Japan's top-level "Folding fans " of EDO!

Japan’s top-level “Folding fans ” of EDO!

The Japanese-born hand folding fan has a history of over 1200 years. 

How would you like to get a feel of this tradition?

Various handmade folding fans are in stock!

He is one of the very few Edo fan craftsmen

The production scene of handmade Japanese paper

A Japanese calligrapher will write your name on a surface of a folding fan.
Kanji, Hiragana or alphabet are available!

Incorporate it into your lifestyle!


jemmi-sl had a great idea. She recently got the EB staff (x), so I brought out my Sauro staff to contrast hers.. then the bunny costumes came out, and it turns out we had dyed our outfits opposite colors. So compare her black staff and white bunny to my white staff and black bunny.

She decided to call our look Salt & Pepper. I think she’s technically supposed to be Pepper, but where we stood when I recorded this resulted in the opposite.

ok so this is something i have just read on this website, tumblr dot com

When a white Jew experience a “Hate Crime”, guess what? THAT’S NOT OPPRESSION, BITCH!

this coming from the same person who said jews never suffered for being jews, and

I know Nazi’s killed “White Jews” because of their shady business transactions and deals that left Germany bankrupt.”

i reported this person to staff and they answered me saying that i should just stay away from that blog.

so yay thanks again to tumblr dot com for not giving a damn about the clearly existing antisemitism!!!!!!!!

Damn tumblr staff!  What’s this SOME MORE BLOGS: shit in the middle of my dash?  Isn’t the side bar enough for you?  It’s as annoying as Facebook!


Or at least give a toggle to turn recommendations from YOU on or off!

Dear tumblr,

your new suggested blogs feature is way more annoying than the ads. I will actually disable adblock if you get rid of those. Fair trade, right? I’ll actually make sure you get money from your ads if you stop cluttering my dash with the blogs of people I never had any intention of following.



why is this happening

why is this in the middle of my dashboard

tumblr! staff! please stop putting blogs i did not follow into the middle of my dashboard. there is a reason i am not following these blogs. this is because i do not want to follow them. i just…do not understand…why you are sticking random content i don’t want in the middle of my blog. stop!