stacked form

I’ve written love poems
Never seen by the eyes for
Which they were written

My heart has felt love
Never returned by the heart
Which it felt it for

My eyes have seen love
In eyes looking past my own
To where their love waits

My life has been full
Of both emptiness and tears
I’ve hidden with smiles

But then she found me
Erasing all that had been
With new memories

Now happiness reigns

Panic! at the Party (707 x MC??? who the heck knows)

//totally needs editing but i don’t want to do that so here ya go

Seven laid sprawled across the couch, his head in MC’s lap and she folded clothes. She glanced down at him once in awhile, watching his lips twitch into an occasional grin as he teased Yoosung over the RFA messenger app. MC placed another folded black tank top on the stack being formed on Seven’s stomach, then picking up the next garment from the basket. Seven’s eyes darted up to the clothing in her hand and clicked his tongue,

“Have you ever considered wearing something more… lacey?” MC held the plain, yet sensible, pair of underwear in her hands, her eyebrow raising in question.

“No, why do you ask?” 707 rolled over, knocking the pile of shirts on his stomach, onto the ground. MC huffed and gathered the laundry off the ground, shoving it into Seven’s chest to refold.

“Oh, I don’t know. Don’t you think it would be more… fun?”

“How fun could panties be when they trade in comfort for style.” MC started folding faster, hoping the conversation to end. Seven cleared his throat and wiggled his eyebrows,

“Well, if they’re really that uncomfortable, I could always remove them for you-” A pair of cat patterned boxers were thrusted into his face, muffling his screams and complaints. MC only hummed and placed the piles of clothes back into the laundry basket, heaving it up to go put it away. Seven threw the boxers down and followed her to his bedroom, standing behind her as she placed his clothes in the dresser.

“Anyways, you know what else you’d look good in?”

“Cat ears.”

“Cat ears!” Seven grinned, his glasses glinting dangerously, “Just imagine how cute you’d be, maybe even cuter than Elly-” The bedroom door slammed shut, signifying that she had left him with his strange fantasies. Seven pursed his lips and followed her to her room, catching her placing the last of her clothing away. “Okay, you’d definitely be cuter than Elly!”

MC spun around with the empty laundry basket in hand, “Is there a reason why you’re pestering me with all this?”

Seven twiddled his thumbs innocently,“So, I had this idea. What if… we held a Halloween party?”

MC raised a brow, “And you want me to show up in cat ears and my underwear?”

“No! Well, maybe- Er, that’s not the point. I’d think it would be fun to have an RFA costume party, you know? Something not as formal as we usual have, something fun!” The two of them had made it back to the living room. MC sat back down on the couch, scrolling through her monthly schedule.

“We seem to be free… But Seven, we’ve only got two weeks to plan, and what you want is going to take a lot more time.”  Seven crossed his arms and sunk into the couch, pouting like a child. He sat like that for a few moments before checking his phone, finding a new chatroom had opened, titled “Halloween Party”.

“Hello, yes, thank you for coming.” MC greeted each guest with a big smile, the drawn cat whiskers on her cheeks rising, Seven had talked her into going as a cat, though she tried to refuse, she finally gave in. Her feet began to hurt from standing in heels, and she was beginning to wonder is she looked silly with a collar and a tail attached to her dress. But nevertheless, she kept a smile on her face, greeting and complimenting each and every guest who walked in.

“MC!!!” She barely had time to turn around before she was tackled into a hug. Yoosung grinned from ear to ear, “You did such a great job!” Yoosung was dressed as his LOLOL character, most likely wanting to impress the guild master, Blood Dragon.

A pair of pale hands covered MC’s eyes, blocking her vision. “Guess who~”

MC tapped her chin playful, “Hmm.. Could it be…” she turned around, “The lovely Zen?”

Zen smiled and bowed, the ears to his werewolf costume falling into his face. His grin turned sheepish as he pushed the headband back up of of his face, “Er, yeah. It’s me.” MC covered her mouth a giggled, the bell on her collar jingling.

Zen’s face scrunched up into a scowl, “Ugh, I see 707 talked you into the ridiculous costume,” he sniffled. “I don’t understand how you can deal with that mistreatment. I swear he loves that cat of Jumin’s more than anything.”

MC rolled her eyes, “Don’t you have fans to entertain?”

Zen flicked her in the nose and winked, “Alright, alright, I’ll get out of your hair.”

Yoosung saluted, “Good luck, MC!” the two of of them went back to the party, leaving MC back to greeting the guests.

MC swore she was losing her mind when a walking bed sheet walked through the door.

“Boo! Did I scare you?” the sheet was lifted to reveal the Oil Prince, “It is only me, it is okay.”

MC smiled and shook his hand, “It is good to see you again. Your costume is very good. The TV is already set to your favorite Korean drama channel-”

“Do you remember my son?” The Oil Prince beckoned forth a figure. He removed his hat, revealing a bald head.

MC smiled and chuckled nervously, “Yes, I remember him…”

“Well, he has trouble finding wife. Mr. Han said yes to you and him to marry!”

“Um… What?”

