stacy pearsall

Stacy Pearsall

Stacy Pearsall is a very emotive photographer, she is able to capture a single emotion in a photograph.

(U.S. Army Maj. Jim Bowie from the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 5th Division, looks over the bank of the Diyala River during a cordon and search for insurgence and weapons caches in Baqubah, Iraq, on Mar. 30, 2007.)

This would have to be one of my favourite photos by Pearsall, I like the way she has captured the soldier closest in focus & the one further away out of focus. The dark lighting around the eyes of the soldier helps to show how tired and weary he, the effect that war has on it’s soldiers. 

(After conducting a long mission in the village of Buhriz, U.S. Army snipers, Sgt. David Kulka and Spec. Eric Parsons of the 1st Cavalry Division, 12th Infantry Regiment, share cold take-out chow from Forward Operating Base Gabe in Iraq, on Jan. 28, 2007.)

This second image works very well with the first. The second image is a fantastic contrast, the way it shows what an everyday moment looks like for these everyday war heros.