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When magic starts to return to the modern world, barely anyone notices. It doesn’t look anything like what we imagine. People don’t suddenly start developing magic powers, casting spells, or turning into elves and dwarves. In fact, people don’t really change at all, not at first.  It turns out that the magic isn’t even here for us. It’s here for what we’ve built. 

The change is slow, and subtle, and strange, as the magic works its way into our institutions. You mail letters to dead relatives, and the post office starts delivering their replies. Late-night bus routes stop at places never seen on any atlas. Libraries suddenly include subterranean archives where you can look anything you’ve ever forgotten, from the names of your favorite childhood books to the precise flavor of your first-ever chocolate chip cookie. 

The people working at these places take the changes in stride. The letters from the dead just show up every morning, sorted and stamped and ready for delivery, so why not carry them? Bus drivers follow the maps they’re given without trouble, and learn to accept even small gold coins as more than adequate fare. Electricians get used to seeing warding symbols in circuit diagrams, while clerks at the DMV find a stack of forms for registering ghostly steeds as personal vehicles, and sigh in relief at finally having that particular bureaucratic headache solved. The firefighters are shocked the first time they see a giant of living water burst out from a hydrant, but after it rescues several of them from a burning building, they decide not to ask questions. They tell their stories to others, though, and soon word of the changes is spreading. 

There’s no single moment of realization where everyone discovers that magic is real; the knowledge just creeps into day to day life a bit at a time, and society adapts. Cyber-safety programs teach people to never accept a file from the electric fairies without sharing one in return, and to never accept their Terms and Conditions without searching for the subsection on Souls, Forfeiture Thereof. Students leave offerings of coffee and boxed wine to petition the School Spirit for lower tuition or exam deferrals. Nurses learn the hours when Death stalks the hospital hallways, and keep bedside vigils in the children’s ward. They bring board games and cards for when the reaper is feeling playful, and well-worn baseball bats for when he isn’t. 

There are problems, of course, like the vicious monsters of blood and fire spawned from age-old hate groups, or infestations of the writing many-mouthed worms that literally feed on governmental corruption, but really, they were already there before the change. Magic only elaborates on what we’ve made, good or ill, manifesting the latent modern mythology underpinning our society. It doesn’t offer solutions to all of life’s problem, but for a few hurting people, guarded by the concrete arms of a neighborhood come to life to protect its community, or flying away on wings of copper wire and fiber-optic cable, it’s exactly the change they needed. 

Not My Girl (Jeff Atkins x Reader)

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Word count: ~3,930 

Request: Anon- Jeff request please! “She’s not my girl”, could you make it like something reader overheard? For example she passes her friends, the jocks, on the way to class. But not before she heard Justin say something like, “look Atkins, it’s your girl” And she get’s upset because they’re not dating, but they’re not not-dating either. And she’s upset and mad at school, but he’s her ride home. Then in the car, could reader be petty at first like Jeff asking, bad day at school/practice? And she’s like nope! And he puts his hand on her thigh when he’s driving as she pulls away so he’s like “oh so you’re mad at me?” And he won’t leave until she tells him. 

Warnings: None I don’t think. A little swearing, Justin being kinda pervy, Jeff being too adorable for words. I think that’s it. 

A/N. Thanks for the request! I’m sorry this took me so long, but I loved writing this one :) I summarized the request, but I feel like I got the gist. I should be answering requests a little more frequently now that I’m getting back in the flow so feel free to keep sending them in. Alright guys, you ready? Enjoy!

(Y/n) hummed to herself as she walked down the hallways, practically skipping as she made her way towards her second period class, weaving through the crowded hallways that usually angered her without a care in the world. She had crashed at Jeff’s last night, after a Fast and Furious marathon had run late, and had skipped first to go home and shower. She had been thinking about skipping the whole day, but she had a chem test in third and couldn’t afford to miss it.

Even the thought of covalent bonds couldn’t dampen her good mood. Things had finally happened between her and Jeff last night. The movie marathon had begun as a friend thing, with Clay, Hannah, and Tony over as well to spend the rainy day watching television and hanging out. As the day had changed to night, first Tony, then Hannah and Clay had excused themselves to finish the last of their weekend homework and get to bed early, leaving (y/n) alone with Jeff. He had merely shrugged once the others had left, flashed a breathtaking smile, and asked if she wanted pizza or chinese for dinner.

The two had been casual friends forever, the way kids in small towns all knew each other, but over the last few months (y/n) had noticed things start to change between her and Jeff. He was no longer the awkward, gangly kid with braces who collected baseball cards, and she was pretty sure he had felt the shift too. Suddenly there was a lot more touching, a lot more teasing, late nights spent texting and lunch periods spent sharing inside jokes. It was amazing. Everyone else had begun to notice too, teasing the both of them about the flirting and the ‘eye sex’, which they both resolutely denied. If anyone asked, they were just friends. But obviously (y/n) wanted more. And she was sure Jeff did too.

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Bucky Barnes x reader AU (short series) 

Notes: swearing, flirting, mentions of child abuse and alcoholism (past), none other yet

Summary: As a PA/secretary, you are all too familiar with the fantasies nearly all men share: banging their hot assistant. Former jobs haven’t worked out for you for that exact reason, and now starting out at a new company, as the secretary for the CEO of the hottest modelling agency in the country, you’re hoping this one will be different. But after meeting your new boss, Mr J.B. Barnes, you’re not so sure if it will be. Then again, maybe Mr Barnes is not as stereotypical as you think he is.   

A/N: Hi guys! This is a little something I’ve been working on lately. It’s only gonna be a few parts and I hope you enjoy it! 

