staedtler mars


Benedict Cumberbatch as Shezza in Sherlock series 3

Staedtler Mars Lumograph Black (4B, 6B carbon pencils) and Prismacolor Verithin coloured pencils on 5 X 8 Strathmore toned tan paper. 


July 1, 2017 | 2:14 PM PDT

First major art haul!!!  And yet another failed attempt at flatlay.

I’m taking my first art course this summer, and everything pictured above was listed in the materials list.  Good thing the local art store had all the course materials packed in a “kit” (more like an oversized plastic bag), so I didn’t have to spend hours wandering the aisles and getting distracted by all the stuff I don’t need yet.  In the end, I shelled out like $70 for all of this, including a 24″ ruler and two humongous 18″ x 24″ newsprint and drawing pads.  I swear, my entire desk surface is covered by these huge pads of paper.  Also, I chose to forgo the materials box, which was optional, and instead, I stored everything in a fancy gold chocolate box.

The entire list of all my art supplies are listed below, left to right:

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some-lady-mo  asked:

Sorry to ask but do you know what kind of 0.5 pencil you use? I've been looking for a nice one to be able to use my colored leds w/out the little metal nib on the end so that I'm not constantly snapping them and wasting lead 😅

they’re staedtler mars micro carbon :Oc
i use a faber castel mechanical pencil!!

‘Wendy, Darling.. Light OF MY LIFE’ Here’s a Jack Torrance/Nicholson sketch from the other week whilst I was doing a The Shining watch.


So here’s a quick glance into my physics notebook! The following information is a bit more catered to the subject, but follows an overarching format that I use for note-taking.


Muji 0.38 | Black

Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser

Le Pen | Black

Mildliner Highlighter | Gray


1. Do not worry about making your notes pretty! I have wasted hours upon hours of studying hyperfocused on the tiniest details, in some attempt to maintain the ~aesthetic~. While it’s fine to add doodles, your priority should be getting the information as condensed and understandable as possible. I’ve actually found that having a solid, repetitive format allows me more time to make it prettier. Take advantage of the “beautification process” for when you have free time but aren’t necessarily feeling a hardcore study session. It grants you an opportunity to look over your notes continually as you do something less stressful (e.g. coloring in letters).


I always like to begin my note-taking sessions jotting down the definitions of any and all terms that’ll be used for the lesson/chapter. It’ll make digesting the heavier material far more easier and will save you time of flipping back and forth for definitions in some textbook. You always want to make sure the terms themselves stand out. Personally, I’m very monochromatic. For those who are similar, I recommend using all-caps or some variation of block-letters/cursive to accomplish that.


While you don’t necessarily need to make these guys pop, you definitely want to have some way of identifying them easily. I like to use my mildliner for highlighting, but you can also choose a specific color that you can then always associate with your formulas.

If you guys have any questions or would like me to clarify any of these tips, please feel free to inbox me! Otherwise, hope this helps. :)

The Starks

The Urge

What kind of artist would I be if didn’t do a Game of Thrones piece?!

Like the millions of people who are into this amazing show, I. Am. Hooked.

And, when you get hooked to something, if you’re artisically-inclined the natural thing is to create art in tribute to that something.

I knew I wanted to something a little out of my comfort zone. I’m so used to copying a single image so thought I’d try something different and go for a collage.

I decided to draw Westeros’ most noble and unlucky family: The Starks. And their Direwolves.

This was a bit ambitious on my part, as it raised a number of challenges


Pencil-wise, I decided to stick with the faithful Staedtler Mars Lumograph 5H and of course the Staedtler Mars Technico 780Cs (2B, HB and 2H).

I’d done a couple of drawings on Daler Rowney Aquafine Watercolour paper before starting this piece, and I love how it’s possible to get dark tones that allow you bring a depth to the work that just doesn’t seem possibly with my usual paper, Smooth Bristol Board.


This was the most important challenge. When you think of classic collages, it’s hard not to conjure up the Star Wars and Indiana Jones film posters of yesteryear. The man responsible for these magical and wonderous pieces of art is Drew Struzan.

Of course, I’m not daft enough to even suggest I possess even a percent of this man’s skill, but his work certainly inspired me to think about the placement of characters and the over layout.

I’d like to recommend a young artist by the name of Kyle Lambert. I imagine many of you have seen the brilliant ‘Stranger Things’ - Kyle is responsible for the now-famous poster for the show.

Choosing the right references

Once I could envision what the finished piece might look like, I set out into the wonderful world of the interwebs to search for images that might fit well. As always with refereces, it is important they’re of a good usable resolution (i.e. not fuzzy) and not where the subject isn’t too far away (i.e. not too fuzzy).

Having a good catalogue of images at my disposal, I set to work.

