stack cage

Seven year old Myrna Dursley has her father wrapped around her little finger, so of course, when she asks to go into the pet store, he says yes…even though it’s going to make them late for dinner with Grandma and Grandpa. 

Dudley does draw the line, though, at going into the back room to play with the kittens. Myrna has her face pressed against the glass, and is cooing at the tiny things when she says no. 

That’s when the glass disappears. 

Myrna topples forward into the kitten’s enclosure, and immediately begins to stroke the nearest kitten, satisfied. Dudley topples backward over a stack of empty hamster cages, immediately taken back to that day at the zoo. 

He needs to call Harry. Right now. 


Sasha, Charlie, and Adirans cages. *sighs* I’m trying to make the most of their 20 longs. Someday, after I get the birds a bigger cage, I’ll start saving up for a nice proper cage for them all. Maybe AP cages or something nice that stacks.

Sashas cage is up high and looks a bit awful so only the one photo, haha. They all have 2 hides and I added more silk plants to help give them cover.