The Oil Prince laughed and slapped MC in the back, “Oh, you are funny. My son is very lucky man.”

MC’s turned uneasy, like she was going to be sick, “Um, will you excuse me-” the sound of her heels echoed through the hallway as she made her way towards the ballroom.

Jumin was speaking with the Winery Owner, his glasses of red wine adding to his vampire costume that he was forced to wear to attend the party. The Owner’s slurred words were interrupted by MC, she gently placed her hand on his shoulder, a polite smile on her face.

“Excuse me, but I need a speak to Mr. Han for a moment, please.” Jumin placed his wine glass on the tray of a passing waiter and followed MC back to the entrance where the Oil Prince was waiting. MC’s smile was forced and she spoke through her teeth when the two of them made it to the Oil Prince. “Mr. Oil Prince here said you authorized for an arranged marriage between his son and I.”

Jumin blinked then proceeded to stare, “I do not remember-” he shut his mouth, remembering the events from a few days before.

“Mr. Han,” his secretary knocked gently on his door, holding a manilla folder out towards him. “The Oil Prince has sent some papers he’d like you to go over and approve.”

Jumin rubbed his temples and sighed, opening up a chatroom with Jaehee, wanting to complain about his terrible headache and how much he missed Elizabeth III at the moment, “Just approve to whatever he says, he usually is very charitable during the parties and we don’t want to lose those connections.” She nodded and quickly shut the door, the noise causing sharp pains in his head. Deciding to abandon the group chat, he quickly texted Jaehee to cover for him, he was going home sick.

Jumin cleared his throat and bowed his head, “I’m sorry, there seems to be a misunderstanding.” he put on a charming smile, hoping to sway the Oil Prince in anyway.

“No, no, no.”

It didn’t work.

Jumin’s smile faltered, “I’m sorry, what?”

The Oil Prince’s son took MC’s hands and got down on one knee. MC gulped and her voice shook, “Saeyoung-?!”

707 held the fan in front of his face and batted his eyelashes. He twirled the long, red hair of his wig, teasing the head of the Narcissism Clinic and Model Agency. Lake Na was in the middle of a story about how his beauty almost caused a war when Seven’s glasses glinted.

“MC is in trouble.” he threw off his wig and ripped off his maid dress, revealing a knight in shining armor. His two victims’ mouths fell open, now seeing that the cute maid flirting with them was really just 707 crossdressing just to mess with them. They didn’t have time to react before Seven was at the entrance of the party, his arms wrapped around MC’s waist as he pulled her away.

“What the frick frack, patty wack, snick snack, flapjack, snack pack, cracker jack is going on here?”

The four of them just blinked, blown away at how fast he swooped in. He still had his arms around MC as she spoke.

“Well… Jumin here told the Oil Prince that I was eligible for marriage to his son.”

Seven pursed his lips, “Is that so?” MC nodded. “Well, it just so happens-” Seven got down on one knee, pulling out a small box, “Jumin had also told me the same thing.”

“I did?” Jaehee, who had joined the small group forming around the drama, pulled Jumin back so he wouldn’t interrupt the moment.

“So, what do you say, MC? Shall we get married in the space station?”

MC, who had been silent the entire time, nodded. Tears fell from her eyes, washing away the cat whiskers on her face. Seven took her hand, ready to slip the ring on, but was interrupted by the doors slamming open.

“Must win tetris! Take MC a bride!” The Tetris World champion came barging in, throwing MC over his shoulder and ran right back out the door.

MC flailed around, kicking her legs and slamming hr fists into his back, “Saeyoung-!”

Seven jumped to his feet and ran after them, waving his foam sword around. “Hey! Give her back! She’s mine!”

A New Patient (Turnadette Fanfiction)

This is my take on how the people of Nonnatus find out about Shelagh’s pregnancy in tomorrow’s episode (6x03). I imagine this scene taking place at the beginning of the episode. Hope y'all enjoy and it makes the waiting less painful!!

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So I just went to an office to turn in an important stack of forms.
I walk in the door, and the receptionist comes over to help me.
And I try to hand her the forms, but somehow
And so, I’m just there frantically muttering how I have this paperwork to turn in as I try to free it from my pump’s shockingly elaborate grasp.
And I can’t pull it higher because it’s making the site on my arm all tight.
I can just hear my pump - “You thought you were safe once you made it past the doorknob.”
My tubing strikes again.

I used to believe
That one day I would find love
That belief faded

I used to dream that
someone was waiting for me
Then my heart woke up

I was once happy
And though sometimes I still am
Depression rules me

I am a human
Longing for the day I will
Become something else

Be it a spirit
Or perhaps noting al all
It doesn’t matter

I’m ready for change
What ever that change shall be
So fate…. Get on it

i had that classic dream where you have to go back to high school at mumblemumble years of age because there’s something wrong with your degree. i got there and they gave me this stack of registration forms to fill out except they were mostly page after page of printed-out memes. they were concerned that i was taking an unusually long time and i was like “well, there are a lot of memes in here and i figured since this is official paperwork i should read them,” and they were like, “true.”