Imagine being born on a planet within the nine realms where everyone has a unique superpower suited to them. You however, were not and are often bullied and teased by your kind. When the Royal family of Asgard come to visit your planet’s King, Loki becomes intrigued by you when he can’t sense any magical aura around you. During there stay you often bump into Loki, since your one of the palace staff, and both of you become really close. One day after seriously being bullied by some of the other staff, Loki finds you crying in the corners of a library. When he ask what is wrong you tell him how mistreated you are because you were never born with a superpower. Loki comforts you by telling you that you do have a superpower, and that’s the power to make him fall in love with you.

App problems

Does anyone else’s main blog randomly disappear as an option from time to time when using the mobile app? Like sometimes all I can see and access is my secondary, my primary literally vanishes. When this happens I also can’t refresh the dash, look at messages, or view notes for that blog. And sometimes if I’m responding to someone when it disappears, it forces me to respond from my secondary blog and I can’t change it back, so I generally end up discarding my response for the time being. Anyone else have these issues?

Character Designs Previewed for 2016 D.Gray-man Anime

The most recent issue of  Shueisha’s Jump SQ. has revealed the first preview for the character design of Allen Walker from the upcoming 2016 TV anime adaptation of Katsura Hoshino’s D.Gray-man manga. ジャンプSQ.3月号 明日2/4発売です!D.G教団報では制作中のアニメ最新キャラクター設定ラフを一部公開!是非チェックしてみてくださいネ♡ #dgrayman pi…

It’s so cute to see entitled fr users act like hard work doesn’t go into even the simplest new things added to the site. 

You people realize that Stained was user suggested right? You guys asked for it and they were kind enough to give it to you. They didn’t have to but they did because they want to make their users happy. Sure, not everyone likes the gene. So what? Personally I am not a huge fan of it but I am not going to pretend it’s lazy or didn’t involve any work. I mean you do realize they had to make this gene in every color for each breed, male and female, right? Even if it’s a simple gene I’m still sure it took a lot of time . It was tedious despite being simple. 

A pitiful cash grab? If you dislike this “instagram filter” so much then don’t buy it. NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO BUY IT BRO. So I don’t see how it is milking the users. I do agree that the simple gene should have been in the treasure market rather than the gem market but I’m not going to cry about it. If you really want the gene but don’t want to pay real money or use any gems you have collected then just be patient and wait for the gene to become more common in dragons and buy a dragon with the gene or save up treasure to buy the gene on it’s own later in auction.

I’m just sick of seeing so many fr users complain when they are given new genes. Okapi wasn’t good enough. Paint and Piebald wasn’t good enough (despite a poll happening for it) Thylacine was lazy. And now Stained is a pitiful cash grab? 

Get over yourself.

I would be hurt if I was on the fr team considering how much complaining I see come from you people. You’re the disappointment in my opinion. Being in the game industry as an artist I known for a fact we work our asses off and seeing how you people respond to the fr teams hard work makes be sad for them. I’m sure they feel really fucking appreciated. Just forget the fact they care constantly working on adding new items, genes, colors, all their big projects? Nope, will never be good enough for you guys.

Look, I know that honestly the people complaining are probably just a vocal minority but the fact that they are so vocal is the problem. I am not saying they shouldn’t have the right to voice their complaints but It would be great for to see the people who love what the fr staff are doing to be more vocal as well.

Dear Tumblr App,

Please stop giving me constant pop up notifications advising me that you’re trying to upload a post that successfully posted on the very first try.

You are making this relationship much more complicated than it needs to be. Stop trying to make me paranoid.