To STARLIGHTs for participating in getting VIXX their 4th win today with Dynamite:
VIXX SUPPORT research and tutorials would be nothing if you didn’t take your time, effort and dedication so that together we can secure wins for the six men we love.

Please continue to work hard for VIXX to make them smile (and see them in happy tears *hugs Ravi) even more often.

Sincerely, thank you.

Lucky Duck Application

Name: Schizo
Age: 17-22 (I really haven’t decided yet but it’s somewhere in there.)
Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Pronouns: He, Him, They. But if he’s called by something else, he doesn’t care.
Weight: 142 pounds
Height: 5ft 6in.
Dress Measurements: Anything I fit in, I guess. Never measured myself before…

Do you have experiences modeling? If so where?: Nope! But I could always learn, looks fun!

What position do you favor? (I.e Bartender, Waitress, Clean up, etc): Being a waiter would be super cool! I’d get to talk to lots of ponies , and be around food too! But anything is fine!

Why do you want this job?: My brother pays for everything, including the house we live in. I’d like to be able to take some of that weight off his shoulders.

Are you comfortable cross dressing?: I don’t see why not? It’s all just fabric! A lot of it is really pretty, too.

Do you possess any special gifts?: No, I don’t have any magic, but maybe I could find something I’m good at here!

Please write a bit more about yourself below:

I like to make friends and eat breadsticks. Also going flying with Wes and watching my brother’s musicals!


While much of the need for this would be reduced if my dash didn’t spontaneously reset, it would be pretty nifty if you there was a feature where you could enter a time in the last 24 hours and it would fix what was posted then as the top of your dash until you reloaded.