stacking luggage



By the time Adam finishes cleaning up the last of his apartment, the sun is setting and hundreds of crickets are chirping outside of his open window. 

There’s a chill creeping into the room, odd for a July night in Henrietta, but not unwelcome. Adam steps back into the doorway of his bathroom and surveys the now empty space of what was once his home, or something close to it. But the word home brings to mind the Barns. He thinks of Opal playing in a wide, open field and Ronan threatening to lasso her if she doesn’t stop eating leaves, and his chest hurts. Just a little.

What little belongings he has are packed neatly into two medium-sized boxes, a suitcase, and a duffel bag that are placed in a stack by the front door. Ronan is supposed to come by soon to help him take his things to the farm, where he’ll be staying until college starts in two weeks. He’s looking forward to it, but knows it’s going to be hard to say goodbye when it comes time to leave.

With a sigh, Adam decides to do one final sweep of the place and as he checks around his bed, he spots something shoved between the mattress and wall. He pulls it free and shakes it out. It’s the leather jacket Ronan had misplaced a few weeks ago. There’s a fuzzy memory of him yanking it off of Ronan and tossing it somewhere during an impromptu make-out session, and the tips of his ears burn.

The fabric is soft and some of the seams are frayed from years of use. Ronan had been wearing this jacket the first time Adam met him; he’d been all sharp angles, sharp eyes, and a sharper tongue. Adam’s still ashamed he’d thought Ronan was nothing more than that.

A breeze of chilly air sweeps into the apartment and Adam shivers, fingers bunching into the worn leather as goosebumps rise over his skin. He glances down at the jacket in his grasp, then slings it over his shoulders so he can slide his arms into the sleeves. Even after being stuck in Adam’s room for so long, it still smells like Ronan. It’s a familiar mix of leather, the air freshener dangling from the BMW’s rear view mirror, and sweet grain.

Adam adjusts the collar around the nape of his neck, just as he hears footsteps coming up the stairs to his apartment.

There’s two loud bangs on the door, Ronan’s signature knock, and then the knob is turning and he’s wandering in like he always does: one hand in his pocket and his teeth gnawing on the wristbands of the other. He’s wearing a navy blue windbreaker over his tank-top and a pair of faded jeans that have seen better days. There’s a rip near Ronan’s inner thigh that Adam’s eyes catch on.

“Nice pants,” Adam comments.

Ronan drops his wrist and raises two dark eyebrows as he notices what Adam’s wearing.

“Nice jacket,” he says.

Adam feels a little embarrassed being caught trying on his boyfriend’s jacket, but he’d already packed away his own sweater and wasn’t going to fish it out. He’s sure he looks ridiculous in it. It’s so far from his usually plain style and he can feel how it’s a bit too big on him. The shoulders are loose and the sleeves go past his wrists, down to his knuckles.

“I found it behind my mattress.”

Ronan’s grin is absolutely wicked. He stalks over to Adam, like a prowling cat.

“Hmm. I wonder how it could’ve found its way into a place like that? Any ideas?”

Adam huffs out an exasperated breath and not rolling his eyes is simple. It’s suppressing his fond smile that’s the hard part. He moves to take off the jacket and give it back, but Ronan’s hand on his shoulder stops him. The grin is gone from him face, but he doesn’t look any less satisfied.

“Keep it.”

Adam blinks, surprised. “But–”

“No buts, Parrish. Keep the damn thing.”

Ronan reaches forward and tugs the jacket’s zipper up, his knuckles brushing against the skin of Adam’s throat. He looks contemplative, like he’s not sure if he really wants to give up the piece of clothing he’s worn almost every day for years, but then his grin is back and he’s got both hands on Adam’s shoulders.

“I think it looks better on you, anyway. You’ve got that James Dean look going for you. Be still my fucking heart,” Ronan heads over to the boxes and luggage stacked by the front door. “Come on, let’s get going before Gansey starts blowing up my phone. He and the midget planned a surprise going away party for you, but you didn’t hear that from me.”

Adam snorts, going over to grab a few of his own things. He props open the front door so Ronan can pass by with his armful of boxes, and a pleasant feeling starts forming in the pit of his stomach as he watches him go down the steps. Home. He’s going home.

He looks back into the empty apartment one last time, breathes, and then flips off the light.


Kathleen Vance, “Traveling Landscapes.”

