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“Perturbed Paths”

Ever since I saw this farm with it’s lovey striped field, I’ve been hoping to catch a nice sunset over it. On this evening it was looking like it was going to be a good sunset, but the best part was mostly hidden from view by low flying clouds. (that’s why there’s breaks in the paths of the clouds) not long after I shot this timelapse, I was a little sad to see the field was all dug up so they could install pipes for irrigation. Hopefully the stripes will be back next year, along with a good sunset.
I made this time stack by combining 255 photos into one image.

Newt Scamander x Bookworm!Reader Headcanons

A/n- this popped into my head, hope you’re all having a lovely valentines day

-You at first trying to hide your ‘slight obsession’ from Newt because you thought that he might find it strange like those you had previously been in a relationship with

- You being entirely wrong, as your love for books only made Newt fall faster and deeper in love with you

-The two of you having simple yet serene dates at libraries, coffee shops, and in the park under shady trees as the sun warms your faces, enjoying one another’s company while holding hands and discussing your current read

-When the two of you move in together, half of the boxes are just filled with both of your books.

-Books can often be found everywhere in your flat, from resting on their shelves to laying strewn about the counter or even in stacks around the house

-building blanket forts and cuddling on winter days

-Newt holding you closely and comfortably when you begin to sob about the death of a beloved character, as he understands the type of attachment you hold towards them

-Getting so excited about a new book that you’re jumping around and rambling, and he finds this absolutely adorable

-There’s just something about the way your eyes light up about a character or scene between the lines of the tattooed pages that tugs at his heart, wrapping it in a warm and gentle grasp of affection

-Reading stories to the creatures

-At first it’s just a few, but as you begin to do it more frequently, more begin to curl up around you as you elaborate on far off lands filled with adventure and romance and suspense

-the scents of brewing coffee and tea intertwine with that of fresh scented candles in your home daily

-Helping Newt with his own book, and of course giving him encouragement and cuddles when needed

-You asking for Newt’s help when you can’t reach for your favorite book on the highest shelf because he’s so much taller than you are.

-Newt smiling to himself whenever he finds you after you’ve fallen asleep on the couch near the fireplace. Your hair is splayed while a book rests on your chest, rising and falling with each breath, and your innocent state is beautiful to him.

-He would then scoop you up, after bookmarking your book of course, as you sleepily whisper between kisses

-Newt would also become needy for attention when you spend hours on end busy reading, when all he wants to do is cuddle you.

-“Newt, I’m at a really good part, I promise I’ll come back down in a bit.”

-“Y/n….you’ve been saying that for the past hour…”

-Newt giving up, and just taking you in his arms then and there, nuzzling his head into your hair with his arms firmly around your waist

-You poking fun at how cuddly he was acting and at how he was jealous that the book was getting all of your attention instead of him, even though he denies it.

-him taking you to bookstores frequently because he loves how you turn into a giddy little child in a candy store at the sight of everything

-Newt peppering you with kisses as he passes you a mug of coffee/tea/cocoa knowing that it will help you conquer the day since you stayed up all night reading again

-He loves you for exactly who you are, and he thinks your passion and excitement are not only beautiful, but unique, and he wouldn’t want you to change who you are for anyone



Chung Yew Building, Hong Kong by Mike
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summary: “They were a precariously stacked house of cards, and it only took one beat of his heart to send it all tumbling down.”

request: @jaeshhi - angsty taehyung smut based off the house of cards lyrics but the guy gets attached instead on the girl

pairing: taehyung x oc

word count: 2,211

warnings: angst + sex + language aka my fav combination of things

a/n: it’s not overly detailed and it’s really more plot driven, but I hope you still enjoy it!

If Taehyung was forced to pick what he loved the most about her, if he could only pick one thing, it would be the look her eyes when she climaxes. He was enchanted by the way her lips parted and her face filled with bliss, sure. He loved the way she would grip at his skin with fingertips and sharp nails, the way her muscles contracted and tensed with his touch. But nothing could beat her eyes, which always filled with stars and a glint he could only describe as dangerous when she unraveled under his ministrations, under fast fingers and wild hips.

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