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Today is a perfect example of my desperate need for any kind of healthcare coverage… I was faced with a pretty much life-or-death decision, and it is costing me on many levels :(

I woke up to a message from the hospital lab: “definite kidney infection, sensitivity tests show it as a strong, drug-resistant variety”. The ER doctor proceeded to call in prescriptions, one of which was a powerful antibiotic (Suprax) which costs almost $200 without insurance.

I tried to negotiate and see if I really need them, or if I could do without, or get a different drug, but my primary care doctor isn’t messing around. She is already worried about my typical kidney-shutdown routine, and the ER doc said that they both agree that going without this antibiotic could be life-threatening. So, I forked over the cash.

We had just enough in the bank to cover rent, so I text our landlord and told her the situation, and asked her to hold our check for a bit until we earned some more money. 

Well, either she didn’t get my message, or didn’t care, because shortly after, she cashed the check.
The check bounced, draining my account, and costing me overdraft fees for the lab payment, prescriptions, and rent.

I have almost $250 in PayPal (which I’d saved for our car payment due on Monday…), but I’ll still be more than 200 in the hole after that transfer comes through.
I still need regular meds, we have very little food, other bills are coming due, and I have no idea how I’m going to climb out of this nightmare.

For once in my life, I took care of myself first, and now I’m literally paying for it.

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