Green Stack, 2017, Vintage luggage, resin, soil, artificial foliage, water, 30 x 23 x 16 in,

Moss Trunk, 2017, Vintage steamer trunk, moss, water, stone, 24 x 40 x 41 in,

Roundtop Steamer, 2017, Vintage steamer trunk, resin, stones, soil, water, artificial foliage, 34 x 30 x 19 in.

Trophy Girlfriend Jay Park x Reader [Requested]

Request: Annyeong! If the requests are still open? Can I ask for a Jay Park scenario? If yes then, I’d like it if you are best friends acting like a couple. Thank you so much and sorry If they aren’t open♡ I’ll support you!!

Hello! Requests are still open so you’re okay! And please do support us! We appreciate it! I hope you like it! I rushed a bit at the end so if you want it fixed I can!


Pairing: Jay Park x Reader

Word Count: 2525

Genres: Angst, Romance, Fluff

Warnings: None (unless you count sasaengs)


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Y/N PoV:

Damn, where is he? You awkwardly looked around the airport with the stack of your luggage piled next to you. You were visiting your good friend Jay in Korea, and he was supposed to be here to pick you up.

Bzzt. Bzzt.

You looked down at your phone, he had sent you a text apologizing for being late.

You rolled your eyes, of course he was running late. But that was Jay, and even though you acted like this, you couldn’t deny the attraction you felt towards him. But how could he not be late when his fangirl stalkers were watching him. What were they called again?

Ah that’s right, sasaengs.

You had definitely heard about the hardcore fandoms of the K-hip hop and K-pop world from Jay before.

It’s a good thing I wore sunglasses and a face mask.

You thought to yourself. Who knew what would happen to you and Jay if paparazzi and sasaengs caught a sight of your face.

“Turn around.”

You yelped at the male voice in your ear, completely knowing who the suspect was.

“Jay!” you exclaimed glaring at his also sunglassed and masked face, “were you really running late or were you sneaking up on me the whole time!?”

He shrugged, “Little of both. How could I resist a view from the back?” he jokingly smirked.

You slapped his arm hard, “Stop being such a perv jackass.”

“Son of a bitch!” he cussed, “we’ve been best friends for years but I still can’t get over that pack a punch strength you have.”

“Wow, I forgot how much of a bitch you were,” You laughed.

“Why are we even friends, again?” he muttered.

You raised an eyebrow, “I heard that. Now hurry, I’m getting tired!”

He mock bowed before loading your stuff into the car. The cockiness was on fire today, you thought. You felt an itch behind your mask so you quickly unhitched it from behind your ears when a gust of wind blew it away.

“Shit!” you cussed, trying to catch it, knocking into Jay.

“Y/N?” he asked, confused.

He moved to stand, accidentally smacking your sunglasses off your face. The wind continued to blow and you dropped to catch your sunglasses, moving Jay’s sunglasses.

“Achoo!” Jay sneezed and his mask came off.

You both froze.

“Oh shit,” you whispered, realizing that both of you had no protection against the paparazzi.

“Y/N,” he said, voice low in case onlookers were listening, “Get into the car… now.” Judging my his tone, you both needed to jet fast. You hopped into the shotgun seat forgetting about your sunglasses while Jay closed the trunk and hopped in.

Flash. Flash.

You winced, paparazzi and sasaengs were not a force to be messed with here in South Korea.

“Fuck, hurry up Jay!” you yelled.

“There’s a load of fangirls in front of us! What am supposed to do? Run them over like ‘sorry, I need to save my sorry ass in exchange for your shitty life!?” he yelled back.

You narrowed your eyes before reaching over and slamming your hand down the steering wheel to startle the surrounding people.

“I don’t care,” you said lowly, “GO!”

Not even caring, he stepped on the petal, making the onlookers jump out of the way. It was silent until-

“Well I was glad you were staying at my place for another reason,” he said suggestively, “but now it’s even better because now you’re under my protection.”

You groaned, “The sasaengs are going to try and kill me aren’t they?”

Jay shrugged, but you already knew the answer. You were glad all your social media was private, or by now you would be receiving so much hate mail. Jay soon pulled to a stop at a tall building.

“We need to talk to Kiseok,” he explained, “here’s another face mask.”

You caught the one he threw at you and hooked it behind your ear, following him into the building. He was already talking to another attractive male, eyes widening when the latter showed him something on his phone.

“Shit,” Jay muttered, walking up, “this was supposed to be a bestfriend visit type of thing,” he sighed, “but now it’s blown out of proportions.

“What happened?” you inquired.

