By far the best rendition of Stackerlee (Stagolee)

Bama, work song leader, recorded by Alan Lomax at Parchman Farm, Mississippi State Penitentiary, in 1947.


Stackerlee, sung by Bama, prisoner at the Parchman Farm work camp, Mississippi, recorded by the great Alan Lomax in 1947

give me water when i’m thirsty

honey give me whiskey when i’m dry

give me alberta when i need her

and heaven when i die

Why not the full glory shot? Stacker Lee helms the page teaser for CARVER: A Paris Story. You know? The book I’m always working on? It’s finally happening. Releasing it online in 3 Parts on the carver site starting in January. I only promise whisky, whores and mustaches…and masks. Link to the teaser in my profile. #comics #carver #makecomics #stackerlee