“Whoa, hey there doll, what’s the rush?”

Quickly checking if you hadn’t dropped anything, to avoid any more embarrassment on the first day on your new job, you looked up at the man you’d just crashed (face-planted) into.

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‘What are Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes?’ Harry asked, as they climbed.
Ron and Ginny both laughed, although Hermione didn’t.

‘Mum found this stack of order forms when she was cleaning Fred and George’s room,’ said Ron quietly. ‘Great long price-lists for stuff they’ve invented. Joke stuff, you know. Fake wands and trick sweets, loads of stuff. It was brilliant, I never knew they’d been inventing all that …’

Movie Night Part 3

Character Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Word Count: 3387

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Smut, semi-public fingering, sexual penetration, teasing, fluff… the works.

Request: How would you feel about doing a part 3 to movie night? If not, I understand but I would like to read more! - Anon

A/N: I really enjoyed writing this! I got lost in the smutty goodness! (This can be read as a stand alone!)

Part One - Part Two

Alone time was hard to find in this compound.

You and Bucky hadn’t been able to be alone since you had snuck out of his room a week ago.

It was driving you mad.

You took a deep breath and opened the door to the conference room. You laid the files on the table and got the coffee brewing. You had just bent down to get the cups out of the cabinet when the door opened behind you.

“Unf… Buck, what are you doing?” you heard Steve say.

You straightened back up quickly and turned to see that Bucky had stopped right in the middle of the doorway, causing Steve to crash into him. You blushed because you knew that Bucky had gotten a great view of your ass. The slit in the back of your skirt had probably awarded him a peak of your thighs as well.

Steve pushed Bucky forward, walking around him to see you standing there. He laughed softly and shook his head. “Good morning darlin’.”

You sent him a shy smile with a wave and watched as Bucky sat down in the chair next to the one you always sit in. Steve laughed harder, sitting across from him.

You turned around and poured 2 cups of coffee for them. You bent over the table to hand Steve his. You almost dropped Bucky’s cup when you felt a hand wrap around the back of your knee.

Sitting his cup in front of him, you looked down at him incredulous. His fingers trailed up the back of your leg as far as your skirt would allow. “Thanks doll,” he said, his voice turning husky.

“Would you like me leave?” Steve asked abruptly.

You jumped away from Bucky and went to pick up the file folders. Bucky threw his coffee stirring straw at Steve, and mumbled something under his breath.

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The Accidental Husband

Part 1 - Breakups and Marriages

Fireman!Dean x Reader

A/N: This is an AU inspired by the namesake movie. It doesn’t follow the same storyline, just the main concept.

Summary: Dean gets dumped and apparently it’s all your fault. That’s why he and Charlie decide that a little payback is not gonna hurt and, if it does, well… then it’s just karma.

Word Count: 1800+

Tags: @mrswhozeewhatsis @why-do-you-want-my-user-name @daydreamingintheimpala @driverpicksthemuusic  @mysoul4dean @thing-you-do-with-that-thing  @amoreagron @spnfangirl1965 @aristtewinchesterholmes @thisisthelilith @chelsea072498 @skymoonandstardust 

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Alter Egos (pt. 2)

The elevator doors open with a ding, and Chase Brody immediately gasps as a book flies past his face. “Where did he put it?” Another book goes soaring past the open doors and out of sight as Chase pokes his head out to find a man crouched by a bookshelf, tossing paperbacks left and right. “I swear, if I ever get my hands on that eyeliner loving son of a…” Host stops what he’s doing as he senses the new presence in the room. “Who’s there?” He grabs for his cane.

Chase bumps into one side of the elevator’s opening when he sees the bloodied bandage covering the man’s eyes. Flashes of blood and scalpels and syringes full of glowing green fluids tear through Chase’s mind like a stampede until he feels the other man’s feather-soft touch on his arm. Chase jumps in surprise but finally calms down. “I-I’m…”

“Chase Brody, founder of Bro Average. Recently divorced, in the middle of a custody battle for his two children, and an Ego of Jacksepticeye along with Antisepticeye and Dr. Schneeplestein. Both of whom have got quite a wall around them inside Chase’s mind,” Host narrates quickly, learning all this with a simple passing-over of the man’s thoughts. “Apologies,” he whispers and removes his fingers from Chase’s arm, “the Host was afraid Chase was some sort of intruder. The Egos get so many fans trying to break in, after all…” The blind man steps out of Chase’s way, cane resting loosely in one hand.

Chase steps out of the elevator finally and realizes only after it closes that Anti and Dr. Schneeplestein will now be able to use it. Back to the situation at hand, however, “Hey, you just read my mind!”

The Host nods and whistles softly, a long, drawn-out high note. A bird flutters through the bookshelves and lands sloppily on his shoulder, but the Host just smiles, retrieves a treat from the pocket of his coat, and holds it up for the little raven. “Excellent job, Annabel.” The crow squawks happily and nips at Host’s ear. Host laughs and turns back to Chase. “Oh, yes. The Host is able to do so through physical contact, though some thoughts can be guarded. Chase Brody, for instance, has blocked some of his memories regarding his fellow alter Egos. The Host can’t help but wonder why.”

Chase grips the hair at the nape of his neck and sighs. “I, uh, don’t really know myself. They’re kinda all jumbled up inside my head.” He takes off his hat and slings it around on his finger a bit, a nervous habit. “I just know I want to get away from them.”

“Well, Anti and the Doctor are currently in the elevator, checking each floor for Chase Brody. The Host suggests that Chase find a good place to hide and quickly.” The Host pets his raven and starts to walk away.