“Well obviously,” Jay said, “the paparazzi is going to spin some dating scandal. But what’s worse is a girl got your sunglasses and your face mask that you dropped earlier. She said that she’s the one who was with me and using them as evidence. She’s claiming that I just had a one night stand with her…she’s not even my type.”

“Jay!” you hit him over the head, “be serious here!”

“Yea…she’s saying that I lead her on for weeks only to break her heart and humiliate her in front of all her friends and that I was bad in bed and kept verbally saying vulgar things,” he said.

You bit your lip, “Wow, is she an anti?”

Jay nodded, “Yea probably. And the only way to fix it is to find someone to actually stand in as a girlfriend to prove her wrong.”

You faltered a little… who would he choose?

“Ah okay…” you said.

“So I have to find someone who would fit what the girl looks like,” he showed you his phone.

You studied the picture, she had Y/E/C eyes and Y/H/C hair. She almost looked familiar…. No wait, extremely familiar! She looked like you!

“Wha?” you wondered.

“Y/N,” he said seriously (for once), “will you please stand in as my fake girlfriend? It might be awkward as hell and a pain in the ass, but I really need-”

You gave him a quick smile, “Of course!” you smiled, “what are best friends for?”

“Well…” he said, “there are special type of friends-”

You rolled your eyes trying to suppress the heat from your cheeks, “don’t even think about it Jay.”

“No harm in trying!”


Your palms were sweaty, and quite clammy as well, as you waited for Jay. The press conference had seemed too terrifying…. Until now. Although you and Jay had practiced multiple times together already over the span of 3 days, you were afraid you were going to forget everything.

“Breathe,” Jay said, coming up to you, “just like we practiced. Oh- you look good too,” he winked at you.

You laughed, feeling a lot calmer already, “Thanks.” You felt a little over dressed from your usual attire, seeing as you had to make a good impression for the sake of Jay.

“The press conference will now start.”

Almost instantly, you are bombarded with questions. There were cameras going off, in hopes to catch a good image of you two with all the pushing going on. To be honest, you were feeling quite overwhelmed again.

“U-uh,” you stutter a bit, “one at a time please!”

They ignored you, ticking Jay off a bit. He might jokingly insult you from time to time, but he at least respected your requests.

“You heard her!” he raised his voice, “one at a time!”

You smiled gratefully at him, as the reporters listened to him.

“So it was you pictured with Jay Park and not the other girl?” a woman asked you.

You shook your head, smiling like you had practiced, “Yes, it was me. The girl was an anti, and so when we ran off, she grabbed my dropped objects to use it as false evidence.”

“I see…” reporters scribbled your words down on their notepads.

“How come we’ve never seen you?”

“How long have you-”

You continued to answer the continuous stream of questions they had for you. You were a little stiff at first, but as time dragged on, you felt yourself relax. Sooner than expected, the press conference ended.

You sank down in your chair, “Hah…that was tiring.”

“You did good,” Jay said, drinking a bottle of water, “just like we had practiced.”

You narrowed your eyes, “Just like we had practiced my ass! What was all of that!? Kissing my cheek and putting your hands all over me like that!”

“Well,” he said teasingly, “if you’re going to be my fake girlfriend, might as well take the chance! And with that little display, they didn’t doubt our story!”

“That is true…” you mused, “but next time you gotta tell me.”

He put his hands up in mock surrender, “Whatever you say. Let’s go, I don’t know about you but I want to sleep.”

“Same,” You yawned.

“We can always sleep together-”

“Don’t even think about it,” you interrupted, cheeks suddenly blazing. Why was your face hot? Surely by now, you would know Jay’s perverted ways already.

“Alright,” he said, defeated, “let’s go.”

You let him take your arm as you both walked to the car. Almost instantly, you felt your eyes close, heavy with sleep as you sat shotgun.

Bzzt. Bzzt.

You felt your phone buzz and you looked down. You had received a text from an unknown number.

“Stupid bitchy whore, taking Jay.”

You’re eyes narrowed, how had they found out your number? You watched as your phone collected more and more messages, most likely from sasaengs.


Go die!

Kill yourself!

You’re not good enough!


Fake ass plastic barbie!

You felt your mood decline, and your wanting of sleep slip away as you read the messages. You suddenly felt paranoid, if they could find your number, they could find and do almost anything!

“Hey…” Jay said, noticing your silence, “are you okay?”

You didn’t want him to worry anymore than he did, “Yea!” you forced yourself to say, “just tired, that’s all.”

He didn’t seem to believe you, but didn’t press it. You blocked the numbers and turned your notifications off to keep you from showing any signs of abnormal behavior. You looked out the car window and let the steady rhythm lull you to sleep.

