Do Not Post or Reblog Blacklists with Spam Urls

Hello, due to work and life in general, I have been away for a while. But I recieved a handful of emails from some personal friends of mine who have noticed a disturbing trend that is happening as of right now.

Tumblr is terminating any blog that posts or even reblogged a blacklist or a single post that contains the url aka domain name of the websites that many spam blogs are posting. 

You have most likely noticed them in popular tags of your favorite anime or tv show here and there, and they have made browsing very difficult and certainly a point of frustration for many of you.

As such, in an effort to combat these spam, many people have made ‘blacklist these spam urls’ lists in order to help fellow blogs. But what happens is that this puts a red flag on your blog that has the high chance of drawing the attention of Tumblr’s spam filter, which is like a search & destroy bot. You may have now noticed that a few of the old spam doman sites advertised are gone, to be replaced with something that looks like it’s from google, but it’s essentially the same ploy to get user to click on them.

This has already happened to the pokeblogger @ommanyte (read here), @abominari (read here), @fyeahkagome (here), and a few others. Those individuals contacted tumblr support (like so here and here), and were able to get their old blogs back and fully restored (posts, likes, followers, etc). 

Sadly, there are still plenty of blogs who are still waiting to hear back from tumblr about this issue. 

Apparently, even reblogging a blacklist can cause your blog to be accidentally terminated. This is Tumblr’s sole way of deleting all spam blogs with those domain urls in one fell swoop. 

Here is a screenshot from @ommanyte‘s post in which they received a response from tumblr about this issue:

Sorry about that!

Your account has been fully restored. Please don’t post/reblog about spam domains or keywords like ‘___’ as doing so will trigger another termination of your account.

There you have it. 

The best that you can do to help is to suggest blacklisting or make a post about blacklisting the spam domains, but do not mention the specific urls. You can also add to your post ‘ask me or send a message if you need help’, if someone isn’t sure how to do this exactly. 

Some more proof that this is happening to a lot of blogs on tumblr are herehere and here

This is affecting a lot of blogs, so please spread this as far as you can. Many people have invested tons of their time into their blog, and it’s a very shocking and unpleasant experience to discover that you were accidentally logged out, only to try to log back in and be faced with this page:

So please, please signal boost this to spread awareness because it is happening as you read this, and it can save someone a lot of stress and grief. At least with this post, people will know why, which is probably the #1 question people are asking why their blog got deleted. 


As most of you already know, on May 13th Tumblr has decided to lock us all out of the site and make us change our passwords for safety reasons, without as much as letting us know about the overhaul in advance. 

Now while for most this was no more of an issue than the minute lost on changing the password, many of us have stayed locked out. The problem here is that these blogs are tied to defunct e-mail addresses we no longer have access to, therefore changing the password is out of the question and so is logging in for, as it seems right now, ever.

Addressing the issue I have written to tumblr spport and got this reply:

How considerate, we are now supposed to throw away years of work on our blogs (MAIN BLOG AND ALL SIDEBLOGS), thousands of posts, original content, url and its reputation and of course ALL OF OUR FOLLOWERS, simply because Tumblr @staff failed to notify us on the matter.

However, there is still a possible solution. 

As we can still use the Tumblr app, this hideous failure could be fixed by updating the Tumblr app with the option to change the e-mail address on mobile.

I shared this idea with Tumblr support as well but I was met with the answer that, i cite, ‘’the changes aren’t up to our department’’


You screwed up big this time fellas, are you seriously letting it slide?


Concept Art Of The Bakery - 2013

Most of these images have been published before, but no one seemed to publish the “living room - kitchen” piece.

These designs also seem to have more Chinese influence in Marinette’s bedroom and the kitchen, so she might have had two Chinese parents or been raised by a sole parent. If that was true, it might have been her mother since this piece of concept art shows her father as deceased.