I hate blogging from my computer now bc of those suggested posts everytime i like anything thanks for making this shitty site even worse staff guess im stuck to mobile

I wish tumblr would stop recommending random personal blogs of 16 year olds to me.

staff get rid of these features or at least show me the data you’re using which indicate users actually want this crap spoonfed to them.

Volunteer Opportunities at BronyCon!

Hey, everypony! Do you want to see how the US’ largest MLP:FiM fan convention works behind the scenes? What about helping out and meeting other fans? How does getting the cost of your badge comped sound? If you like any of these things, consider volunteering to be a gopher at BronyCon! You only have to be 16 by August 7, 2015 in order to volunteer and we’re always looking help! If you’re 18 or older and have a bit more specialized experience, we also have openings on our staff you might be interested in. Check it out!

Ok but is it only my tumblr that anytime I reblog something and add commentary tumblr reblogs the whole set of comments before that before my new one? It’s taking up so much space like wtf

staff get your shit together

staff if you don’t fix the fact that everything we try to reblog has double of the same caption then we are all going to leave tumblr and then you’ll have to go back to relying on yahoo answers for all of your money

staff why dont u fix whats actually wrong with this goddamn website instead of pointless ~interface updates~

like there are people who cant escape from people sending hate and people who are harmed from shitty ads

fix this fucking site

the “you may also like” function is a piece of shit, I will probably click like way less now.  Good job staff making the site once again, less user friendly.