stacks of snacks

It seemed just your luck to have rented an apartment directly above a group of cultists.  

You’ve lost count of hearing their inane, rhythmic chanting below your floorboards and the faint flicker of candles around an elaborate chalk circle. You’ve complained numerous times before, but every time they’ve greeted you at the doorway in their draping red hoods, solemn-faced and muttering about bringing the ‘Great Old Ones’ back.  

For all the macabre airs that surrounded the place, the rent was cheap. Impossibly cheap. At first, you had been elated by such a turn of luck after you’d been so suddenly thrust into the adult world with both a job and school to juggle, but by now you knew why tenancy changed so quickly. But there was no way you’d be able to find another apartment this cheap. So you just tried to ignore the strangeness that lingered around you by immersing yourself in the real world outside your door, silently dreading the moments where you would have to return home.  Any other person would have turned heels long ago, but you’re just too stubborn to leave. It’s your home. You feel a sense of protective belonging over it, almost as if it’s your responsibility. 

You’ve come to expect the unusual from your living circumstances.  

     However, what you would have never expected would be a loud, unearthly rumbling that would send you sprawling to the ground, where the muted screams of cultists to waver up through the cracks in the floorboards. 

After the initial shock, apathy and exasperation set in. 

Damn it. After so many failed rituals and chants, so many nights spent reading spells from mind-destroying ancient tomes, they’ve actually done it. 

Well, at least you won’t have to deal with your downstairs neighbors anymore, you remind yourself hopefully. 

The journey down the stairs is a dark, tepid one where you blindly grope the spiraling banister, feeling as if something is just going to jump out at you like a overused horror movie cliche. Even though you try and convince yourself otherwise- damn it, you’re an adult, you shouldn’t be afraid of these things- the fear till lingers. 

The first thing you notice is the immense heat that blasts onto your face, sending trails of condensation down your already pale brow. It’ unusual because their heat is turned off all the time, even in the depths of winter. The only heat source down there is candlelight for when they carry out their unearthly rituals. But now it feels like you’re in the boiler room of the apartment block, walls almost scalding to touch. 

A smeared chalk pentacle glimmers in the shivering light of a single candle in the center of the room, it’s siblings long since extinguished. Everything in the room is scattered and overturned, the wooden floorboards blackened, but curiously not burnt. It’s as if some massive, invisible explosion has take place. The musty air is already making you nervous- something lingers in it, something that you already have the sense to know is not of this earth, that every cell i your body screams to get out of. There’s no trace of your neighbors anywhere. But you can’t help but feel as if you’re not alone, as if something is watching you from the shadows.

Maturity tells you to call the police. But you’ve tried that in the past, and nothing has ever really come from it. And if you tried describing what was down here, you were sure that they would hang up on you as a prank call. 

There’s a patter of movement from behind you. Noticing something sharp glinting from across the floor, you scrabble down to grab it, to try and protect yourself.

There’s a low clicking growl from the darkness. You feel ready to pass out from fear at any moment. You grip the knife shakily in your hand, but somehow feel even more helpless. Even when shrouded in darkness, you know that you’re powerless against whatever faces you. 

      With a shrieking cackle, something massive launches itself from the darkness with flashing white eyes and a fanged mouth trailing viscous saliva. You wait for death, but find it curiously absent. You look down to see the thing feeding on something else, and yourself completely unharmed. 

It’s a massive mass of pulsating tentacles from the waist down, slithering across the floor on them like some giant demented octopus. Above, it’s a bony white mockery of the human form, scales trailing down it’s spiky spine. Seeing it’s arms flex as it tears into it’s meal, it’s a lot more muscular than you thought. Around it’s head, you see a familiar robed hand, half-clutching a hammer. A hand that belonged to someone, one of the cultists, who was going to bring it down on you and use you as a human sacrifice. 

With a dawning shock, you realize that whatever this thing is, it just saved you. 

You move hesitantly towards it and it’s head whips around, glowing eyes burning right into your rigid form. It looks at you in a way you’ve never seen anyone look at you before, so intently, so longingly. It softens you to sympathy towards it, instead of screaming at the sight of it. 

“Thank you,” you breathe out.

You cringe at how ridiculous you must sound. You don’t even know if it can understand what you’re even saying, or if you’re really just the light snack for it after the heavy dinner of loyal cultists. Much to your surprise, it understands. A low longing growl coils out from it’s throat. It’s not even human, but you somehow feel closer to it than you’ve ever felt to any fellow member of your species. There’s more than that. You see it in it’s whole stance, aching familiar- it’s lonely.

Lonely- just like you. 

Overwhelmed by the situation, you make a quick run for upstairs. But as you’re midway up the staircase, you hear a low squelching sound. Whatever it is, it’s not about to leave you. 

     That evening was how you found yourself saddled with an unusual new roommate. He didn’t have an exact name, well at least not in human language. The most you had gotten out of him was a high-pitched series of clicks and ear-splitting squeals. 

Despite all odds, you two had somehow become amicable. True, he practically ate you out of house and home, but he was always there to listen to your day and silently comfort you from your stresses, wrapping his tentacles around you in a slimy hug. 

There were the few annoyances- while most roommates had to deal with their stuff being borrowed without permission, or not doing chores, you had to stop yours from eating neighborhood cats. 

It was nice having someone to come home to- even if that someone was actually something that was from another dimension all together. It was still nice.

Still, the memory of that night played on your mind- why had he saved you from becoming a sacrifice? Why hadn’t he just devoured you like he had with everyone else?

You sat half-curled up on the couch, a stack of junk food seated in your lap, more for him than it is for you. Beside you was your laptop. If there was anything that you loved about the new routine, it was movie night. It was a night where you could just lose yourself and forget the stresses of the world. You were so used to watching movies alone, but now you had someone else to enjoy them with. 

And you had to admit,  it was oddly endearing to see a tentacled, eldritch beast enjoy watching animated children’s movies. He shifted beside you, clawed hands shifting against the fabric of the duvet you’d put over to protect the couch from further damage. He was enraptured by the screen, toothy mouthed stretched into a wide grin. He loved movie night just as much as you did, already devouring half the stack of snacks. But you don’t mind.

Somehow you didn’t focus on the movie like you thought you would. Your mind slipped away from the action onscreen, becoming more wistful. You kept thinking about that night, about the ritual gone wrong. 

“Hey,” you suddenly remarked, “I just realized something.” 

His head instantly whipped around from the bright illumination of the screen within the dimmed room. 

“Mrnnnh?” came his curious growl. 

You suppressed a laugh at how truly catlike this hideous, tentacled monstrosity could be. 

“Two months since we met, and we moved in. I think it calls for some kind of celebration.” 

You paused. 

“I’ve…I’ve just been thinking…” 

He leaned in, both curious and concerned, sensing your obvious hesitancy. You force yourself to exhale. 

“That night…what was it about me? Everyone else…you devoured. But you left me alive. You saved me. Why? Why me?” 

The creature goes quiet. You already feel as if you’ve made a terrible mistake and feel like gingerly trying to switch the topic of conversation. But he shifts over the couch, slightly creaking it with his own immense stature.

“I…wanted to devour…wanted to devour everyone…but…” he growls in a deep, grating tone. 

His head tilts downwards towards you, making you feel absolutely tiny in the shadow of his presence. 

“…I… don’t want to eat…you. You…not meat to me.” 

He pauses for a minute, as if struggling what to say. 

”You…mean..more…to me…than…just meat.” 

You’re so shocked by the brevity of his words that it only dawns on you a few minutes later that it’s the first time you’ve ever heard him speak human words.

Squeezing back the few tears that brim within the glassy corners of your eyes, you draw close to him, allowing yourself to be embraced by his long arms. His touch is almost crushing, you know if he really tried, he could rip you apart, but you feel nothing but comfort. 

“Thank you.” you murmured softly. 

Your monster smiles down at you, revealing an array of sharp teeth, arranged in a welcoming, loving smile. 


AUTHORS NOTE: i currently have 586 things in my ask box. 124 of those asks were for a sequel to my fic ‘Walnut’. SO HERE YOU GO KIDDOS

TW: all of them. smut mostly.

