Hey @staff (that I apparently can’t tag anymore).

I have an idea.

Hear me out now.

What if you don’t let companies pay to advertise various types of alcohol over and over and over again on a social media platform where teenagers who legally can’t and shouldn’t drink make up a good chunk of the demographic?

Especially since multiple studies have shown that not only are these various alcohol-selling companies deliberately trying to target teenagers but that they’re succeeding as teenagers are more impressionable (…no offense) and more likely to do something really really stupid (…also no offense)?

Which of course only boosts the alcohol sales because the companies literally couldn’t care about the wellbeing of the customer so long as they have money?

And I mean whooowee can you just imagine the lawsuit that would happen if a teenager got drunk because of an advertisement they saw on your website?

So maybe you should remove the damn alcohol ads?

Isn’t that a great idea?


The Joy Broker: Sarah Lux Makes the Connections  

Most people would classify themselves as animal lovers. We form close bonds with companion animals like our dogs and cats at home – they become members of our families.

 We become horrified when we discover that in some places, people eat animals just like these beloved companions. And yet we, as a society, tend to consume products made from animals that other societies consider taboo. 

This is how Sarah Lux, Farm Sanctuary’s Director of Donor Relations, once approached her own relationship with animals. “I was the least likely person you know to go vegan,” Sarah reflects. “You know those people who wave bacon in your face? Yup – that was me. Just witnessing the simple act of a friend ordering a veggie burger would bother me. When people around me were choosing more compassionate options, it would make me defensive without even knowing why.”

What Sarah would later realize, however, was that her behavior was an act of cognitive dissonance – a way to distance herself from the painful reality about her relationship with animals that she knew to be true, yet felt unable to admit. “I’d always considered companion animals to be family, and I had compassion and caring for every animal I’d ever met…especially the abused and mistreated. But I had never connected what – or who – I was eating with my value system, and never consciously realized that my choices were out of alignment with my deepest values.”

Then, one fateful day, Sarah had a realization that would change her outlook about her relationship with all animals – companion and farm alike – forever. And now, through her work at Farm Sanctuary, she applies her experiences and understanding to assist people on their own journeys, as we work to create a more compassionate world – not only for the billions of farm animals who suffer each year, but for one another.

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behind the scenes: the gala opening of Joseph the Dreamer, featuring directors Yoram and Alina Gross (bottom left), as well as President Yitzhak Ben-Zvi (top right)

בעל החלומות / Ba’al Hahalomot
(Joseph the Dreamer)

Yoram Gross, Alina Gross


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As most of you already know, on May 13th Tumblr has decided to lock us all out of the site and make us change our passwords for safety reasons, without as much as letting us know about the overhaul in advance. 

Now while for most this was no more of an issue than the minute lost on changing the password, many of us have stayed locked out. The problem here is that these blogs are tied to defunct e-mail addresses we no longer have access to, therefore changing the password is out of the question and so is logging in for, as it seems right now, ever.

Addressing the issue I have written to tumblr spport and got this reply:

How considerate, we are now supposed to throw away years of work on our blogs (MAIN BLOG AND ALL SIDEBLOGS), thousands of posts, original content, url and its reputation and of course ALL OF OUR FOLLOWERS, simply because Tumblr @staff failed to notify us on the matter.

However, there is still a possible solution. 

As we can still use the Tumblr app, this hideous failure could be fixed by updating the Tumblr app with the option to change the e-mail address on mobile.

I shared this idea with Tumblr support as well but I was met with the answer that, i cite, ‘’the changes aren’t up to our department’’


You screwed up big this time fellas, are you seriously letting it slide?

Tumblr Audio Bullshit

Hey guys btw, if you’re using Chrome or Firefox to browse Tumblr and you get the weird creepy audio popup ad that Tumblr is test-driving, you can right-click on the tab and select “mute tab” and it will mute audio only in the Tumblr tab. 

@staff​ it took me two seconds to mute your ads, btw. I don’t have Netflix and I would literally pay you $7.99 a month to stop trying to “improve” or “market” this website. But you won’t take my money, so I won’t view or listen to your ads. 


Concept Art Of The Bakery - 2013

Most of these images have been published before, but no one seemed to publish the “living room - kitchen” piece.

These designs also seem to have more Chinese influence in Marinette’s bedroom and the kitchen, so she might have had two Chinese parents or been raised by a sole parent. If that was true, it might have been her mother since this piece of concept art shows her father as deceased.

Art.tumblr.com is open for business! We’re here to share original artwork on Tumblr, what’s what in the art world, and help you discover the most creative content our community has to offer. Consider this an open call to submit your work and let us share it with the world. Paintings, prints, sculptures, illustrations, installations, GIFs—we want it all, no matter your medium.  

In the coming weeks, we’ll also be launching some weekly features that round up the coolest happenings in the art world, in addition to highlighting some specific artistic communities on Tumblr.

Until then, continue to make wonderful things and submit them here.