FFXI - Wheeling Thrust & Impulse Drive

No, I didn’t forget the V in the game name there - I figured that with the closing of the Final Fantasy XI Return to Vana’diel campaign, I’d demonstrate two of my favourite Dragoon weaponskills from that game; Wheeling Thrust and Impulse Drive.

FFXI has a very special place in my heart. When I wasn’t running around as Apollz Anderson, the famous factual documentary maker, I was spending far too many years making amazing friends and running endless Dynamis and Limbus. More importantly, it’s also where I met that one wonderful but foolish woman who, years later, decided she’d agree to marry me. She’s an awesomely talented artist so check @onyrica out! <3

Wheeling Thrust

HQ: https://gfycat.com/WickedAnxiousGoldfinch

Wheeling Thrust is my favourite weaponskill, and this is my take on it. Unlike in XIV, the motions in XI (don’t seem to be) motion captured which makes for abilities like the above; the characters hands stay stationary while the lance moves by magic. That exact motion isn’t possible for reals, so I made something which still feels like a Wheeling Thrust.

Impulse Drive

HQ: https://gfycat.com/UnawareJitteryIsabellinewheatear

Impulse Drive, our wonderful Darkness opener! While it shares a name with a FFXIV ability it’s actually a fair bit more like Disembowel.

While I do have very fond memories of this game and do miss it, I think it’s best left in the world of nostalgia. That was a brutal game for your free time…

Oh, and credit where it’s deserved for the FFXI videos! 

As ever, you can find my Dragoon abilities here, my Warrior abilities here and random stuff with a stick here.

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Tumblr has recommended 5 pro Ana blogs to me in the past 24hrs. WTF TUMBLR ??!!?!

this is so stupid. Thankfully I am not easily triggered or pulled into stuff like that but there are plenty of young people that are !! I understand that Tumblr can’t monitor every blog on here but is there not some way they could at least not show up under recommended blogs ??? Like just because I’m a weight loss blog does not mean I’m interested in pro Ana content. And it’s so dangerous to have it so visible to so many people. Fix this. Delete these blogs if you can. It’s so wrong.

Tumblr "improvements"

Dear @staff

You have perpetrated on us another terrible update that serves no useful purpose. Why does the iPad app log you out automatically (at least once a week but seemingly randomly and often more frequently than that).

If you use 2 factor authentication having to re-log in frequently is a pain in the ass. First off, when my iPad locks me out I need to have my phone with me to log back in, which I don’t always have at the time when the app randomly decides to shut me out.

Second, I live in London, where signal is often poor, and I travel a lot, where I either have slow wifi for the iPad or no signal for the phone. So even if I have my phone with me I frequently don’t get the text with the authentication code until it has already expired. Or, if the wifi is slow, I get an incorrect message that I have entered the wrong authentication code.

This means that even if I have my phone and my iPad together, I often can’t log back in for several hours.

Now I understand that many apps log you out automatically after a time for security reasons - say a month. I understand that. But twice a week? And imposing that on us without mentioning it beforehand? No, that’s not necessary and it is yet another example of a badly thought out update that you imposed on us without even asking.

Fix it please, or I will be turning off 2 factor authentication. Probably not the result you intended.

you can go into the tags of almost every sexuality with safe search on and look through the posts including, but not limited to: “bisexual, pansexual, asexual, and gay + homosexual” yet the minute you go into the “lesbian” tag you can’t look at a single post unless you turn safe search off. @staff lesbians are not inherently sexual. lesbians are not nsfw. lesbians are human beings and do not deserve to be hypersexualized.


As most of you already know, on May 13th Tumblr has decided to lock us all out of the site and make us change our passwords for safety reasons, without as much as letting us know about the overhaul in advance. 

Now while for most this was no more of an issue than the minute lost on changing the password, many of us have stayed locked out. The problem here is that these blogs are tied to defunct e-mail addresses we no longer have access to, therefore changing the password is out of the question and so is logging in for, as it seems right now, ever.

Addressing the issue I have written to tumblr spport and got this reply:

How considerate, we are now supposed to throw away years of work on our blogs (MAIN BLOG AND ALL SIDEBLOGS), thousands of posts, original content, url and its reputation and of course ALL OF OUR FOLLOWERS, simply because Tumblr @staff failed to notify us on the matter.

However, there is still a possible solution. 

As we can still use the Tumblr app, this hideous failure could be fixed by updating the Tumblr app with the option to change the e-mail address on mobile.

I shared this idea with Tumblr support as well but I was met with the answer that, i cite, ‘’the changes aren’t up to our department’’


You screwed up big this time fellas, are you seriously letting it slide?

Tumblr Audio Bullshit

Hey guys btw, if you’re using Chrome or Firefox to browse Tumblr and you get the weird creepy audio popup ad that Tumblr is test-driving, you can right-click on the tab and select “mute tab” and it will mute audio only in the Tumblr tab. 

@staff​ it took me two seconds to mute your ads, btw. I don’t have Netflix and I would literally pay you $7.99 a month to stop trying to “improve” or “market” this website. But you won’t take my money, so I won’t view or listen to your ads. 


Concept Art Of The Bakery - 2013

Most of these images have been published before, but no one seemed to publish the “living room - kitchen” piece.

These designs also seem to have more Chinese influence in Marinette’s bedroom and the kitchen, so she might have had two Chinese parents or been raised by a sole parent. If that was true, it might have been her mother since this piece of concept art shows her father as deceased.