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i work at a dept. store that has a lot of one day sales and one of my favorite things is when customers complain about the messy floor. every single associate on the floor has a 30 minute opener AND closer that is usually dedicated to cleaning up the floor/displays and helping ring if the line is long. do they think we're the ones that mess up the floor? why would we want to make more work for ourselves? if you want less messy floors, do us a solid and just pack up your shoes and stack the boxes

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I'm a guy so my co workers claim I shouldn't be bothered by it but this girl kept taking pictures of my ass while I was stacking shoe boxes. 1st of all I have a fiancee, 2nd of all I'm working, 3rd she refused to delete until I called my manager.

Women’s shoes are often objects of self-expression.

Bold, business-like, laid-back, sexy, sporty — there’s a shoe to match.

As women age, however, comfort starts to compete with style.

I remember my grandma taking me by the hand, years ago, and leading me upstairs to her closet, where clear plastic boxes of shoes were stacked, floor to ceiling.

There were hundreds of heels in animal prints, bright colors, feathers — pointy-toed and at least three inches high.

“These are all yours, now,” my abuela said in her awesome Puerto Rican-accented English. “I can’t wear them anymore.”

She was crying.

If The Shoe Fits: The Rise Of The Stylish Comfort Shoe

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Three months ago my boyfriend dumped me. I was devastated. He meant the world to me and I felt like a failure after I lost him. I jumped into the bowl head first as a distraction. I had a goal in mind and I was determined to achieve it. Three months later my savings account has x3 as much as it did when I was in a relationship. I’ve travelled, stacked up new shoes and bags. But most importantly, I’ve mended my heart. That I did on my own. No amount of money, or vacation or purse ( maybe a Chanel if I’m being real) could fix it. I had to do that shit on my own and I thank God every day that I’ve gotten to this point.