go fighting birthday 24/5 (10/9) (<– did i miscount? shhhh maybe xD) 

【Staff Weibo】2017.05.24

Director’s words:

“Thanks to all those who have been waiting patiently and who has also given well wishes. Your strong feelings have been received, and taken in, by the go fighting men. For those who are impatient, let me reveal some things: (1) Go Fighting season 3 returns in the summer holidays, so keep posting and keeping the hype up. (2) There will be even more themes this year, and we’re listening to everyone’s advise, it’s not too late even now to say them. (3) Except for the go fighting men, who else would you like to be put to the test? This animal city’s party is very wild :P . Lastly, I wish the go fighting men a happy birthday, moreover for everyone to be happy everyday, that is the wish of the production team today.”

  • Us to Tumblr staff: could we please add pictures to posts on mobile? :)
  • Tumblr staff: how about we take away spell check on tags and make it so you have to go through 1,882 slides just to reblog something and also let's make your whole blog your account tab so everything is harder to find and you can't view your stats as easily. oh. and the overall design looks like it's from 2002. :)

Color tests for the witchy couple I dreamed about the other day~ Ayline and Sigur! She is a plant witch, specialized in potions and he is a soldier for the wizard army protecting their realm from monsters. 

I hope you’ll like them~  

10 Things to learn to improve your tumblr experience.

1. Learn to post for yourself, and only for yourself. It doesn’t help anyone when you only post and reblog things because they are popular at the time. You may think people won’t notice, but your followers do. Never lie to yourself. Your blog is your own. Use it.

2. Learn that not every fight must be fought. Sometimes it’s easier to just step away from a problem that triggers you too much - and that’s absolutely okay. You don’t have to fight things that you don’t feel comfortable to fight. You are allowed to step away.

3. Learn that you cannot please everyone. As soon as you start to put yourself out there people will come at you. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to be the nicest, informed, and open-minded towards everyone. You will always offend someone. When someone searches for something to attack you, let me tell you they will find something. You have to accept that not everyone can be pleased. It’s hard, but it’s reality.

4. Learn to ignore anon hate or hate in general. People who want to hate you will hate you. You cannot do anything against it. Breath. Delete. Go on. Those people are not worth your time.

5. Learn that it is okay to click away. Tumblr is loud about voicing opinions, shipping and social justice. Sometimes from people who are not as educated as they try to give the impression and search for any little nag to push limits. Don’t start a fight. It won’t do anything good here on tumblr. If you feel the need to do something against social injustice go out and do it yourself. Don’t do it behind a screen. It leads to nothing except hate and venom and people trying to gut each other out. If you read something that just riles you really up - be it about a series or a pairing or something social or whatever - just click away. It brings nothing. You will only feel more angered when the person answers and it will go back and forth and back and forth and - time you could use to do something else more productively. And with less stress.

6. Learn that your opinion =/= the opinion of someone else. You might like x pairing, while someone else thinks it is disgusting. Or the other way around. Learn to accept these things and leave it be. What good does it bring to try and force your opinion onto someone else? You’re not a dictator. Everyone is free to have their own opinion. Just like yourself.

7. Learn to respect people. Learn to respect artists and writers and - yes - edit makers too. Some people sit hours before their screens to produce something. They don’t write/draw/do edits for you - they share their stuff with you. If it is something you don’t like, just ignore it. Never tell them what they did wrong in your opinion - remember point 6. Your opinion is not theirs.  

8. Learn that attacking someone =/= educating someone. If someone doesn’t know something or said something harmful in a post, don’t attack them immediately. Often these people are just not educated about the subject. Going into their askbox and leaving hateful, sometimes vile messages and calling them names or even threatening them will lead to nothing. If you really want to reach out to them try to send a polite message. Check their age. Most people who react like this are surprisingly young. If they block off and don’t want to be educated, no matter their age, there’s nothing you can do. Swallow your anger and click away. It’s not worth it. The real world still waits for you after you log off and hating on a stranger brings you nothing.

9. Learn that no one is perfect. Definitely not you. People make mistakes. Learn to forgive and move on. Holding a grudge brings only sorrow and misery.

10. Learn that tumblr is not the world. The real world is so much worse. Try to enjoy your time here instead of letting it ruin you.

Tumblr’s ‘April Fools’ thing is apparently a day early. It’s the little pixel horse in the bottom left of the screen.

Clicking it opens up a small window with a tamagotchi style horse, pre-named. If you don’t clean up it’s poop within a matter of seconds, it dies and the horse remains on the screen upside down.

You can close it using the icon in the top right of the screen, or by reloading the page. You can also block it using Ad Blocker.

  • OsoStaff: Karamatsu has a poetic soul; he values free-expression, peace and love and displays very kind and sincere qualities.
  • OsoStaff: Make him scream JESUS, ASSHOLE, the F WORD, S*X and C*M. English is optional, though encouraged.