“Wh-where?” Chase follows the Host through the stacks that form a maze throughout the entire floor. Moving staircases branch from shelf to shelf, and Host takes one that leads to the tops of the bookshelves where a bedroom is nested above the rest of the floor. “Dude, this is awesome!”

Host smirks to himself and gestures with his cane to a trunk at the base of his bed. “This will be a good place for Chase to hide.” Host opens the trunk revealing that it is full of hand-bound manuscripts and broken pencils. “Oh, excuse the Host for a moment.” The Host closes the trunk, knocks three times on the lid, and opens it again. Now the trunk is seemingly bottomless with a little ladder leading down into the darkness. “Chase Brody will find a small room inside with tea and cakes if he would like a snack while he waits. The Host will come to retrieve him when the danger has passed.”

Chase looks from the Host to the trunk and back up. “Why are you doing this for me?”

The Host shrugs. “Maybe because the Host has experienced a similar fear towards his fellow Egos and sometimes wished someone had given him a place to hide away. Maybe because he simply dislikes Anti and would just like to make things difficult for him.” Host smiles and walks back towards the entrance of the library as the elevator sends out another ding, announcing the arrival of Anti and Dr. Schneeplestein. “Oh, and mind the dragon.”

Chase yelps a little but peers inside the box before descending down the ladder because, at this point, he’d rather get eaten alive by a dragon than face Anti and Schneep again.

Down below, the Host meets the other two Egos at the elevator door. “Anti, Dr. Schneeplestein, what a surprise.” There’s a grating edge to his voice, and Anti picks up on it quickly.

“Where’s Chase?” he asks with equally as much steel to his tone, only he also draws the knife from his pocket, flicking it open so the blind man can hear. “I’d hate ta ask twice.”

The Host smirks. “Antisepticeye would do well to mind his manners. The Host is not afraid of him and his little toy knife.”

Anti’s form glitches and buzzes with green electricity, but Dr. Schneeplestein steps in front of him in hopes of diffusing the situation a bit. “Ah, Host. Vhat a pleasure to finally meet you! I am Doctah Schneeplestein, and I am afraid zat a certain patient of mine has gone missing. You must understand my concerns in such a pressing situation.”

The Host lets his head tilt to the side with a soft smile and a whispered narration to, “Believe everything the Host says.” Neither Anti or the Doctor pick up on the Host’s trick as he continues, this time in a voice they can hear clearly. “The Host is very sorry to hear about that, but he’s afraid that he has not seen another person since this morning. Obviously, the missing patient is on another floor.” With that, Dr. Schneeplestein and Anti leave; however, the glitch still doesn’t seem very satisfied, tracing his thumb over the edge of his blade.

As the elevator doors slide shut behind them, Host breathes a sigh of relief. “Annabel, I’m afraid we’ve gotten ourselves into quite a bind this time.”

Evgeni Malkin #1 - English

Anon asked: Hey, I saw that your requests were open and I was wondering if you could do a Evgeni Malkin where he’s nervous talk to you because he doesn’t speak English that well.

This prompt really got away from me and ended up being the longest one I’ve written. I am wearing a Malkin t-shirt jersey as I type this and I promise that it was a coincidence. I love him way more than I probably should. I took the liberty of adding in Bryan Rust as a character to work out some plot holes so I hope that is okay! I hope you enjoy reading this an much as I enjoyed writing this!

You loved working in a bakery especially one you owned but sometimes being your own boss was tough. You were usually the first one in and that last one out but today you finally pawned off the late shift to someone else and left early. You felt guilty of course, it was your bakery so it almost felt like cheating when someone else did the work. If it hadn’t been for the insistent nagging of your younger brother to come support him at work you wouldn’t have left. You were the older sister to Bryan Rust a winger for the Pittsburgh Penguins and thorn in your side. They made it through to the second round of the playoffs as you expected but you would never let him know that. Each player was allotted a certain number of tickets per game and you insisted that it was only right that your parents and your other brother Matt got to go. You made excuses about being busy at work which were half true and finally he had enough. Bryan, armed with a jersey and threat to call your mother showed up during your lunch break to directly ask you to come to their game.

“Bryan you know I can’t leave when there is so much to get done!”

He pulled his best wounded look, “it’s like you don’t care about me or something.”

“You know that isn’t true.”

“Prove it to me,” he crossed his arms, “come to the game tonight and as proof of attendance you have to meet me after in the locker room.”

You looked down at the stack of order forms on your desk, “fine. Yeah I’ll be there.”

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Let Me Love You pt. 6

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Let Me Love You

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9

Description: You finally understand why Baekhyun acted so guilty.

Genre: Smut // Fluff // Slight Angst

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Mobile Masterlist | Request

It hadn’t been long after your meeting with Baekhyun that you found yourself sitting at the bar of your hotel; the place where it all started. You couldn’t get the image of your new face out of your head and you weren’t sure if it was a good thing or bad.

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A Labour of Love

for @asparklethatisblue who gave me nwalin feels when I was intending to go to bed early…

word count ~2k

He’d begun finding these small… notes. Nori recognised Dwalin’s handwriting, and Dori had managed to teach him enough to realise that the letters – written on paper of a quality he used to nick for Ori, and in an ink Nori was pretty sure would have cost Ori a month’s pay per bottle in Ered Luin – were addressed to him. He had also managed to – well it wasn’t guessing, not really, Dori also began with D, after all – figure out that the letter were from Dwalin. At first, he had wondered what they were, but he’d shrugged it off as some sort of nobby courting custom and simply given Dwalin kisses in return.