Jay’s PoV:

We pulled up at the house and Y/N was sleeping peacefully. I looked at her face and stared, it was rare that I ever got to see her with her guard down. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, but I noticed her phone kept flashing.

“Mmm,” she stirred in her sleep.

I set her down on the bed, before grabbing her phone. She said she was just tired but… we were best friends. I can tell when she’s lying. In fact, I’m a bit insulted that she didn’t think I’d notice.

‘What’s her password again?’

I thought about it for a bit. Y/N would put her password as something only people who really knew her well would know. I typed in (your password) and her phone unlocked. I frowned at what I saw.

You better watch your back!

We’re going to get you!

Your death will be my happiest day

Some messages were downright insulting, while others were just plain threatening. I frowned and started blocking all the numbers. When I was finished I clenched my free hand into a fist.

Don’t worry… I’ll protect you.

I stood up and went to close the door. I would protect from from everyone and everything… including me and my damn thoughts.

Y/N’s PoV

I fluttered my eyes open, trying to suppress my blush from when Jay carried me. The power of a long term crush…. is frightening. But could I take this as a sign that he liked me back?


I let out a frustrated groan, remembering that Jay had found about the hate messages. No matter how hard I had tried to not worry him, it ended in the opposite.

I can’t just receive… I’ve gotta give too…

I stared at my phone. And I could start with deleting all my social media. 

~Time Skip~

I threw my phone back onto the bed after finishing making my whole life private. If I had no social media I could do nothing to harm Jay.

“You awake?”

I jumped a little when I heard Jay’s voice from outside the door. Taking my silence for an answer, he opened the door.

“Hey wake up- oh,” he stared a little, “you’re awake.”

I nodded, “Yea, just woke up a little while ago. Did you need something?”

“Do I need a reason to talk to my best friend?” he smirked at me cockily at me, looking crazily sexy.

I returned his smirk with a raised eyebrow, “Yes you should, it’s a privilege to be able to talk to the queen!” I joked.

He laughed and sat on the edge of he bed, “Wow, I see your lame sense of humor hasn’t changed.”

“Lame? If I remember correctly it was you who snorted milk out of your nose laughing at my jokes!” you cried out.

This caused both of you to break out into laughter. It felt good to laugh, seeing all the craziness that has happened in such a short matter of time.

Jay ceased to laugh first, “But in all seriousness… I saw the messages you were getting from the sasaengs.”

“Oh,” you fiddled with your thumbs, “I didn’t want to stress you out anymore than you already were-”

“Bullshit,” he spat, “we’re best friends Y/N. That means no matter what, we can share shit with each other. And the moment you agreed to this it meant you could confide with me.”

You sat in silence for a while, stunned at his little speech. You felt your heart melting at his words. Could the man in front of you get any more perfect in your eyes?

“Jay…” you started, “How uncharacteristically gentleman like you were just now!”

He groaned, “Y/N I’m serious! You can talk to me about anything, even the weirdest shit. Because you didn’t have to do this. I know it’s going to be awkward and that you hate it and I don’t deserve you fake or real platonic or not but-”

You widened your eyes at the unsuspecting confession. You saw that Jay was surprised too.

“I mean that-”

You processed the words… he liked you? Your heat beat faster and you began to lightly hit yourself.

“I’m dreaming,” you said to yourself, “this is just a good dream and he doesn’t like me.”

Jay paused at his attempt to salvage his pride, “A good dream? Doesn’t like you?” he slowly processed the words before taking your hands, “no, this is real. Don’t like you!? Are you kidding!? I’ve waited years! And my thoughts were so…. so…. so dirty!”

You blushed, “But you flirt with everyone!”

“To hide the fact that I like you! Y/N, it’s been you!”

You sat in shock, not believing what you heard. One last time, you pinched yourself to make sure you were awake.

“Don’t hurt your beautiful self,” Jay said, taking your hands, “this is real.”

You buried your face into his shirt, wrapping your arms around his waist, “It’s been you for years too,” you mumble embarrassed.

Smiling, Jay rested his chin on your head, hugging back, “I’m glad.”

You smiled as well, I guess you were his girlfriend now…. for real.


-Admin H (with help from Admin G) (Thanks for requesting! Hope you all enjoyed!)

‘Han’- A different side of the Korean spirit...

Hello, everyone! For this post, I’ll be talking about a uniquely Korean feeling- han.

