staff fix it (no but really email tumblr and report the appropriate account (content *extremely* NSFW)) because it is really not fair to kim, hannah, any of the Yogs or Yognaughts that didn’t want to see it or are underage. This stepped over the line and the artist is not taking it down.

p.s. message me for the account name and don’t message the account itself; the artist has refused several times to remove the image.

This is my go-to place whenever I want nice screenies xD my special rock :3 sometimes I dump Ben’s glad there and it confuses him when he logs in the next day. I also changed my chanter’s hair color and I rather like it :D

Staff has the glowing dot again o/ flew around Pane for a couple hours trying to flip camps just to get the stupid supps cause I was so afraid to fail e.e This staff has been one incredible project and has, once again, been completed until next patch o/ So story time with Chloe~

Must have been over a year ago, ran Sauro with bearswillkillyouirl and a few other friends, and when the weapon shard dropped, everyone nearly squealed with excitement and made me roll on it as the idea of a blue extendable was extremely exciting. However, Ben was really the only one who really did anything about it XD This pooper was nice enough to craft the rod for me and didn’t even ask me to pay for anything. I spent hours gathering pakira logs and trying to buy fluxes, etc. when I could, but he spent the majority of kinah crafting the staff, and then on top of it all, he was extremely lucky and got the staff within 10 tries I think (I’m tired and can’t remember right now). I guess at least I accomplished +15ing it by myself, but he did all the hard work and didn’t even ask for anything in return ~.~

Then upgrading to the mythic staff, he crafted yet another rod (because you used that instead of the crux from ADLR) and didn’t ask me to pay for anything. Actually, he randomly messaged me at work in all caps telling me he got bored and was second proc away from the rod, so as soon as I got home, he called and almost shit his pants when it proced xD So yet again, hard part done by him. Then, gathering all the pallasite ores and purified essences, I think he paid for at least a third of them, if not half or more, and got me most of the purified essences. Didn’t ask me to pay either, just gave them to me. On top of that, he handed me two omega stones and two mythic sup bags when I told him I was flying around Pane for the supplements. @.@

Needless to say, Ben is such a sweet guy no matter what he says, and I wouldn’t have my beautiful staff without him <3 I kinda didn’t thank him enough, especially when I first upgraded it cause I had to leave for work like 2 minutes after I did it, but thank you so much for everything Benbutt; it means so much to me ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ♡

staff i have a problem i need fixed right now immediately. the ‘medical’ tag is boring and filled with pictures of weed. i need photos of hospitals, surgeries, and various medical tools, for my personal enjoyment. thank you


Some WIPs …

1. Cornuto and his Markynaz I drew once ( http://doku-sama.tumblr.com/post/120463798210/another-dremora-i-needed-to-create-because-he-may ) with a “no fuck given” Shakrim behind them. I still need to find a name for the Markynaz.

2. Warrior Cornuto

3. Assassin Teilevaa’n, I should finish it.

4. The continuation of the Mario / Peach thing done by skitamine (http://doku-sama.tumblr.com/post/125278104435/skitamine-super-princess-peach-parody-also-im). Dunno if I’ll finish it.