Staff has added a new feature to blocking:

You no longer receive the activity notifications when someone reblogs you directly or @s you while you’re blocked.

Hey, staff nice harrassment tool you’ve developed.

staff can you explain to me why a user that I have blocked is STILL following me? and why can blocked users STILL view my blog? who cares if they can’t send you messages anymore, that’s not the only reason people block other bloggers. get your shit together.

anonymous asked:

the tumblr staff is cool but the tumblr sword does double dmg and the tubmrl dagger gives you +55 spd and +7 shit

staff plz nerf tubmrl dagger so I will not be Owned in my own shower


I really honestly don’t know about anyone else, but the reconfiguration for Mire fights has actually made training exalt fodder a lot easier for me! The trios of Kamaitachis, Psywurms and other enemies have made training a lot easier for me and I really appreciate the challenge of trying to get the new familiars!

Thank you, FR staff, for making the Mire a lot more fun to grind in! I like looking forward to seeing who I fight against in each turn. :D