Once I was relatively happy with the layout, I set to work on adding the detail character by character.

The likenesses are nearly there I think. In hindsight, I wish I’d used a more recent reference of Sansa as the one I used was from the first season.

I hope you like it!


Rose Tyler Sketches. I was feeling very nostalgic for when DW was actually good the other day..

my favorite stationery by function!


Black Gel Pens - for writing things down and doodling
+ Pentel EnergelPilot B2P, Muji Gel

Zebra Mildliners - for highlighting and decorating

Black Brush Pens - for calligraphy headers
+ Tombow Dual ABT, Pentel Fude Touch, Sakura Koi Coloring

Correction Tape - for quickly covering mistakes
+ Tombow Mono (only one rec because this is the best correction tape ever)

Math and Drafting

0.5 mm HB Mechanical Pencils - for precise drawing and neat work
+ Pentel GraphGear 500Muji Aluminum (fun story one time I lost the eraser cap and was seriously considering going all the way downtown to buy a new one of these)

Erasers - for mistakes
+ Tombow Mono, Pentel Ain, Staedtler Mars Plastic

Design and Drawing

#2 Woodcase Pencils - for sketching
+ Dixon Ticonderoga, PaperMate Mirado Black Warrior

0.5 mm HB Mechanical Pencils - for refining details
+ recommendations above

Black Felt Tip Pens - for outlining 
Faber-Castell Pitt Artist, Staedtler Triplus Fineliner, Pilot Razor

Erasers - for mistakes
+ recommendations above, Prismacolor Gum Eraser

Markers - for coloring
+ BIC Permanent Markers, Copic Sketch, Crayola SuperTips

Correction Pen - for covering mistakes precisely
+ BIC Wite-Out

Bullet Journaling

Journal - duh
Leuchtturm1917 Medium Dotted

Black Felt Tip Pens - for writing things down
+ recommendations above

Black Gel Pens - for writing things down
+ recommendations above

Zebra Mildliners - for decorating


Cheap Pens 
+ BIC RoundStic 

Colorful Pens
+ Pilot G2, Pentel EnerGel, PaperMate Inkjoy 100

what’s in my bag: bayani edition

- adventure time backpack

  • darth vader moleskine for his course notes (bigay ni goyong. doble kasi yung natanggap niya from ‘school fans’ ampfFFF)

  • smaller, plain black moleskine for random thoughts and sketches

  • g-tec .3 [black], tin set of staedtler mars lumograph, staedtler rasoplast pen/pencil eraser

  • green parker pen with jose rizal inscribed in faux gold

  • hello panda [chocolate], 2 nissin wafers, stick-o [small; strawberry]

  • summit bottled water

  • ‘i love sagada’ pouch (pasalubong from the luna brothers). inside are his boarding house keys, coins, and a wrinkled but neatly folded 100-peso bill

- nike knapsack [black]

  • empty flask

  • unopened pack of marlboro ice blast & plain red lighter

  • ziplock filled with v-fresh, icool, assorted maxx candies

  • grade school notebook with piolo pascual on the cover for his notes

  • g-tec .3 (nicked from a clueless pepe)

  • worn copy of bob ong’s ang mga kaibigan ni mama susan

  • small plastic envelope for fast food coupons and pamphlets from protests he went to

  • sleek silver powerbank & 3 TB seagate external hard drive for his ‘~stuff~’

  • 2x2 pic of marcelo (“gago di sa’kin ‘yan baka nahulog lang”)

- dark brown leather backpack

  • portfolio for his current uni registration form & test permit. also, lists of the boys’ uni schedule and infos on their professors just in case one of his friends (rather, sons) need him for consultation (because they all wrote him down as ‘guardian’)

  • gabriel garcia marquez’s one hundred years of solitude

  • first aid kit containing: box of waterproof plasters, green cross alcohol [small], pocket tissue, wet wipes, basic medicinal tablets, katinko ointment

  • ipad mini [black] loaded with award-winning foreign films, classic songs and compositions (may class ang tito). he also records lectures then types summaries at home

  • compact umbrella [brown]

- puma backpack

  • pocari sweat

  • face towel [blue] tapos ‘tunying’ is embroidered sa lower right side

  • jason sacher’s how to swear around the world (joke gift from juan)

  • maroon moleskine for personal writings, most of which are poems

  • nintendo dsi with nintendogs: lab and friends (dONT JUDGE or he will fight you irl)

- herschel little america backpack [camouflage]

  • voss water (infused with lemon ch0sxzz)

  • black macbook air [11-inch] with charger

  • altoids mint tin

  • beats by dr. dre [black headphones]

  • current issue of esquire philippines

  • hand sanitizer

- versace briefcase (too flashy for his taste but it’s a gift from miong e)

