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every single time karrde showed up in this book he was described as handsome. he was also the only man to have his attractiveness mentioned. (though every single female character did while the pov guys thought, in great detail, abut whether they’d bang them or not!) so i can only conclude that talon karrde is so blindingly handsome he’s the sort of guy anyone, including michael a stackpole, would go gay for

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In high school US history they teach us that trickle down economics is a scam to get the rich richer and keep the middle class waiting for the money to come down to them. What is your argument for trickle down economics?

“Trickle Down” Masterpost

“Trickle Down economics” isn’t actually a thing (in economics). It’s simply a term used by populist to oppose, most often, supply-side economics. However, in no economic theory does anyone ever say “If you give money to the rich, it will ‘trickle down’“.

The term actually originates from a criticism of the more leftist, Keynesian economics. During The Great Depression, Will Rogers criticized The New Deal, which is, ironically, now hailed as a great success by those who oppose “Trickle Down”(1).

The Keynesian and Post-Keynsians solution is for the government to spend money to stimulate the economy. Remember the bailouts and stimulus packages passed early on in the Obama administration? Those didn’t go to the poor, those who needed them most. Those went to large corporations, run by the rich. Those same people criticize more right wing economic polices as “trickle down”. This is why we’ve seen the rich grow their income and wealth under a President who claimed they’ve have too much.

1. Giangreco, Dennis M., and Kathryn Moore. Dear Harry–: Truman’s Mailroom, 1945-1953: the Truman Administration Through Correspondence with" everyday Americans". Stackpole Books, 1999.

Side note: High school teachers don’t necessarily know more than you on any given topic, take everything you learn with a grain of salt. Teachers aren’t free from bias more than any other person.