Let’s start off by talking about (the character) South Korea’s haircurl. It’s one of his most defining characteristics- it even has a face that matches his emotions! Pretty cool, huh?

Himaruya stated that the haircurl represents Korea’s spirit, or his soul (Seoul? Pun or not?). Most of the time, the haircurl displays a happy, content expression, just like the lively, lovable character it is attached to.

Well, there’s another side to the Korean spirit as well, and it’s not exactly a happy one: “han” (한).

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Thousands Are Fleeing Venezuela by Two-Lane Border Bridge
For weeks, Venezuelans have been fleeing by the busload as President Nicolas Maduro consolidates autocratic power.

Meanwhile in Venezuela…

By Andrew Rosati

October 12, 2017, 4:00 AM EDT

From blue dawn until well past dark, Luis Martinez pushes a rickety hand truck piled high with luggage across a long, two-lane bridge linking Venezuela and Colombia.

On one day alone last month, Martinez crossed some 40 times.

“In a year, Venezuela is going to be left without people,” Martinez, 32, said as he caught his breath between trips.

For weeks, Venezuelans have been flocking by the busload to San Antonio del Tachira, a border town of some 62,000 residents, fleeing as President Nicolas Maduro consolidates autocratic power. The Simon Bolivar International Bridge is the avenue for an outpouring unprecedented in the history of this oil-rich nation. Crowds stream toward the bridge, attended by street hawkers selling juice, fried pastries and bus tickets and men who ferry their meager possessions to a new life.

According to Colombia’s migration authority, the number of foreigners entering Cucuta, the first major city across the bridge, more than doubled this summer. Over 50,000 came in August, up from 22,700 in June. The numbers don’t reflect dual nationals returning to their homeland, or thousands simply crossing into Colombia without passing official checkpoints.

“We have lived through dictatorships, but never before have so many people crossed the border like this,” said Franklyn Duarte, an opposition congressmen who represents Venezuela’s northwestern frontier in Tachira state. “What we have in Venezuela is anarchy.”

On taking office in 1999, President Hugo Chavez initiated two decades of brutal politics as part of a self-styled socialist revolution that started a rivulet of emigration from an affluent country whose citizens had little tradition of seeking their fortunes elsewhere. But the price of oil plunged, and the country fell into turmoil and bloody protests. In late July, Maduro, Chavez’s hand-picked successor, convened an all-powerful assemblycharged with rewriting the nation’s charter and persecuting his foes.

The rivulet became a flood as residents began pouring into San Antonio del Tachira.

“I never thought they’d actually go through with it,” said Wendy Fernandez, a 40-year-old medical-record archivist from Maracaibo. She decided to leave the sticky capital of Venezuela’s oil industry for Lima after a tear-gas canister left a gaping wound in her son’s forehead.

“This was the last straw,” she said pointing at an inch-long scar on the 19-year-old’s face. “Every time a window of hope opens, they close it.’

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Strangers Ch.6, Exhaustion

All the exhaustion had settled in the front of her face, and the back of her neck, and the bends of her body. Yellow regarded her reflection in the screen. The bags beneath her eyes possessed bags of their own, like a stack of luggage going to the airport. Her white had gone pink and she moved her focus to the time in the corner of the screen.

Yellow hadn’t left her office in five days.

Due to the time, she had sent her Pearl back to her chambers and asked her to return after a number of hours, but they might meet sooner than that.

In an odd moment of passivity, she leaned back in her chair, filled her chest with air, and after a few moments pressed the button that called Blue.

The communicator rang several times before anyone answered, and that gem was the other Diamond’s Pearl, who saluted nervously after some fumbling.

“Where is Blue Diamond?”

“I’m sorry, Madame,” despite the low volume of her voice, the sound came through clearly from Yellow’s screen. The little gem bowed before she continued, “My Diamond isn’t in at the moment. I believe she wanted some privacy.”

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Miami Rick/Sugar Daddy AU - chapter 1

(read the whole outline here! as well as the shopping excerpt)

Morty exhales and watches as his breath fogs up the glass before quickly disappearing in the Florida heat. The plane ride here had given him a headache that no amount of gum chewing could fix. The leather seats felt uncomfortable against his skin and Morty squirms. He’d thought his grandfather was the one who was supposed to pick him up. Instead he got a stranger holding up a sign with his name on it.