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Someday you will find
No one gives a shit if you
Think they’re offensive

Someday you will find
Your opinions will mostly
Matter just to you

Someday you will find
Yourself on the outside of
A popular cause

Someday you will find
A trophy only matters
If it’s really won

Someday you will find
Half of what you now believe
Was total bullshit

Someday you will find
The person you thought you were
No longer exists

Someday you will find
If religious people or
Athiests were right

Someday you will find
Having your feelings hurt is
Quite survivable

Someday you will find
People you thought were your friends
Never really were

Someday you will find
Those you thought did not like you
Actually did

Someday you will find
Many of these predictions
For you are not true

Because lets face it
I’m not a fortune teller
Or overly smart

But I try

Epilogue after Reunion

The reunion went smooth as fuck everyone was so surprised that i changed into a rich and sexy stud. They don’t know that i took a cheat path by taking a stud’s body into myself.

Clean hair, ripped muscles, perfect beard, square jaw. But i felt something is missing. Deep down i wish i could be bigger. This might be the hidden wish of that person i absorbed long ago.

One day after work, i went to the gym. I’ve been a member and had a personal trainer before i steal a stud’s body. It was late at night and the gym was quiet. My personal trainer welcomed me. He was very surprised how my body changed so much in less than a year. He licked his lips, showing that he took interest in my body.

“I assume you took the infamous serum and taking someone’s body.” as he pushed me to an inclining bench and pulled my office tie.

Ah, he seemed familiar of the serum, then. I nodded in affirmation.

He gave me a quick kiss, “Naughty boy, let me give you a punishment for cheating.”

He took of my pants, using me as his fucktoy mindlessly.

“How do you fell, rich boy?! I really like you now… those muscles fits you… UGH… very fucking well. UNF..Fuck i… i might enjoying this more i did you last time!”

He fucked me through every hole i had. My mouth, my ass, his movements are wild as fuck i felt being ripped apart. He has trouble catching his breath while fucking. And i have nothing to do but moaning in pain and pleasure.

He pushed me back to the bench as he began fapping. He moaned hard and harder. He’s getting near to the climax.

“Ugh.. AAARGGHH… You like this man milk, rich guy. Tell you what, I’m offering you my own body to make you even more perfect!”

Did i hear that right? He offered his own body to be absorbed by myself!

“But no, i don’t want to be just absorbed… I wanted to become a part of your rich life. I want my mind, my memory, and my sanity intact. I wanted to live alongside you as a rich stud”

“But i… i don’t have the serum”

He laughed, as he cleaned himself off, “Don’t fret, i have the serum with me.”

He went off to his gym bag as he took 2 serum that has same color.

“This serum works differently that the original one. Instead the host absorbing another, this one literally merges two bodies while keeping their personalities intact, thus two minds in one body.”

He offered one of the serum to myself. I took off my office suit, as we went to the shower room together.

I kept looking at his shaft. I can feel it… It’s going to be mine soon… That manhood, strong veiny and manly…

He pushed me down to the floors as he unite our body into a much more perfect entity.

Our manhoods were colliding each other. Two treasures of studs merging together into a larger, stronger, and more virile weapon of man.

“Ohhhh… I can feel it, our body merging..!!!” He moaned as he kept pushing into myself.

His arms, his legs, his torso, it melts down into my own. My own body accepted the foreign power of man. Our lips met, our tongues wrestle, using little time to give deep kiss as our head meld together.

His knowledge, his memories, began to pour into my own. But his personality intact.

“I finally going to live with you, as a rich man” another voice echoed in my head.

As he finally melds into me fully, My body began to move. I pushed myself up into a standing position. My arm began to move on its own, as if it’s partially controlled by my personal trainer, he put his briefs into our own body…

But then another spark of pleasure rise up in every inch of our nerves. It’s having an AMAZING ORGASM… EVERYWHERE


We arched our combined heads. Our pecs began to inflate with power. Veins surfacing on our abs, biceps. Our strength combined, becoming the true being of testosterone!

Spines grew longer, our body increased in height

Our shoulders grow larger, our frame grow wider in size

Our abs stacks to each other, forming an amazing, large eight pack.

We moaned so loud in amazing pleasure. It’s the greatest growth we never felt before!

One ripped man, and one hulking man, together they become a large, powerful beauty made from muscle.

*Credit image goes to

Suddenly our crotch felt really hot. As we feel blue inside our balls… The flaccid manhood began to grow enormously, two additional testicles were manifested into the scrotum. Forcing the briefs to grow obscenely large.

Slowly but surely the combined manhood forced upon our briefs, precums began flowing like crazy because all 3 sets of testicles working harder than normal.

Strange feeling flows up from our crotch into our pecs as our nipples grows and spurts out liquid. With a quick taste, it’s actually precum being shot.

The process was completed. A new, perfect man has stood in front of the mirror.

“We look amazing, isn’t it” As the voice from my personal trainer echoed through my mind.

“Indeed, we are.” As we flexed together our new large guns and posing a “most muscular” posture.

“I” took a new shot of myself in front of the mirror. Using it as the wallpaper of my smartphone.

Now I’m no longer the rich man, nor the personal trainer. But a new perfect entity of pure testosterone.

It is time to live together in harmony in form of perfect muscle. I pack all my things and wore my office suit.

Sadly, it seems i can’t button them. Because this combined body has larger frame and wider chest.

Oh well, might as go back home shirtless. At least my office pants is still wearable, albeit it’s too tight.

I might need new clothes, larger size.

This personal trainer named Thomas, lived happily alongside me. As two minds inside one perfect body.

As a man of strength, testosterone, virility, and of course… wealth.

Now, for a new selfie in my facebook.

I can’t wait to see my friends shocked upon my perfected handsomeness.

Summer: Wow, it’s really coming down. Hope the Inn isn’t too far from here.