Words: 2,503

Requested: hell ya           

You were slammed on the mattress that was now hibernating beneath your spine. Your head hit a pillow, and your boyfriend’s body was hovering over yours. His torso found its way between your thighs. His lips latched onto the flesh of your neck. The room swarmed with sensuality and familiarity. Layers of cotton and denim were strayed on the hard wooden floors of Evan’s bedroom. The sheets that protected his twin size mattress were thrown carelessly. It was a battle of flesh against flesh, in hopes of winning dominance and sweet harmony.

           The feeling of Evan’s racing heart was caught between your fingers. Your hands roamed his exposed skin, drinking in the image of his radiance. His brunette eyebrows were lifted as his eyelids fluttered to a close. Your touch was like fire, burning down deep into his soul. His skin was soft. Your hands traveled to his blue boxers, slipping them down the hip bone that poked the surface of his skin. With a soft growl, he opened his eyes, staring at your anatomy once more.

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Something really, insanely, disgustingly fluffy of the first time they say I love you maybe, like full of affection and intimate and so ciuttee

and the September blurb night/week 2.0 begins. Also, anon, your wish is my command. 

“Well which ones do you want more?”
“My gut instinct says cool ranch”
“Well get them then”
“But the cheese ones…”

You’re in the middle of a roadside supermarket, debating about which Doritos flavour to buy. 

The pair of you were driving home from Shawn’s parents when you’d decided to make a well-earned pit stop, stacking up on snacks before getting on the road again. Dressed in a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms – hood pulled up around his curls – Shawn’s got his chin rested on your shoulder and hands sitting in the front pocket of your own hoodie. 

His fingers are playing around with the tassels coming off of your purse and he’s calm – content – as he holds your waist and sways you with him to the melody playing in his head.  You let out an exasperated sigh as you purse your lips at the sight before you. 

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Wanna One Kim Jaehwan College AU

For Anon! My ask box is open again :) Enjoy! (You + Kim Jaehwan)

Originally posted by kim-biased

  • It was your freshman year at college, and you were attending one relatively far from your family. You were slightly anxious about starting meeting people and professors from scratch, but you were looking forward to making new friends and learning regardless
  • You arrived on the college campus for orientation completely clueless, but hey that’s okay
  • When you first moved in, you did that thing where you be friendly to pretty much anyone, to try to find some friends/people to hang out with
  • Anyway
  • You were put in a four-year dorm, meaning that freshmen up to seniors were all in the same dorm: this made you somewhat anxious but you thought you’d be fine
  • The day before classes started, your dorm all met up together to do introductions and awkward icebreakers
  • It was the first time you were meeting any upperclassmen, but from the beginning one person stood out
  • This person, whose name you would later find out to be Kim Jaehwan, was undoubtedly the life of the party
  • He was constantly joking around and screaming “OKAY OKAY” every couple of minutes, but nobody was annoyed by him – in fact, the RAs in charge of the dorm seemed to be completely used to his antics
  • He even had this really strange sounding scream-laugh that escaped his mouth at times, but all it did was make other people start giggling along with him: he was contagious and you personally thought it was incredibly charming
  • Needless to say, he was, even if it was unintentional, incredibly well-liked by people older and younger than him
  • And this popularity made him seem… unapproachable, like he was on a pedestal, at least to you
  • Where in reality, he was probably… definitely willing to talk with anyone
  • From that first encounter with the group, you had developed an innocent crush on the guy
  • He was incredibly funny and likable not to mention really attractive
  • Anyway you didn’t share many classes with him, since he was 2 years ahead of you in school, a junior
  • And that was fine, you weren’t looking really to make a relationship out of this, you just thought he was a cute guy lol
  • But during all the dorm activities, you got so distracted because of him
  • There would be game nights and group dinners and movie marathons and you (and your friends, to your dismay) frequently caught you wistfully staring at him or laughing a little too hard at his jokes
  • You thought you were subtle about it, but if someone hung around you at the same time Jaehwan was in the room, it really wasn’t that hard to tell where you mind and heart were lol
  • Despite all this (and pressure from your friends), you never approached him, because like, how?
  • Well before the first semester ended, you actually happened to have one interaction with him
  • You usually didn’t attend any of the dorm parties, because you are extremely physically irritated by loud noises and music, and so far most of the parties had been the “turn up” type, not many of the chiller hangouts, so you pretty much stayed in your room doing quiet things with your friends like games or internet browsing
  • But at the end of the semester, there was this one winter holidays party that “everyone” attended, as your friends and dorm-mates told you, so you decided why not, to just check it out for a bit
  • You didn’t think you would be there for too long, so you didn’t dress up too much: you wore red sweatpants and a green shirt to embody the “holiday spirit”
  • When you got to the party, you realized why people said it was much more extravagant than the other ones
  • This one seemed to have a much larger budget, and there were beautiful decorations everywhere, with balloons and Christmas trees and pretty holiday lights
  • And to your pleasant surprise, the music wasn’t super loud or anything, in fact it was just the regular old holiday music lol
  • Everyone was dressed up way more than you were, but you felt comfortable, much more than you thought you would when you first heard about the idea
  • Trying new things isn’t so bad, (Y/N), you instructed yourself, content with the experience so far (even though you hadn’t talked to anyone yet lol)
  • You didn’t know how to dance to Christmas songs, so you headed to kitchen to grab some good food yuss
  • Surprisingly, the kitchen was completely empty when you entered: the perfect time to steal all foods ! ! ! !
  • Unable to hold back the evil smile that was starting to cover your face, you stacked snacks on your plate, growing happier and happier as your plate filled up to the edges
  • You were so glad you had come to the party LOL
  • Satisfied with your collection, you headed over to the drinks, where there was various bowls of questionable substances
  • What are these even… there wasn’t a label or anything
  • As you scratched your neck and bended down to smell the liquids, you didn’t notice another person entering the room
  • Yes you guessed it
  • It was the one and only Kim Jaehwan, and you failed to notice his eyes boring into the top of your head, as he stood on the opposite side of the food counter
  • Multiple things about this first meeting:
  • 1. Jaehwan already knew who you were. lol. and he also knew about your crush. also lol. word spreads pretty quickly through the dorm, and you were unaware of that! congrats !
  • 2. There are two people now in this room: you and him,,, and you have your nose hovering above a bowl of punch or something
  • Anyway yes you were smelling the punch because you didn’t want to consume any sketchy alcohol at this party (you hadn’t drank before anyway, and you didn’t want the conditions of your first time to be mystery fluid)
  • “Is this alcoholic…” you mumbled to yourself, before your eyes flicked up to meet Jaehwan’s, making you gasp and stand up straight in surprise, almost tripping over your own feet, making Jaehwan laugh at your reaction
  • Nice one, real nice, (Y/N)…
  • He looked too good for words, his brown hair looking messy but perfect at the same time, in his own pair of sweats and a long t-shirt, with an adorable reindeer antler headband on his head
  • “I’m pretty sure the red one has alcohol, and the peach one just has some sodas, punch, and ice cream.”
  • They were the first words he had spoken to you, and you wished you were capable of acting completely normally but you were too much of a spAZ to do that
  • “Oh, okay, thank you, I-I’ll get the red one then,” you sputtered out
  • “You want the alcoholic one? Oh, I thought you were under the impression you didn’t, with the way you were sniffing those bowls, haha”
  • “Oh, no I meant the non alcoholic one, gah” you corrected, mentally kicking yourself for literally saying gah like out loud
  • “Nah you’re good, these parties are pretty confusing at first, I totally get it. I came for the food too,” Jaehwan said with his gorgeous laugh
  • “Oh, you did? Come for just the food, you mean?”
  • “I mean, look at me,” Jaehwan said, pointing to his outfit. “This is my sleep outfit, and I have fully planned to fall into a food coma today.”
  • You couldn’t stop your blush from rising to your cheeks in reaction to his joke, before you asked without thinking, “you sleep with those antlers on?”
  • Jaehwan seemed slightly caught off guard for a split second, before he smoothly responded, gasping and clutching his chest
  • “(Y/N), I am so offended, the antlers aren’t a costume, its a serious physical defect, I can’t believe you don’t have the sense to not talk about that to me,” he cried out
  • You couldn’t keep up the joke and started giggling, before you realized… did he just say my name? How does he know my name…
  • But guess what? Your thoughts had unknowingly slipped out of your mind, and he heard you ask him that, out loud, you only realizing you had done that when you looked up to see Jaehwan staring at him, his cheeks turning a shade of red that matched your pants
  • “Ah, of course I know the name of my fellow dorm-mate, we’ve been living in the same place for the past couple months,” he saved, looking less confident than you had ever seen him
  • Just then, another freshman from your dorm walked in, and with some confidence you had unknowingly conjured up, you challenged Jaehwan out of nowhere
  • “Okay, so what’s their name?” you asked, as Jaehwan coughed randomly into the air, claiming that your game was completely unfair to him
  • “I bet this person isn’t even from our dorm and just snuck in here, please,” he replied with some fake arrogance
  • “Fine, then do the next person that enters,” you said, enjoying his misery
  • And the two of you just stood there in the kitchen, leaning on the countertop, staring at everyone who came in, for the next 30 minutes, stuffing food into your mouths
  • Turns out, Jaehwan barely knew any of the freshmen or sophomores in the dorm, leading to a lot of laughter from the both of you as he made up random names on the spot
  • After some time of this, when the kitchen emptied out again, you let the question that had been lingering on your subconscious slip out
  • “So why did you only know my name?” you laughed, before stopping instantly, realizing what you had said
  • And you were met with… silence
  • Your nervously looked up at Jaehwan, and saw him staring at his feet, which were bending over on the ground uncomfortably, a drastic change from his usual psycho demeanor
  • “Uh, well, I sorta heard thatyoulikeme…” he quickly said, the volume of his voice trailing off
  • And just like that, you could have sworn you heard your heart drop
  • Oh my gosh, this is so embarrassing, your cheeks pinking for a different reason than they had been the rest of this evening
  • “Oh,” was all you managed to get out, standing up straight, subconsciously starting to move away from him, your head turning to face a different direction
  • “Wait, no, (Y/N), I’m not talking to you just because of that,” Jaehwan said, placing a soft hand on your shoulder, holding you back, making you hesitantly look back at him
  • “I mean,” he said, starting to awkwardly laugh, “a lot of people knew about it, although I didn’t realize how much you enjoyed looking at me until one of my friends told me,”
  • “Ugh I get it, I’m totally obvious, I have a huge crush on you, big deal,” you replied, disheartened, moving Jaehwan’s hand on your shoulder with one of your own, but he took advantage of the contact and took your hand
  • “Wait, no, I’m sorry, I don’t think I’m explaining this properly, I heard you liked me and I didn’t know who you were, but I found out soon after that, and I sorta noticed you were really cute and you always laughed at my jokes and seem really nice and I want to get to know you better because I kinda like you too,” he hurriedly confessed
  • You were totally overwhelmed at the past minute of new information, staring blankly at Jaehwan, as he looked back at you, waiting for a response
  • “Uh, what?”
  • Jaehwan smirked at you, making your heartbeat rise; seeing you get all flustered at his words made him incredibly satisfied
  • “So do you want to get to know each other better?” he asked, poking your nose
  • You finally let a smile break free onto your face, nodding enthusiastically
  • “What? I can’t hear you,” Jaehwan teased
  • “Okey okey!” you exclaimed, making Jaehwan lose his cockiness and pull you into a hug
  • “OKEY OKEY!” he screamed, and you kicked him in response, your physical reaction being completely different from your rapidly beating heart but who cares hahhahahaha
  • You two just chatted and ate for the rest of the party, sometimes going out to stare at the people dancing, the both of you proclaiming that you weren’t “dancing people” (Jaehwan demonstrated some of his… questionable dancing moves to demonstrate his point)
  • Anyway when your friends heard this news, they were all relieved, claiming that they thought it would never happen (GEE THANKS)
  • (Jaehwan’s friends were equally happy, having been annoyed for the past couple months of him staring at you and asking them if you had laughed at his attempts to be funny)
  • You two still didn’t share many classes, but met a lot in the dorm, and activities were actually able to be enjoyed by you after this because not all your attention was on him!!! Wowza!
  • For example,,, movie nights turned from staring at each other from across the room to cuddling under a blanket AHHH
  • (well that might not be the best example… as his presence next to you was tbh still pretty incredible for a little bit haH)
  • You two raided parties solely for the food, becoming infamous for creepily staring at people while the both of you munched on snacks
  • As you loosened up around him and became more comfortable with your dorm group as a whole, you actually found that you had a psycho laugh as well (some people said yours sounded like a hyena mixed with a squeaky door)
  • Who needs a power couple when you can have a psycho couple
  • y’all are weirdos but somehow it’s still adorable


