Imagine being born on a planet within the nine realms where everyone has a unique superpower suited to them. You however, were not and are often bullied and teased by your kind. When the Royal family of Asgard come to visit your planet’s King, Loki becomes intrigued by you when he can’t sense any magical aura around you. During there stay you often bump into Loki, since your one of the palace staff, and both of you become really close. One day after seriously being bullied by some of the other staff, Loki finds you crying in the corners of a library. When he ask what is wrong you tell him how mistreated you are because you were never born with a superpower. Loki comforts you by telling you that you do have a superpower, and that’s the power to make him fall in love with you.

@episodechooseyourstory CAN YOU PLEASE STOP.

Your adverts now are likely to be triggering to many people here (after all, Tumblr is full of easily-triggered people), and I highly doubt advertising your game with what you have been advertising it with will get you much credit.

After all, I highly doubt the legality of what your adverts depict. Are depictions of:

* Murder attempts
* Implied drunken (nonconsensual) sex (better known as ‘rape’)
* Overly sexual advertisements
* Stalking
* and other things

really necessary to advertise a game with?

If you were to stop advertising on Tumblr (as you are going to be doing nothing but triggering people here), or were to take these adverts down (after all, I have seen people complaining that the things shown in the adverts are not possible ingame, and I know that false advertising is illegal), no-one would be having any problems.

But no, you are still using misleading triggering adverts here, so you have fucked up completely.

also @staff why are you still letting these adverts on Tumblr?

I just spent 30+ minutes scrolling down in my Likes in order to find a specific post that I needed. 

30. Plus. Minutes.

Please oh please Tumblr staff, fix the Likes feature so that you can actually find things in there when you need to. :,( Or at least add pages or a way to get to the oldest posts with just a click (like how the Archives work).

Also: I have no idea what is at the end of that black hole because Tumblr will basically crash before I get the chance to get even close to the end (and I have only 2K posts there). Feels like an online time-capsule - How much will I have changed as a person before I reach the end???

EDIT: Thank you everybody with your tips and tricks! Unfortunately I cannot get xKit to my Safari to work, but the whole “add the page to the link” has helped a lot (I thought that endless scrolling was the only was to go). :3

PS: THIS was the post that was at the very bottom. :3

Character Designs Previewed for 2016 D.Gray-man Anime

The most recent issue of  Shueisha’s Jump SQ. has revealed the first preview for the character design of Allen Walker from the upcoming 2016 TV anime adaptation of Katsura Hoshino’s D.Gray-man manga. ジャンプSQ.3月号 明日2/4発売です!D.G教団報では制作中のアニメ最新キャラクター設定ラフを一部公開!是非チェックしてみてくださいネ♡ #dgrayman pi…