Dear, staff

While I adore tumblr, and thank you for giving me a place to be free and express myself, there are some changes that need to be made!!

It would be really helpful if you could make the following change to your site, would it be possible to add to the account settings, privatization for accounts?

There are too many accounts, some of them being friends whose accounts are getting terminated, and all because another user “thinks” that the content being posted it is apparently “inappropriate” when in reality we’re not bothering anyone.

You guys are sensitive about certain things being posted, can I ask do you also feel that strongly towards the random “porn blogs” that circulate on here, because there are some on here…

I feel that’s it’s disgusting to be told that some of what you may post on “YOUR OWN PERSONAL BLOG” is INAPPROPRIATE!! To me that’s rude, disrespectful, and interfering with “freedom of speech” or “freedom of self-expression”

Could you please at least think over this proposal, and consider enforcing it…

Others should be able to posts pics on here that they feel inspired by and not get randomly attacked and have their blogs deleted over something so stupid and minuscule, it’s 2015 if the government can pass gender equality and same-sex marriage then, you guys can give us the option of making our blogs private, & making it so you can decide who follows your blog and who is restricted from seeing it… Like Twitter has that option!!

It would be greatly appreciated.

staff please fix the tumblr mobile app so everytime I’m tryna scroll on my blog I don’t get posts from 3 years ago I reblogged then it reloads and doesn’t even show half the other posts I posted. It’s v annoying thanks

I was checking the tags to see if anyone else had problems with Flight Rising’s customer service and found this blog. I’d like to leave a few links here of my lovely experience with the customer service of Flight Rising. 

x x x

In short, however, I was lucky enough to grab the username Satan on Flight Rising, but after reaching out to staff for an admittedly ridiculous question (I asked if it’s possible to change my user ID to 666666 because I felt it’d be funny, and I also was doing it as a joke), they ignored my question and instead told me that my name breached their rules (despite me pointing out that it says nothing about names related to religious figures, only that the figures can’t be portrayed negatively), and they are now forcing me to change my username or else they’re locking my account. I’d show the email chain, but I’m not sure if I’m able to

staff like, it’s cool you’re trying to make rumble better and the app updates are fine but could you make it so mobile users can do the same things as non mobile users??? Like add pics and vids to text posts and such? PLEASE????

staff i have a problem i need fixed right now immediately. the ‘medical’ tag is boring and filled with pictures of weed. i need photos of hospitals, surgeries, and various medical tools, for my personal enjoyment. thank you