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So hey I just realised: there's buyable coin stacks in ESO, now. And I think there's at least one kind of throne available. Your drawing of Meirami could become reality 8D

That is absolutely 100% my goal. :’D It looks like I still have a lot of fencing and pickpocketing to do until all those sweet shinies are available to me… but she will get her piles of loot one day.

can we talk about the fact that Phil has actually won a Guinness World Record?

from his wikipedia page:

In 2011, Lester won a Guinness World Record for fastest coin stacking, placing 25 coins on top of each other in 31.617 seconds.[40]

like really how many random skills does this boy have i feel personally offended

my only skills are procrastination and feeling tired

Reasons to Love AmazingPhil

#50: He holds the record for World’s Fastest Coin Stacker.

(enjoy some fetus Dan and Phil) 

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Some things to brighten your day

•change your pillow cases and sheets
•get a new toothbrush
•dust everything in your bedroom
•open a window
•buy a bouquet of flowers for yourself and put them in a glass of water.
•pour yourself a glass of water
•take a nap
•go outside and read a book
•close the door to your room, turn the heavy metal up, and dance like there’s no tomorrow
•write yourself a cute love story
•write yourself the most gory adventure story you’ve ever seen
•make a little city with extra change by stacking coins on top of one another
•close your eyes and count to ten. When you open them, and this is the fun part, the ground is lava.
•your pillow is your punchbag and you are a professional wrestler.
•find something that you hate and completely trash it (sidenote: this cannot be a human. Bananas work best.)
•list the things that you love, type them up, and post it on your wall.
•(for my lgbqt+ friends) sit under your bed/in a closet. Come out from where you are. You have been outed by yourself, now you know you’re not straight. Congrats. Because you’re really the only person who you truly need to come out to.
• Find a way to creatively offend someone. (For example: You country music lover, snape doppelgänger, white crayon rotten piece of pie.)
• Wash your hair and use good smelling conditioner.
• People watch. Everyone has a story and you’re going to figure them out. (That woman over there, there is a fetus inside of her)
• Sneak good into the movie theaters.
• Anon tell someone your biggest secret (but be respectful)
• write a paper about the history of birds (except who gives a shit about any of that. Make “history”)
•draw twenty flowers. Those are your top twenty favourite things in the world. Name and colour them accordingly.
•Call the U.S. South Canada or north Mexico for kicks.


Tonight I laid out the quilt blocks again and then compared them after covering the blocks containing tan.  I like the quilt better without those blocks.  

I was also mulling over whether Rail Fence is really the best way to display these fabrics.  Perhaps they would look better in a stack of coins type of configuration.

I tried keeping all the blocks in the same location, but turning them all the same way.  And to try to guess what the blocks would look like if I did a stack of coins with plain sashing…  

I liked the 2nd iteration a lot more than the first, and I think I like the 3rd more than the 2nd!  I’m not sure about the sashing…  I don’t know what color I’d use, how wide I’d make it, or what.  I’d have to order some solid colored flannel…  

I’m considering #3…


      →  (#1 - Shiz University, early years.)

         Galinda didn’t see the verdant world through the glass of the carriage; she saw her own reflection instead. She had the nearsightedness of youth. She reasoned that because she was beautiful she was significant, though what she signified, and to whom, was not clear to her yet. The sway of her head made her creamy ringlets swing, catching the light, like so many jostling stacks of coins. Her lips were perfect, as pouted as an opening maya flower, and colored as brilliantly red. Her green traveling gown with its inset panels of ochre musset suggested wealth, while the black shawl draping just so about the shoulders was a nod to her academic inclinations. She was, after all, on her way to Shiz because she was smart. But there was more than one way to be smart.

Silent lessons

Mud-bearing rush of creek
In brownwater spurt
Slurps ’round a bend

Green-bark titans a silent lesson
Their bone-bare tusks bow to ground
Thickly threaded in mossy wrap

Gravel paths and thin-wood bridges
Part fern-dense growth
Lined in post-and-rope trail guides

Rise up spirits, altars and shrines
Totems and symbols, ceramic and stone
Prayers in paper-fold and stacked coins

In these places we find our place
In this peace we find our peace
As mud-bearing creek
Brushes past, we find presence.

litglob © 2015