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Medicine | Changkyun Oneshot

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Genre: College AU, fluff, romance.

Summary: “You opiate this hazy head of mine.”

Monsta X College AU Series: Wonho / Changkyun

     "There he goes again.“ You muttered to Shownu, your eyes following the boy running down the quad to the Medical School building in dark blue scrubs.

     "He’s got an big exam coming up, do you blame him?” Your best friend replied, shrugging and going back to his sandwich, becoming easily distracted by his hunger. Shownu had been working on his business administration project all day and he was finally able to have his first meal.

     Changkyun pushed the door open with his shoulder, his hands occupied with a stack of books, pens, and a lab coat gripped tightly in his palm. There were deep, tired bags under his eyes and his face was pale. It made you wonder how many hours of sleep he was getting these days or how many cups of coffee he had downed that morning to still be able to stay awake like that. You two didn’t know each other well; you only spoke to him when he and Shownu were hanging out, yet you worried about him greatly. Everyone knew Changkyun was a hard worker who poured his mind and soul into his studies and most people avoided him in fear of disturbing him, resulting in him not befriending anyone outside of his friend group.

     “No,” You tapped your pencil on your chin, lips between your teeth, “ Has he been eating? Sleeping?”

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I was tagged to do this by @monstersinthecosmos thanks! :D

I have so many books there is no way I can show all of them. A couple of days ago I decided to move all the furniture around (as you do) so everything is in complete disaray and there are stacks of book all over the place. Anyway, here are som pictures of a stack of books, they’re sort of ongoing projects of various kinds XD. Then there’s sort of the main bookshelf - I like to think of it as a literary Tetris game (that I’m obviously winning) XD 

Oh and I included a bonus picture of my favorite book of them all - Marc Bolan’s Warlock of Love. It lives in that special star print box. I bought it a couple of years ago, and even though it was expensive af it was such a good buy. 

I’m tagging @violeteyedvampiremolloy, @lord-byronn, @caprecious and  everybody who’s got books! And you all do, so go take som pics people! XD