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Hi!! I'm pretty new in the voltron fandom and I was wondering from where " Shiro loves you baby" and "He’s Looking at Keith" came from o:?

Hey there!

The phrases came from Chris Palmer, who is an artist who worked on Voltron. His tumblr post is here and as you can see, the caption is “Shiro loves you baby” and the hash tag is “he is looking at keith.” So… of course, us Sheith fans love this little nod (not because it means anything about sheith / canon but because it’s just a really nice tidbit from someone who worked on Voltron).

In fact, there are lots of art / references that show staff supporting Sheith aside from Chris Palmer’s art and @blacklionshiro compiled a list here. :)

It’s mainly just nice to know that regardless of what’s canon or not canon, the staff seem to like Sheith, and also try to encourage the idea that “all ships are valid.”

Okay so my friends and I met this lovely newbie, super excited to be on the site, a little socially awkward but really friendly and enthusiastic. We had a great few days getting to know her and stuff. Everything was going great.

Until her friend apparently threw they passwords to their two accounts at her, and she didn’t know what to do because it broke the rules.

So she wanted to report it and was panicking and we told her to calmly explain that she had nothing to do with this decision and wanted to get the other accounts closed because her friend was breaking the rules.

Sounds straightforward right?


She got friggin’ banned to. What the actual hell, she literally explained that this was not her doing and asked to close the other accounts in the email. She showed us the email.

What is this staff doing because I was already paranoid with all the DR posts I see about false bans, and now it’s personal and I’m really freaking pissed. I’m now terrified one of my RP partners or a person I can only contact via FR is gonna be wrongfully banned, or me myself because I love gifting.

And before you say ‘oh don’t report it’ this was a new person who panicked and wanted to do the right thing. I would have just deleted or thrown out the passwords and never logged into the accounts, but this person wanted to follow the rules so badly and they got banned for it.

I have no words except something needs to change, but I doubt it will.


  • Us to Tumblr staff: could we please add pictures to posts on mobile? :)
  • Tumblr staff: how about we take away spell check on tags and make it so you have to go through 1,882 slides just to reblog something and also let's make your whole blog your account tab so everything is harder to find and you can't view your stats as easily. oh. and the overall design looks like it's from 2002. :)
Petition to remove tumblr’s nsfw filter

We’ve all been disappointed so many times by tumblr’s updates, and some of us have put up with them in the past, but their latest nsfw filter is, by far, the worst.

Whilst I can understand tumblr’s efforts in implementing this type of censoring system, it isn’t helpful at all, not to mention their algorithm is inaccurate and 99% of the posts that get marked as nsfw are in reality, SFW. Whereas images of nude photography and pornography aren’t even flagged as sensitive.

We don’t need an apology on what was happening/what tumblr is “working on” to improve things. What tumblr should really do, is remove this function. Because it’s been affecting nothing but innocent posts, for instance photos/gifs of people holding hands, hugging, a character’s face, etc; and it’s also affecting communities like lgbt folks and anime/animation fandoms, where anime/disney edits are getting flagged as NSFW for no logical reason.

If there are people who want to have a clean dash, by all means they could just easily turn on the safe mode on tumblr to avoid seeing [the real] sensitive posts. Tumblr was actually doing better before they installed this nsfw filter, which doesn’t actually serve a purpose. It’s a pain for the most of us who are over 18 as we are no longer able to enjoy reading or post content freely like we used to. 

I don’t think tumblr @staff understands the severity of how it’s affecting a lot of people, especially those edits/graphics makers and tumblr artists who depend on tumblr to post their work online. On top of that, the sensitive review would take days, and it’s exasperating. Instead of launching an algorithm that doesn’t work right, they shouldn’t launch it at all until and unless it works in the right way, or find other solutions that DOES NOT affect graphic makers who post their art/edits online. Beta test your algorithms first before launching them, @staff. Tumblr users aren’t your lab rats. Rolling out such a flawed algorithm is simply unprofessional. Honestly we all love spending time on tumblr but please @staff fix this issue soon so that it doesn’t affect people like this.


If you’re a content maker on Tumblr make sure you check if your content is being censored, when it has no reason to be.


You may want to look through your edit tag, so see if you have the NSFW symbol on it.

Then click the NSFW icon and say you would like to request a removal.

This has happened to many of my gifsets including very important ones like Black Panther, Love is Love, Anime(which is essentially trying to censor a whole culture), Wonder Woman (strong empowering woman make others coward I guess)

This is not okay, the censoring in and of itself is problematic. Make sure you check if your content is being censored and then send a message to Tumblr staff about the issue.

Hey Tumblr

@staff stop trying to control what I can and can’t look at as a minor. You’re not just filtering out porn, you’re filtering out (as ive seen from myself and others):

1.) characters (because of their names)
2.) sex ed (helpful stuff my dude!!)
3.) ducks ???? ducks, guys
5.) Shoes! Just shoes
6.) Gorillas??
7.) Artists’ advertising/commissions posts (literally someone’s way to support themselves
8.) non-sexual LGBTQ content. Thanks for telling LGBTQ kids their identity is inappropriate
9.) Tacos
11.) Harry Potter ffs
12.) the sky? i see that every day come on
13.) posts about mental illness. Yknow how a lot of kids cope.
14.) FROGS idk what yall got against water animals
[anyone who sees this add on]

It’s not your job to restrict my life. No other social media does this. Stop. Let me turn this damn safe mode off.

Things Tumblr Safemode Has Blocked from my infant eyes

-Gifs of a parrot getting brushed

-Video of Fireworks

-Original Oc Art from a SFW artist 

-Something about enjoying fandoms

-Advice about asking for help from strangers if you need it


-Stim slime posts

Summary: Tumblr Safemode is making my dash more of a hassle to see content i don’t mind seeing. I already have blacklist on everything I don’t want to see and blocked content I dont want to see. But somehow I still get pornbots that never get removed enough though I reported them