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hcs about sweet things bakugou does for his s/o when nobody's looking

Hi dear! What a sweet ask! I hope you’ll be satisfied with my answer!

Have a nice day

Bakugou Katsuki Headcanons: Secret, Caring Things He Does Thinking Nobody Knows It’s Him

-Glares or scares off people from behind you. Maybe you think you’re the one being intimidating while you scold or argue with someone, but actually you have a silent Bakugou behind your back syllabling threats and giving them deadly looks. Then he just fakes indifference and nods when you beam about how good you’d been at sending those people away.

-He always replenishes your stack of favorite snacks or sweets without you asking and fakes that you’ve never finished it.

-When you’re sleeping, he caresses and plays softly with your hair. Or just stares at you.

-He stares at you a lot, actually. He tries to do it when nobody is looking, but truth to be told he’s freaking obvious about it but nobody has the courage or the heart to tell him.

-He smiles to himself or chuckles when he sees you doing something that he deems cute or funny or stupid from afar. Maybe he rolls his eyes and mutters a “Stupid…” but fondness for once softens his edges.

-During group hang-outs, he likes to walk behind and admiring you. I’m not referring to your ass (well, he also likes that) but to the simple fact that he’s content with seeing you being there, with him. Especially if you’re smiling or laughing.

-He always prepares coffee/sweets for you in your favorite mug/plate even if you’ve never told him which one is it.

-When he’s in a “shitty romantic mood” (quote), he leaves you one or two flowers on the desk or the bed or in other unexpected places. You and everybody have never seen him picking one.

-He switches your food when you’re not looking to be sure you have to eat mainly things that you like, even if he always complains that you can’t be a baby and have to eat everything like a fucking adult.

-He picks up your hair-ties, spread and lost everywhere, and then put them back in their place.

-He likes suddenly kissing you on the hair or on the neck or the cheek when you’re outside and he thinks nobody is looking at you two.

-The TV is magically switched on your favorite channel and on the computer there’s a folder with your favorite series and movies. Bakugou affirms is Ashido or someone else fucking with his pc and says to do what you want with them.

-He tucks properly the blankets around you to be sure you’re warm.

-Bakugou sometimes gets lost in his thoughts while looking at the mobile wallpaper with the two of you, one smiling and the other smirking. You have put it and he growls that he’s keeping it only because he doesn’t know how to change it back. When Kaminari tried to offer his help, Bakugou blasted him away before he could finish speaking.

-If he had done something to make you mad and he knows, but he’s too proud to admit it, you can find him banging his head against a desk or a wall.

-He cleans his hands in the trouser every time he has to hold hands with you because he doesn’t want you to think it’s disgusting. (It’s useless, but you’re used to it)

-When Bakugou’s angry, he makes sure he never points his hands toward you nor he touches you, because in case he loses control of his power he doesn’t want to hurt you.

-To calm down when he’s extremely upset but he can’t vent out his anger, he closes his eyes and pictures your face. Sometimes you can catch him whispering your name as a sort of charm.

Blackpink Headcanon As: Vampires

Same format as a reaction but this technically isn’t one so I just called it a headcanon lol

Originally posted by beautifulqirls


No one was designated as the leader of the group. The girls thought that it would be better if everyone had an equal role but as soon as they began to recruit newly turned vampires who didn’t know how to control their powers or dying humans who they thought deserved a second chance in life or immortality, it became evident that the new members respected Jennie and viewed her as a leader. It wasn’t that the other girls weren’t respected as well but the cold aura that Jennie put out just fits. She uses this respect to make sure that no one betrays the group and follow through with the tasks that they were assigned.

