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Newcrest University Stadium Part One: The Stadium

Lot Size: 50X40
Venue: Gym

This is a project I’ve had in the planning stages since way back when I did the grandstands for my Drag Strip build. Now with all the new additions to build mode, and great custom content that is available I was finally able to make it a reality.

You can find the Newcrest Stadium in my SimDoughnut gallery.  Be sure to toggle the “include custom content” button then search for the hastags #stadium #newcrest and #university.

You’ll find the custom content list for this part of the build under the cut.  Also keep an eye out for Part two which has screenshots of the gym portion of this build, as well as my Newcrest University Stuff pack which I will be posting later today.

Have fun ;)!

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If you're attending a concert in the future: READ THIS

Recently on the news it was brought to my attention that multiple individuals have had their concert tickets stolen without it ever actually leaving their possession. Apparently, upon posting pictures of their tickets that they’ve purchased and printed from online, others have taken those pictures and printed them themselves. When doing this, those individuals took the printed ticket that belonged to someone else to the concert entrance and GOT AWAY with it, simply because the barcode was valid. When the owner of the original ticket took theirs to the entrance, they’ll no longer be able to enter because their ticket as seemingly already been used.

As a 1D fan, I can’t imagine this happening to me. Spread this around so that everyone is now aware and knows not to upload pictures of their tickets, even throughout the excitement. BE CAREFUL GUYS!