I. Mechanical Pencils

muji hexagonal aluminum
pentel twist erase III
pentel sharp

II. Woodcase Pencils

staedtler mars lumograph
dixon ticonderoga [ yellow | black | holographic ]
papermate mirado black warrior

III. Fineliners

staedtler triplus fineliners
stabilo point 88
papermate flair

IV. Gel Pens

pentel energel
muji gel pens
uniball signo

V. Ballpoint & Rollerball Pens

papermate inkjoy
pilot b2p
pilot v5

VI. Highlighters

uni propus window
bic brite liner
zebra mildliner

VII. Markers

staedtler triplus fiber tips
tombow dual brush pens
crayola super tips

VIII. Erasers

tombow mono
staedtler mars
pentel hi polymer 

XI. Notebooks

moleskine cahier
leuchtturm 1917
rhodia webnotebook

X. Planners

hobonichi techo
scholar prep organizer “i am very busy”

XI. Pencil Bags

lihit lab teffa
lihit lab pen case
mead stand n store

XII. Assorted Other

tombow mono correction tape
paperpro nano mini stapler
pentel ain stein graphite
scotch glue sticks
muji acrylic ruler
little red all-art pencil sharpener

“A… Happy memory?”

“That’s right! Just think of your happiest memory, then say the spell.”

His mind filled with joyful memories with the boy he loved more than anything as he whispered the words “Expecto Patronum”. A beautiful blue light erupted from his wand, flowing above their heads. Mika fixed his gaze in front of him, his heart beating rapidly as he waited to see what form the Patronus would take - he gasped when it resembled Yuu.

‘But of course it would,’ he thought to himself. ‘After all, he is the one who protects me the most.’

My entry for the first day of YuuMika week hosted by @yuuandmikaela - a crossover with Harry Potter! I am so sorry it’s so rushed and that I’m late - I only found out about this today. I hope it’s okay that I’ve posted this now! I will do my best to do much better work of day two and three tomorrow <3 


Marco Renoir Fine Art 12 Sketching Pencils 2H-8B
I have Marco’s Marco Raffine Fine Art colored pencils, and I have a cheap sketch kit by their company. I like the colored pencils. The sketch kit works, but it is of cheap quality; however, I was not expecting much from it. It makes a fine bang around set of pencils. This is supposed to be their art pencil line; so, out of curiosity I got it.

Staedtler Pencil Holder #900 25
This is a new pencil holder/extender. It has an eraser on one end; so, in a way it is like a lead holder. Most pencil holders or extenders do not have an eraser, which takes away the ability to use the pencil’s eraser.

Derwent Graphik Line Painter Pens Palette #1
This completes my set of Line Painter pens, which are like having fine liner pens that work on many different surfaces.


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