Jennie meets you as a lone vampire protecting a young man from being attacked by her newly turned vampires whose bloodlust drove them into a killing spree.

“Did you really think you can handle all four of them by yourself?”Jennie gives you a shy smile, holding a hand out for you. If her heart was still working, she knew it would be beating uncontrollably right now.

“I’ve survived on my own in this world for years. A couple newbies can’t stop me.” You say coldly as you stand up, ignoring her hand and patting the dirt off your pants.

You run away before she can even ask for your name. After that night, you saw Jennie more and more for the same reason. You should understand why they were acting like that–you went through it yourself–but you couldn’t bear to see innocent lives be lost and you fought with Jennie saving you before they could do anymore damage.

“You know you should really learn how to control your… babies.”

“If you join my group maybe you can help me out.”

Originally posted by wot4


Leads one half of the group who searches for dying humans who were injured by criminals or unjust government officials. She spends the night roaming the streets with the new recruits, getting to know them personally and helping them get orientated to their task. As their task leader, Jisoo sets out task for them to know their capabilities as a vampire. This wasn’t training–that was Jennie’s job. She does this her own way.

“Whoever brings me the cutest stray dog can go back to base early.” They never get to go back early. Jisoo sets this as a lesson that “Humans should be treated the same way even without a reward.” But really, Jisoo just wanted to have another dog roam around camp. 

You meet Jisoo unexpectedly when you chase down one of her trainees. He thought the dog standing outside the bakery obediently didn’t have an owner since he wasn’t wearing a leash.

“Are you running some type of dog kidnapping organization?!” You say angrily, taking your dog back from her arms. “I’m reporting you to the police!”

“W-wait, no!” Jisoo gives a warning look to one of her trainees ready to bite you. “It was a mistake. Can I explain it with a cup of coffee? Uh, tomorrow?”

You couldn’t say no, especially when your dog seems to have become so fond of her in such a short amount of time. The meet up slowly became a date and you find yourself meeting up with her more and more until you finally had the courage to ask her out.

Is rare steak really that good?” You looked at her bloody plate with disgust. Jisoo could only laugh awkwardly, the reminder in her head of having to tell you her true identity bringing her mood down. She nodded slowly, the smile in her face not reaching her eyes. Jisoo knew the day would come but for now she just wants to enjoy your presence.

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The mom of the group. Rosé is the first one to greet the new members with open arms (and a pack of blood). She gives them a tour of the camp, emphasizing where she can be found saying “If you ever need someone to talk to just come here, okay?” She reassures that Jennie isn’t cold hearted at all (no pun intended). Makes sure that the base is well-organizes like handling where new members will stay in or setting up groups to gather low supplies. 

Leads what she likes to call ‘Orientation’. It’s a way for the new members to interact with the current members. Lisa and Jisoo call it ‘Family Fun Day’. Everyone is running around playing sports, eating, or listening to Rosé sing with her guitar with the Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo. Don’t mistake her niceness for weakness. Girl can snap your neck in half if you betray or cause harm to the group.

You and Rosé were friends even before she became a vampire. You both harbored for one another that went past friendship but the fear of rejection and the possibility of losing what you both had at the moment prevented you two from confessing to one another.

You were content being with her but the fear of losing her to someone else was definitely there. You did but not to someone else. A war broke up between the mortal and immortal, you and a group of friends fought with the mortals–you making sure to keep Rosé safe even if it costs your life.

Y-you have to run as fast as you can okay?” You sob, helping one of your friends keep the door closed from bloodthirsty vampires. “You have to survive, Rosé. Continue to make the world brighter.”

“Please, Y/N!” She struggles to release herself from your friend’s arms. “We have enough people to fight through this!”

You both knew that was a lie. You let your tears flow freely just like her, nodding to your friend to take her away. “I love you so much.” You smile sadly, knowing that you may never see her again, before you open the door and run out to become a diversion–a sacrifice–for the rest of the group, for her.  You don’t get to hear her “I love you” or “It’s supposed to be you and me till the end.”

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Leads the other half of the group that searches for newly turned vampires. Being the faster one between the four girls, Lisa is able to reach the bloodlust driven vampires who are this close to starting a killing spree. It’s a difficult task but no one is better suited for this than the golden maknae. Lisa trains the new members with Jennie, selecting the few who she thought would be good for her team. 

This is how you two first met. You were one of the newly turned vampires found by one of her teammates. You weren’t found devouring an innocent person to death. You were actually the one dying–resisting the urge to taste blood for the first time and thus starving yourself. Lisa quickly took you in her arms, ordering the team to continue searching until dawn while she takes you back to camp.

She lays you down on her bed, offering you a bag from under the bed. You find out in the future that she hides a stack below as midnight snacks. Still, you resist. “It’s not human blood. It’s okay.” She reassures you, gently handing you the bag. “You’ll die if you don’t drink. Your body hasn’t transformed completely.”

The softness of her voice and the concern on her face is enough for you to pull through the transformation. Puncturing the bag with your fangs, you relish the metallic taste. You feel yourself become full of life (even though you’re technically dead), letting out a satisfied groan when you finish the bag. “Thank you, uh–”

“Lisa.” She smiles warmly at you, taking the bag before telling you stay put while she fetches Rosé. She begs Rosé to assign her as your roommate and Rosé agrees, giving her friend a pat on the back and walking into her room to greet you.

Hello, I’m Rosé! I want you to get situated in your new home first. You’ll be staying in…the house at the other side of camp. Come on.” Rosé gives Lisa a smug smirk as she leads you out her room. 

You and Lisa eventually meet in the morning for training. You insisted to do so right away so that you can be of help to your new family. You weren’t accustomed to your new abilities but no one in that training ground was except for Jennie, Lisa, and a few other instructors. Day by day, your powers became stronger and slowly became the one of the best in the group. Lisa insisted you joined her group, beating Jisoo in a game of rock paper scissors. You two formed a strong bond, tackling the stronger newly turned vampires. 

When there was no one to take down, you two would sit down on rooftops watching your teammates fool around with each other before Lisa runs off yelling “Last one to base has to kiss the winner!” 

You always lost. You didn’t mind. You had eternity to kiss beat her.

Half of You

Requested by: @katythekitty​ How about 9 and Jungkook? Part of the Valentine’s Day prompt series.

Genre: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 1895

Originally posted by rainbowboombox

When Jungkook told you he’d prepared something super romantic for the two of you, you had to be honest, you didn’t expect much. He’d swung the door open before you’d even been able to knock. Your fist was left hovering in the air, and you wondered if you looked as surprised as you felt.

“Have you been waiting there the whole time?”

“Maybe,” he shrugged.

He reached out and grabbed your hand to pull you inside with his foot kicking the front door shut behind you. Jungkook wasted no time to continue dragging you towards what you figured was the living room. Your legs struggling to keep up with his until he abruptly stopped causing you to run into his back.

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Seventeen and Simple Romance

S.coups waits for you and your messages and takes you home whenever it’s late. He then gives you a flower that he picked somewhere and kisses you on the cheek. “Have a great time ahead baby, I love you.”

Jeonghan cuddles you around whenever he has the time. He has the habit of nuzzling his nose on your head and smelling your newly-showered hair. “Ah your hair smells really nice. I’m getting intoxicated.”

Joshua lets you play your favorite song in his room. He also offers his arm to be your pillow and listens to whatever you’re trying to tell him. “So tell me what’s on your mind dear.”

Jun pinches your cheeks and tells you that you’re cute. He’ll let you wear his shirt ‘cause he thinks it fits you better. “You just can’t stop being pretty at all don’t you?”

Hoshi texts you out of the blue just to make sure you’re doing fine. Later on you see that he sent you a video where he gives you a finger heart. “Here’s a heart for the only girl I love.”

Wonwoo shows you a whole-hearted smile every time he catches you stare at him. Whenever you hang out with him, he tells a cheesy random line from a book he’s been reading days ago. “I’ll never let you go, it says. I guess I’ll be doing the same to you.”

Woozi makes you a short poem whenever you feel down. He tends to act cute around you because he knows you always look forward to his aegyo. “Woozi wants you to smile, bbuing bbuing!”

DK constantly brags that you’re the one who makes him smile. Later on, you’re caught off-guard, him kissing you on the cheek now and then. “Only I can kiss you on the cheek like that okay?”