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they’re like ocean waves ♢ 1

Jihope Bingo 2017 Part 1 2 34 ♢ 5

they’re like ocean waves Chapter 1 ♢ 2 (in prog)

☇ pairing: yoonseok (yoongi | hoseok), jihope (jimin | hoseok), side married!namjin (namjoon | seokjin)

genre: fluff, angst

☇ rating: teen+

prompt: bingo square - beach ; bwn june challenge - “Character B is a hotshot surfer entering the biggest surfing competition they’ve ever been in and Character A is the judge who seems to have it out for Character B.” ; surfer!hoseok

☇ word count: 4,835 


Jung Hoseok is a hotshot surfer entering the biggest competition of his life and Park Jimin is a judge who just saved his life (but who also actually hates Hoseok?). Hoseok isn’t very sure, all he knows is that Yoongi has been in love with him for years and now he wants to have a threesome with Jimin. Go figure.

Seokjin just makes sure that Hoseok doesn’t ruin all their hard work again.

cross-posted on ao3

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some people are motels, some apartments, some are temporary homes. you are going to move. you are going to pack and unpack and repack again. you will gain and you will lose. you will feel safe and sometimes you’ll feel just content. and then one day, one day you will find that forever home. you will throw out your luggage and stack memories of places you’ve lived in boxes in the garage, and they will too. you’ll feel so safe. and you will decorate and renovate and you will realize how your investment turned fully into profit.

Spark to a Flame

Despite her exhaustion, Candice gamely smiled when the Uber who’d picked her up at the airport requested a photograph.  The woman was practically beside herself with excitement.

“This is so cool!  I’ve never picked up a real celebrity before!  I mean, I know it’s only the CW but TV is TV, right?”

The driver seemed unaware of the insult implied in the backhanded compliment, and studied the picture they’d taken while, unassisted, her passenger pulled luggage from the trunk.

“I’m going to post this everywhere!  You don’t mind, do you?”

It was obvious that it didn’t really matter how she responded but still, Candice smiled again and shrugged, and stacked one suitcase on top of another.

“Of course not.  It’s only the CW, right?”

The woman gushed about the picture for a few more minutes before pumping Candice’s hand and speeding away.  The little hybrid car had barely disappeared when a jaunty convertible pulled in.  A horn beeped twice.

“Candice!  Hey!”

Candice turned to see Grant roaring into a spot in her apartment building’s parking lot.  He jumped out, hurrying across the lot with almost as much speed as his TV-character counterpart.  She dropped the handle of her rolling suitcase and returned his welcoming hug with equal enthusiasm.

“Hey!  What are you doing here?”  She drew back to look him over; obviously still in summer-hiatus mode, he was dressed casually, and wore a baseball cap backwards over a face still scruffy with the beard he had yet to shave.

His eyes slid over the comfortable travel attire she wore with undisguised appreciation for the way the snug knit fabric clung to her curves.   “I was at the Starbucks across the street.  You said you were coming back on the three o’clock so …”  

The flight had been thirty minutes late coming in, and it was a 20-minute trip from the airport.  She glanced down at her watch, then gave him an arch look.  “So you’ve been stalking my apartment for an hour?”

Deliberately avoiding the question, Grant just grinned and held up his phone.  “I used my time wisely.  I passed you up on Candy Crush.”

“No!” Ever the competitor, Candice stomped one foot with genuine irritation.  “Grant!  How did you get past that level so fast?  I’ve been stuck there for a week!”  

He just laughed and grabbed the handle of her luggage, nudging her aside with a gentle bump and taking one of the two shoulder bags she also carried from her.  “You know what they say - you snooze, you lose.  So, why was your flight late?”

Always close friends, their easy chatter filled the trip inside the building and up the elevator to her floor.  They had just reached Candice’s apartment when the door across the hallway opened.  The woman who stood there was middle-aged and comfortable and judging from the broad smile she wore, thrilled to see her young next-door-neighbor again.

“There you are!  When I heard voices out here, I was hoping it was you!”

Candice let herself be enveloped in another big, welcoming hug, this time padded by a soft, full bosom and perfumed by the scent of Shalimar.

“Hi, Mrs. McMillan.  Yes, I’m here.  Vacation is over.  Time to go back to work!”

“And about time, I say.  I’ve missed seeing your pretty smile around here.  You, though - -”  Her expression turned severe when she looked at Grant.  “What were you thinking with that stunt at the end of last season?  I hope you’re going to fix that mess, and soon!”

Grant politely refrained from pointing out that he only did what was in the script and simply nodded.  “Yes, ma’am.  I hope I’m going to fix it soon, too.”  

Mrs. McMillan harrumphed, and then softened again when she turned back to Candice.  

