I just spent 30+ minutes scrolling down in my Likes in order to find a specific post that I needed. 

30. Plus. Minutes.

Please oh please Tumblr staff, fix the Likes feature so that you can actually find things in there when you need to. :,( Or at least add pages or a way to get to the oldest posts with just a click (like how the Archives work).

Also: I have no idea what is at the end of that black hole because Tumblr will basically crash before I get the chance to get even close to the end (and I have only 2K posts there). Feels like an online time-capsule - How much will I have changed as a person before I reach the end???

EDIT: Thank you everybody with your tips and tricks! Unfortunately I cannot get xKit to my Safari to work, but the whole “add the page to the link” has helped a lot (I thought that endless scrolling was the only was to go). :3

PS: THIS was the post that was at the very bottom. :3

I’m just really disappointed in the current subeta competition… Yes, I am on team mischief. This thing just isn’t fun anymore. There is so much drama happening and people coming on our team thread and it’s just… not nice. And then you have staff posting, saying that a glitch didn’t happen - but they fixed it anyways? So if it’s not a glitch, why fix it? And everyone is acting like all the teams abused it equally, but it wasn’t even posted on our thread until twelve minutes before midnight. The majority of us didn’t know, meanwhile team sticky was passing it around through sMail like a secret. 

I think staff response was inadequate. And just… I don’t know. They basically just said we shouldn’t complain because we did it too? But we only knew about it for minutes, compared to the hours others had. 

Staff also keeps repeating that it should have been posted about in P&B - but considering they didn’t do anything about it, why post about it? It just seems like they’re contradicting themselves. We should have posted about it - but it wasn’t a glitch - and this not-glitch was fixed so it couldn’t happen again? Why prevent it from happening if its not a glitch?

Members of Mischief did create tickets when they found out about it. Which, you know, is what you’re supposed to do when you find a glitch that can be exploited. You’re supposed to make a ticket, not post on the forums for others to exploit it. 

So I guess the thing to learn from this? if you find a glitch, exploit it. Because staff won’t do anything about it. They’ll just give you shit for “whining” about it.

I think I’m upset because our team is being called sore losers and whiny babies (… and other stuff…) when we think we have a valid concern. 

I’d like to apologize for the wall of text, I just wanted to get my feelings out there. 

It’s so cute to see entitled fr users act like hard work doesn’t go into even the simplest new things added to the site. 

You people realize that Stained was user suggested right? You guys asked for it and they were kind enough to give it to you. They didn’t have to but they did because they want to make their users happy. Sure, not everyone likes the gene. So what? Personally I am not a huge fan of it but I am not going to pretend it’s lazy or didn’t involve any work. I mean you do realize they had to make this gene in every color for each breed, male and female, right? Even if it’s a simple gene I’m still sure it took a lot of time . It was tedious despite being simple. 

A pitiful cash grab? If you dislike this “instagram filter” so much then don’t buy it. NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO BUY IT BRO. So I don’t see how it is milking the users. I do agree that the simple gene should have been in the treasure market rather than the gem market but I’m not going to cry about it. If you really want the gene but don’t want to pay real money or use any gems you have collected then just be patient and wait for the gene to become more common in dragons and buy a dragon with the gene or save up treasure to buy the gene on it’s own later in auction.

I’m just sick of seeing so many fr users complain when they are given new genes. Okapi wasn’t good enough. Paint and Piebald wasn’t good enough (despite a poll happening for it) Thylacine was lazy. And now Stained is a pitiful cash grab? 

Get over yourself.

I would be hurt if I was on the fr team considering how much complaining I see come from you people. You’re the disappointment in my opinion. Being in the game industry as an artist I known for a fact we work our asses off and seeing how you people respond to the fr teams hard work makes be sad for them. I’m sure they feel really fucking appreciated. Just forget the fact they care constantly working on adding new items, genes, colors, all their big projects? Nope, will never be good enough for you guys.

Look, I know that honestly the people complaining are probably just a vocal minority but the fact that they are so vocal is the problem. I am not saying they shouldn’t have the right to voice their complaints but It would be great for to see the people who love what the fr staff are doing to be more vocal as well.