I really hate the way Tumblr does posts now because it’s permanently disabled the ability to add to/change posts in any kind of way and I’m pretty sure none but a select few really wanted that.

What’s worse, it makes legendary posts like changing kids being afraid of “Danny Devito” and the constantly changing picture thread with over a million notes basically useless now.

Staff, you dropped the ball so hard.


I’m getting real fucking tired of writing long responses and text posts from mobile and then realizing that they weren’t posted hours later.

You fucks are making so much money and are apparently spending so much time gnawing on yahoo’s wiener that you don’t have time to build an app that works.

Some things I discovered about Tumblr that are bad and not good when one of my posts blew up for the first time

So I posted a post that has attained a moderate amount of attention on the Tumblr website (creeping up on 20k notes at the moment) and in doing so sort of discovered Tumblr is the worst for giving you any usable information whatsoever. Here are some frustrations and ideas that could make all the NOTES notifications you get actually useful or something:

  • Sort between likes and reblogs so you can see the two independently.  
  • Or even better how about you let me isolate JUST the reblogs where someone actually added something? Right now the only way to do that is to scroll through 18,000 notifications looking for the ones that look slightly different. I’m not gonna do that. No one is gonna do that.
  • Mute notifications for specific posts. At 100 notes it’s like “hey cool 100 notes!” but when a post really starts taking off there’s really no longer any value in the steady stream of notes other than “hey look at this steady stream of notes.” And lost in that steady stream of notes are notes from OTHER posts. I’d sort of like to know how THOSE posts are doing, but since they’re not furiously accumulating notes at the same rate as my one SUPER POPULAR post they kind of get lost in the shuffle.
  • Also cool would be some kind of display mapping the spread of my post. Obviously when someone small time like me posts something that takes off it’s as a result of someone with a much larger following but I have no idea WHO that was who put me on the map. I guess theoretically I could click through EVERY reblog and see who as a lot of followers, but that’s irrational. Only an irrational person would do something so irrational.

I dunno maybe this is just the digital marketing part of my brain looking for “relevant analytics” to “optimize content” for “improved engagement” because my job has conditioned my dumb brain to actually THINK phrases like that, but these have been some thoughts about how Tumblr could be better about giving you more usable information about posts and notes.

cc: staff 

Is anyone else having colossal issues with the Tumblr application?

staff, what’s up?

Every ask answered in my tracked tags is blank. All you can see is the question, not the reply.

It’s painfully slow.

The application itself freezes about 10 times a day, often with the keyboard stuck at the bottom. Only fixed after a restart.

My inbox does load… After two minutes.

Many posts have been disappearing after I tap the link to the OP and return to my dash.

It’s slow.

Many posts will not load up at all, even on my own blog. Sometimes they’re there, sometimes they’re not.

I’ve sent about 40-50 messages in the past two days, many people have claimed to have not received a message until I resent it via computer.

Did I mention slow?

Dragon Dressing Dream

I had a dream a few nights ago where FR did not get it out of their asses to have a hue/saturation type color wheel for the dragons…BUT THEY DECIDED TO DO IT FOR THE APPAREL.

Imagine having a red hood and being able to change it’s color to anywhere in the hue/saturation inside the ‘red’ field.  Imagine not having to pull at your hair because things don’t match, or the apparel is a shade off from matching and so looks wrong on your dragon and the other apparel because it doesn’t match.

Imagine the twice dyed cowl having two sliders for color gradients.

Imagine the Platinum armors being Prismatic armors

Imagine gold jewlery matching other gold jewlery.

You can really delete an artist’s caption/ source now with one easy click? Seriously? Why the hell would staff do that? What’s the point of this “update”? What did they think when they decided to add this feature? Who benefits from this?

Más MOOK RinHaru en español


“No lo usamos en el episodio, pero nosotros fuimos a un acuario en Australia. Hubo sugerencias de que tal vez Rin podría llevar a Haruka a un acuario para ayudarlo a sentirse cómodo”

-Yoneda, entrevista con el staff (HaruRin Mook)-

“(En la escena final de la serie), como es costumbre Rin está ansioso de tener una carrera, pero Haruka sonríe cuando ve a Rin. Todo lo que vemos es eso, pero yo creo que esa escena muestra perfectamente su nueva relación, ya que ahora siguen el mismo camino de llegar a nadar juntos de forma profesional.”

