Yet another bonus of being a multiaccounter - just what we needed.
I’m not one, but am certainly tempted now since the admins are doing shit job at catching obvious cheaters, and I don’t want to wait for a fucking year to get all the familiars without paying extra money to resellers. Why am I waiting while a person with seven accounts I know (and reported a year ago) gets everything in just a couple of months? I’m tired of being a goodie in a game that doesn’t give a fuck about user communication.

yeah the bubble nymph was a little disappointing, I’m a proud member of Water and I was hoping for a little more. I mean, LOOK at all those awesome opportunities with the sea aesthetic! Even if you wanted to stick with the bubble theme, you could have had a deep blue body with iridescent blue/pink highlights and matching pearls and all sorts of cool stuff, and we got this OOGLY thing (imo) with the greens and pinks everywhere. 

And while we’re at it, the cinder nymph. I can’t seem to find a whole picture of it and I can’t see anything besides its normal icon, but i will be SO upset if the Shadowbinder goo on that thing hasn’t been replaced with MOLTEN LAVA. Idk guys maybe it is lava and I’m overreacting

But then we see the other nymphs, HYPE HYPE HYPE I NEED THAT SNOWFLAKE NYMPH

  • Us to Tumblr staff: could we please add pictures to posts on mobile? :)
  • Tumblr staff: how about we take away spell check on tags and make it so you have to go through 1,882 slides just to reblog something and also let's make your whole blog your account tab so everything is harder to find and you can't view your stats as easily. oh. and the overall design looks like it's from 2002. :)

If you’re a content maker on Tumblr make sure you check if your content is being censored, when it has no reason to be.


You may want to look through your edit tag, so see if you have the NSFW symbol on it.

Then click the NSFW icon and say you would like to request a removal.

This has happened to many of my gifsets including very important ones like Black Panther, Love is Love, Anime(which is essentially trying to censor a whole culture), Wonder Woman (strong empowering woman make others coward I guess)

This is not okay, the censoring in and of itself is problematic. Make sure you check if your content is being censored and then send a message to Tumblr staff about the issue.

OKAY SO I accidentally ordered tickets from a closed raffle and sent they payment through pm. The user…. lets call her brenda, took the payment and did not tell me anything for the next few days. I checked the thread after and saw that it was closed. I pm’d and pinged brenda twice (politely)and she did not respond so obviously she took my money and ran away. I asked her one more time. She finally responded she said something like “stop saying it’s my fault the raffle was obviously closed I will refund you after I do somestuff” and blocked me. I doubt I will get my oayment back now. I asked the mods about it and I still have not gotten a  response. My friend said that it happened to a lot of people, not only me. It’s just sad because I caught her selling some of the raffle prizes (or maybe she had spares?? Idk) and she is a very old and active user not sure but.