Qrow: Yeah, i’m freezing myah…ah–AAAHCHOO! -shivers- …my ass off.

Summer: Hey! Don’t catch a cold! Raven will kick MY ass all over Vale if we show up to meet them and you’re sick! You just had to leave your coat back in the dorm room!

Qrow: It’s too much added weight! I travel light! -watches Summer glare at him and sniffs- Well, what do you propose? I don’t assume you have another cloak hidden in there somewhere? -scans Summer sarcastically-

Summer: -shoves him and pouts-…No, but…-pulls her hood down- you can get smaller. Come on. -pats her shoulder-

Qrow: What? You sure you want me to–

Summer: -pats again- We don’t have all day, bird boy. -smirks- Get your tail feathers up here so that I can put my hood back up.

Qrow: -smirks back and plants a quick kiss on her cheek- You’re the best, Short-Stack. -changes form and lands on her shoulder without haste-

Summer: -throws her hood back up- Alright, lets keep moving before it gets any worse out here.

Crow Qrow is so fun to draw interacting with Summer.

Like the stupid teenager he is, Qrow is too cool for things like ‘a jacket’. When it rains on a mission or on campus, he usually either sucks it up, or if he’s lucky and Summer is around, snuggles up under her hood in his avian form.

♕The Dragon’s Euphony♕

-Chapter Two-

Chapter 1

Author: Jaegeronice
Pairing(s): Midoriya Izuku/Todoroki Shouto, Midoriya Izuku/Bakugou Katsuki
Setting: In a Fantasy world filled with sorcery and species unknown, the dragons rule above all, yet they are unseen by most. Due to the rare abilities of Izuku Midoriya, he has been tasked with the role of “Dragon Keeper” as the human guardian for the entire Wyvern race. But Midoriya, as usual, gets himself caught up in a mess where he has to embark on a quest with a barbaric King of the Wilds, a love struck Prince, and a reckless bounty hunter to get back what he had lost.
- Dragon Keeper!Midoriya Izuku
- Prince!Todoroki Shouto
- “King”!Bakugou Katsuki
- Bounty Hunter!Kirishima Eijiro
(And several others)
Tags: Violence, Blood, Slight NSFW, Slight Angst/Tension, slow burn for the plot. No quirks.

Originally posted by nicorobins

Zephyri’s wings cut through the air at incredible speed, sharp winds tearing through Midoriya’s tangled hair mercilessly. But it felt thrilling. It was awakening; livening, even.

Izuku freed a hand from his grip on the dragon’s horns to adjust his hazed goggles that shielded his eyes from the harsh blasts of air. Every once in a while, he would get to ride Zephyri like this; an intense, arduous race through the sky. It was by far his most enjoyable experience he’s had yet. Midoriya gazed below at the ocean beneath him, the aquamarine hue blurring into streaks as Zephyri surged over top, kicking up a spray of water that split beneath into mist.

The dragon tilted her body, dipping her right wing into the water, slicing open a thin trail into the calm ocean. Midoriya laughed, relishing the fact that it was he and his dragon that were ravishing the seas; two mighty wings shaping the currents and carving up the waves.

“Fly higher,” he told her, gazing forward at the faint shapes in the distance that became clearer to make out. It was the towering sea stacks that formed a maze amidst the wide ocean that appeared to go on forever. But Izuku knew that wasn’t true.

Zephyri flashed her pearly wings, rising further into the sky. In less than seconds, the sea stacks were all around them, looming and snaking over one another. Izuku held tighter onto the dragon, clutching to her as she wove between the pillars of earth and spun under arches, as if she had memorized it.

Midoriya yelped as she without warning ascended into the sky at hellish speeds, pushing clouds apart as she shot out of the small gap that shone light through the twisted rock formations. The fog dusting the tops of the stacks cleared, swept away by the beating of her wings.

From here, Izuku could see it all. In the midst of a calm, collected ocean, the horizon went untouched by mist. The edge of the sea was speckled with land to the south; the borders of The Southern Kingdom. There, reigned the castle of Fahyuhr where the twin towers of Bleyz and Heylstöhn speared the sky with unrivaled integrity and pride.

“Straight ahead to land,” Izuku spoke, pointing in the direction he wished to fly.

Without any hesitation, Zephyri did as she was commanded. She may be the Goddess of all dragons, but in the skies she and Midoriya meld as equals.  

In due time they were circling above in the clouds, below them a city that held the illusion of appearing smaller than it actually was. And in the heart of the town’s mass, was the very focal point of the land; Castle Fahyuhr.

As appealing as the city looked, Izuku knew better than to show up with none other than a dragon in his company. Debatedly, few had ever seen the dragons, and some never really lived to tell the tale. So if anyone saw a dragon now, there would probably be an uprising and a greedy pursuit for riches. The dragons preferred keeping their race detached for a good reason, it would seem.

“Beyond. We can’t have you being seen in Fahyuhr after all. Maybe we can find him roaming the outskirts again,” Midoriya offered, his eyes tracing the roads in the earth from where he could see from such height.

“The Prince doesn’t exactly fit into his own kingdom, does he?” Zephyri mused to herself. Simply nodding in response, Midoriya leaned forward and beckoned her to fly faster. Away from Fahyuhr as soon as possible.

Once out of range, they settled lower to the ground, swooping over the land with ease. As they breached the hilltops, the mellow crystalline sunlight fanned out in mesmerizing clarity. The Southern Kingdom was a beautiful place, after all. Despite all of the mysteries it held.