Mingyu makes your favorite dish when there are times that you just can’t get a grip on things. While you’re trying to relax, he gives you a light massage on the head to help you calm down. “Relax, I’ll always be here for you.”

The8 prepares your daily dose of tea every time you go home. He looks at you enthusiastically, waiting for you to tell him how your day went. “Hi baby, how did your day go?”

Seungkwan hums you a soft melody to make you feel at ease after a hard day. He then gives you a bear hug and keeps you close to him. “Don’t you worry. Your Boo Seungkwannie is here now.”

Vernon makes sure that you’re comfortable in his room, assuring that he has your favorite snacks stacked in his shelves. While cuddling with him, he rests his head on your neck. “Gosh I feel so happy when you’re here.”

Dino sings a slow song you know by heart and makes you join him. You soon found yourself dancing with him while he’s singing a love song. “I know how much you like this song, so let’s dance to it sweetheart.”

Seventeen reaction to their dancer s/o getting injured

Hey- Could I get a Seventeen reaction to where their s/o, a dancer, injures themselves by pulling a muscle or something similar because they’ve been practising too hard? Thank you~ 


Originally posted by scoupstv

“Yah, y/n. What are you doing up so late practicing?” asked S.Coups as he walked into the practice room and saw you trying to memorise your choreography. He watched as you tried to do a jump but you landed down awkwardly on your foot, his eyes widened as he heard you yell out in pain. “Y/N!” yelled out S.Coups as he ran towards you, reaching down to look at your ankle. “I told you to stop practicing so hard,” he mumbled as he looked down at your now sprained ankle. He reached his hand up and cupped your face, his thumb brushing against your cheek. “I’m just worried about you, are you okay?” he asked as he turned around. “Come on, get on my back, we need to get you treated,” he said. He hoisted you up and piggy backed you out of the practice room. 

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jimin scenario | b is for beautiful

beautiful  /ˈbjuːtɪfʊl,ˈbjuːtɪf(ə)l/  adjective.  possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind

genre: fluff
word count: 1.3k
a stand-alone in the ‘synonymous with love’ series // b is for…

When Jimin stumbles into love, he wants it to happen like it does in fairy tales – he wants that burst of romance when the princess waltzes into the ballroom and locks eyes with her prince, the moment when blushes bloom, hearts beat fast, before the prince strides forward, takes her hand in his, and murmurs: “You’re beautiful!” This is what they call ‘love at first’ sight, and it doesn’t tend to happen too often. Not outside the bubble of fantasy.

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  • Word Count: 1,391
  • Characters: 2p Canada x Overweight Reader
  • Theme: Feederism, Feeder, Stuffing

You sighed as you laid on the large bed covered in furs and other warm material, taking a moment to enjoy your lazy day. That peaceful moment didn’t last long under your stomach began to growl, it sounded as if you haven’t eaten in days! Which, of course, was completely false. You just had a large snack not too long ago, and now you were craving more!

You sat up from your comfortable position on the bed and swung your feet to the cold hard wood floors of the cabin you have been living in. As of a couple months ago, your boyfriend of one year has asked you to move in with him. You agreed and ever since you both have been seeing each other more often. Your boyfriend, Mathieu, worked as a park ranger and he was often gone from early in the morning until late in the evening.

You would have a job but Mathieu insisted on you staying home to clean and so he knows where you are at all times. It took some time getting used to, but you began to enjoy that idea.

You didn’t mind much, since this often left you to your own devices and could snack whenever he wasn’t around. Although you loved your boyfriend dearly, you have always been shy eating around him. He often insisted you finish your plate, but by trying to be polite you always insisted you were full.

As you walked down the familiar halls into the large kitchen, your stomach growled louder with each step. Your chubby body swayed and giggled with each step while you made your way to the refrigerator. When you first met Mathieu you were a size 13 but now you are a size 23! This often depressed you, but Mathieu insisted he loved the weight and it also helped with the harsh winter weather approaching.

Putting your thoughts aside, you opened the refrigerator door to be greeted with piles of food. Your eyes scanned over the shelves of food stacked upon each other. One benefit you did admit from living in the woods away from civilization was when Mathieu brought home various foods he had hunted during the day. Your fridge was stocked with all kinds of meat! You had deer, elk, any and every meat you could think of!

You began to scoop your hands in to grab the various meat along with left over fast food. You walked your way to the couch to set down your buffet before turning on the TV to watch hockey. You brought a piece of meat to your mouth and told yourself before you would pace yourself since Mathieu would be home soon with dinner.

Every once in awhile you glanced at the clock to see when Mathieu would be home as you watched the game. You continued your snacking and game watching until you heard the front door unlock. With excitement you ran to the door as fast as you could, which was not very fast.

When he walked through the door he was greeted with a mass clinging onto his body, which he immediately smirked knowing who it was form the get go. He chuckled before gathering your form into his strong arms and carrying you back to the couch where he sat you on his lap, not before taking note of the empty plates laid on the coffee table that was previously stacked with meat from your snack.

“How was your day, maple leaf?” he asked, as he trailed gentle kisses on your chubby cheeks and neck. His scruff chin hair tickled, earning a couple of soft giggles escaping your plump lips before replying, “It was good! Kuma and I made lunch together and then took a nap before watching the game waiting for you!”.

He hummed as response and laid you gently on the spot next to him before disappearing, when he came back he held a large sack up, “I brought dinner. I’ll get started while you watch TV” he said. You replied an okay before resuming watching the hockey game.

After awhile, your boyfriend came back with large pancaked stacked on top of a plate, in the other a plate of crisp bacon. You hungrily looked at the food offered and jumped slightly in excitement, earning another chuckle from Mathieu. He sat the plate before you as he cut the pancakes up into small pieces.

He took a fork full of pancakes and maple syrup and brought it to your lips, which you happily obliged and welcomed the fluffy homemade meal. As he brought up the flavorful food, the sweet syrup would gather at the corners of your mouth and drip down to your chin. This caused Mathieu to grin at this, while his pants grew tighter from the sight.

Soon, he wanted to see more of you. He began to stuff the pancakes in your mouth, without giving you time to chew and swallow. Pretty soon your cheeks puffed out as they were stuffed with the pancakes. Mathieu loved seeing you like this, your cheeks so full that it made you look like an adorable chipmunk in some way

After you swallowed the food followed by words of praises form your masculine boyfriend, he decided it was now time to move onto the meat portion of the food fest. He took one strip of crispy bacon, grabbing your chin to pull down before shoveling the food into your mouth for you. Although you were capable of feeding yourself, your boyfriend often insisted he loved doing this for you.

Which was true, Mathieu loved feeding you all kinds of food, especially home made pancakes. He says you often resemble something like royalty when being fed by hand, which he says you are like a Queen to him. He wanted you to be well fed to keep your curvaceous form!

You almost moaned at the savoring taste of the juicy bacon, taking your time to appreciate the flavor before swallowing and opening your mouth to receive more of the wonderful food. After the pile of bacon disappeared, he rubbed your stomach to admire the plushness and the way it pushed out form the stuffing moments ago.

“Maple leaf, are you ready for dessert?” Mathieu asked as his rough hands groped on your rolls and stomach. You looked at him shocked, how could he offer to feed you more after than stuffing? After a moment of thought, you decided you wanted to test your boundaries and try for dessert this time.

Of course before you could reply your stomach growled in response for you, causing you to blush deeply. There is always room for dessert, right? Your boyfriend chuckled at the response before gathering the empty plates and disappearing into the kitchen.

When he came back, you looked into the containers your Canadian boyfriend was holding. He had brought an entire tub of (favorite icecream) with one large spoon. You looked at this questionably, “Aren’t you going to eat any, Mattie?” you asked innocently.

He only responded with a laugh, “This is for you, my maple leaf” before he took the lid off the tub and dug the spoon into the tub filled with ice cream. He then brought the large spoon full of ice cream to your lips, ready for you to accept. As you swallowed the cold dairy treat, you felt your stomach become cold from the treat.

Spoonful after another, Mathieu continued to feed you the cold dairy. Every one in awhile he would alternate from heavy whipping and ice cream until the entire tub was gone.