-Utsumi Hikoko, entrevista con el staff (HaruRin Mook)-

“Yo creo que Haruka y Rin crean el eje central de la historia de Free!, y tengo un apego/cariño emocional tan profundo con ellos que si quisiera, podría hablar de ellos por años”

-Utsumi Hikoko, entrevista con el staff (HaruRin Mook)-

“Los personajes de Haruka y Rin  se sienten como si fueran un ‘par destinado’ el uno para el otro.”

-Miyano Mamoru, entrevista con el staff (HaruRin Mook)-


Discutiendo sobre el futuro de los personajes

Utsumi: Pero Haruka tendía que estudiar también, así que probablemente esté enfadado por tener que hacerlo. Además de que ya no tiene de quién depender ahora (haha).

Nishiya: Alguien de quien depender? No se supone que se encuentra con Makoto con cierta frecuencia?

Utsumi: En realidad no sé mucho sobre eso.
En mi opinión…bueno, me gusta dar mi opinión personal, pero pienso que lo dejaré a la imaginación de cada uno de ustedes.


Plática random entre seiyuus

Mamo: La escena de la cama, verdad?

Zakki: Si vas a hablar de eso, deberías llamarla: la escena en la que platican estando en la cama! (haha)

Mamo: Hey! Eso no es correcto o si? Después de todo eran 2 personas, durmiendo en una sola cama juntos.

Sobre a dónde irían de viaje con Haruka y Rin

Mamo: Por qué entonces no sólo vamos a Australia? De esa forma, Rin y Haruka dormirían en la misma cama y yo y Nobunaga-kun dormiríamos juntos en ls misma cama.

Zakki: Ah, ya entiendo—recreando la escena (de la 2da temporada episodio 12). (haha)

Mamo: Si, sería como: ‘Sólo hay 2 camas!!’ (haha). Me gustaría ir a todos los lugares sagrados de Free!. Vamos a ese hotel en el que se hospedaron.

Zakki: Vamos! A la misma habitación que en el anime!

Mamo: Pero esa habitación solo tiene una cama… Uwaaaah, cuatro personas en una sola cama? Es imposible!

Zakki: Dormir espalda contra espalda ya no sería posible de esa forma…


INCREÍBLE! Se tomaron muchas medidas para tener una correcta pronunciación de los nombres en la grabación de voces

Utsumi: También me gustaría hablar un poco acerca de la sesión de grabación de voces para el episodio 12 (de la segunda temporada). Cuando la hicimos, la grabacón para las voces de Russell y Lori se hicieron en Estados Unidos, y nosotros checabamos el avance mediante internet desde el estudio en Tokio. Entonces el director de sonido dijo: “Hay que asegurarnos de conseguir angloparlantes nativos de Australia. Así como nosotros somos sensibles al acento de Kansai y el japonés estándar, hay que asegurarnos que incluso los seguidores australianos de la serie sientan que el acento es extraño”, lo que nos guió a obtener un resultado final de alta calidad. Pero durante la grabación, la actriz para la voz de Lori no conseguía pronunciar correctamente el nombre de Haruka, pronunciándolo “Ha↓ - Ru↑ - Ka↓” cada vez que lo intentaba.

Todos: (riendo)

Utsumi: La parte de ‘ru’ seguía subiendo de tono en cada toma, y nosotros podíamos escuchar al director desde el otro lado diciendo: “No, no, no! Ha↓-Ru↓-Ka↓!” pero ella seguía diciendo: “Ha↓ - Ru↑ - Ka↓”. Fue realmente lindo verlos pasar por tantas tomas con el “No, no, no!”.

Inglés: fencer-x
Español: KeyDiva

Did Tumblr just make an update that only allows me to reblog a post with all the comments on it or with none of the comments?


What if there are 20 replies and I want to make the post a little shorter but not lose the whole conversation?

What if one of the replies was really triggering or contained really gross images and I don’t want that in my reblog?

Just let me edit the posts.




WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?? This is LITERALLY the opposite of what you should be doing. You should be making it HARDER for people to remove the caption.

here’s a little tumblr thing they staff could fix

why, when I get a new message in my inbox, does the message show as unread on the desktop browser even after I’ve read it on the mobile app? that’s such a weird thing, why does that even happen? when will tumblr get a competent programmer for long enough that they can fix weird shit that no one thought through?

staff | germanican

Hey, thanks for posting about the new way of handling reblog captions. We actually hate to see anything throw a wrench in how you use Tumblr, but in this case we felt we needed to take a stand for correct attribution. Though we (the Support team, who read all your posts and messages!) don’t have any say over updates and the decisions made around them, we do make sure our engineers (engineering.tumblr.com) see the feedback we get. I know they do care about what the community thinks.

For some background, we’ve had a lot of complaints over the years about people reblogging, and changing the text of the OP’s caption to say whatever they wanted to say. And obviously we don’t want to encourage that, as it can foster drama / harassment / copyright issues throughout the community.

Here’s the post from our blog about the update:http://support.tumblr.com/post/125445057067/one-legitimately-weird-thing-about-tumblr-is-that

And here’s a recent post that’s a reminder about how to add a content source, which can never be removed (rather than putting that info in the caption):http://support.tumblr.com/post/125279368827/heres-a-nice-thing-no-matter-how-many-times-an

Kind regards,
Tumblr.com Support

That’s great and all but it seems to me that you have a fundamental black and white view of your platform when, really, you are dealing with both professional, corporate, artists, consumers, and creative communities that each utilize your platform in a variety of different ways. It was so fascinating to me that I actually wrote and presented a paper on the different ways tumblr users utilize tags at an international conference in 2012. My research area at the time (and continues to be today) how inherently creative digital communities teach each other digital literacy skills and adapt platforms to their own needs and wants.

 It is not that I do not understand why this change was created but that there are other options for addressing these needs–allowing users to protect information they thing is paramount to the original posts intention (ie. An artist’s caption or a poster’s innate desire not to have their text altered in a way that could cause emotional harm or ridicule).

 By prioritizing one use of tumblr over all others, you are actually creating a series of additional steps for collaborative communities to function. Using an example of what I wrote in my original post: let’s say that six people are discussing … anything! A linguistic quirk (I do love those), an area of historical contention, or even a favorite TV show–they want to allow others to be a part of that conversation so one person posts it on their tumblr with the site wide tags open and the conversation is off! … Except it gets so messy after a while. A single post on your tumblr may be able to hold an almost infinite number of reblogged comments… but those same comments shrink the comments above it until half of the conversation snakes down the page. Not only is it aesthetically displeasing–it is near impossible to read.

 Previously someone having a conversation would simply erase some of the previous comments. In creative communities, the average is “two posts per reblog” but others are not so fussy. Still, people adjust for easy reading or just so the post isn’t spanning several screens and is legible on their tumblr.

 Now this update forces people to A ) copy the original text B ) remove the original text box C ) then go and fix the second pasted text before finally getting around to actually making their comment. This adds additional, frankly pointless, steps just to be able to continue a conversation or engage in a collaborative effort than previous.

 No one I’ve seen who knows the reason this update was implemented is calling foul over the intentions–however, they are calling foul over “good god, again?” And who could blame them? The idea is a good one; the execution is both narrow and short sighted as it focuses on good intentions but only certain posts and content.

 As I previously referenced–why not make the first post (or even posts after it depending on scope and desire) have a “no changes” toggle? It’s the same sort of concept as a general post with a question mark at the end–the post then displays a toggle for “let people answer this”. By doing so you maintain the original site functionality (thus not impacting other communities) while also providing a way for artists and posters to protect their content. Protect this content? / Make text remain

Posted due to the likelihood of the original message in my inbox being a mass-sent response.

UPDATE: Just also wanted to add that using the above A-C steps you can also still change and alter the posts content in the previous ways this update was “intending” to address. It requires extra steps, perhaps, but essentially you rendered your own efforts impotent while inconveniencing people. Can’t even give an A for effort in this case–the changes don’t assuage the area of concern nor offer a platform for improved usability.