But like a trick of the light, Izuku thought he saw something. It could have just been his eyes playing tricks on him from this distance, but no. Below in the grassy valleys was a shadow dancing along to the galloping of a pure white horse. And riding that horse, was someone the dragon keeper recognized even from this distance.

“That’s him!” He called, ushering his dragon to pick up the pace.

Zephyri purred, flapping her wings to give a momentary burst of speed. “You were right all along. Fahyuhr is not exactly confectionery to the Prince’s taste.”

Soon they were over top the horse and it’s rider, casting a beastly shadow over them. The rider seemed startled, the sudden wind through his hair and the looming shadow of the flying creature above him causing him to reel in his valiant steed. Midoriya sat up still on Zephyri as she landed in the grass, her clawed feet scraping the ground as she eased into her descent. Midoriya didn’t wait to unlatch himself from the saddle and hop off his dragon, running in the direction of the rider.

“Your Majesty,” he bowed as he ambled to a stop. A smile laced his features as he felt the echo of two boots hitting the ground, belonging to the rider himself. The scuffing of feet on grass strode towards him. Then a hand cupped his shoulder, warm and firm in grip under the silk navy gloves.

“Midoriya,” greeted the smooth voice of the familiar figure, inviting the boy to lift his head. And Midoriya did as such, coming face to face with the one he was searching for since he left the Wyvern island.

Izuku grinned, pushing his fogged goggles up to rest in his untamed emerald curls. “Prince Todoroki, I had figured you’d flee the castle at this time.”

The Prince hummed a sound of agreement, reaching up to sift his bangs out of one arctic blue eye. A breeze tousled through, flowing his rich attire and sifting through his hair. His roots were split down the middle, one side a flaring crimson that radiated the heat of the sun, while the other was a calmer array; a silvery white that shone like silken starlight.

“You searched for me again, Dragon Keeper?” inquired Prince Todoroki, glancing freely in Zephyri’s presence.

The Prince was different than most. If it wasn’t spoken already, few of the living have ever laid eyes on a breathing dragon. But due to strange connections and the strings of fate, Todoroki of Fahyuhr was one of the lucky ones. If it wasn’t for his unshakable friendship with Midoriya, his chances of ever meeting a Wyvern would never have been realized.

“Yes, your Majesty,” Midoriya admitted fluently.

Prince Todoroki did not respond verbally, more so he passed the reins of his horse onto Midoriya as he carefully approached the stunning winged beast with a hand extended shyly. “It’s always pleasant to see you again, Goddess of the Skies.”

Zephyri nudged her snout against the open palm of the Prince’s hand as a sign of respect, before sitting back on her haunches formally.

“Why are you here, if I may ask?” Prince Todoroki inspected inquisitively, taking back his horse from the Dragon Keeper.

Midoriya glanced between the Prince and Zephyri, bringing his scarred hand up to sift through the back of his tufty green hair bashfully.

“I see. So dragons hibernate during the winter just like bears,” concluded the Prince after a in depth conversation.

Midoriya gave a half nod, wavering slightly. “Sort of, in a sense.”

“So if the dragons are awake, where is your companion Cyril?” Prince Todoroki sought, threading his gloved fingers through the gold strands lacing the hem of his royal navy overcoat.  

“Catching fish in the ocean. He’ll pick up our scent like a hound and find us before we know it as usual,” Midoriya commented, observing his surroundings habitually.

The Prince seemed satisfied with that answer. “I may not be able to understand dragons, but to be in their presence is a blessing in itself. Let alone yours, Dragon Keeper.”

Midoriya shied from the words. He was still getting used to carrying the weight of the entire Wyvern race on his shoulders, and the secret of his mentor’s death. But being complimented by a prince was satisfying to say the least.

“Well, you knew me before I became Dragon Keeper. The title doesn’t regard my status in any way.”

Prince Todoroki looked slightly offended at that. “I beg your pardon. You are the epiphany of knowledge and gift. If my father knew that I’ve been meeting with dragons in my spare time, he might call for my head.”

King Endeavor of Fahyuhr was well known for his dragon hunts. He wanted his hands on any kind of fragment that they existed, then he’d find them. He’d take their scales, claws, horns, and teeth for himself, and sell the rest to the nobles of the Northern Kingdom. So naturally if he found out his own son was conspiring against him and actually living side by side with myth and legend, he’d be more than a little unhappy.

“I’d bet,” Midoriya breathed out lazily.

The two had settled down at the edge of Dryad Meadow, a peaceful spot. No one ever really saw the faeries that often, since they only came out in favorable seasons like autumn or when the sapphire moon floats in the sky. Of course, that only happens every eight years. Soon the woodland creatures formed a habit of hiding on spiritual days just to avoid the greedy myth hunters and fortune trappers that tracked them down.  

Yet they sat under a willow tree, melted sunlight tangling in with the fluttering leaves. Prince Todoroki’s ivory steed, Galeriyn, nestled under the shade of Zephyri’s wing.  

The Prince let out a wistful sigh. “Your job seems so fulfilling. You have a true purpose as the Guardian of the Wyverns.”

Midoriya took the underlying compliment graciously, although he wondered why the king’s son would be so joyless. He questioned, “But isn’t your position as Prince of Fahyuhr adequate as well? I couldn’t see myself in such an decisive spot.”

The Prince let out a farcical dry laugh, clacking his tongue. “If only,” he dropped his line of sight down to his feet, crossed over one another. With a quizzical look from Izuku, the noble boy went on.

“I am next in line for king of a Kingdom that wasn’t even meant to be. Before humans, the dragons roamed free; along creatures of all kinds. Now they are crawling away from us and our destructive ways. That’s why you live among the dragons, with aspiration and pure intent for their future. I don’t have a rightful place in this world.”