Once you finished the ice cream you laid back on the couch and groaned from the stuffing, never have Mathieu stuffed you this much before! As you rubbed your round stomach, Matt looked at you with lust clouded in his violet eyes. He clearly enjoyed stuffing you silly, and if he could he would stuff you more. Of course, you would need to get used to eating larger amounts of food before he did that.

His large hands grabbed your side rolls, “I am going to stuff you so full, you won’t be able to move” he growled before carrying you back to the bedroom, where he will be praising and worshiping your body from the previous stuffing session.

I’ve Got You


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: I’ve been really down lately, so I was wondering if you could do a MacGyver imagine, where Mac makes you feel better?? Thanks in advance!

Hands full, neck cramping, feet sore from walking around in heels all day and a headache that had been forming since this morning, today couldn’t end fast enough. Dropping all work related things onto the floor by the door and kicking off the painful shoes, you hissed at the contact between foot and floorboards. Making your way further into the house, Bozer was cooking away in the kitchen. “Y/N, you’re back. Mac’s not home yet he told me to tell you he’ll be here soon though. I was just finishing up and then I’ll be out of here. Got a date with Riley tonight, well not a date, date, but it’s a work in progress”. Bozer kept talking, informing you about his day and what he had planned for this evening with Riley. However before your body even hit the couch, your mind had already started to shut down.

“Ah-ha, sounds like fun Bozer”, you muttered back as you placed your feet up onto the couch. Instead of the stress drifting away, it was doing the opposite making you want to scream. You heard ruffling in the kitchen and within minutes Bozer announced that he prepared dinner and now he was off to meet Riley. Hearing the sound of the front door shut, you buried your face into the pillow.

This living arrangement was just temporarily. Your apartment was getting re-done and Mac suggested instead of staying at a hotel, you could bunk with him, if you wanted too that was. Bozer was more than happy to lend a helping hand and you had to admit there were perks sharing a house with both Bozer and Mac. More perks with Mac obviously and you didn’t mind them one bit.

Feeling your body slowly ease the tension, the headache was still persistent and the bright lights weren’t helping matters. Hearing the door open and shut, you didn’t have the energy to even turn around let alone look up to see who it was. However when the couch dipped a little and a soft kiss was placed on your forehead, you knew exactly who it was. “Long day?”, Mac asked and his voice alone could help soothe this manic headache. Ever so slowly pushing your body up, Mac’s smiling face came into view. “I don’t want to talk about it”. You were certain that you looked like a mess, from the corner of your eyes you could see that hair strands were sticking up and there was no doubt that you looked like a tired wreck.

Mac mumbled a quick I’ll be back and exited the room, he came back once or twice to make a quick trip to the kitchen and disappeared once again. When he finally returned he was sporting a new change of clothes, a pair of dark blue sweatpants and a grey top. In his hands were your own set of PJ’s. “Come on, get changed and then meet me in the bedroom”. Throwing the clothes your way, they landed right beside you. Eyeing Mac, his face gave nothing away. No clues or hints to what he was planning. “Mac, if this is going to go where I think it is, I’m not in the mood”. He chuckled and lightly shook his head. “Trust me that’s not what I had in mind, just get changed and you’ll see”.

He gave you some privacy to get changed and you had to admit, being in comfortable clothes did make you feel a little bit better. Throwing the dirty work clothes in the hamper you then proceed to Mac’s room. The room was illuminated with dim lights, the bed was stacked high with snacks, board games, DVDs and magazines. “What is all of this?”, perplexed at the scene before you. Mac made his way over and laced his hand in yours, guiding you to sit down onto the bed. “Well I thought all of this could help you feel better, since you’ve had a not so good day”. Not taking your eyes off of him, it amazed you the lengths Mac would go too to ensure that you were nothing but happy.

“Did I forget something?, I forgot something didn’t I?”, he asked turning and locking eyes with you. Pushing a few snacks out of the way, you leaned in and kissed Mac. “Everything I need is right in front of me. And no I’m not referring to the snacks, DVDs or magazines. I love you Mac”. His hand caressed your cheek, this time he leaned in and right before his lips touched yours again, you heard him whisper. “I love you too”.

That evening couldn’t have been spent any better than it had been. Quoting lines from movie classics, feeding each other junk food, to trying to beat Mac at several of the board games. It had all made you forget about the way the day first started. When everything was cleared off the bed, it was just you and Mac tangled in the sheets. Rolling over on your side, you glanced at Mac who had his eyes closed. “I can feel you staring”, his tone husky and low. “I’m not staring, I’m just gazing”, you retorted back. Grinning, Mac opened his eyes and reached out for your hand. “Some would say that’s creepy”. Moving closer so that there wasn’t any gap between the two of you, “And others would say it’s romantic”.

The two of you just looked at one another before bursting into laughter. Mac stopped and plastered a serious look on his face, “Feeling any better?”. Tracing random patterns on his shirt you nodded and gave him a loving smile. “Much, and it’s all thanks to you”. Mac with his other hand rubbed circles on your back, “Just know that I’ve got you. I’m here whenever you need me, always”.

When you didn’t respond Mac titled his head to find that you had fallen asleep on his chest. Stretching his arm to turn off the lamp and detangling the sheets so now both of you were underneath them, he sweetly kissed the top of you head, before he too drifted off to sleep.

fl00wersss-moved-deactivated201  asked:

ut alphys and undyne and us alphys and undyne reacting to an s/o who loves anime just as much as they do?

i’m not sure if these are poly requests or not ;v;’ - M.M.


They are. Absolutely stoked. Just when they thought they couldn’t get any luckier, & here you come stumbling into their lives, anime & all. Get ready for trio cosplays out the wazoo.


They’re possibly even more hyped than their UT-counterparts. Undyne goes all-out on anime night, so you’ll want for nothing. You’ve got snacks & stacks of DVDs to choose from well on into the night, & Alphys is always the one who ends up in tears by the end of the show. It’s easy to say that anime nights with them are definitely an experience.

anonymous asked:

Them taking care of you when you have a bad depression episode and aren't eating or getting out of bed with fluff



-constantly reminding you how much he loves and cares for you 

-”don’t worry, here on out i will be by your side, i love you, please smile for me…”

-Forehead kisses & and is very patient with you 

-Makes you eat when he brings you lunch

-”cmon now.. baby, please eat… food is good for ya… especially pizza…”

-Records a mixtape filled your favorite songs and brings his stereo and lays with you in bed and cuddles you while the music plays

-wipes your tears when you cry out of nowhere, “let it all out, it'll help your soul, im here”

-Kisses your hands, and stares into your eyes alot making sure you are still “with him” as sometimes the episode leaves you in a trance kinda, reassuring you that he will not go anywhere and that you are loved and safe


-Paces the room, freaking out inside but hides it well, because you trigger him when you cry and he fucking feels like he cant do anything to stop you from feeling such pain

-”cmon baby.. princess.. my girl… its okay.. its okay.. y-youre going to make me cry..” holds you in his arms and caresses your head, and kisses your forehead

-already planned ahead and has a stack full of snacks and drinks inside a cooler, and has your favorite activities laid out in front of your desk 

-”i love you.. please stop crying.. it hurts me to see you in such pain.. i love you goddamnit..”

-Is patient through an through but gets anxious and paces alot ruffling his hair in frustration because he hates seeing you this way 

-holds your hand tightly 

-feeds you the food, because he sees you  don’t want to eat anything “open up that pretty little mouth of yer’s y/n.. its good for ya.. doc says you need all the nutrition you can get…” his voice thick because he’s worried

-cuddles you to sleep

-when you do go use the bathroom, he makes you leave the door a bit open just in case if ANYTHING, 

-manages to get a slight giggle sigh out of you and he grins to himself and looks at you; “theres my girl.. see smiling looks good on you keep doing that”

One Step at a Time

When you receive a diagnosis chronic illness, you already know that you will not heal from it with 3 pills a day for a week. If you weren’t already aware of the effect of said decease on you, you can be sure that at some point, you will suffer them and you better be prepared.

