stack stone

  • Based on what each person ate from the snacks given to them, the team were decided: Namjin, Sope and maknae line were matches decided by heaven
  • Taekook fighting because V kept making jokes but at the end, they did what Tae proposed: saying Bon Voyage one by one without breaking the chain
  • Bts playing hid and seek to decide each team pocket money: They caught Namjoon only after 10 min and Taehyung kept finding Jimin instead of the opponent team … it was a mess.
  • Jin and Rapmon get handed 100$ (1st place), The holy trinity won 70$ (2nd place) and Jhope and Suga 50$ (3rd place)

The members are asked to not spend their personal money and only what they were given to buy both food and souvenirs. However, before that they all went swimming: 

  • They get in a boat and for 1 minute they all screamed “WOAH” and “WOW” every time a fish jumped from the sea
  • Jin English time while blowing kisses to the captain
  • Jimin dropping his towel in the water and Jungkook proposing to go in but a swimmer go in first (Jungkook also screamed “JIMIN SHIII” when he heard he dropped his belonging in water)
  • The members decide to dive in, Jimin go in first followed by Jin,  rapmon, Jungkook, Suga, Taehyung and Jhope who was super scared (duh) goes in last in the cutest way possible while holding his nose
  • The members are given a shell and only Jimin is able to make the sound come out 
  • BTS go snorkeling next: it was just so beautiful: They were like mermen in water. They even posed under the sea. Jhope was the only one who had some difficulties to dive, but he quickly figured it out

It is time to divide into teams: 

  • Everyone kept saying Aloha to a anyone and everyone
  • Maknae line visited souvenir stores, played games, and made bets all the time. They went to the beach (JK got hit by a wave and ended up drenched knowing that he was standing next to Vmin). They ended up buying pens because all three of them will use them for either writing or drawing. 
  • Namjin had more deep conversations and they were basically like some elderly couple that lived a happy marriage or some very close friends that were together since childhood, their synergy is no joke: The cutest was when Jin was helping Namjoon to blend the sunscreen on his face. While on the beach they made stacked stones (7 of them each) and prayed for the well-being of BTS. They ate dinner and when it was time for desert they watched the sunset and made poems. Jin also spoke about how he changed after the Fire era and that making people happy makes him happy too
  • Sope have different personalities and that’s why they complimented each other so well: They had matching Henna tattoos: they got turtles with a peace sign even if Suga wanted them to get hearts? Jhope spoke about his worries concerning his mixtape and wished for it to do well. 
  • The members gathered at the end of the day, sang together while having a drink and showed what each team bought. 
Sugar Sweet | 5 | (M)

word count: 5.4k

genre: lots of smut + fluff + slight angst; college AU + fuckboy!kihyun

pairing: reader/kihyun

summary: your best friend & roommate changkyun just wanted to help get you laid. instead you found solace in a pink haired man named kihyun who had a smart mouth with sharp words you weren’t afraid to let cut you, as long as he didn’t mind you hurting him a little too.

a/n: i’m so sorry for the wait guys! work has been stressing me lately along with some personal issues but i appreciate your guy’s patience. the next chapter will already be written out but requests will be taken care of before i post the next so please continue to be patient until then and check the schedule if you’re wondering about it.

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 6 | part 7


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Day 14: BFTbookchallenge: Hobby

I love reading and rainbow book stacks!!

adhd richie tozier bc im projecting:

  • stops listening a lot bc he just stops paying attention. its never usually during something important but one of the losers will be like “richie? rich!!!” and his eyes snap over to them and he goes “huh?” and they smile fondly while shaking their head and then repeating what they were talking about
  • hes always doing like 4 things at once. bill walked into his room once and noticed richie sitting on his bed w headphones on, surrounded by 4 different books, and also watching the tv. how does he do it
  • “eds have u seen my glasses???? i cant find them??” “richie theyre on ur head” like 6 times a day
  • once the losers club were building (another) dam in the barrens and it was going really well, they might not get in trouble this time, but then ben looked over bc he noticed one person missing and richie was standing off to the side seeing how many shards he could snap a piece of wood into. he continued doing this for like 15 minutes before seamlessly transitioning to stacking stones in a tower for an hour
  • HES ALWAYS FUCKIN TALKING and always yelling subconsciously? richie tozier doesnt know what an indoor voice is. he doesnt have one. hes very loud especially when hes excited or happy!!! he’ll be talking about something he thinks is cool and his rambling speeds up and gets progressively louder the more interested he gets and the losers try not to interrupt him bc he’s happy but sometimes they have to tell him to quiet down bc its late and hes yelling again
  • he also laughs rlly loud but everyone thinks its adorable and it really is. he’s so pure


I’ve been waiting to show you guys this for ages! Now that it’s on a bunch of websites announcing Mondo’s “A-Nick-Nick-Nick-Nick-N-Nick-Nick-Nick Nickelodeon Show“ at their Austin Texas Gallery from Friday December 9th through Saturday December 16th, I can finally tell you guys about it.

Since TMNT is so heavily Japanese influenced I thought it would great to play with some actual Japanese traditions. It occured to me that the four them together looked like the cairn stacking stones in zen gardens.

