Drabble prompt for Staeluss: "Blaine's new wardrobe"

What To Wear, by aspiringtoeloquence

Blaine Anderson was a private school boy.

For years his wardrobe five days a week was limited to a simple choice: Blazer, sweater, or sweater-vest.

Blaine had confided to Kurt that he didn’t like the cut of the Dalton Sweater, so he’d usually stuck with the blazer, and occasionally, when he was feeling especially daring, paired it with the red sweater vest.

Hearing this, Kurt had kind of feared for his new friend’s out-of-school wardrobe.

Kurt discovered, however, that while Blaine wasn’t as avant guarde or daring as he was himself (which made sense, all things considered), he knew how to dress. His style was a little more conservative, it was true, and Kurt believed that cardigans needed to be chosen more carefully and utilized far less regularly than Blaine did, but it was a general relief to him that, for the most part, he didn’t feel the need to rip up any of his boyfriend’s clothing.

Off him, occasionally. But not up

And Blaine knew enough about Kurt’s style to be a valuable shopping companion upon occasion. Neither of them dressed the other, per se, but they’d pick out things that they could see the other wearing, and Kurt only had to scream a few times at the thought that Blaine thought he would wear that.

When Blaine finally decided to come to McKinley, and they realized that this meant he needed about three times the amount of clothing he currently possessed, Kurt actually rubbed his hands together in delight.

Blaine’s face was a cross between fear and indulgent delight, and the fact that the fear was tempered with anything else was a testament to his status as completely in love.


Blaine’s first day was a Monday, and Kurt declared Saturday morning time for an official shopping trip. Blaine knew him well enough not to make any plans for later in the day.

They hit six stores in the first three hours, and Blaine accumulated a collection of polos, sweaters and (with Kurt’s reluctant admittance that they did look good on him) cardigans.

Kurt was determined not to push him into wearing anything he wasn’t comfortable with, no matter how good he would look in it, and confined himself to pieces he knew Blaine would like. When Blaine looked confused at the way he skipped entirely a rack of tight t-shirts with sequins, a design he had definitely commented that he had loved last time they were in the store, and even suggested Blaine would look good in, he smiled and shrugged.

“Just because it would look amazing on you doesn’t mean you have to wear it. I know you… I know your style isn’t the same as mine, and you… I want you to be comfortable being you.” His smile widened. “Everyone’ll be jealous, no matter what you wear.”

If they had been anywhere other than in the middle of a crowded mall in Lima, Ohio, Kurt knew that Blaine would have kissed him. As it was, they settled for staring at each other for a moment, and letting Blaine’s fingers twine briefly through his as they walked to pay.

He had jeans, and they were in one last store before lunch when Kurt spotted a heavily discounted scarf, and left the display of pants he’d been idly browsing. He returned to find Blaine he was gone, and a text revealed he was in the fitting room.

He settled himself on the bench outside, checking his texts ad scrolling though his facebook feed, until he heard a throat being cleared.

He looked up and had to stop himself from licking his lips, instead giving in to the urge to smile more widely that he thought was possible.

The shirt was a definite no - the style didn’t suit Blaine’s shoulders, and the shade of pale green was terrible, and didn’t make anything pop enough, but…

“I really like the pants,” Blaine said, kind of shyly. “It’s not something I’d normally wear, but if you think they look okay…”

They were slightly short, a bright shade of red, and fairly tight, although not nearly as tight as what Kurt wore to school on a regular basis. They weren’t the same as his own, which were more suited to his long legs. These looked great on Blaine. They were doing seriously amazing things to his legs (and Kurt’s imagination), but before he answered Kurt didn’t look at the fit, or the color.

He looked at Blaine’s face as he looked at himself in the mirror, his chin a little higher, his eyes shining just a bit brighter.

“The pants are perfect,” Kurt said. “You look perfect.”

Blaine turned. “Really? I don’t look -”

“You look happy,” Kurt smiled, standing, leaving the various bags to put his hands on his boyfriend’s waist and hook his chin over his shoulder. “If you like them, you should get them. You look amazing.”

They made eye contact in the mirror for a moment, and one of Blaine’s hands covered Kurt’s where it rested on the beltloop of the red pants.

“But not the shirt, right?”

Kurt snorted and stepped back. “Oh, no, the shirt is hideous.”

Blaine’s laugh carried as he walked back into the dressing cubicle, throwing out ideas for which color shirt he could wear with those pants on Monday.

Kurt couldn’t wait.