Everybody should send a message to tumblr about how terrible the update they are making to the reblog system tomorrow is because it will essentially eliminate the entire roleplaying community on tumblr in one day unless people find ways to undo it.

Even if you don’t roleplay, it’s bad for tumblr to make updates that eliminate entire communities of the site, and you should stand with your fellow users.

Let’s let them know how bad this idea is before they make it.

staff and freedom of speech

Remember when the lifting blogs were revealed well thegunblog sent a message to staff about them and this was their response 

(X) post link

(X) archived link, just in case the post is deleted

“we highly value freedom of expression and freedom of speech”

I guess they forgot to keep those ideas in mind when they deleted





and logicd2 (yes, fucking again)

before he was deleted logicd had this response to say on the post

(X) original post

(X) archived, in case this gets deleted

staff​ is not a supporter of “freedom of speech”, they are obviously hypocrites with horrible ethics.

i’m sure some of you have other examples of staff being hypocrites and i would love for this thread to be nothing but that.

-black knight of oppression 

Okay, people are flipping the hell out about this new update that staff is rolling out soon. I get it, I hate 99.9 percent of their updates too, but I’m seeing people in the roleplay community that are hysterical and giving up on roleplaying entirely because of the way that this will fuck up formatting. Please don’t.

It’s not worth that kind of anguish, there are going to be ways to get around the change or change with it that still work for roleplaying and though I do encourage you guys to let the staff through their contact button that you’re very unhappy with the change, that’s literally the most that you can do right now. Giving up roleplaying, which makes me happy and makes many of you happy, because of this format change is just stupid. Take a break instead, step away after you’ve sent your messages to the staff and breathe. 

Breathe deeply, actually. It’s good for the blood pressure. If we have to start copy and pasting and making new posts for every reply, then we have to start doing exactly that. Spreading this doom and gloom around won’t fix what’s going to happen, as much as it sucks to admit that. But do not send yourselves in an emotional tailspin because of a formatting change, okay? Okay.