Spoiler alert, I did more than one piece. Stay tuned!

anonymous asked:

I know we all are starving for the backstory and i dont know if you talked about this but do you have any predictions or wishes ?

oh yes yes I love prekerberos backstory stuff!! Okay, so:

  • I don’t think Shiro and Keith were friends at first. we know that Keith has deep abandonment issues and really struggles with emotional intimacy, so I imagine he had difficulty reaching out to others. We also know that Shiro really changed his life, but many people are averse to change. Even if Shiro was just trying to help–saw that Keith had no one in his corner and tried to take him under his wing–I think it’s very likely Keith fought him every step of the way. He can take care of himself. But gradually, Shiro works his way into his heart, and there’s just no turning back. (see here
  • I also am very much a proponent of the theory that the change of clothes Shiro got from Keith’s shack belonged to him originally, and that he stayed over at some point prekerberos and left them there
  • Following in the same vein of that, I like to imagine the hoverbike was originally Shiro’s and he and Keith ditched curfew to go on midnight rides through the desert. And at one point Keith drove them to his shack. To me, it just makes more sense that the bike would be Shiro’s, because I honestly can’t think of any conceivable way for Keith to afford it. We’re talking about someone who lived in a rundown shack without a bed and a slab of stone on stacks of cinderblocks for a table after all, I feel like he couldn’t afford this sleek new hoverbike model. 
  • Keith’s favorite class according to the Voltron site’s paladin quiz is self-defense, and we know from his gladiator days that Shiro was damn good at hand-to-hand combat. So I just really want Shiro and Keith to be sparring partners at the garrison. Like maybe Keith is really stressed out and needs to blow off some steam so Shiro offers to train with him. And yeah, he’s fast and his footwork’s deftly fluid, he’s good at evasion and more agile than anyone in his class. But he’s also impatient and hot-blooded, and after gauging his technique long enough it doesn’t take much for Shiro to get the better of him. Keith spends their first few sessions with a perpetual losing streak and having to constantly hear “patience yields focus.” 
  • Keith broke lots of records in the sim, and most of those belonged to Shiro 
  • They eat lunch together in the commissary and everyone stares at Keith because what the hell is that cadet doing with Shirogane 
  • Shiro is the garrison golden boy and Keith is the up and coming ace pilot. The officers mostly can’t stand Keith because he’s rough around the edges, blunt, hates following orders, carves his own course, and never does things by the book. 
  • Astronauts at NASA have said part of the screening process was determining whether or not you would be good for publicity. Like, Shiro is practically America’s sweetheart and perfect for being the face of the garrison. He’s great for the recruitment posters. Having their best new pilot be Keith is frustrating though, because he doesn’t fit into their little mold, but he’s also too damn good for them to ever let him go
  • Keith pining for Shiro please
  • And Shiro being really blown away by Keith’s raw talent and ability, Shiro admiring Keith and slowly realizing oh no, I like him
  • I really want Keith either being super supportive of Shiro’s decision to accept his mission for Kerberos or completely heartbroken he’s leaving and tries to get as much distance as possible to make the separation less painful
  • Keith being there for the mission launch and Shiro holding him close in a warm hug, murmuring that he’ll be back soon and not to worry. Keith stiffens, but still says, voice broken, “I know. You’re a great pilot, Shiro. You’ll be okay.” 

“The Blacksmith’s Shop”

The calm water of the Jones Falls Locks reflects a sky full of cloud trails coloured by the setting sun. The small stone building is the old blacksmith’s shop which sits next to one of the locks. (just out of frame to the right)
I made this time stack by combining 162 photos into one image.

Ultra Beast Adhesive,Burst & Assembly Details

UB Adhesive

CATEGORY: Poison Pin Pokémon

TYPE: Poison

HEIGHT: 2'00"

WEIGHT: 4.0 lbs.

ABILITY: Beast Boost

UB Adhesive displays many emotions, and it’s said to be able to understand human speech if it spends enough time together with them.

Their large heads are filled with venom, and they fire this venom from the poisonous needles on top of them.

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sweet apple biscuits

pairing: jungkook x reader

genre: angst, ‘orange’ au

word count: 15.5k 

a/n: inspired by the anime 'orange’ which made me cry like a little bum. ALSO! make sure you look at the dates to not confuse yourself in each transition. it’s ordered in dd/mm/yy and the italics are what’s written in the letters. this took me awhile to write, but it’s finally here- so please enjoy ok goodbye. 

summary: a story about someone who receives letters from themselves ten years in the future and asks them to fix all their regrets and save a particular boy.

Hold him and love him. Tell him how you feel. Tell him how much he means to you. And whatever you do, never let go of him.


Life was never how you would plan it and you knew exactly that.

They say that life is unbearable if you make it unbearable- and as half of that statement is true, half of that statement is life on its own having a way of unravelling itself before you. As if it were knots to seams to threads- life had untied itself in an inevitable way, you could no longer complain anymore.