I’m suffering from Insomnia since I’m 4 years old. When I go to bed, bad thoughts and anxiety happen but since it’s been over 30 years I’m dealing with it, I’ll speak of that specific problem another time as I already had solutions in place before the Fibromyalgia decided to add to the lot.
I’m also OK when it comes to the pain, I mean, Lumbar Disk Decease isn’t cool but at least you’re used to suffer, only instead of suffering from your back, you suddenly have to deal with other parts of your body deciding that today, right now, it will be painful. Also it will bruise. Just because.

What I wasn’t prepared to is that I don’t feel the need to eat.
It’s probably related to the fact my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) decided to make its come back after 12 years added to the fact I constantly feel drained, eating suddenly became something -difficult-. Even when I’m hungry, preparing a meal requires too much energy for me to just have the drive to prepare anything and thus to eat.
The result is I lost 15lbs in less than 3 weeks.
Worse, I would probably have lost more if my husband wasn’t here to prepare some dishes for me, sometimes even going ahead and make sure something is ready for me in the fridge for when he’s at work.

I’m overweight due to the fact I can’t move much without pain and the depression also leads you to eat more and so on. So I could be pleased I was losing weight without any effort after all! Of course not.
Not eating means that you have less energy to go through the day, it costs you some > spoons < , augments the effects of the fibro fog, and all in all, fucks you up.

A Powdered Decision

Eating and Sleeping were my n°1 problems and those I had to take some decisions for. If you don’t eat and you don’t sleep, you can’t go through the day and you can’t do anything. A corpse is certainly more active than you are.
Since sleeping could be achieved by taking pills I had to find a way for eating. And no, instant soups don’t feed you enough to give you some energy even if it manages to make you feel full when your spoons are too low and you are hungry.

My own decision was to go for > Soylent and its equivalents < which are basically powder meals you mix with water in a shaker.
Since Soylent isn’t available in Europe, I made two different orders. The Lite version of “Taste Tester” of Queal which allows you to try out all the flavors for a reduced price, and the “Pack Test” of Feed to try out both the bars and the salty flavor (sorry Peeps, only Feed and Smeal which are French brands offer TASTY salty flavor).
Added to this, I also offered myself a Blender a little special (Blender Bottle ProStak in purple because why not) which would allow me to mix easily the powder to the water even when tired AND was delivered with two “ProStak” and the famous Pill Tray. So if I was away for some time, I would have my water and the powder in one of the stack, a snack on the other one and even my pills. Great.

I received my Queal a few days ago, my Blender yesterday and my Feed should be at home tomorrow.
I don’t intend to switch my meals fully to powder one, even though it’s honestly super cheap and a great solutions for people who lack of money and / or can’t prepare themselves a meal. But I won’t hesitate to use it to feed myself properly so I have enough energy to do things of my life.
I will try my first meal in a few (Forest Fruits from Queal) and will surely share the experience with you over time.

I can’t do anything against Fibromyalgia, I can’t tell it to stop being within me, I can’t fight it and that’s why I name it my Bro. Of course it’s a pun, but also it means that I need to make friend with it, what it takes, I need to learn how to get it back.
Feeding myself is the first step. If it goes up to eat powder meals or special bars, I’ll do so. It’s fine by me. At least it will give me some spoons, for today and the next incoming day.

Stumbling Upon You (DAY6 // JAE)

anonymous: Jae scenario where he sees you at a convinience store and tries to talk to you because you’re soooo pretty

Originally posted by jaehyunglittle

With your books in your hands, you walked out of your university campus when you noticed that it was lunchtime. Your group of friends gathered at your meetup spot all loud and happy. “Are you sure you don’t want to grab lunch with us?” Hyunjun asked as he placed his arms around his girlfriend and your best friend, Eunseo.

“Let’s go, _______,” Eunseo whined. “It’s better if we all eat together.”

You laughed at Eunseo’s childish actions but shook your head. “How about we all meet up later this evening? I just really want to stop by the convenience store and then head back to the dorm to study just a bit.”

Woojin pulled out his wallet. “What if I said that I will treat, Miss Studious? Will that get you to change your mind?”

Your friends all looked at you with hopeful eyes though you only returned a sheepish smile. “I’ll treat this evening. Promise.” After you took the vow, you started to head to the direction of the convenience store just a few blocks away from the campus.

Eunseo shook a finger at you while Woojin groaned. “What if she has a secret boyfriend she’s meeting with and not telling us?” Hyunjun asked the others.

“No way,” Eunseo assured. “If she did, she would tell me first.” Then, she nudged the two guys standing beside her. “Come on, let’s go. Woojin, you’re buying, right? I’m in the mood for… braised spicy chicken.”

“I only said that because I thought it would get ______ to come…” Woojin muttered as he followed behind his other two friends.

A bell chimed as soon as you stepped into the small convenience store, and you received a warm welcome from an employee. After nodding your head to acknowledge the greeting, you ambled to the aisle that sold triangle kimbap. It was your favorite, something that you had to get every time you stepped into a convenience store. You read the names on the kimbap and grabbed hold of two, tuna mayonnaise and chicken galbi. “I should get some ramen, too,” you said to yourself, moving to the aisle filled with ramen.

As you searched, you heard the bell chime again, indicating another customer, but you did not pay attention as you were searching for your favorite brand of ramen.

Jae sighed. He could not believe that he lost the game of “Apartment” and had to buy snacks at the convenience store for the other members. Walking into the store, he greeted back to the employee before walking to the milk aisle and reciting the items his members had told him to buy. Red bean bun, ice cream, banana milk. Red bean bun, ice cream, banana milk. He carefully scanned for the banana milk and easily found the drink. When he reached out for one, another smaller hand also reached out for the same one, brushing their hand against his. “Oops. Sorry!” “Sorry!”

Quickly pulling his hand away, Jae turned to the female voice. When he took a look at you, he felt butterflies migrate into his stomach. Woah, she’s so pretty, he thought as he made eye contact with you. From your head to toes, no girl has ever caught his attention as fast as you did. He continued to stare when he heard your angelic voice speak again. “You can go ahead,” you told him.

“Huh?” Jae looked at you and then the banana milk and then you again. Play it cool, Jae. He shook his head and took a step back. “You go ahead,” he insisted. “I’m not in a rush or anything.”

You could not help but smile at his politeness. “Neither am I but thank you.” You reached for the same banana milk as you did just a few minutes ago and added it to your stack of snacks while Jae grabbed a few of the boxes after it.

He took a look at the books in your hands. “University student, I’m guessing,” he commented, also taking the red bean buns and ice cream near the same aisle. “Do you want a hand or something?” He chuckled, watching as you struggle to hold your books and snacks at the same time. He found it really cute.

“Ah… it’s fine, really,” you assured him as you began to walk to the cash register. “Only a few more steps until I-” A packet of ramen slipped out of your hands, causing the rest of the items to fall to the floor as well. “Get to the register…” you belatedly finished.

Jae laughed even more this time as he bent down to help you collect your things. “Thank you,” you said, flushed with embarrassment. Thanks to him, you were able to get your lunch to the register and pay. Jae soon paid after you, and the both of you made it out of the convenience store together. “Thanks again,” you told him. “I guess I’m not cut out to be a juggler in the future.”

The both of you continued to walk in the same direction together, and you noticed that. “What are you studying, anyway?” Jae asked.

“I’m a Humanities student,” you answered. “Are you heading to the same place as me or…?”

Jae looked ahead and found himself near your university campus which passed his dorm. “Oh! Um, I just thought you would need help carrying your stuff again.”

“They already bagged my things,” you laughed, holding up your bag of ramen and traingle kimbap and milk.

“Right…” Gosh, Jae. Smooth.

You studied Jae’s reaction and tried to stifle your laughter. He looked so nervous. “Do you live around here?” you asked, curious. “I don’t want you to have to end up taking longer to get back to where you need to go. I’m sure you’re not a university student here.”

“Yeah, it’s just a few minutes from here. No worries,” Jae said. He wanted to come up with any excuse that would give him more time to be with you.

You nodded your head. “Okay, you can just walk me to the entrance of the campus then if you want.”

Weird enough, you found yourself able to have a nice conversation with Jae even though you had not known each other for that long. You found out that he was an aspiring musician who lived in a dorm with the rest of his members near the campus. He even invited you to one of their busking shows in the weekend which you accepted.