Midoriya dipped his head to acquiesce, not entirely agreeing with the Prince’s words; that he was unworthy to rule the southern lands. To Izuku, the Prince’s benign heart and strong will was deemed worthy to be king.

“I don’t see it that way,” he speaks his opinion, tugging at the blades of grass beneath him.

The corners of the Prince’s lips turned up, a faint smile in return of the kindness that the dragon keeper offered. After a serene lull in the atmosphere, a brush of wind sweeps over the fields of grass, stroking through Izuku’s plush curls. His goggles fell down his face, crookedly landing on the bridge of his nose.

“Ah,” his throat hitches, bringing up his hands to sort himself out. But Prince Todoroki had taken to fixing Midoriya’s goggles himself, smoothing out the boy’s ruffled hair as he did so. His hands left Izuku’s face, but stayed at his sides firmly. But like the snapping of a branch, the trance was broken.

“Apologies,” the Prince was quick to judgement, pressing his hands together for atonement. “I didn’t mean to touch you so intimately.” Out of nowhere, Midoriya laughed. Mismatched eyes peered up at the keeper in curiosity. “Did I say something funny?”

“Not on purpose! I just thought that… it’s unusual behavior for a prince like yourself to serve other’s feelings tenderly,” he responded, and followed it with a thoughtful, “I guess that’s why I am so fond of you.”

The complexion of the Prince swiftly picked up a rose glow, the tips of his ears burning indistinctly. “Fond?” he repeated, the word resonating much sweeter on his tongue.

“I assume you fled another gala at the palace? Usually the fanciful parties are all held during this week,” Midoriya ratted him out, a slight tease behind his words. Yet he could never fully reprimand or force any sarcasm on him.

Prince Todoroki gestured in acknowledgement. “But I’m glad I did. At least I can spend a few hours of sunlight with you, before my inevitable return to Fahyuhr…”

Midoriya cast his childhood friend a grin, sinking further into comfort. He caught a glance of the Prince’s hand moving inside of his coat pocket to search for something, his fingers deftly curling around the edges of a square object. He began to pull out his hand wrapped around the object along with the beginnings of, “Izuku, I have-”

But, there was a rupture in the silence. A thunderous detonation that shook the very earth beneath them, soon followed by the mighty roar of a beast. Birds squawked as they fled their branches in a haze of frenzied claws and feathered wings.

Zephyri immediately perked her head up in alert, her pupils contracting to sharp slits. Galeriyn bucked and whinnied, frightened by the sudden burst of chaos. Both Midoriya and Todoroki were on their feet at once, the Prince stuffing the object back into his pocket hastily.

They turned their heads to where it came from; within the willow forest.

“What was that?” Midoriya exclaimed, as Todoroki rushed to calm his horse.

“Something bad, Izuku. Terrible things!” Zephyri hissed in ancient Draconispök to the boy, who repeated it out loud so Prince Todoroki could understand.

“But that could mean anything,” Todoroki said as he drew his gemstone encrusted blade, merely letting go of Galedriyn’s reigns for half a moment… before the animal bolted away in a spur of fear. Galloping back to the direction of the castle, it would seem. The Prince cursed under his breath.

“Do we venture forth?” Izuku mumbled anxiously, his eyes darting back and forth between all variables. Flee with the Prince on dragonback, stay in place, or go in and explore what in the fiery damnation had happened. But it didn’t appear to be his call.

Zephyri was the first to enter the trees, without a second thought as her tail swished behind her restlessly. Despite whatever terror she detected lay beyond, it must of been compelling enough to stoke her curiosity. The Prince and the Dragon Keeper hastily met eyes in unison. It was impossible to turn away now.

Midoriya followed after his dragon, Todoroki keeping close behind him. Who knows what could be beyond the presumably friendly meadow.

Soon came another roar, strangled and pained. It sent prickly shivers up Izuku’s spine, stabbing at his nerves. It was louder this time. And the less distance they put between the threatening growls and themselves, the more Midoriya could make out the sound of voices.

Human voices.

Zephyri crouched into the thick shrubbery, mangled bushes obscuring her from view. Midoriya and Prince Todoroki followed in suit, sinking into the brush that acted as a barrier between them and whatever lay beyond.

Izuku parted leaves away slightly, breaking open a hole to the other side. He peered closer, his eyes catching onto a gang of outlandish men and women. Their clothes were scratched and bulky, as if they had been tossed around or ripped up. The next commodity he noticed was the alarming arrangement of blunt weapons and sharp nets they carried on their backs.

He soon pieced it all together. These people were myth hunters. Or Mythers, more commonly known as. And an unusually brutish pack of them at that.

Fear struck his heart, an instinct to cling to his dragon rose. “You can’t stay here, Zephyri,” he hissed in Draconispök. But the goddess of gold and clouds did not budge. Her gaze was set in stone, seething a glare as she lowered herself. She had noticed something that neither him nor the Prince had.

Midoriya risked himself to get a better look, his sight encapsulated a shocking discovery. A massive crimson red wing was spread out limply on the ground, snagged in barbed netting. Hooked spears pierced through the leathery wing cruelly. Midoriya soaked in the rest of the image fixated before him, rendering him at a loss for words. A young mighty Wyvern, far bigger than any he had ever laid eyes on. It was alive, it’s lashed torso rising and falling with each rattling breath. Smoke plumed out from it’s nostrils, emanating a offensive growl each step a Myther took towards it.

“Is that..?” The Prince inquired under a whisper, clutching faster onto his sword.