“I think you’ve lost weight and you’re too little as it is.  I’ll make you some lemon cake and we’ll get those cheeks plumped right back up.  Now go on in and get settled.”  She waved toward Candice’s half-open door as if she herself wasn’t the reason they were still standing in the middle of the hallway.  “I’ve got some baking to do.”

With the door closed safely behind them, Grant crooked an eyebrow.  “Lemon cake?”

“I don’t share lemon cake.”  Candice, who knew how much her skinny co-star could eat, did not smile back, although her lips twitched suspiciously when he laughed.  She waved a languid hand toward the large main room.  “Just drop those anywhere.  I’ll put everything away later.”  

“The next time we don’t like a script, can we send her to negotiate for us?”  Grant was only half kidding as he stacked the luggage he held against one wall.

Candice let the bags she carried drop to the floor, too, and kicked out of the loose slip-on shoes she’d worn for the flight.  In bare feet and with her hair in a bouncy ponytail high on her crown, only the decidedly woman-like curves of her compact frame kept her from looking like a girl barely into her teens.  Grant’s eyes slipped over those same curves when she passed him on her way to the kitchen.

“Speaking of scripts, what’s happening on-set?  I haven’t seen a call sheet for Wednesday afternoon yet, just the schedule for the table read tomorrow.  Want some?”  She held up a bottle of water from the fridge, which a helpful studio go-fer had stocked for her in anticipation of her return.

Grant shook his head.  “We’ll get the whole week tomorrow when everyone’s there.   And I’m supposed to tell you that Tom’s having a cook-out at his house tonight, sort of a welcome back thing.  Want to go?  I can come back and pick you up.”

Candice hesitated, torn between wanting to enjoy what she knew would be a fun evening and getting the rest she also knew she needed.  “I don’t know.  I was thinking I’d just stay in tonight.  I’m so tired …  I feel like I still have jet lag from the flight home from Germany.”

“Oh right, Germany.”  Grant’s face twisted with exaggerated annoyance.  “Where you told the whole world that I’m a bad kisser.”

She laughed, as he intended. “I did not.  I said you were … fine.”

He reacted with outrage, as she intended.  “Fine?  Fine?!  I’ll have you know I’m a great kisser!”

“I said what I said.”  Candice shrugged, and hid a smile behind another drink of water.  “Maybe if they let Barry and Iris have a few love scenes, I’ll be able to revise my opinion - -”

“I’ll revise your opinion right now …”  Without warning, Grant took the bottle of water from her and set it aside.  Then he cupped her face in his hands, tilted it up and kissed her.

It was meant to be light-hearted and fun, a bit of playful teasing between actors and co-workers who had kissed before, for the benefit of audience and camera.  

It was anything but.  With no cameras watching, with no director there to judge everything from the placement of their lips to the angle of the light, they were just a man and a woman fanning a spark, feeding the flames that would consume them.  

Her lips were soft and plump, parted on a breathy laugh and open for the sweep of his tongue, tentative at first and then hungry and searching when the rough velvet of hers stroked his in an answering caress.  Need and want spiked hot;  Candice rose high on her toes and clutched fistfuls of his shirt to pull him closer.  A sound came from deep in her throat, soft and utterly feminine, and struck an answering chord in Grant.  He growled, a primordial claiming of the woman in his arms, his fingers hardening to anchor her in place as the kiss continued … becoming one breath for two … a crime of plunder without a victim.  

The kiss lasted forever … and ended all too soon when Grant drew back only to return over and over … bending low to maintain contact when Candice slowly dropped to the soles of her feet … sliding his lips over hers, nibbling at the edges of her mouth while their noses brushed and his thumbs grazed the silky skin of her cheeks …

She felt his heartbeat thudding beneath her hands and used that heavy, steady beat to calm her own racing pulse.  When her lashes rose, she found him staring at her with the same expression of stunned amazement he saw in her eyes.

And then he smiled.

Her gaze dropped to his lips, smeared now with her lipstick.  She found the sight oddly charming.

Candice smiled back.

His hands spread across her back as Grant gathered her close once more.


Alaska || Closed


After the shock of Salem’s powers manifesting, and the rather eventful dinner party with Ragnor, Magnus decided it was time that they sat down and really worked on Salem’s magic.  He needed training and with a week off from school, now seemed like the perfect time.

When Salem returned to the loft after his last classes, he was greeted by a stack of luggage and Magnus practically bouncing on his toes.  “Good, you’re home.  We are going on vacation for the week.  I’ve already packed.”  With a flick of his wrist, the luggage vanished.  “And all the place needs now is us.  Do you want to go?”