Soon, you both made it to the front of your campus. You stopped and looked at Jae. “Though short, I had a nice time meeting and talking to you,” you said, smiling.

“Same here.” Jae grinned. “I’m looking forward to seeing you this weekend at the show.”

Jae felt his phone vibrate in his back pocket, and when he pulled it out, he saw Junhyeok’s name on the caller ID. Before he picked up the call, he spoke to you. “Well, I have to go.”

“You should,” you told him, laughing as you eyed his grocery bag. “I think your ice cream is beginning to melt.”

Quickly eyeing the bag, Jae groaned. He had forgotten that he bought ice cream. He began to ran towards the direction of his dorm. “See you… wait! I didn’t get your name!” he yelled.

“______!” You yelled back loud for him to hear you. “And yours?!”

“Jae! My name is Jae!” he responded in a loud voice, waving at you one last time before turning his back to you.

When you were sure that he had left, you turned back to your university, but not before you noticed your friends in front of you, staring at you. “Gosh, you guys almost scared me!” you said, placing a hand on your racing heart.

Eunseo, Hyunjun and Woojin observed you like hawks.

“Who was that?” Woojin asked, crossing his arms.

Hyunjun squinted his eyes at you. “Told you she had a secret boyfriend.”

“What was his name?” Eunseo questioned.

You put your hands out to tell them to stop. “What’s with the interrogation? Not my boyfriend. His name is Jae, and I just met him at the convenience store. Done? Cool. I’m going to study now.” You passed through the three of them and hurried to the dorm while they stood and watched you.

“He was cute,” Eunseo stated. “Ten thousand won that they’ll meet again. Look at how fast she’s walking to avoid us. She likes him.”

- Fany ♡

Erik Durm - I'll Take Care Of You

Another loud cough shook Erik’s fatigue figure, deepening my already apparent frown. Out of instinct, I leaned closer to him, pulling the soft blanket over his chest protectively before my hand traveled up to his forehead, measuring his temperature. Just as I thought; as hot as an oven.

“I’m fine,” He said in a hoarse voice, ignorant to his soar throat.

“No you’re not,” I mumbled, climbing out of bed and reaching over to grab my phone. “I’m going to go make you something warm to drink for your throat, alright babe? Don’t go anywhere.” I slipped my feet into my white slippers and dialed Marco’s number to tell him that Erik would be absent from training today. “You really don’t have to,” My boyfriend smiled weakly at me, his eyes glistening with emotion.

“Yes I do,” I return the smile, bending down to plant a soft kiss atop his forehead. After playfully ruffling his messy hair, I made my way to the kitchen, holding my phone up to my ear just in time for Marco to greet me enthusiastically.

“Paulina!” He yelled through the speaker, as cheerful as ever.

“Hey Marco,” I kept my voice down, sandwiching my phone between my cheek and shoulder as I poured some warm water into Erik’s favorite mug. “What’s up?” He questioned. “Erik’s a bit sick. He’s got a bit of a fever so he won’t be showing up for training today, alright?” I dropped a green teabag into the warm water before placing the mug on top of a food tray. 

“Oh okay, I’ll be sure to tell the boss. He’s going to be alright, though?”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s nothing serious,” My tone was enough reassurance for Marco to end the call with a polite goodbye, and I instantly dropped the electronic device onto the kitchen counter, deciding I won’t be needing it for the rest of the evening. After picking up the tray, which was by now stacked in snacks, Erik’s warm drink, a bottle of water and a few pills for his temperature, I made my way back upstairs to our bedroom and placed it onto the nightstand. 

Erik was well cuddled up with his blanket, the dim light in the room reflecting off his rosy cheeks perfectly. I reached over to his phone, unlocking it and snapping a quick picture of him huddled up on top of the bed, his blonde hair damply falling over his forehead just the way I liked it and his eyes struggling to remain open. “Baby,” I murmured, discarding his phone to the side before leaning into him.

I lay my hand on top of his warm cheek before stroking his cheekbone comfortingly. “Hmm?” He hummed in response, his eyes wary as he watched me. “You’ve got to take some medicine,” I urged, helping him up into a seated position. “Here,” His sweaty hands reached over to grab the set of pills out my grasp before he slipped them into his mouth, chugging a large amount of water afterwards to stomach them.

“And this,” I extended his mug towards him.

Erik wasted no time in finishing his tea as I watched him in awe. He seemed very vulnerable and I found it adorable how a little pout controlled his features. After handing me the mug, he crawled closer to me, latching onto me for warmth. An uncontrollable smile stretched across my face and I slid my back down the headboard of the bed, laying flat on my back. Erik took the opportunity to rest his head against my stomach, both his arms wrapping around my waist and his legs curling into mine.

I silently played with his hair strands, massaging his scalp soothingly as he dozed off to sleep. “Paulina,” He murmured, only half conscious.

“Yes boo?" 

"I love you,” He nuzzled his face into my stomach adorably. “I love you too, babe.” I mumbled a low response, watching as he completely dozed off into a peaceful slumber.

Never Less Than Amazing Pt.1~ BTS SUGA

Anonymous asked:  Can I have a suga fic where his girlfriend is feeling insecure about her body ( short, big boobs,& Thick thighs) and he comforts her ( if you write smut can you include some please thanks :))))

A/N: Hello!! Thanks for requesting Nonnie! Ok, so unfortunately i didn’t added the smut bit in here, i honestly kinda suck at it Orz so i’m sorry i can’t fufill that part of the request, however this is meant to have a Pt 2! If you like this i will upload Pt 2 with the smut, but since i wasn’t sure i decided to leave it out and revise it extra hard…
Hope you like it still!! <3 


Word Count: 3499
Genre: Fluffy/Smut
Pairing: YoongixY/N
Lenght: Fic
Triggers: Insecurities


You finished cooking your boyfriend’s favorite plate, and previously you had ordered an angel cake as dessert. You were very excited,so much you even prepared the table and lit some candles before time, and dress with that short black dress you bought for today.
Today was gonna be special.
It had been around a year since you started dating Min Yoongi, and today was your anniversary, To be honest you didn’t exactly had a set date of your anniversary,the relationship between you two had been escalating from friendship to something more formal so quickly neither of you remembered when the dating actually started, since you two knew each other you’d always hang out just the two of you, half the time it wasn’t even a planned beforehand going out to some public place, or simply stay inside, the good thing about you both relation was that you felt completely comfortable with one another.
But one day it changed.
One day getting back home you were both goofing around and joking about anything, when both reached for the others hand, the gesture was mirrored at the exact same time, and neither found it strange, later that night, when you were back at your apartment without hesitation Yoongi leaned in and kissed you, and in perfect sync again you reached to him and hold him close to your body, and all it seemed so natural you two end up laughing between kisses, the night ended outside enjoying the light breeze of the night and with your face hurting from all the smiling, just talking about you two.
And that is how you choose a date, after that event happened. Everyday you spent with Yoongi after that was just like any other, only that now you were kissing him every chance you could.
But today, you wanted to do something special. You wanted to do something you were meaning to ask of him and do with him about after a week from the kiss, but never had the courage to complete, because there was one little problem…
Your insecurities.
Since you entered your teenage years, the way you are perceived by others around you always bothered you, and it made you anxious. You always ended up comparing to your classmates or your friends, you always felt judged about not being average tall, having big boobs and thick tights,thought there were days when you couldn’t care less about what people thought of you, but there were others when you would even sacrifice going out with anyone if you started to have that hunting feeling of being observed, even by yourself on the mirror.
You hated having your brain picturing random scenarios of what people might say of what you were wearing or how’d you look. And this caused you to hide under loose clothes or under the sheets of your bed.
This night however, was gonna be different, you were gonna try your best to be confident because this was gonna become special night for you, and hopefully for him as well.

You did your best to arrange yourself for when he arrived to you apartment, but having to examine yourself in front of the mirror of the bathroom only made you feel depressed, before your mind could think anything you splashed cold water on your face and without looking at the rest of you, you started to put on some makeup.
You grabbed your phone and saw you had some messages from you boyfriend

Yoongi: Hey Babe, i think I’m gonna be a bit late, i’m so sorry…

Yoongi: Nvm that, i’m got off fast! Can’t wait to see you!

Yoongi: I bought something special for tonight, be ready ;)

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