  • ring-bound reader of hand-picked works from his favorite political and philosophical writers such as rousseau, robespierre, wollstonecraft

  • yellow pad, blank index cards, assorted sticky notes

  • bic pen [black], mechanical pencil, stabilo boss highlighter [blue]

  • philippine constitution [hardbound]

  • tube of hand lotion [sampaguita]

- marc jacobs ‘domo arigato’ backpack

  • eos lip balm [sweet mint]

  • ray-ban aviator sunglasses with case

  • axe gold

  • hanz de fuko claymation 

  • arnold palmer (from miong’s beverage stash e since bros sila ok lang lol) 

  • kevin kwan’s crazy rich asians

- jansport backpack [red]

  • f. sionil jose’s masa

  • face towel [white]

  • nature’s spring bottled water

  • swiss army knife

  • first aid kit [same with marcelo’s] but with the additional: elastic bandage and tape, whistle, ammonia inhalant (when someone faints during a protest), candies

  • cattleya spiral notebook [large]

  • bic biro pen [black]

- jansport backpack [gray]

  • portable casette tape player [retro style na orange] with asin’s kahapon at pag-ibig

  • amado v. hernandez’s mga ibong mandaragit

  • penny board [red]

  • laki sa layaw casette tape (na gusto niyang ipahiram kay goyong)

  • tweedz braided headphones [green]

  • gray beanie (sa tuwing may ‘bad hair day’ siya and he’s not in the mood for the fam’s teasing)

  • resealed cheetos [crunchy]

what’s in my pencil case(s)
1 —> muji highlighters, muji 0,5 gel pens, staedtler mars pencil, muji clear plastic ruler, surface pro pen, muji eraser, muji pen case
2 —> uhu glue, daler-rowney watercolor set, pentel watercolor brush, sakura micron pens, uni-ball vision pen, prismacolor ebony pencil, kneaded eraser, pencil sharpener, random pencil case idk


100 days of productivity / 19/09/2016 / Day 26:

What’s in my pencil case?

1. Stabilo Swing Cool highlighters and a Pilot Frixion in Soft Violet
2. Staedtler triplus fineliners, Stabilo point 88s and a Pelikan soft gel pen
3. Maped 15cm ruler, BIC Atlantis in 0.7, random nameless pen, Staedtler Mars Plastic eraser and 0.7 lead
4. Post-it pageflags, 16 GB memory stick and Labello chapstick in Peach Shine



I’ve been asked several times about my process and what I use to produce my art, so here it is!

1. 110lb sketchbook paper
2. Sakura Koi Water Colours Medium sized Pocket Field Sketch Box
3. Staedtler Mars Micro 0.3mm mechanical pencil
4. Pentel Japanese Brush Pen
5. Sakura Koi Water Colours Water Brush (incl. with the Pocket Field Sketch Box)
6. Pentel Black Colour Brush
7. Size 3 Curry’s Brush
8. Size 2.0 Escoda Optimo Brush
9. Rainbow Eraser

Not Pictured:
10. Speedball India Ink
11. Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud

And a photograph of my watercolour palette for good measure!

What do you guys work with?


Butterfly Queens - Camila and Sofia Cabello Drawing - 4/5 Hours - I used Faber Castell Polychromos Coloured Pencils and Staedtler Mars Lumograph Pencils + White Gel Pen for Highlights  waakeme-up  - Full Drawing Video Here xxx «<

“Are you sure the only “you” is you?“

I was inspired by laur-rants Silent Hill x Gravity Falls (Silent Falls? Gravity Hills?)  comic! I used to draw these sort of things just for fun! Oh how I miss this! Drawing traditionally is so much fun!

Tools of choice for this piece:

+ Zebra Fude Pen (brush pen)

+ Staedtler HB & 6B Mars Lumograph pencil

+ Alpha Brush Markers: Toner Grey 05 & 07, Cool Grey 03

+ Sharpie Markers: Black, Blue, Light Blue

And RIP to one of my Fude Pens! You have served me well!

dogbun  asked:

yo your art is really amazing and when I see it, it makes me wanna draw stuff! I was wondering what kind of art supplies you use, or if you have any recommendations? sorry if this is a thing you get asked a lot!

Hello! Thank you so much!! ;A; 

Here’s the stuff I mostly use!

I also use Promarkers sometimes, for example when coloring backgrounds etc.

I mostly use Copic multiliners for the lineart. I also really like the Staedtler Mars matic but there’s the thing you have to wait a bit before you can start coloring since otherwise the ink will spread a lot.

This is the basic stuff, I use the mechanical pencil to sketch and color pencils and the white gel pen to add the final touches.

Also I always make the sketch for a separate paper and then use the light pad to trace the sketch on a copic paper.

I dunno if this answered your question but I hope so! :’)