Midoriya couldn’t believe his eyes. He thought all of the dragons were accounted for and safely back at his island. What was such a strong beast doing out here alone in the first place? Unless, the dragon wasn’t alone. Further analyzing from a safe ways away, he figured out why the winged creature didn’t just fight back and escape. Powerful claws caged in the unconscious body of a boy, shielding him from the Mythers as the dragon bore it’s teeth with hostility. Unfortunately the dragon’s wing was also gravely injured, with no hopes of taking flight any time soon.

“It’s protecting someone,” Midoriya muttered. He eyed the body of the boy that twitched slightly, letting out small groans of discomfort in his unresponsive state. He was hurt too.

“We have to help them,” Zephyri urged, careful to stay as quiet as possible. After all, dragons were a legend worth killing for.

The Prince shook his head when Midoriya retold her words. “As much as I hate these illegal traders, we can’t risk the sky goddess’s life.”

Zephyri snorted disrespectfully. “I’ll have you know that I-”

“Shh!” Midoriya hissed, fearing that the Mythers had become aware of their presence. Everything went silent, all except pained grunts of the boy and the menacing growls of the fallen dragon.

For a moment, Izuku relaxed. He let his guard down, touching a shaky hand on the upper curve of Zephyri’s scaled leg. “Stay still,” he put a finger to his lips, his eyes flickering all around in creeping paranoia.

Midoriya’s heartbeat was nonetheless wild, yet it practically exploded out of his chest when he heard the bloodcurdling shriek of a war cry above in the trees that filtered ashen light onto their skin. His hair stood up on ends as a throwing axe cut through the air, reeling passed his ear in horrifying proximity. He felt the breath of the blade skim by him in a sharp slice. It rustled into the bushes, slicing open a gash in the barrier that protected them from the Mythers.

Only, said Mythers were now surrounding the unfortunate souls, bearing weapons high and flashing wicked grins. The moment greedy eyes settled upon Izuku’s pearly golden dragon, it looked as if they were gazing on their last meal. And they were ravenous for it.

“Midoriya, stay behind me!” The Prince rose, spinning his sword by the hilt threateningly before grasping it with a resolve to defend and attack.

Midoriya did as he was told. But alas, Zephyri did not. She waited for an opening; and with one mighty blow she struck down two barbaric men with flashing claws- clipping one Myther by a slash down the side of the face. The man wailed and buckled to the ground in agony, ensuring a chance to pounce in the direction of her fellow Wyvern brethren and it’s human boy.

This was all while Midoriya was frantically calling after her to retreat and escape to safety.

“Grab them and bring them to me!” The leader of their hunting group ordered, raising a muscled arm in direction of the Prince and the Dragon Keeper. She had a cloak of mountain boar hide, an illegal item only obtainable across seas the the Northern Kingdom. These people… must be more than what Midoriya had determined. Thugs, it would appear.

Midoriya yelped as Todoroki clashed his sword against the chipping iron of a rusty cutlass, belonging to the strong hands of a man much larger and more rugged than he was. The Prince couldn’t hold out for much longer under the crushing weight of the onslaught.

Izuku was stuck in his own head once again. There was so much going on, he couldn’t keep track of what he needed to do. And for all he could manage, he mustered up the courage to pick up the axe that was lodged in the bushes and grasp it between shaking fingers. As another murderous brute charged forward with unwavering strides, a bolt of fear rattled Izuku from the core as he made a daring choice; and whacked the Myther over the head with the blunt end of the weapon.

The body hits the ground with a thud, sending a chill through his already quivering bones. Thus, Midoriya turned to see what his ears failed to warn him of. Prince Todoroki had lost the battle of strength, his gloved fingers desperately digging into the arm that strangled his freedom.

“Mido…riya–!” Prince Todoroki choked, his free hand clawing for the shining sword that was out of reach, gleaming under the light like and unobtainable beacon where it stood up from the ground.

“Your Majesty!” Izuku cried in horror. But taking a step forth, he felt a firm hand clamp painfully around his ankle from where the he had previously struck down the Myther.

His heart stops, sparing him a mere second to realize what he had done before he was pulled out from underneath, his body slamming full force into the ground. His head hit the surface of a mossy rock, dots swimming in his vision as the air was extracted from his lunges with a sharp stab. His ears rung. He couldn’t hear a thing, other than the muffled growl of a dragon in the distance. Midoriya opened his blurring eyes, feeling the blood trickle down his forehead from the impact. His sight met with Zephyri, who was snapping her jaws at the Mythers who dared approach her and the captives, spreading her wings out like a blockade over the much larger, yet helpless dragon and the unmoving boy.

She then saw Midoriya. Her blue eyes glowed like fierce flames, worry striking her dragon heart. She knew his undying resolve to protect the dragons. But Izuku could trust her that she would live, right?

“Run,” Midoriya wheezed, pain seething through his head and ribs. “Fly, Zephyria Ozentaros!”

But she did not.

[To Be Continued]

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Ravenclaw Aesthetic

Bronze telescopes to study the stars

Charting their paths across the sky

Inky blue velvet pillows strewn over the floor

Starlight peeking through the half closed curtains

Ink stains and crumpled paper with half formed schemes

Books overflowing from the shelves, stacks forming around the room

Pushing your glasses up the bridge of your nose as you lean over a novel

Mouthing the words as you read because you’re completely invested in the pages

Sitting in the shade of a tree in the middle of summer to finish the last chapter

Having a pen always behind your ear

Button up shirts and prim skirts

Loose ties draped over a rumpled cardigan

Tea during the day and coffee to keep you going when night falls

Knowing you are the smartest one in the room and not bragging about it

Helping your younger sibling with their essays

Correcting others’ grammar under your breath

Occasionally being wrong and its okay because you learned something