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Good morning everybody! Today I’m doing the #firstbookinaseries tag tagged by @jozi_bibliophile and @whatsername_reads, as well as the #firstinaseries tag tagged by @paperfury and @mikysbooks. Thank you so much for the tags! Here’s a pretty rainbow stack of first books in a series, most of which I’ve read and loved, except for The Hidden Oracle and The Bone Season, which are on my mountainous TBR pile. 😊❤️📚

Stardew Valley Tips

Every time I watch a Stardew Valley video I learn something new…
…and feel like an idiot, after. And then I learned some stuff on my own, and still felt like an idiot.

Anyway, here’s a list of stuff I’ve learned.

  • replicating gold-star Fire Quartz in a crystalarium produces in 1 day what a diamond produces in 5 days
  • ignore everything in the Skull Cave until ~lvl 100; bring tons of bombs, stone stacks, and staircases - use staircases until you get low enough, but keep an eye out for already-there holes or staircases
  • there’s a ‘hidden’ area in the secret forest with two hardwood tree stumps
  • build silos asap even if you don’t have animals just build like 5-10 of them at the bottom of your farm and you’ll never have to think about hay again
  • chests ARE movable - when they’re empty!
  • juice your fruits and pickle your veggies -> profit
  • put an amethyst in a crystalarium for a DAILY gift for almost anyone
    • or stockpile coffee which pleases everyone but the kids
    • blackberries and sweetpeas make a lot of people moderately happy too
    • pretty much everyone loves pizza/spaghetti
  • fish + sap = quality fertilizer - use the “fish” from crab pots in ponds/rivers
  • separate coop animals from barn animals to easily find and “love” them
  • “C” lets you auto-swing your weapon, but chasing down baddies gives them less opportunities to hit you
  • slime hutch is kinda worthless tbh
  • In the Adventurer’s Gulid, Gus is the guy in the rocking chair, not the dude behind the counter. You have to click on him to get your rewards.
  • not all foods are used in recipes - check wiki to learn which you don’t need to put in your fridge
  • also, smelt your quartz for refined quartz
  • hold down the mouse button and move around for fast planting/picking/decorating
  • mushroom trees DO grow back if chopped down to the stump, trees do not
    • tapping mushroom trees gives you…mushrooms
  • keep a chest solely for Museum Donations and Community Center Bundles, then make a run with a bag load of items instead of running there every single day
  • spouses get jealous if you give a single person a BIRTHDAY gift……..
  • accidental clicking is a plague on our existence, so don’t wield an axe or pickaxe while standing near your crops…
  • wait 2(?) days after cauliflower/melon/pumpkin have finished growing to see if the 3x3 grid turns into a giant crop
  • you can go inside Linus’s tent
  • those lil bear/bunny/whatever statues with gems aren’t usable, they’re simply anchors for warp totem locations
  • if you have a full inventory in the field, walk away from an available item before sorting your current inventory so nothing is accidentally picked up, just in case you needed an extra space for something like making bait from bug brains and putting them in your fishing rod
  • speed-grow soil is only worth it on crops that keep delivering throughout the season
    • that said, crops that keep delivering after growing are really only worth it after the greenhouse is available
  • “Always Show Tool Hit Location”
  • DO NOT attack white grubs in the mines, just avoid them, that way they’ll never turn into flying death bugs
  • when you see a blessed bubble in a body of water, fish there
  • You can rename your livestock
  • Leave your coop byproducts there for a day, saving that time for other chores
  • plant fruit trees anywhere on the map, and tap trees anywhere on the map
  • you can change your appearance if you’re friends with the wizard
  • line kegs/preserve jars horizontally somewhere in the center of the farm, hold down the mouse button while running, and you’ll harvest/place items in lightning speed
    • alternatively, place these machines in an unpopulated barn to conserve farm space
  • shift-click buys x5
  • everyone loves (most) baked goods
  • put flooring down below a sprinkler so it won’t be dug up when you hoe
  • put mayonnaise machines in your poultry coup, looms in your rabbit coop, and cheese makers, looms, and oil presses in your barns
  • those worms sticking out of the ground have things to dig up (which took me 1 year of game time to learn…)
  • in the beginning of the game, loot the hell out of trash to find food
  • you can give every single person a bouquet before marriage
  • sunflower seeds will literally spew out at you when you run into/stand on a sunflower, like dozens upon dozens upon dozens
  • running to the train is hardly worth it unless you’re already near it
  • bring a battery pack to the tunnel
  • a cherry bomb will allow you to access the dwarf

and the big one, which made me feel super stupid,

  • holding down upgraded hoe/watering can gives it special powers in the form of multiple squares effected per move

The Hufflepuff dormitories and common room have never been seen by outsiders and is the only house with repelling devices in case of intruders. They are accessed through a pile of large barrels, found stacked in a shadowy stone recess on a right-hand side corridor near the kitchens. The barrel two from the bottom, middle of the second row, will open if tapped in the rhythm of ‘Helga Hufflepuff’.

As a security device to repel non-Hufflepuff students, tapping on the wrong barrel, or tapping the incorrect number of times, results in one of the other lids bursting off, drenching the impostor in vinegar.

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