Things I’d Appreciate from Future Tumblr Updates:

1. Increased (or even no) follow limit.

2. Increased (or even no) daily post limit.

3. Ability to sort/filter my lists of following and followers e.g. by alphabetical order, by when we last interacted with each other, by when they were last active.

4. Ability to search my notifications for a specific tumblr user e.g. when did @staff last like or reblog one of my things (never, I know, just using that as an example).

5. Better ability to reply to replies

Feel free to reblog, tag staff, and add your own.

You know how Tumblr has always fought for net neutrality? Their new “Best Stuff First” feature is basically a mini version of what the internet will look like if net neutrality dies. Congratulations @staff. You’ve completely destroyed your own credibility. You’ve also done considerable harm to countless blogs that are seeing a dramatic decrease in likes and reblogs. Your new “feature” is poison. Do us all a favor and kill it with fire.


@upthehillart​ brought something to my attention. 

If any of you have noticed that your dashboard seems to be dead lately… or you keep seeing the same posts all the time, this is probably why: 

Apparently tumblr has implemented a new feature called “Best Stuff First” as a DEFAULT setting… basically it makes it so that you no longer see posts from the blogs you follow in chronological order. 

Instead you’re seeing posts that tumblr has selected that are considered “the best” or trending. Tumblr selects them (based on some sort of algorithm) and puts them at the top, while pushing the rest god-knows-where. 

This is causing a serious decrease in activity for a lot of blogs, and a lack of exposure, especially for smaller blogs. 

However… If you shut off this feature your dash will go back to normal.

To turn it off on mobile, go to your Account > 

Global settings > 

Dashboard preferences >

And there it is that sneaky bastard.

Just a heads up for everyone! *thumbs up* 

Maybe if we can get enough traction, @staff will finally take it off of default and simply have it as an option instead. )) 

anonymous asked:

Never stop posting!! You're one of the best blogs on this site!

Thanks anon but Tumblrs new “best stuff first” setting has all but killed this blog. and I’m a good sized blog as well with over 200k followers so I can’t imagine how devastating this new setting has been for the smaller blogs! It all just seems a bit pointless now.

Everyone who can: please remember to turn off ‘best stuff first’ in your settings so that everyone’s posts can be seen.

With the abundance of UNWANTED things @staff continues to update, there seems to be a new advancement that rolls right in line with keeping tumblr “safe”! Remember when the whole safe mode feature first came out and loads of content/blogs were wrongfully marked as NSFW and blocked? Now it’s back again but this time with a slippery disguise!

You’ve probably seen the horrendous update to your activity page and how it’s now set up. Well, among that chaos, there are some avatars that look all weird and pixelated.

An avi with that pixelated look seems awfully familiar….

So now you’re wondering…who is that? Did I block this person? Why the pixels? Then when you click over to their blog-

It’s not a porn blog, not a spambot, not those pedophiles who openly talk about their attraction to children….it’s just your harmless, everyday fandom blog. So now, you have tumblr marking blogs they deem NFSW by etching out their pictures. Your blog can be marked and you won’t even know it. But according to Tumblr:

Just a heads up! Especially to you, @inkfey who I can’t even tag :)


this is tumblr’s dashboard update in real life, this sucks & discourages people to post what they love because the notes aren’t there anymore. so pretty PLEASE turn this off, you will miss important stuff when this is on. I’d love to all of my followers to be able to see my content because that’s why they’re following me, and it should be up to them to decide what they see, not to some “best stuff first” update

and for the love of tumblr, @staff fix this, this is a dumb update,it doesn’t help anyone, what it does is making fun of us little tumblrs who want to grow, but this makes it impossible. 


CS mod, instead of liking dragon dick pictures on drama rising (this drama rising to be excat) could you please get your shit together and get my post approved on CS so I can have the ability to talk in trades and to use my private messages? I could of PM’d you asking you politely to approve my topic—oh wait! :^)

Sincerely, a VERY salty person who wanted to do off-site trading involvng CS to FR but can not because the CS mods, YOU, are too busy looking at dragon dicks on Tumblr.