Pregnancy Story Pt.1

I felt some inspiration on this one tonight, and actually got something completed! Yay me! It will definitely be a multi-parter just because of how ling it took me to write this, and how much more I want to put into it. I really do hope you enjoy this!

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Whether you are a regular traveler or an occasional traveler, this is an awesome luggage set. As someone who went from an old, polyester fabric luggage set, to this high quality polycarbonate set, I must say, this is a tremendous improvement! I did not realize how much better polycarbonate luggage is as opposed to polyester fabric luggage until I finally decided to upgrade to this set! Needless to say, I am very happy I did!

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- My favorite thing about this set is that although they are extremely durable, they are still very lightweight. I can easy lift and carry each luggage with no problem. This comes in handy when having to stack luggage on top of luggage during road trips. It makes lifting and moving the luggage around much easier.
- This is also a tremendous plus for weight limits on airplanes. Because the suitcases themselves do not have much added weight, it won’t be a hassle when traveling, especially when having to pay extra for overweight bags…a few less pounds goes a really long way!

- Everything from the texture, to the overall build of this suitcase is awesome! It is evident that the manufacturers really took the time to make this suitcase as perfect as possible.
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- Carry handle: The handle opens and closes with ease. So far, I haven’t had any issues with it getting caught or stuck in the process of opening and closing, which has happened to me with other suitcases, so this is a good sign so far!
- TSA lock: I really like this feature as it adds to the safety and security of my belongings. The TSA lock is really easy to use and does not require any kind of key to open or close, just your own combination. It works just like a locker combination lock. The lock holds the zippers in place so that when locked, the zippers can only be opened by inputting the individuals specific combination.
- Interior: The interior is very spacious and can hold quite a lot of items. Each luggage comes with an internal divider that separates the left side of the luggage from the right side, thus providing multiple compartments for organization and separation of different items. There is also a large, mesh zippered slot for plenty of toiletry items. Everything is contained within the suitcase and there are no outside pockets, which I like because it keeps everything secured inside the bag and not outside of it.

Overall, I am beyond happy with this set. It not only met my expectations, but far exceeded them. Each suitcase is spacious, durable, and designed very well.

Stuck On You

Prompt: Stefan and Caroline have been together for a while, Bonnie and Elena convinced Caroline to spend a few weeks away from Mystic Fall during the summer to get away from all the madness they’ve all been through, S&C send each others texts and pictures all the time but they still miss each other terribly. Stefan goes to pick them up at the airport and they share a passionate, cute moment when they reunite at the baggage claim.

From Sheriff Forbes’ death to Lily Salvatores’ come back from her very own 1903 prison world, it was safe to conclude that the group’s year had been hellish. Everyone was drained, but Jo and Alaric’s wedding in the spring shed some light on the dark time, convincing Elena and Bonnie that they needed more of this outside of Mystic Falls.

“C’mon, Caroline. Travel with us! We’re going to make this summer an unforgettable one, just us girls.”

The thought of a summer with her friends intrigued Caroline; however, she was reluctant to leave her boyfriend, Stefan. Though her year had been far from ideal, Stefan was the only one that could pull out of bed, no matter how hard she protested, and give her motivation to live her life as normally as possible. They were two equal souls, healing one another, helping each other grow, and when he was around, Caroline could not help but be completely in love. He was affected by her, too, always lighter and more upbeat, wanting nothing more than to see his girl smile.

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Worth Fighting For

Word Count: 3,840 words.
Warnings: Nothing, except for maybe making out. If that’s a warning. I don’t fucking know.
Summary: The minute Michael and Gavin met, as counselors for the same camp, they hated each other. However, being forced to talk to and work with each other can change things. Water can also help.

Pairing: Mavin (MichaelxGavin)

AO3 Link: (X)

Author’s Note: Fucking titles, man. I used the common phrase of the title in a sort of unexpected way. So it’s not really what it sounds like. Also, managed to finish this up (it’s been stuck at 1800 words for a few days) while waiting for my family to be ready to leave for vacation. If you want to read any of my other stuff, you can find it here. Thanks for the prompt, I had a great time writing it!

Worth Fighting For

“Alright you fucks, listen up,” Michael shouted, resting the arch of his foot on the side of his bed before hoisting himself to stand on it completely. The campers he had been assigned all turned to look at him; some seemed interested, some looked bored, and some looking nothing short of terrified.

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